Best of Friends

Big Tits

Gillian Worsley was worn out from her early morning swim at the Leeds International Pool. A former national breast stroke champion, she was determined to keep her fitness levels up, but she had to admit at 37, perhaps she should drop 6 or 7 lengths every few days. Mind you, she thought, if I slept a bit more, instead of living life at 100 miles per hour, I’m sure that would help. So, she decided that the trip to the garden centre could wait and she would rest for 30 minutes in Kevin’s den.

Kevin was her eighteen year old son from her marriage to Sean, an Irish Rugby League player, however her son, although big and powerful for his years, just didn’t seem a chip off the old block. She really missed her husband, who was now away in Japan, coaching the national team.

Climbing the stairs to the den, she was taken aback by unexpected voices coming from the room. One she recognised immediately as her son, but the other wasn’t familiar. Kevin obviously had been released from college early, but who was he with? She pussyfooted up to the door and finding it ajar by three inches, peered through the gap without revealing her presence. Her whole world went into a flat spin in that moment: her son was naked on the bed and half of his body was over another naked boy, who’s penis was being pumped up and down by Kevin!

“Come on relax Nigel, you know I won’t hurt you,” her son said to the teenager beneath him.

“I’m sorry Kev, but I can’t. Look, I won’t tell anyone, but this isn’t my scene”

The other boy then struggled and raised his head above Kevin; she recognised him as the son of her hairdresser and a pupil of the same college as her own son. He was 18 years old, but although a keen cyclist and fit, was a good 25lbs lighter than the muscular boy who was masturbating him.

Kevin then shifted position and Gillian could see that Nigel’s hands were free and not touching her son, who had an enormous erection. It had been some years now of course that she had last bathed her child, but she was surprised that his penis was so big. She also noticed that, although grasped by a large hand, the other boy’s organ was stiff through stimulation, but wasn’t rampant.

Knocking on the door once, she entered the room as she had done a hundred times before, when Kevin had been fully dressed and expecting a drink or suchlike. Both boys nearly jumped out of their skins, their penis’s wilting as if struck by a cattle prod. Reaching for the nearest clothing available, with no particular preference, they managed to cover their privates and slumped back on the bed, in semi paralysis.

“Sorry if I have interrupted your bonding session boys, Anadolu Yakası Escort but I’m not overjoyed with it going on in my house,” she said.

Both boys could not utter a word between them, they just hung their heads down and tried to regain some composure. Gillian decided to quash the situation as fast as possible and so pressed home her advantage.

“Kevin, I’ll speak to you later, but you can go to training; I don’t want the coach to have any excuse for not including you in the finals”.

“Yes Mum,” replied her son and hurried into his sports gear. He then must have set a near all time sprint record for dashing out of the house and down the driveway.

Nigel managed to speak at last ,” Are you going to tell my Mum, Mrs Worsley?”

“No, Nigel, I won’t tell Jane, there is nothing to be gained by anybody else knowing about this. I am surprised at you, I thought you had a girlfriend. Want to tell me what happened?”

“Well,” he went on “I did the assault course this afternoon and the watercourse was flooded, so I got really messed up. Kevin saw me on the way back and said I could use your shower”

Gillian could visualise what took place then. She had been aware that her son didn’t have any titty pics on his wall, or hidden away. Practically all her friends told her they were having to turn blind eyes to the evidence of their son’s transition into manhood.

“Did Kevin force you or threaten you in any way, Nigel?”

“No, he just came into the shower and put his arm around me and said what good mates we were. Then he felt my willy and kissed me. He pulled me out of the shower and onto the bed, but I don’t think he meant to hurt me. He was only, er, wanking me for two or three minutes, when you came in”

She smiled inwardly at his use of the word wanking. “Well Nigel, I’m sorry you had to go through this, I shall have words and he won’t try it ever again, believe me”

Well, she thought, better let him go home. What a pleasant, straightforward young lad he is, and good looking too. She allowed herself to scan his body, covered only by a T-shirt across his lap. His shoulders were showing evidence of his fitness activities and his cyclist thighs were were just noticeably overdeveloped in proportion to the rest of his frame. It was nice to see a firm flat smooth belly; Sean, her absent husband had one, but he was more hirsute that the teenager before her. A warm feeling began to spread up from her lower half and she felt her breathing rate increase, a pink flush filling her pretty face.

Nigel looked up at the curvy woman stood above him, he didn’t want to go, instead Avrupa Yakası Escort he wanted to talk to her and put his arms around her and kiss her lovely mouth. He felt his penis grow and stiffen, so that it lifted the T-shirt up three inches from his belly.

“Sorry, about this, Mrs Worsley, I’d better leave,” he muttered, red faced.

“No apology needed, you’re a nice healthy young man, Nigel,” she smiled back at him.

Then she moved closer to him and bent down and kissed his forehead once before locking her mouth over his. She felt his arms embrace her waist and squeeze her, then she raised herself so that her large breasts were level with his face. Reaching down, she lifted the T-shirt from Nigel’s lap and dropped it on the floor, giving him a wink an even bigger smile.

Nigel’s penis was now fully gorged with blood, the glans protruding half of the way up from the skin that sheathed it. He was breathless and almost feeling faint; one girl had once tossed him off when drunk at a party, but he had never experienced this before. Raising himself, he tried to touch Gillian’s breasts, but she shook her head, then stood back and slowly undressed before him. He marvelled at her broad swimmers shoulders and large but firm breasts, their nipples sleepily inverted. Lowering his gaze he noticed her rounded woman’s belly curving down to a luxurious growth that pointed down between her thighs.

She stepped back to him and pulled his head to one of her breasts which he mouthed gently at first but then more demandingly. His other hand, cupped it’s partner and began pressing and rolling and lifting. He released her and she sat on the bed beside him, her hand reaching out to touch his erect, throbbing member. She placed a thumb and two fingers around his penis head and slowly peeled the foreskin down, squeezing gently as she did. Suddenly, she felt Nigel buck and heard him groan, his hips begain thrusting towards her. Sensing that his excitement was out of control, she firmly grasped the shaft of his cock and gave it firm hard strokes, corkscrewing her hand as she did so. Within seconds, thick ropes of viscous fluid appeared to uncoil from the head of that swollen organ in her grip. Increasing the speed of her strokes, she watched in fascination as the white fluid spurted up and then after forming an arc, splash down. Most landed on his abdomen, but the final gush landed on the back of her hand. She raised it up to her face, then licked some of it off.

“Hmmm, how long have you been storing that?,” she murmured. Then she kissed him deeply, her tongue probing his mouth.

Feeling though he should apologise İstanbul Escort for coming prematurely, Nigel was struggling for the right words. He never got the chance to utter them – she pressed him back on the bed and then lay on top of him, in a position where her mouth was facing his still swollen genitals and her own wet sex was in proximity to his face. He felt her heavy breasts on his lower belly and hips, his stickiness now coating both their bodies. Already, he felt his penis reawaken and a new urge overtake him as he drank in the fragrance of this lovely woman’s need and wanting. Pushing his head against her, he clamped his mouth onto his partner’s love mound and began licking her strongly, back and forth. Very quickly he found a resilient protrusion of flesh and instinctively knew that this was the centre of his lovers being. He sucked it violently into his mouth and heard a loud gasp from the head now resting inches from his prick. Releasing the pressure, he sucked again and felt the delicate flesh of her inner labia against his tongue, which he once again brought into play.

“That’s it darling, fuck me with your tongue,” Gillian sobbed once before gorging herself on the hard dick of this heaven sent boy-man.

They licked and ate each other for what seemed ages, before Gillian turned around to face him, raising herself desperately and sighing, as she felt hot hard flesh penetrate her overflowing womanhood. She used his prick like a living dildo, such was her state of frenzy. Bucking up and down on it, so that it rubbed and pummelled her clitoris, she took his hands and placed them on her rotating buttocks. Nigel pushed his hips up to meet her, and pounding her bumcheeks, gazed at her gorgeous breasts swinging drunkenly out of control.

“Oh Darling, you’re making me come, oh fuck,” he heard her groan.

“I’m glad you’re letting me fuck you, Mrs Worsley, you’re a nice fuck,” he replied.

“Fuck me, fill my cunt, you lovely bastard,” she yelled

Gillian stopped for moment, screamed “Fucking Christ oooooooh Jesus,” then convulsed and collapsed onto Nigel, her hips thrashing
against him. All he could hear were sobs and moans and mewing noises coming from her. He moved his hands up around her waist and embraced her, pressed his mouth against her sweet head and told her how wonderful she was, his thrusts gently receding until they both came to rest together.

The telephone rang downstairs breaking the spell, so Gillian disengaged herself and nudged the half sleeping boy on the bed.

“Whoever that is can speak to the answerphone, but we’d better make tracks,” she said “You didn’t come inside me, did you?”

“No, but I’m really happy and I’m glad you finished,” he replied, looking into her eyes. “I would love to come with you. Maybe we can do it some time again, Mrs Worsley”.

“Thank you, young man. Maybe we will. Oh and I’m so glad my son didn’t bring a girl back this afternoon!”

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