Beautiful Boy Used By Women Ch. 04

Big Tits

James waited with nothing short of fear as he lay face down on the bench. His hands handcuffed above his head. Completely naked. And helpless. There was a silence. Then…WHACK! The most horrendous pain to his right buttock. Again he felt tears starting to well. The pain felt worse as seconds subsided. Then…WHACK! This time to his left buttock. Somehow it didn’t feel quite so bad as the first. Then immediately WHACK! That right buttock was now very sore and his firm cheeks were flinching. Again when the alternate whack hit his left buttock it wasn’t with quite the same force but it still hurt very badly. This alternate torture continued until 25 whacks were administered on each cheek. James counted for some reason. How he wanted this madness to end. What had he done to deserve this? His eyes were welling but somehow he was getting angry and his pride stopped him wailing. All the time James was conscious that the ladies subjecting him to this extreme torture said nothing. Not a word.

The two beautiful women winked at eachother. Paula looked almost triumphant with the small leather whip in hand, licking her lips with glee. Felicity surprised herself with how good it felt. She had initially a problem with hitting the youth yet soon picked up as much momentum as her friend, whacking James with increasing vigour on that wonderful left buttock.

“How did that feel James darling?” purred the smug Paula.

James was now very irritated. He chose to ignore what he thought a stupid question.

“Oh dear, we’re not sulking are we?” Paula laughed.

“No I’m fucking not!” The now indignant youth retorted.

Paula majestically walked to the front of the bench and lifted his head by his hair.

“Now THAT’S not a nice way to speak to your Auntie Paula is it?” She smiled and kissed him full on the lips.

“Ok Felicity, release him.” Paula instructed suddenly.

“Good idea” replied the beautiful mature voluptuous blonde as she immediately proceeded to unlock the handcuffs. After his ankles were released James instantly turned on his back to scream “OW!”

“Yes darling” smiled Paula. “Those gorgeous cheeks will be very sore for a while, so I would keep still if I were you!”

James was wobbly on his legs but jumped to his feet. He covered his manhood that was surprisingly he thought very erect.

“Where are my clothes?” he shouted. The anger mainly at Paula.

“In a safe place.” Paula folded her arms as if to accentuate her huge breasts in the tight black basque. She was not to be challenged it was obvious.

James looked at Felicity but she awkwardly shrugged “Sweetie your clothes are safe. Why dont you just relax? It’s your birthday!” Felicity looked at the youth’s incredible muscular body and beautiful sweet, sweating face. His blond hair now soaked due to the duress he’d just been subjected to. How she wanted to cradle him and love him. And how she’d love his young cock inside her. She wanted him so much. Her crotch was soaking.

Paula was also thinking much the same. Those many hours masturbating over this similar scenario and now the dream was almost complete. But she needed his body.

The youth shook his head angrily and ran to the front door. It was locked.

“Please let me go” he pleaded. The ladies said nothing. Paula smiled. Felicity just looked at Paula.

James ran to the phone. Quickly he dialled home. Surprisingly the ladies didn’t seem to intervene. It was so difficult to cover his erect member whilst dialling. Then it rang. Please pick the phone up mum. Please. But no. No reply. Bollocks. Where is she? James had an idea. Pretend he’s talking to her. They will never know.

“Mum will you please come over to Felicity’s place now?! Will explain when you get here. Thanks. What? Half an hour. Ok, see you then.”

The ladies seemed unperturbed. Paula slowly and seductively walked towards James. She got within a few inches of his face. Then the redhead kissed him. James didn’t exactly resist, though he kept his genitals covered. Her tongue darted in his mouth and he felt her firm large breasts press against his chest. She smelt exquisite. She held his face then nibbled his neck. Her tongue proceded to lick his chest. Then she dropped on her knees to lick his navel area. His hands were still protecting his manhood but Paula simply pulled them away. He hardly resisted. Immediately she planted tiny kisses around his now huge cock and full balls. What a wonderful body he had she thought. Although his buttocks were very sore Paula’s kneeding of his arse seemed to make his dick even harder. Paula resisted taking that wonderful weapon fully in her full lips, just teasing the youth with loving kisses. She slowly rose to her feet.

“Come with me my darling.” She held his hand and took him nearby to Felicity’s large Eskort Kız fireplace, where a huge kingsize white rug lay. James stood in the middle, now only semi conscious of his nakedness. Felicity followed. The two beautiful woman stood together in front of him. Their heavy breasts heaving under their basques. Their legs looked amazing in black fishnet stockings and high heels. They both nodded at eachother. Slowly and both whilst looking James directly in his eyes, Paula turned her back to Felicity as her friend unlaced her basque. Then vice versa. Till both women let their huge breasts on display. James was in heaven. Paula had pale skin with much bigger tits than he’d ever thought. They drooped slightly but were almost begging to be worshipped. Felicity was surprisingly even bigger in the breast department. Slightly tanned with huge erect nipples. Yes they drooped, but boy they were beautiful. Felicity suddenly became more assertive. She so wanted James. She stepped forward and gave him the most passionate kiss she’d ever given anybody. How she loved his youthful taste. How she wanted him so. She lovingly smiled at him.

“Sweetie- I want you to suck Auntie Felicity’s big titties. Will you do that for me please?” James nodded. The truth was the beautiful youth had only ever sucked one pair of breasts before. And they were equally huge. How he loved them.

Felicity held her right breast up for his young face. James immediately dived to that wonderful breast- licking, sucking, gently biting, it was devine. Then he grabbed the other. He was in heaven. So was Felicity. Surprisingly she pulled him to the floor. Her beautiful face and huge breasts looked exquisite next to the expensive white rug.

“Put your huge cock between my big breasts James” she instructed. He did as he was told and he mounted between those huge titties. She held them tight around his now thrusting cock.

“Does that feel good poppet?”

“Oh yes. Thankyou.”

“Ever done this before?”


Felicity was gasping heavily and thought long and hard before asking the next question.

James- Paula and I want to know something. “Promise to tell the truth?”

James was so enjoying himself he’d have said anything.


Felicity hesitated. His thrusts were becoming faster and she was getting very aroused.

“Are you a virgin?”…

James seemed shocked by the question. His thrusts slowed. He lowered his head. Then Paula lowered her head to his.

“Well, darling- are you?” You HAVE to tell us the truth because we will know.”

“Yes.” He reluctanly replied.

“Good boy.” Paula kissed him on the cheek.

Felicity then lifted herself away from his throbbing cock.

“We didn’t want you milking over Auntie Felicity’s titties too soon did we poppet?”

James wasn’t so sure. “Um, no”.

Both beauties stood in front of him again. Jeanette hot and flustered. Her cunt she could feel was dripping copiously. Her breasts loved the attention and she wanted much, much more. She felt a maternal love for him now almost. Also she so desperately wanted to be his first. The thought of his young spunk entering her almost made her pass out with ecstasy.

Paula had similar thoughts. She’d watched a little jealously while he enjoyed her friend’s breasts but was delighted he never came. His virgin testicles looked huge. How she so wanted to be his first. He would then remember her forever. And of course this was her idea from the outset! Time for Paula to take the initiative.

“Have you ever licked a girl darling? You know, between her legs?”

“No” he meekly shook his head.

“Ok. It’s showtime!” Paula unclipped her panties and lay beside the youth.

“Right my little darling- make a pig of yourself. Lick Auntie Paula’s cunt. Now!”

James wasn’t overly sure what exactly he was to do, but as she spread her legs very wide, he was aware of an amazing pungent and seductive smell between her legs. Tentatively he sniffed her wonderful crotch. A carefully trimmed red crotch. Juices were running from it. How he wanted to taste them. The more aggressive Paula was getting impatient.

“Go on you little fucker. Get on with it. Let your instincts take over. Lick it now!”

James kissed the area. Paula then opened her cunt wide for him to see it in all it’s glory. He was in total awe of the shape, the throbbing, the juices. His tongue then proceeded to enter her. Paula immediately screamed. Somehow the youth did a great job of licking and sucking the lips and every part inside, also using his fingers without prompting. But he hadn’t quite find her clitty yet. Paula opened even wider.

“Darling that’s amazing, but please lick this little button at the top. Yes- that’s it! ARGH! Good boy. Very good boy!”

James mastered Paula’s clitty remarkably well as it was the first ever time. Varying the speed and motions- horizontal, vertical- he was doing a great job. Paula screamed.


The redhead squirted what seemed gallons of her sweet juices in the youth’s face. He had no idea a woman made so much noise! Paula bucked so much James couldn’t keep his head in place anymore. Then she just lay there, in all her voluptuous glory. The rug was soaked. She lovingly looked at him.

“Now, shall I make sure you’re no longer a virgin my darling? Don’t you want your Auntie Paula to take your cherry?…”

Felicity was getting jealous. She wanted that honour. As a delaying tactic she wanted the same treatment as her friend.

“Not before you’ve licked Auntie Felicity poppet!”

Paula shrugged. Felicity, now highly aroused after witnessing her friend’s orgasm, simply got down on the rug, unclipped her panties and pretty much pulled the youth between her legs. Her crotch was shaved (Felicity was grey in that area when grown) but simply dripping already. James knew what to do and headed straight for her clitty. He also grabbed her huge breasts whilst licking, something that sent Felicity crazy. It didn’t take long before the beauty screamed.


Again, she squirted and soaked the area, though her bucking was much less so than Paula. Felicity somehow would have let herself go more if she had the youth alone she thought. That said, that was her best orgasm ever. From a virgin boy.

For a short while there was silence. Two semi content voluptuous women lying on a rug with stockings and suspenders…and a very frustrated naked beautiful blond youth. Paula was about to make a suggestion. Then there was the noise of the front door opening. All three of them froze….

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” Charlotte couldn’t believe the sight before her.

Her mum Felicity jumped up in pretty much all her naked glory.

“Charlotte, I th..thought you were staying out tonight.” She wanted to die at that point.

“OBVIOUSLY!” Charlotte was stunned at the sight before her. Made all the worse by her gran Glenis following behind. The shame felt by Felicity that HER mum had seen this was the worst nightmare possible.

Glenis said nothing. James was looking to the point of tears.

Charlotte boldly walked to the huge rug where what appeared a huge orgy had just occured. Then Charlotte burst out laughing.

“I know you!” She pointed at the youth. James looked uneasy, having covered his swollen manhood upon their entering.

“GRAN! You know this boy don’t you?!” Suddenly all eyes were on Glenis. The older woman looked flustered.

“Why, yes- James does my gardening. Your mum and I have known his family for years. Why?”

Charlotte laughed. She looked at the gorgeous boy and thought how she’d wanked over him earlier. But shall she drop her gran in it? No, what’s the point? So she takes photos of him. So she masturbates over him. Who cares? But she now had something on all of them. And she was a bitch. So she thought of a condition to keep quiet.

“Right. I don’t really care what’s been going on here. But I’m guessing you want me to keep quiet, right?”

Her mum Felicity immediately nodded. So did Paula. Then James. Even Glenis nodded though not so obviously.

“Ok. I’m getting married shortly as you all know. I am marrying one pig ugly bastard for his money. I admit it. So I’m a bitch. Yeah I know you’re cringing mum, but I am. Well he wants us to have a baby pretty much as soon as we’re married.” There was suddenly an uneasiness amongst all the other women as they looked at eachother.

Charlotte pointed at James. “HE will impregnate me tonight.”

Paula immediately shouted:

“NO! You can’t do this Charlotte. He’s only a boy”.

“Paula’s right Charlotte darling. You have no right.” Glenis remarked.

“Also” added Felicty sheepishly “He’s still a cherry Charlotte. Let the poor lamb make his own choice for the first time eh?”

Charlotte burst out laughing.

“Ha! You fucking hypocrites! So what you been doing tonight? Playing strip poker?!”

She turned to James.

“ARE you a virgin James?”

He looked at all three women.

“Yes. I’m still a virgin.” He bowed his head almost in shame.

Charlotte paused and nodded.

“Yes, I believe you. Right I’M in control here and you three are going to watch. Ok?” Nothing was said.

“Gran. Step away from the door and come onto the rug. That’s it. Right, James, I want you to undress my gran so she’s like these two sluts!” Charlotte was laughing to herself, knowing her mum and Paula were furious and that her gran had seen James naked before, yet she felt she could now do as she pleased. Glenis shook her head whilst looking at her brat of a grandaughter.

“Go on James, undress her- NOW!”

James tentatively unbuttoned her blouse. Glenis looked at him lovingly. She did love him so. And she knew it was only HER huge breasts he’d ever kissed, at least until tonight.

“There’s no need for him to” Glenis intervened seeing the boy was embarrassed. “I’ll do it myself.” Off came her blouse. Then shoes and skirt. Down to her white corset and black stockings.

“Corset off gran.” Teased Charlotte.

As she stood there in just her stockings and suspenders as were the other two beauties, apart from being grey and heavier she more than held her own amongst them. Her breasts were positively enormous. James sported a huger erection than ever, something all the females stared at.

Charlotte grinned. She knew now was her most fertile time of the month. This guy is beautiful and she wanted his baby. Anyway she needed fucking badly. She guessed that these bitches wanted to take him and no doubt had got him to lick them judging by the state of the rug. But she knew his balls hadn’t been emptied and she so wanted to be his first- probably like they did. She arrogantly lifted her tiny white dress over her slim body, as if to rub it in how young and beautiful she was. Within seconds she had stripped down to her tiny panties, then, looking the youth in the eyes, slowly peeled them off. The other women were visibly irritated but Charlotte kept the discipline.

“Ladies, I want you all to stand next to eachother and watch.”

She wanted them to witness something she knew none of them would have made him do.

“James, first I want you to lick my arse.” The three ladies looked disgusted, but the beauty simply kneeled on the rug in front of them and stuck her perfect arse in the air.

“Come on James you little bastard- lick!” James didn’t need too much encouragement. He enjoyed the aroma and taste of her anal area and slurped her arse with glee.

“Oooh, that’s delicious. Yeah- keep licking. KEEP LICKING!” Charlotte rubbed her clit vigorously to meet with his licks. She was gonna come hard. She briefly smiled at her mum, gran and Paula- then- “ARRGGHH!!!” Visually squirting her copious juices all over the boys face. The women were all now furiously jealous.

“Ok James, guess what now?” Charlotte recovered quickly, slowly rubbing her cunt. James shrugged. After tonight he didn’t know WHAT to expect.

“You’re gonna be a daddy! I want you to put that huge virgin cock in me and empty those huge fertile bollocks up me. Do you think you can manage that?” James shrugged. The ladies were looking very angry, but didn’t know what to do.

Charlotte lay in the missionary position and turned to smile at the ladies. She was loving it.

“Now come on James, mount me. Look at my cunt, It wants you SO much. Come on, all yours…”

James did as he was told. His cock seemed to be finding it’s way in naturally. Again Charltte turned to the ladies out of smugness.

“You sad bitches. You wanted to take his virgin cock but it’s MINE! Tough luck you dozy cows!”

They all wanted to kill the bitch. But there it was, that lovely virgin cock they all wanted entering this little slut- with the aim of making her pregnant!


James was loving it but wasn’t going to last much longer. He grabbed her backside and pumped her hard.


He was starting to get noisy. James had so much sperm churned up waiting for release. Briefly James looked to the side- to suddenly find all 3 woman furiously masturbating on the rug! They all smiled at him. Glenis blew him a kiss. Paula licked her teeth and winked. Felicity looked at him lovingly and shouted whilst rubbing her clit and teasing him with her breasts:


Charlotte joined in: “SPUNK UP ME BASTARD! I WANT THAT BABY NOW! ARGH!!!” The beauty came again.

Then the youth was coming, and coming, and coming, and “AAARRRRGGGHHH CHARLOTTE!!!!”

He pumped for what seemed an eternity. Charlotte then laid still for a few minutes so all that fertile sperm would do it’s job. She smiled to herself. She knew she was a selfish bitch, but so were the other sluts who should have known better she thought.

All 5 lay there motionless. Exhausted yet mostly fulfilled. Then the front door bell rang. Paula discreetly ran to the side window to see who on earth it was at this time.

“Um, James- it’s your mum!”

James shook his head. None of tonight made any sense. But it was a birthday he would surely never forget…

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