Big Brother Comes to Visit


Dammit, this week is going to suck! My brother, who I haven’t seen in 8 years, called to say he’s coming east for a week and needs a place to stay.

The real problem is, it’s going to fuck up my social life. I sleep over at my boyfriend’s sometimes, but I suppose I’ll have to pretend to be a good girl and stay home with Billy. Oh well, its only six days. There’s a car pulling in the drive, I’ll bet that’s him.

“Wow, hi Billy, I’m so happy you came! It’s been a long time!” Wow is right; this is not the Billy I remember. He looks like he’s gained about 40 pounds, and its all muscle. I remember when he was in high school there were always girls hanging around so he must have been sorta hunky, but he’s five years older than I am and I was just a kid then. He’s 31 now and I’m not sure I’d have recognized him on the street.

He stops in the doorway and stares. “Hey Jennie, is that really you? I remember a skinny little kid. You look great!” And I can see he’s staring right at my 36B’s. Good, because it give me a chance to stare too, because he IS a hunk! Mmmmmmmmm, I almost wish he wasn’t my brother.

He steps through the door and wraps his arms around me, giving me a big hug. Ahhhhhhhh, that feels good! He doesn’t even know his own strength ‘cuz he’s really crushing me to him! Then he hands me a bottle of wine and says, “I stopped and picked this up, I have no idea if you even drink it, but I figured since I’m kinda intruding, it might be a nice peace offering.”

“No intrusion at all,” I lie, “it’s great to see you again. I’ll put this in the fridge and maybe you can help me drink it later. But I was going to ask if you’ve eaten, because if not, there’s a nice little Italian restaurant down the street and I’ve been wanting to get back there.”

His face lights up. “That sounds great, sis! I haven’t eaten since before I got on the plane in LA.” We head out to the restaurant and have a nice meal. He orders a bottle of wine there, similar to what he brought. But it’s a nice wine and he picks up the tab, so that makes it even better. We split the bottle and drink the whole thing, so by the time we get home my cheeks have a nice flush to them, and I feel a bit warm. I don’t want to admit that being so close to my hunky brother might be part of the reason. But the truth is, he’s been gone so long it’s more like being out on a date with a real nice guy. Hard to remember he’s family.

And when we walk in, I forget for a moment. He says, “Thanks for the great idea sis!” and bends his head to give me a kiss, and I know he was gonna kiss me on the cheek, but I turn my head and meet lips with lips. I can feel he’s surprised, but he doesn’t pull back and our arms quickly slide lightly around each other. It just seems natural. It’s a little hard breaking apart, and we just look at each other. I dunno what’s going through his mind, but my feelings aren’t very sisterly. In fact I might be a little bit damp.

It’s after nine, but there’s a TV show he wants to watch before bed, so I turn the set on and ask if he’d like some of his wine with me. With the tiny buzz I already have it sounds great to me and I guess it does to him too, ‘cuz he says, “Sure.” The wine is cold and I pour a couple of large glasses and settle down by him.

He takes his glass and says, “Thanks, Jennie,” and leans over to give me a little kiss again. But this time, what he has in mind is lips, from the start. I don’t have any problem with that at all, the last time was so nice, and our lips meet and grind just bit before parting. But I’m gasping again, and wondering, was that his tongue I felt touch my lips?

I sit next to him to watch his show, and take a few sips of my wine and set the glass on the table. When I sit back, somehow my hand rests lightly on his thigh, and my leg is pressing against his. When He looks at me, I smile and give him a little squeeze. He just smiles, but then I feel his arm slide behind my shoulders, and his hand urges me a little closer to him. The TV show is a loser anyway, and I just kind of rest my head against his shoulder. It feels really nice when that hand starts stroking up and down my arm. He and I both polish off our wine, and I take the glasses to the kitchen. And I figure what the hell, and empty the bottle into them.

When I get back, I notice his face is a little red, and judging from the burning sensation, I’ll bet mine is too. But I do know I feel good. And oh my god, he looks good! When I sit back down I pull my legs up on the couch and lean against him, smiling, I stroke my finger over his hair and down the side of his face. “Billy, it really is nice to have you here,” I say smiling sweetly.

He turns a little to me and we sit there smiling at each other as we sip our wine. I think he’s forgotten the TV now, too. About half way done, he sets his glass on the table, and I follow suit. When I settle back down he reaches out and slides his arms around me and pulls me to him, hugging me to his chest. Casibom Ohhhhhhhhhhh god! I know it’s not right, but damn, it feels good.

But it feels even better about two seconds later when I feel his lips on mine again. And there’s no doubt this time, that’s his tongue. And it’s in my mouth. And that’s my hand sliding up and down his thigh as I flatten my breasts against his chest. When I moan into his mouth, his arms get even tighter, not that I was trying to get away. And when I slide my hand up his leg I’m surprised when I touch something I wasn’t expecting. A bulge in his pants. I let my hand slide up over it and move back and forth a couple of times. Yup, I was right, that’s his cock.

It’s his turn to moan, and he presses against my hand and shudders. My hand gives him a friendly little squeeze and he moans again, grinding his lips and his body against mine. I guess he wants to return the favor, because I feel his hand slip between us and over my breast. And in a friendly way, he squeezes too. And I’m in heaven. My hard nipple is right in the center of his palm, and as his hand moves, it drags right over my little pink bud. That makes me shudder, and I pull back from his chest a little to give him easier access. In no time, that wonderful hand is kneading and squeezing me.

All this time, he’s sorta’ growling deep and moaning in his throat, and my little high pitched cries and groans are muffled in his mouth. So far, no clothing has been removed or displaced, so it’s all good, right? We’re just getting re-acquainted in a family sort of way. But I’m feeling sorry for him. That bulge in his pants is really large and hard now and the pants over it are really tight. So I figure I should relieve the pressure for him a little, and I unzip his fly. When he feels that he suddenly lifts his head a little, breaking the kiss, and says, “Jen I… I don’t think we should… “

I kind of interrupt him, by lifting my hand to his head and pulling his lips back down to mine. After all, I’m kind of wishing someone would do something for me too. My panties are so wet I’m in danger of soaking through my shorts, and taking them off would just make sense.

But when my fingers slip through his open fly and my fingertips slide over the bulge in his briefs, He suddenly pulls his body and hands back away from me and he sits straight up with an expression on his face like he just saw a ghost. Or God. “Jennie! We… We can’t… my god, it’s not right! Even if it feels so good. You… you’re my… sister!” And I deflate like a balloon when he jumps up from the couch. “I’m so sorry, sis I should have never… oh damn, it’s my fault! Baby, I’m going to take a shower, a cold one I guess, and go to bed. Thanks for having me here, I’ll see you in the morning.”

DAMMIT! I’m not sure about what but DAMMIT! Of course I know he’s right. Don’t I? Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. I scurry for my room and close the door, not wanting to be anywhere near when he goes into the bathroom. And I lie down and stare straight up. My head is spinning a little and I’m not sure if it’s from Billy or the wine.

But then I realize, I need to pee. And I know that’s from the wine. Oh well, he’s in there now, and the shower’s running, wasting all that cold water. I’ll just wait him out. I strip down to my undies, change my soaked panties and find a matching bra, and lie down again.

But the shower goes on and on. And damn, I REALLY need to pee! Finally I give up and go rap on the door. “Billy, stay put for a minute! I need to pee and brush my teeth!” It’s really no big deal, we did it all the time when I was a kid. I get no answer, but he had to have heard me, right?

So I open the door and march in. Hmmmm, there’s steam coming over the doors, so I guess it’s not a cold shower. Good thing the fan’s running or the room would be fogged up. I drop my panties and sit on the pot to pee. Just about done, when the water stops. And the door opens. A little. And a hand reaches out and gropes for a towel and disappears. Whew, I really feel a little vulnerable here.

I finish up and move to the sink to brush my teeth. I’m wondering if I should have worn these bikini panties. Nothing much covering me south of my pussy but a couple of strings. But hey, they match the bra. My teeth are almost brushed when oops, there’s that door opening again. And now I can see it in the mirror, and he’s standing in it, staring at my ass, and I hear him suck in his breath! Oh my god! If I wasn’t already red from the wine, I’d be blushing now. He’s about three feet behind me, butt naked, and I’m leaning over the sink! I hear him murmur under his breath, “Oh shit!”

I straighten up and freeze. Oh my god, in the mirror he’s twice my size. It’s up to him to move, because I can’t. I see one arm move slowly, and suddenly I give a breathless squeak. I KNOW those are fingers… trailing… across… my… ass! Why can’t I breathe? How can they feel so fucking GOOD? I see him Casibom Giriş move closer, and now there are hands on both my hips, and they are sliding slowly up my sides. Oh goddddddd. I hear a low moan, and it’s coming from me. I’m shuddering, and about to melt. In fact, it feels like I might be melting already. I wonder if he can smell me yet.

And when his hands brush the hair from my neck and replace it with his face and lips, there’s no more doubt. I just can’t help it, I arch back against him, and my moan fills the room. His hands are sliding over my breasts, protected only by my satiny bra, and suddenly I feel something stroking over my ass again. It can’t be his hands, his fingers are already exploring for my nipples. Oh my god yessssssss, it’s his cock, and its sliding up the crack of my ass as he slowly moves against me. Oh damn, that feels so good! And my eyes open wide when I realize, it feels so BIG!

His lips are still against my skin, when he gasps, almost in pain, “Oh god, Jennie, what are we gonna do?”

Your move, stud. I’m beyond worrying about details like being his sister. He’s the hottest guy that has ever gotten his hands on me, and I want him, NOW! His hands are punishing my breasts, he’s kneading so hard, and even through the filmy bra his fingertips are setting my nips on fire! Mother fucker that feels good! I’m breathing hard, panting, gasping, and he might as well keep going, because if he stops now I’m disowning him anyway.

If he needs an answer, I give him one. I reach behind me, and very deliberately undo my bra. In the loudest whisper I can manage, I gasp, “Billy, touch me, dammit!” The bra falls in the sink, and ahhhhhhhh, his hands feel soooooooo good on my soft flesh. He’s more gentle now, squeezing and pulling and rubbing, and I arch my back, pressing myself into those big wonderful hands. It’s gonna happen, and he knows it now too. Now we can get down to really enjoying it. And as his lips move across my neck and shoulders leaving a trail of red marks, he tells me, with a powerful low moan that turns into a growl.

It’s so hot, seeing him behind me and watching his hands exploring me, owning me! But I begin yearning to see him face to face, and feel our bodies pressed together. But I suddenly notice in the mirror, I have a clown face! My lips are coated with white toothpaste foam. Damn! But in the next moment it doesn’t matter. He spins me around, pulls me against him, and his lips lock onto mine, moving and grinding. Problem solved. I hope he likes the minty freshness, but I hope he likes my taste even more.

Now his cock is pressed between us, against my stomach, and oh yessssssss, its Big! It matches the rest of him. Just realizing his size gives me an extra little tingle. Because I know now I’m gonna find out what that that tool can do! And damn, he’s hard! No way he’s gonna try to pretend he doesn’t want this now. He’s mine! And oh yeahhhh! I’m his!

I give myself to the feeling of his lips on mine and his tongue searching my mouth as our bodies grind together. His arms are around me and getting tighter every second. Breathing is an issue, but what a way to go. If I pass out I’ll bet he gives me mouth to mouth. Or mouth to something.

His cock is grinding against my pussy, and I have practically a river running down my legs. I wish he’d take the damn panties off. Hmmm, a mind reader. His hands slide down over my ass, then his fingers slip into the band and there they go! But he bends down and pulls them all the way down and off my feet. OHGODTHATSSOHOT! He stands and looks me right in the eyes as he raises the sopping panties to his face and presses them against it. When he moans as he inhales my scent, I moan too. When he lets them slip into his mouth and sucks my juices out of them I whimper and almost drool in sympathy. I want some too!

Now what? He takes a step towards me again and his hands are on my ass! Oh yeah! And I squeal when, in the next second, I’m airborne as he lifts me off the floor, and my legs lock around his waist and my arms grab around his neck. As we grind our lips against each other, my legs are wide open now, and I grind my dripping pussy against him. We stay locked together as he turns and exits the bathroom, and he’s wearing me like a vest as he heads right for my room. I bet he’s guessed my bed is the big one. When we get there, he doesn’t even slow down and dives on the bed with me still attached and under him. It almost knocks the breath out of me. That’s ok stud, I love it rough! Wanna’ spank me?

Ok, maybe later. We lie there, bodies grinding together for a minute, and then he pushes himself down between my already-spread legs. He must have liked the sample from the panties, because he buries his face in me! HOLY MOTHERFUCKING JESUS CHRIST HES GOOD! I moan non-stop and my hips are in overdrive as I’m absolutely certain I’m gonna be eaten alive. His tongue rams into my cunt, and he laps the creamy juices out of me almost as Casibom Yeni Giriş fast as I’m making them!

He’s moaning too, and I begin to wonder if I’ll have enough to satisfy him. But then he tries plan B and his tongue slides up my overflowing slit, right over my clit. AHHhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSssssssss, Billy, YES! My big bro eats pussy better than I thought was possible! My hips are straining, pushing into his face and he’s got me crying and screaming and writhing on the bed, and my hands are in his hair, pulling it and holding him down at the same time. I don’t know if those sounds he’s making are growls or snarls or moans or what, but they’re all music to me. I can’t believe he loves my cunt as much as I love what he’s doing to it.

His lips lock lightly over my clit, and he sucks as his tongue goes back and forth over the swollen bud. I hope he know what these high pitched little cries I’m making mean, because he’s about to find out. I have handfuls of his hair, my head is back, eyes clamped shut. Its coming, I can feel it. My whole body is shaking and I have no control of anything. OHHhhhhhhh fucKKKK. My hips lift so hard his head goes with them and…. Oh yeah, uhhhh, there it issssssss. My scream doesn’t scare him a bit, and his hands go under my ass, supporting me and letting him bury his face even deeper in me. My cunt is trying to clamp down on his tongue, and he’s straining to see how deep he can get it.

OHHHHHHHHHH! Oh my god! I’m cumming so hard my cream is gushing all over his face! For the first time since he’s been down there, he looks up at me. God, he’s so handsome with my cum glistening all over him! I know I have an expression of total shock on my face, but I don’t want him to think anything’s wrong, so I force it to change to a smile. I’m still scared he might have second thoughts, though I can’t imagine how, I’m having trouble thinking at all. But when he keeps his eyes focused on mine and start licking long strokes up and down my pussy, I know he’s beyond it too. My hands belatedly let go of the bunches of hair, and I stroke softly over his head, smoothing.

I’ve finally caught my breath, although I’m still breathing deeply, breasts heaving slowly up and down. I don’t want him to think we’re near through, so I pull my hands from him and catch both my nipples in my fingertips, just pulling up lightly on them. It feels soooooooo damn good, but what I really want is for him to be doing it. Or something. I guess he gets the message, because he breaks his inertia and pulls himself right up over me. Ohhhhhh god, his weight crushing me into the mattress feels sooooooo good! He takes my head lightly in his big hands and locks his cum-covered lips onto mine. Ahhhhhh, maybe this is heaven. He’s so covered with my juices I can smell me on him. He lifts his head and smiles at me from six inches away, and as I smile back I take my finger and scoop up the little glob that’s left on his chin and lick it off. The message: no prude here big guy, you got me, now do anything you want with me. Anything!

He kisses me again, then slides back a little, kissing down my chest. YESSSsssssss! I watch as my nipple disappears between those big soft lips. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. When I moan and arch my back he’s gotta know just how good that feels, but for emphasis, I put a hand on the back of his head and press him against me. Take it deep Billy, all you want. AHHaaaaaaaa perfect! His tongue makes little circles around my nip, then grinds down on the tip, flicking it back and forth. I can’t control the sounds I’m making in response; grunts, gasps, cries, moans, every touch makes me feel something different.

I’m becoming more and more aware of that big hard cock that’s trapped between us and pressing against my pussy. I want it in me so damn bad! But still, I’m curious. How big is it really, and how hard? And what would he really like right now. Shit, he’s a man; I know the answer to that! His mouth has moved to my other breast, and he’s got me panting so hard my chest is heaving under his lips. I don’t want him to stop, but I’d like him to move a little, so I gently push his shoulder and maneuver him off to my side. Ahhhhhhhhh, that’s better! My hand has a grip on him in an instant, and I can gauge the girth of that club. I have to really strain to make my fingertips touch. Mmmmmmm, that’s gonna feel good!

I stroke up and down and oh my god, he’s long! Even more so than thick. I love to suck cock, especially with a guy who’s really into it. And I’ve spent a lot of time practicing, perfecting my technique. But I’m beginning to wonder if I’m up to this challenge. As soon as I started stroking his hips started moving, and now he’s almost fucking my hand!

Curiosity gets the better of me; after all, I am a woman. I extricate my tit from his mouth with a moan, ‘cuz it felt so damn good, and put my hand on his shoulder, pushing him over till he’s on his back. I don’t let any space come between us and lean over, returning the kisses he’d been giving me, but my fist never leaves that cock. As we kiss and I grind my chest against his, my hand moves slowly up and down, pulling it up over his stomach, so I can reach better, and his hips are moving in time with my strokes.

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