Best Business Trip Ever Ch. 02

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If you did not read the first one, I suggest you start there.

That next morning, Sally and I each packed some sandwiches and bottles of water and a few beers into 2 small coolers and loaded them in her truck. We headed to Panera to get some coffee and breakfast sandwiches for the short trip to another nude adventure.

Sally said “I hope I did not push you too far last night.”

I was feeling some level of guilt, because, while my wife has always known that I don’t wear clothes when I don’t have to. I am naked at home a lot and I love to visit nude beaches and nudist resorts like the one just down the road, the recent masturbation session with Sally was a bridge I had never crossed.

I told her that “last night was one of the most powerful and exciting sexual experiences of my life.” I freely admitted that I was wrestling with it, but that was my problem and I would decide what to do. I said “let’s just relax and enjoy the sunshine and maybe play some volley ball.

We paid for our day passes got undressed and tossed out clothes in her truck and started walking to the pool. We were the only ones at the pool so far, since we are early birds. We grabbed a couple of prime lounge chairs, slathered on the sunscreen and relaxed. I had brought a book and she had a newspaper, so we were enjoying the morning sun and reading quietly.

I found myself admiring Sally’s body. Our visits here and time around the pool had made her freckles really come out. Her pink nipples were always hard and just begged to be sucked. She was shaved smooth and her pronounced mons and labia were a natural work of art, and her clitoral hood was easily visible at all times. I fantasized about licking and sucking her pussy often while masturbating. My cock was starting to swell from staring at her.

A few people started to wander out of their tents and cabins and started making their way to the pool. There were communal showers near the pool, so we enjoyed watching several people showering, which was kind of erotic. Couples touching as they washed and washed each other was making my cock start to stir. I think Sally noticed.

It was heating up quickly and we dove into the pool to cool off and were swimming around talking for a while. After a few laps and a race where I beat her badly since I had been a competitive swimmer and still swam often. We hopped out of the pool and sat back down with her calling me a cheater and demanding a rematch.

Just as we got settled a couple walked in front of us and the man said, “Sally, is that you?” I had no idea who they were, but Sally turned beet red and said “Mr. Carter, I sure didn’t expect to see you here.” “Is this Mrs. Carter?”

He seemed a little uncomfortable but not as much as Sally was. He said “it is nice to see you. We’ll talk to you later.”

They went to the end of the pool and got an umbrella table and two lounge chairs. I asked Sally “who was that?”

“Paul Carter, and he is the owner/developer of the shopping center project my company is doing all of the electric work for.”

“Does this pose a problem for you?” I asked.

She smiled sheepishly, and said “I don’t see how.” “He is also here naked, at a nudist resort and no different than us.”

Both Mr. Carter and his wife looked like they were in their early 60’s; fit, tanned, and they both wore a fair amount of gold jewelry on their otherwise naked bodies. I noticed she also had pierced nipples and a clit ring and he was wearing a gold ring around his scrotum.


Sally and I went for another swim and while in the pool noticed that the Carter’s were joined by another couple that was a bit younger than they were. They were very friendly toward them and we observed a fair amount of hugging and kissing.

One of our new friends from last weekend sat down next to us and noticed we were watching that group at the table. They told us that some nudists were also into “the lifestyle” and that those two couples were regulars who often entertained other couples or singles in a cabin.

I got it, bursa eskort but Sally’s blonde hair was making it hard for her to understand.

“Sally asked, what do you mean life style?” “You mean nudist lifestyle?” We all laughed, except Sally.

Teresa leaned in and told her “they are swingers.” “They swap and share sex with other couples or single women.” Sally looked shocked.

Teresa giggled and said “about half of the people here either swing occasionally or regularly.” “Don’t be shocked or worry.” “Nobody will push you to do anything, and No means no.” “You are perfectly safe.”

After that, it was a typical day in paradise. We played water volley ball and worked up a good appetite for lunch. Sally and I went to sit at a picnic table under a big tree and ate our lunch and drank a beer. I could tell she was still thinking about what she had leaned before and was trying to process it.

After some more sunning and swimming, the Carters came over and sat down with our group. They introduced themselves and others did the same. He mentioned that he knew Sally from business and went on for 15 minutes about how hard she worked and that she and her company consistently met their deadlines and did top notch work.

Behind his sunglasses I could tell he was really looking hard at Sally’s beautiful body.

I couldn’t help noticing that Mrs. Carter, or Pamela, could not take her eyes off of Sally either. After a few minutes Sally started to notice too, and smiled at her in her usual friendly manner.

After Paul had finished bragging on Sally, Pamela said “he talks about you like you are Wonder Woman.” “I think I get it now.” Then Pamela leaned over and kissed Sally on the cheek for about 10 seconds, just a little longer than necessary.

The Carters asked if we were staying for the get together tonight.

Sally quickly made our apologies that we both had very early mornings and would be heading back about 6 pm. We both had laundry to do and work to do before Monday morning.

We played some more water volley ball and went for a hike up in the hills above the pool, promising to bring something better than flip flops if we do any more hiking. On the way up Sally was behind me and said “you have a cute butt” and giggled. I turned to say something and she almost came face to face with my dick, but she did not back away and took her time examining it up close.

We showered, and this time soaped and washed each other like so many other couples we had seen early in the morning. When Sally soaped up my cock and stroked it, I had to turn away so nobody saw me get hard. You are not supposed to do anything overtly sexual, and this sure felt wonderfully overt.

It was a great day and we started getting ready to go at about 6 pm.

Our friends and new friends the Carters all came up to shake hands or give us hugs good bye. Paul shook my hand and started to hug Sally, but he decided to shake her hand, I think their professional relationship made him take a more conservative approach.

His wife Pamela however, hugged me, and then gave Sally a big hug, pressing her breasts and nipples right up against Sally’s and gave her a juicy kiss on the lips. Then she slowly pulled back while looking Sally in the eyes and said “we really hope you can make one of our little gatherings.” “I promise you will enjoy it.”

We waved good bye and walked back to her truck, where we got dressed and headed back to our hotel.

Sally was very quiet as we started our drive back and I decided I had to get her to talk. I said “the Carters seem like nice people.”

She only said “un huh.”

I commented on all of the gold chains and bracelets and rings they both wore. “They must be loaded” I said.

She laughed and said “loaded is an understatement.” “They have homes on both coasts, Costa Rica, and Greece.”

Sally said “do you think Pamela was hitting on me?”

It was my turn to laugh. All I could think to say was “oh yeah” “she wants to do lots of things to you, and all I want to know is, can I watch?” bursa escort bayan I asked her if she had ever been with another woman.

She said “almost once, but no” “I have fantasized about it.”

She laughed nervously and slapped my arm and said “and no, you can’t watch.” “Nothing is going to happen. She is married to a man that can make or break my annual income for years to come, so I am not going to anything to screw that up.”

We stopped and got a pizza to take back to the hotel and sat out by the pool and watched the stars come out, ate pizza and drank another beer.

While we ate, Sally asked me if I had ever done any swinging. I let her know that while I had always thought it would be really exciting with the right couple, my wife could not get her head around it, and it never came to be. We did make love in a pool with a couple we were very good friends with while they were doing the same thing, very close by. It was very erotic, only happened once, and is a memory that I can call up in HD anytime I need it.

She said her ex husband talked about it all the time and wanted to have a threesome with one of her friends named Alexandra. She was not interested, and was pretty sure Alex would not have been interested either, but she said she had fantasized about Alex when she masturbated sometimes, and would again tonight.

We cleaned up the table and got ready to go in. Sally gave me a big hug and thanked me again for opening her up to the freedom of being naked and comfortable with it.

I told her I would be fantasizing about her and Pamela while masturbating tonight. “Knock on the wall if you are in the same mood and we can share.”

She said “we could do it together in my room again, if you are interested.”

How could I say no? I said “I would love to watch you touch yourself and orgasm while looking into those beautiful eyes.”

She sounded like a little girl when she said “Yay!”

We got naked, put some things away and went into the living room. She put on some good music, lit a couple of candles and went into her bedroom.

When she came back she had some towels to sit on, and a blue velvet draw string bag. I asked “what do you have there in your little bag of tricks?”

One at a time she pulled her favorite sex toys out of the bag and placed them on a towel. She said “the loud buzzing I heard came from her Hitachi wand” which she uses when she needs a quick orgasm or two because it powerful and intense and we both talked about how much better you sleep after a good orgasm.

She had a very real looking penis with a suction cup on it that she liked to use together with a vibrator or when in the shower. The next item to come out of the bag was a vibrating egg for when she was in no hurry and just wanted to make love to herself. The last toy was a blue glass butt plug. Did I mention I had a hard on?

I said “now look who is full of surprises.”

What are you surprised at? Haven’t you ever seen sex toys before?

“Yes, of course I have. My wife has some of the same ones you have, and I have one of those toys myself.”

She stood up laughing out loud and went to get us another beer. Sally asked “which of those do you have, yourself?”

I said wait here and I will be right back. I got my room card and went to the door naked.

She said “hey dude, you are still naked.”

I said “I know.” I poked my head out the door, saw no one and told her to hold the door open just a crack. I went to my room and got my toy to show her. I looked out my door to make sure the coast was clear and went back to her door and she opened it for me.

We clinked our beer bottles together to toast my successful mission and sat down on the couch. I had a sock in my hand and slowly slid the blue, glass butt plug out into my hand. It was exactly like hers. We both laughed and started to talk about how that extra stimulation made orgasms so much more intense.

I told her that I only use it about once a week because I don’t want it to görükle escort lose its magic.

Sally said she was kind of the same way and enjoyed it occasionally, but also admitted to wearing it all day sometimes for an extra thrill.

I said “we are so much alike in some ways.” “I have done the same thing, several times.”

She said “I would really love to see you put that in your ass and then stroke your cock with it inside you.”

All I could think to say was “it would be my pleasure, if you will do the same.” I took a small bottle of lube out of the sock and walked over to a bar stool and put my right foot up on the bar stool because I have found this is the most comfortable position for me to insert it. I put some lube on my fingers and slipped fingers into my ass one at a time, then put some lube on the glass plug and placed it against my ass hole.

I held steady pressure against it. Sally came very close and watched closely as it slowly slipped in until my sphincter closed around the neck, leaving only the round glass base. I wiped off the excess lube and stretched.

Sally wrapped arms around me and said “that was the hottest thing I have seen in a very long time.”

She said she usually inserts hers while lying on her side, but really wanted to try my method because it looked so erotic. Sally placed her long right up on the bar stool, lubed up two fingers and one at a time slipped them slowly into her ass while I sat on the floor beneath her, watching intently. As soon as her asshole swallowed the plug and her sphincter closed around the neck she stretched in a big yoga move and bent over and put her palms on the floor. It was beautiful looking at her bottom with the blue glass base of her plug staring at me like an eye.

Her beautiful, swollen pussy lips were also right in my face and it was all I could do to not lean in and kiss them.

She wiped off the excess lube and asked to look at mine again, so I bent over like she had so she could look at it. She slowly ran her hand over my ass and walked to the couch and sat down.

I followed her with my hard dick leading the way and also sat down and started slowly stroking myself.

She took her vibrating egg and turned it on and placed it above her clit on medium speed while running a finger up and down thru her smooth, fat pussy lips. She put one then two fingers inside her pussy and slowly pumped them in and out for a few minutes and then offered them to me. Once again I opened my mouth and tasted her delicious juices. This could be habit forming.

Next, she turned the egg up to a higher speed, slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy. She slowly moved the dildo in and out while pressing the vibrating egg to her clit. I had to stop myself from Cumming twice.

She grabbed her Hitachi wand and asked me to hold it up against the blue base of her butt plug, then, she turned it on. She instantly started moaning “oh god, oh god, oh god” I pressed it harder into her butt plug. The vibration in her asshole must have been a very intense addition. She started shaking as a powerful orgasm tore thru her body.

It seemed to be a long string of orgasms that led to a geyser of pussy juice when she pulled the dildo out. Much of it splashed on my arm, stomach and cock. I was really glad she brought the towels.

She seemed to pass out for a few seconds before opening her eyes and looking at me with a big tired smile on her face.

I started stroking my dick when she said “stop.”

“Let me put the Hitachi up against your plug.” I turned toward her and spread my legs further apart. She placed the vibrator against the glass base and turned it on.

“Oh my god!” I said. It was rattling my ass and prostate and I had never felt anything like it in my life. I stoked my dick faster and it only took a moment until I had the most intense orgasm of my life and came all over my stomach.

We both took turns licking the mixture of her squirted pussy juices and my semen from our fingers and off my stomach and my cock.

Sally used her tongue to gather most of it. As she licked her way down toward my cock I started getting hard again, like a teenager.

She smiled softly, wrapped her hand around my cock and took me into her warm, wet mouth, then kissed me, sharing our combined juices. Wow!

To be continued………….

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