She studied the top of his head and selected the exact point of entry. It was to be the motor cortex just behind the frontal lobe. It would affect immediate paralysis of basic movements and the brain stem would cease to stimulate the lung muscles. His life would expire within ninety seconds.

He was grunting as he continued his savage thrusts into her and growled, “Do you like being fucked hard you whore.”

Her legs were wrapped tightly around him and her arms were behind his back. She reached for the underside of her right forearm and with her left thumbnail picked at the flesh coloured plastic skin. She peeled back one inch and grasped the thickest part of the tapered tungsten steel spike. She withdrew it easily.

It was of no importance which way his head was tilting as both her hands were equally efficient, but as he was leaning slightly to her left she kept the spike in her left hand.

He raised his head and snarled, “Take all I got you slut,” and spat into her face.

His spittle landed just above her mouth but her concentration was not effected. She put her right hand behind his neck and pulled his head towards her. Her thumb was behind the thickened base of the spike and she raised her arm. Her stomach muscles tensed and she stabbed downwards. There was a cracking sound as the spike pierced his skull exactly at her point of aim.

His body jerked spasmodically for nineteen seconds and she held his head tightly to her until his movements had ceased. She reached into her mouth and removed the wad of soft silicon that she had been concealing and wrapped it around the spike close to his skull.

She reached for a tissue and wiped his saliva from her face while she waited for the full seven minutes of average bleeding time to expire. There was no need to check her watch because her mental clock was just as accurate. When exactly four hundred and twenty seconds had elapsed she carefully withdrew the spike, at the same time pressing the silicon into the hole to stop any seepage.

The girl removed the excess silicon from around the puncture hole and folded it into the tissue that she used to clean the spike. She tidied his hair and slid the spike back into the pocket under her forearm and pressed the self-sealing skin into place.

Only then did she roll him off her and on to his back. His eyes were open but she closed them and then effortlessly lifted him higher so that his head was on the pillow. She dressed quickly and took a cheroot from the box on the bedside table. She lit it and placed it between the fingers of his hand and then folded his arm across his chest.

Once again she checked, but she already knew that there would be no trace of her remaining in the room. The transparent micro-thin pads on her fingers tips would leave no prints on the wine glass or in the bathroom.

She tapped on the door and the guard opened it. He looked over her shoulder at the man lying on the bed who had his eyes closed but was smoking a cigar. He quietly closed the door as he let her out.

The guard was heavily built and had an acrid smell of body odour. He was unshaven and his teeth were brown as he grinned at her. He reached behind and squeezed her buttocks as he sneered, “Did he give you a good fucking then?”

She stepped away from him and giggled. She said, “You look like you would be good too.” As she walked to the top of the stairs she looked back at him and wriggled her bottom provocatively.

The downstairs guard looked up as the tall blonde hooker descended the stairs. He had searched her when she arrived and she had been clean. He opened the front door and gestured to the waiting taxi. She gave him a brief smile as she passed through the door and it closed behind her.

She settled into the back seat of the cab as it pulled away and lifted up the seat beside her. The case within the hollow space contained a complete set of clothes and she changed quickly. Her blonde wig was swapped for a mousy one and she altered her face makeup. She pulled on thick stockings and exchanged her stiletto shoes for brogues.

Only when she had stowed the case back inside the seat did the driver speak. “Your passport is in the pocket in front of you and your flight goes in two hours. You fly to Paris where you will pick up the connection. We’ll be at the airport in fifteen.” She remained silent.

As he pulled up in the departure lane she stepped out. She was no longer a brassy prostitute but a plain middle aged woman.


The morning was grey and drizzly as the girl walked along Lombard Street and turned into the bank entrance. The door at the far end of the hall was marked ‘Staff only’ and the lock clicked open when she swiped her card. The corridor was quiet as she made her way to the private lift and pressed the button to descend. When the lift opened she walked the few paces to the heavy oak door and pressed her right palm against the scanner. She waited the few seconds for the camera to blink green and pushed the door open.

The woman sitting behind Bostancı Escort the desk looked as drab as her office. She was in her middle thirties and was wearing a plain dark blue dress. Her hair was dragged behind in a bun. She was gazing at a computer screen and without looking up she said, “Madam said you can go right in.”

The girl said, “Good morning Miss Davies, I hope you are well.”

Without taking her eyes from the screen the women replied, “Good Morning Bella, I am well thank you. She is waiting and as usual you are late.” The girl smiled and walked to the other door.

The room she entered was equally cheerless and panelled in dark oak. The neon strip lighting cast a depressing glow on the brown carpet that had an indistinct pattern. Air conditioning hissed softly but failed to remove the lingering musty smell. There were framed pictures of yachts on the walls and the room was without windows.

The woman sitting behind the desk was in her fifties. She was wearing a black suit and her grey hair was cut short in masculine style with a parting. She wore no makeup.

Her desk contained a computer screen and a few files neatly stacked. Extending the full width and height of the wall behind her was a bookcase filled to capacity. There was a single straight backed chair in front of the desk.

The woman looked up and asked, “Why are you always late Bella?”

The girl sat in the chair and crossed one leg over the other. The woman stared at her as if hoping for a reply but when one was not forthcoming she sighed and looked back at her screen.

She said, “Your assignment was satisfactorily completed and I am about to close the file. I am told that there was some doubt about the exact method of despatch. It is entirely up to you how you proceed but do you wish to add any notes?”


“In that case the file will be closed.”

The woman tapped on her keyboard and then leaned back in her chair. She placed the tips of her fingers together as if praying and put them to her lips. She stared at the girl for a few seconds before she said, “There is another assignment and I have been deliberating who would best deal with it. It’s a tricky one and I’ve decided to give it you as I believe your unique talents make you the most suitable.”

The girl spoke softly, “Or perhaps the most expendable?”

“No Bella that certainly isn’t true. We have a great deal of time and money invested in you and the last thing I want to do is waste it. You are unique in many ways.” She lifted the top file and passed it across the desk.

The girl opened it and turned the few pages. When she had turned the last page she closed the file and handed it back.

The woman placed it carefully back on the pile and said, “Describe him.”

The girl replied in a monotone, “Age thirty eight, one hundred and seventy five centimetres, one hundred kilograms, black receding hair. Two bullet scars; one in the left upper chest and the other in the right shoulder. Served two terms of imprisonment; the first for three years when aged eighteen for wounding with a knife and then five years aged twenty seven for violent assault in which the victim died. The murder charge was dropped when the witnesses disappeared. Known as the Bull….”

The woman held up her hand to stop the flow. She smiled for the first time. “I had no doubt that you would have stored every detail, it’s just that it never ceases to amaze me.”

She leaned back in her chair and with a serious expression said, “He is a very unpleasant man who has become a nuisance. As you will have seen, he describes himself as an exporter but his merchandise consists of the female population. Much of it is finding its way into other European countries including ours. He seems to have the local constabulary in his pocket which is why he continues to operate unhindered.

My associates and I decided some time ago that he should be deleted and the French sent their best man. Some of him was later deposited at their embassy gate labelled ‘return to sender’. So now it’s our turn.”

The women gazed intently at the girl before she spoke again. “Bella this will require all of your ingenuity and a considerable amount of luck to get close to him but somehow you always find a way. As usual, anything that you require will be made available to you and will await your arrival.

The girl remained silent.

When there was no reaction the woman said, “You can download the file and you have seven days to prepare yourself. Your contact will be this man.” She passed another file across the desk.

“He is Arnold Simpson and he occupies the position of English teacher at the local school where you will be his trainee. He is our eyes and ears in the area but don’t expect too much from him.”

The girl opened the file and looked at the photograph. She saw a studious looking man and read that he was a bachelor aged forty. She memorised the rest of his details and returned the file.

The woman placed her palms flat on the desk and sat up straight. Ümraniye Escort “That will be all Bella unless you want to ask anything.”

The girl uncrossed her leg and stood up. She said, “There is nothing thank you Madam.”

The woman cast her eyes downwards and said quietly, “Goodbye Bella and good luck.”

The girl closed the door behind her as she returned to the outer office. She strolled to the desk and perched one buttock casually on it. Miss Davies had been staring intently at her screen with her fingers fluttering over the keyboard. As the girl sat down, her fingers stopped and she said icily. “Please get off my desk Bella.”

The girl remained sitting and asked, “Why don’t you ever look at me Miss Davies; do I frighten you?”

Miss Davies hesitated and then with an effort, dragged her eyes up to look at the girl fleetingly before she looked away again. She said, “You don’t frighten me, I just don’t like you.”

“Why do you dislike me?”

Miss Davies answered quietly “Because….” She paused as if searching for the correct words.

Bella smiled and finished the sentence for her. “….because of my profession?”

“No, I just don’t like you so now please get off my desk.”

The girl ignored her and said, “My I ask you a personal question Miss Davies?”


“Well I’ll ask it anyway. Tell me Miss Davies, have you ever sucked a man’s dick?”

Miss Davies stiffened and closed her eyes. She spat the words vehemently, “You disgusting filthy bitch, get out of my office.”

Bella leaned forward and whispered, “Or licked a woman’s cunt?”

The conversation was interrupted by Madam’s voice over the intercom. “I can hear everything you say and I’ve told you before, please don’t tease Miss Davies. Now leave her alone and go about your business.”

Bella patted Miss Davies on the head and was rewarded with an evasive convulsion that almost toppled her out of her chair. Bella stood up with a smile and quietly left the office.


Arnold Simpson waited at the arrivals barrier and tried to make himself conspicuous. He had no idea who he was looking for but had been told that he would be recognised. As people drifted by, he searched for individual females and his eyes were suddenly drawn to a young girl who was walking alone.

She had short dark hair and strolled confidently as she wheeled her case. There was something about her athletic poise and elfin features that was captivating. He watched her pass and then returned his gaze to the departing passengers.

The flood had now become a trickle and he was beginning to worry when he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned and found himself looking into the smiling face of the girl who had attracted his attention. Her eyes were large but were they black or dark blue or purple?

She held out her hand. “Hello Mister Simpson I’m Bella.”

He was never confident in the presence of females and he became aware that his heart was beating faster than usual. He stammered slightly as he shook her hand. “How do you do. I saw you pass by but you didn’t look at me.”

“I know, I just checked around to make sure that no one was watching you.”

He looked surprised. “I don’t think I would attract any interest, I’m just the local teacher. May I take your bag?”

She handed it to him and linked her arm in his. “It was just routine. Where are you parked?”

As they walked to the car park he felt awkward but also thrilled that he had such a beautiful young girl holding his arm.

The late afternoon was warm and humid and he said, “I’m afraid I don’t own a Rolls Royce and there is no air conditioning so I hope you won’t be too uncomfortable. It’s about a forty minute drive.”

As they turned onto the motorway, she reached up and twisted the handle of the sunroof. There was an immediate shower of particles as she slid it open and she exploded into laughter. He turned and saw that her face was covered with black speckles. He gasped, “Oh God I’m so sorry. I’ve never tried to open that before.” She was giggling with amusement and he laughed with her.

When they arrived at the apartment block he handed her a key and said, “I’ve rented one for you opposite mine. I’m afraid it’s rather basic and you have only a shower but you’re welcome to use my bath whenever you wish. Oh and a package was delivered for you by an anonymous courier. Do you want me to get it?”

“I’ll pick it up later thank you.”

She opened the door and gave the interior a cursory glance. “It’s fine; I’ve lived in worse places.”

He drank only occasionally but in the comfort of his own apartment he poured himself a small vodka because he felt he needed it. He had no idea why the Trove agency had sent her but it had to be important.

Tidiness had never been his strong suit but he had made a special effort to clean his apartment. After thirty minutes there was a light tap on his door. She had changed into a white cotton dress that was quite short and she looked even Anadolu Yakası Escort more enchanting. She said simply, “I’m hungry Mister Simpson.”

He motioned her to a chair and waited until she was seated before saying, “First of all, I would like you to call me Arnold or Arnie if you prefer it.”

“I prefer Arnold.”

“That’s fine. Secondly, I eat out a lot because I’m not a very good cook and fresh food is quite expensive here. When I do eat at home it’s mostly tinned stuff or out of packets. So I apologise for not feeding you but in any case, I don’t want you to become ill on your first day here.”

When she laughed it seemed as though the sun had burst into the room and he glowed with the pleasure it gave him just to look at her.

She said, “You would find it difficult to upset my stomach. I’ve eaten snakes, bats, toads and even rats. In fact I cook quite a good rat.”

He looked astounded. “Are you pulling my leg?”

She seemed hurt when she replied, “Why would I lie to you?”

He answered hastily, “Please, I’m not in any way doubting you. It is just that I am shocked to hear of such extraordinary cuisine.” He was surprised that she had been so offended. She seemed to have an almost childlike innocence.

He was relieved when she smiled and said, “I’ll look forward to cooking a meal for you but it will be conventional. Right now I’m starving so when are we going to eat?”

It was early evening as they walked out of the apartment complex and he was again apologetic, “We are going to my regular restaurant on the other side of the park. Well to be honest it’s really a café. Everything they serve is cooked that day and it’s very basic. It’s usually some goulash of indeterminate pedigree and occasionally it’s actually edible.”

It seemed so natural when she linked her arm with his as they strolled through the park. As they walked together, she pointed to trees and identified them and then became excited when she observed a bird that was supposed to be somewhere else in the world. He had no idea what she was talking about but he didn’t care; he was just enjoying the extreme pleasure of her company.

During the meal she never took her eyes from his face and he wondered if he would drown in them. She asked for a small carafe of wine and then identified the grape as being too close to the local sewerage and on the wrong side of the railway line. He laughed continually at her nonsense and enjoyed the evening more than any that he could remember.

It was dark when they left the café and he attempted to steer her home by a different route. She immediately observed, “This isn’t the way we came; why are we going back in this direction?”

He replied, “Bella, the park is a dangerous place at night. It’s a haven for junkies and vicious criminals. Even the police don’t venture in there. Trust me, I’ll get you home safely.”

She was insistent. “I want to go home through the park. I want to listen to the birds chattering in the trees and hear the rustle of the leaves.”

He took her arm firmly but she pulled away from him and said excitedly, “You go home your way and I’ll race you to see who get’s home first.” Before he could stop her she was running to the other side of the road.

When she reached the opposite side she stopped and twirled with her hands clasped high above her head. As she spun around, her dress rode higher and revealed her shapely legs and thighs. He watched her run to the park entrance and disappear into the darkness.

His feeling of panic was overwhelming and he ignored the horn blast from an irate motorist as he ran after her. At the park gate he stopped and peered into the gloom. There were lamps at fifty metre intervals along the main path and he saw her white dress suddenly appear in a cone of light. He shouted, “Bella come back,” but she just turned and waved to him.

He had no choice but to follow and he caught up with her quickly. When she heard his footsteps she stopped and waited. He was panting as he pleaded, “Bella I’m begging you, this is highly dangerous.”

She smilingly took his hand and said, “I’ll look after you and I won’t let the bogymen hurt you.” There was a flutter of wings above them and she exclaimed excitedly, “Look there’s an owl.”

His heart was pounding as they continued further into the park. There was a warm breeze and shadows from the trees danced in the light from the lamps. To one side he saw the flicker of a fire deep in the darkness and he wondered if they were being watched.

Bella seemed oblivious to his fear as she swung his hand and skipped along like a child. In the dim light ahead a fox crossed their path and she gasped with excitement, “I love forests and jungles at night, there is always so much going on.”

He tried to stare straight ahead but his eyes were continually drawn left and right as each shadowy shape seemed to be a menacing threat. They had passed halfway before his imaginary fear became reality.

Out of the darkness stepped a figure and he saw the glint of a knife. He spun around quickly but there was another man behind them. He felt an involuntary trickle of urine and his stomach lurched. It was the most frightened he had ever been and he prayed that it would be just a simple mugging. His throat was dry as he whispered, “Just do whatever they say.”

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