Beowulf Ch. 02

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Edited by Angel Love

When the tall man revealed his true identity, Auburn Angel found herself full of disbelief and confusion. She said little for she couldn’t find the words to describe her true feelings. It was for her the furst time in her life that she felt so puzzled, especially when she remembered her briefing from her CIA Supervisor.

And when she could finally speak again, she said, “But I thought I was supposed to meet Beowulf!”

“One and the same, Miss Fredricks!” the man said as he seated himself across from her at the end of the table. “You expected another?”

Angel’s eyes warmed into her pretty smile as the full realization hit her that she was in Ben Rigg’s presence, code name Beowulf. He knew she’d come to the acceptance of the complicated scheme, the woven web of intrigue and suspense. Such was, he and she knew, the life of an agent for the CIA or any ally governmental agency.

“Nobody really knows anyone!” Beowulf said to Angel. “Though information is often plentiful.”

Rolling her eyes in response, the beautiful Angel said, “Not in the case of the Supervisor!”

Immediate laughter mingled as the two roared in response. After it subsided, however, Angel looked intently into Beowulf’s captivating eyes closing her mood to revert back to the plane flight where she so longed to be with Ben, naked and fulfilling his and her every desire. Lustful moments passed between them but no suggestions were ventured. Their eyes locked on the others, stares said it all, while sensations of tingling warmth slowly built their passions.

“You are so photogenic, my dear!” Ben said as he locked her beautiful face in an imaginary picture frame.

“Want that pic now Ben?” she softly said in reply. “I’m ready, completely ready.”

“Are you, my dear?” Ben asked, knowing full well that one more bit of information had not been revealed to the lovely lady with Auburn hair. Feeling the familiar warmth between her thighs that she’d always counted on to be her guide, she said, “Ready as ever!”

Ben stood, code name Beowulf and extended his hand to Lucinda, code name Auburn Angel and the two of them walked into another more secluded room where a couch lie across a twelve foot span of carpet. On the wall hung a video screen, quite large, and most likely put there by Beowulf just for the occasion. He seated her on the couch and reached for a remote on a nearby table. Then sitting next to her on the left, he aimed the remote and pressed the start button.

Oblivious to what was coming; the Auburn haired babe nestled into her dream lover’s right side as he wrapped his right arm around her shoulder. A few frames passed then she amazingly stared at a picture of herself on the flight, talking to Ben in furst class. At this, her body jumped in surprise. Their conversation fully recorded and clearly understood.

Ben’s arm patted her shoulder in a reassuring manner. She liked that, in fact she nestled all the more, although he wondered how she would react in the next few seconds. Four or five seconds passed then the famous “Pic” as she put it was revealed.

Lucinda’s body suddenly stiffened as the screen flooded with the colors of a naked lady lying on a large bed, legs spread apart, her pussy filled with a pink, vibrating dildo, and her fingertips working overtime on her fully erect nipples. Her cries of lust filled the hearing of Beowulf and Angel. He wondered if she’d bursa escort slap him senseless for invading her privacy like he had but she didn’t at all. Instead, as the fantasy scene unfolded, she lifted her left leg over his right to signal her desire and approval.

Over and over he heard Video Angel beg him to take her while she plunged her trusty, ribbed rocket deep inside her wanton mound. At one point, it looked like it disappeared beneath her furry intrigue but seconds later; she pulled it out to push it in again. Ben’s cock had grown to hardness beneath his slacks so Angel moved quickly to stroke its length.

She wondered if her fantasy of his British cock was close to reality. Breathing grew more intense as they continued to watch like voyeurs do. Screen Angel then dug her heels into the mattress that had been hugging her gorgeous butt to that point. Two, three, four more pumps the vibe occurred then her orgasmic sounds wailed loudly from the wall speakers. Couch Angel grabbed Beowulf’s cock in response but before the voyeurs could experience the fullness of the video thrills, both leaped from the couch and began to cast clothing everywhere.

Sexual tension had built to an intensity that demanded immediate fulfillment. Mutual fondling ensued in ravenous actions. Tongues darted as they tasted one another’s charms. At one point, Lucinda managed to break his fondling maneuvers to drop to her knees and lick his balls and cock. The move drove him wild with desire and he told her to take his rod into her mouth.

Lucinda faithfully obeyed by licking the tip of his shaft then sucking it inch by inch till the head pressed hard against her throat. But Ben had other ideas to pursue so he pulled it out quickly before he blasted his British seed into her hungry mouth. Disappointed at not getting to swallow his load, she sighed her disapproval. Ben fell down in a sitting position on the couch and told his delicious lover to lie across his lap.

Her former disappointment then turned into wanton desire as she momentarily pondered what he might do. She mounted the couch, spread her hot body across his lap, and waited. For a moment, he said nothing. His right hand fondling the backs of her soft, milky white thighs.

In a stern tone, Ben said, “Who told you to fantasize about me?”

“What? Oh I wanted you so badly Ben, I just had to make love to you,” she replied in submissive tone.

As soon as she cut off, she felt a hand begin to spank her butt. The slaps weren’t’ hard nor were they painful. Each one sent a wave of desire through her delicious form. Sometimes, he spanked and then alternated between slaps and grabs of her delectable cheeks. Once he even drove his fingers deep inside the mysterious crack of her ass. She moaned loudly in response, begging him to do it again.

But Ben started the love spanks again leaving her desperate for fulfillment. After the sensuous discipline played for a while, he reached under her and lifted her off of his lap with powerful strength. She got to her feet, stood and waited for his next move. Her breathing was deep, she wanted him fully, but she knew he was in control.

Absolute lust filled Ben’s eyes as he stood and told her to lie on the couch with her legs spread. She did and lifted her left calf to rest it on the back of the couch while she planted her right foot furmly against the carpeted floor.

“Pump me Ben, fuck my bursa escort hairy pussy, lover!” Angel pleaded with a desire even greater than her earlier screen fantasy.

But Ben moved to position himself on the long couch so that his head was posed to eat his Pennsylvania Dutch delight. When she felt his tongue lash hungrily at the bottom of her slit, she squealed delightfully. Sensations spread through out her body as his tongue lashed and dove in and out of her fully wet pussy. She pinched her nipples for further stimulation. Her full, rounded, C cup melons surrendered themselves submissively. Ben’s tongue licked purposefully at her slit then he moved upward toward his intended goal. Lucinda’s clit had revealed herself just waiting to be licked and sucked.

When he reached it, he wasted no time in wrapping his lips around it and gently but lustfully sucking it. The taste of this hot woman, her cuntal perfume, and the sounds she had offered to encourage him thus far, made Ben eat her with reckless abandonment. In a few minutes, her ass lifted off the couch pressing her clit deeply between her lover’s devouring lips.

“Ah, oh, ah, ah, oh, ieaieaieaeiieaieooeoieeaieah!” she screamed as her climax took over.

Her body writhed and convulsed violently as the excruciating pleasure overwhelmed her. The sounds of orgasmic release flooded the room but Ben was certain that all of England had heard them. When she finally relaxed in relief, she panted and sighed for a long while. Ben watched, listened, inhaled her aroma, and then made his move. With his cock now fully erect, he moved to mount his babe and fill her full of long, British cock.

Angel was still breathing deeply with her eyes closed. She had no idea of what was in his mind nor did she open her eyes to figure it out. The surprise was better than knowing and when she felt his shaft press hard just inside her sopping wet, cuntal flower, she yelled out her plea.

Ben came down on her pussy like it was nobody’s business. His long, hard rod filled her auburn-haired mound till every inch had disappeared inside. Angel brought her legs around his frame and started to talk her wanton words into his ear. If He needed any encouragement to fuck her, and he didn’t, this would have been exactly the catalyst to get him going.

In and out he pumped her pussy as juices flowed freely and the sounds of action stimulated them both. Angel called out words and so did he. Her big boobs became his pillows, her body his own, and her gripping cunt pushed him closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. Faster and faster he pumped his Angel till she had reached yet another orgasmic precipice.

“Oh Angel! Oh Ben! Beowulf! Lucinda! Fuck me lover! Pump me with your hard, shooting rod!”

“I’m going to fuck you senseless baby!” they screamed to one another. Then finally he plunged his dick deeper than he’d gone before and exploded his hot cum inside. He grunted in orgasmic release making her shriek her thrills in high pitched tones. Spurts of hot beads blasted from his rod while her juices shot out to coat his cock and balls. The end result was a pool of hot cum that soaked the cushion beneath them.

When both fell into spent relief, he remained inside his lover. No words were spoken none needed speaking. No thoughts were shared, all were completely mutual. With their bodies entwined, they fell asleep still connected to one bursa eskort another. And there, they shared their spent release like they didn’t have a care in the world.

Hours later, she opened her eyes to discover that she was alone. She knew it might happen this way and understood it fully. Still, she longed for Ben, Beowulf, whomever he was to come back so they could mutually enjoy each other again and again.

Agent Angel then sat up, surveyed the mess of strewn clothes about the floor, and figured it was time to dress. She wasn’t exactly sure where to go next. Should she fly home, should she get a hotel, should she take a cab to the American Consulate to contact her Supervisor, were just some of the questions that flooded her mind.

“Damn that Supervisor! No details!” she angrily said as she snapped her bra around her beautiful breasts.

When fully dressed, she sat back on the couch and played with the remote till she could decide what to do next. Angel had supposed that the video had finished when she and Ben were tearing their clothes off but in pressing the start button she learned differently. Suddenly, the screen filled with the cold face of her Supervisor sitting behind his executive desk. This time, however, she could see him but he couldn’t see her. The realization alone pleased her to smiling proportions.

Then his drolling, cold voice, said, “Well done, Auburn Angel. At nine tonight, a cab will take you to Heathrow airport, flight

573, window seat, fifth row furst class.”

A muttering annoying sound erupted from his throat and she knew the furst class issue had reared its ugly head again. It made her laugh and grow in deep respect for the Director who had power over the budgeted decisions of her cheapskate Supervisor.

“In Philly,” he muttered, “The Jag will be waiting at the security lot. Don’t wreck it or misuse it! Meet me in my office for debriefing.”

Immediately, Auburn Angel sprang from the couch and said, “Wreck it? Misuse it? Who do you think you are? That Jag is mine, Mr. Supervisor! If I want to wreck it or misuse it, I will!”

Then the video faded and ended. She checked her watch, grabbed her carry on and single bag, and left her secluded love nest to climb the stairs to the evening sky. The cab was waiting, the back door was open, so she climbed in and the driver put her bag in the trunk. He greeted her nicely, told her he had been instructed to deliver her to Heathrow, and then pulled away in a hurry. On the way, she pondered the previous days and all that happened. Instead of providing safe passage for Beowulf back to the States, she did so to England without even knowing it. Instead of meeting him at the pub, she had been his furst class flight friend knowing nothing of his true identity. She almost got killed in a scheme that worked but she was left defenseless to protect herself.

“But then again,” she thought, “I did get to give Ben that pic! I mean video! I mean . . . Auburn Angel! I mean me!”

Relaxing in the furst class seat, Lucinda Fredricks pondered her most recent mission. Every detail now made perfect sense and indeed, if her Supervisor had told her more, the assignment might not have turned out as well as it did. She allowed her thoughts to linger on each aspect of the mission until she felt a sense of satisfaction over its completion. Then she closed her eyes and thought about Ben, Beowulf, whoever he truly was.

He was right when he said that in the spy game, nobody really knows anyone. She was truly Lindelle Gerhart, Lucinda Fredricks, yet a beautiful CIA agent, code name Auburn Angel.

“But which one am I truly?” she thought as her question settled into a calm sleep.

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