Bill and Stacy


Bill and Stacy

A young couple’s awakening amidst vacation confusion


Bill and Stacy were ecstatic! Finally, after five years of marriage, they were able to afford an island vacation. They were beyond thrilled. Ten days of beach side bliss at a couples only resort in the Bahamas. They left their wintery home to catch their early flight, having decided to grab something to eat at the airport while waiting to board their plane. Four hours later they landed, just enough time for the meal that Bill had eaten to rush its way through his body. It didn’t agree with him at all.

Bill’s stomach was grumbling loudly as he gathered their luggage. He was amazed that his beautiful wife needed so much luggage. She would be spending most of her time in two tiny pieces of cloth. The couple headed out front to meet the resort bus. Bill had no sooner set the luggage down near one of the many buses, when the grumbling in his stomach became the siren call for what was going to come, and it was coming right now!

Bill grabbed Stacy’s arm, “Honey, I have to go to the restroom, and I mean right now! Please stay with our bags and I will be back as soon as possible.”

Stacy frowned at her husband, “Are you OK?”

Bill was turning paler by the moment, “No! I gotta go right now!”

Bill took off running before Stacy could ask him which bus they were taking. She stood in confusion as the crowd around her began boarding various busses. The bus nearest her was nearly loaded when the driver that was standing by the door motioned her over. She walked over and looked at the man curiously.

He smiled, “It’s time to go. Please get on the bus. I will grab your luggage.”

Stacy frowned, “But my husband is sick and in the bathroom. I can’t just leave him.”

The driver smiled, “Couples get separated on occasion. It isn’t all that unusual. We have resort representatives in the airport that will make sure he gets a ride. He will catch up to you in an hour or so.”

Stacy was torn. She didn’t want to leave her husband, but the driver had reassured her. Still, she hesitated, “Can’t I just wait for him?”

The driver shook his head, “No miss. He will be in a small taxi without room for all that luggage. It is best that you go now.”

Stacy wrung her hands but got on the bus. She looked out the window in hopes of seeing her husband. The bus pulled away without Bill reappearing. She found a seat near the front next to a young couple. The couple introduced themselves as Andria and Scott. They began talking to her and soon her nervousness faded a bit. The forty-minute drive to the resort seemed to fly by as she talked to the young couple. They seemed quite taken with her, and both were flirting with her. She didn’t know quite how to process that and decided to ignore it, although the flirting did give her a bit of a thrill. It was nice to know that they found her attractive. She wasn’t sure how to take Andria’s flirting though.

Back at the airport Bill had spent an epic half hour filling and flushing the airport bathroom commode. He was spent and still pale when he finally went out to the bus parking lot. The lot was empty. His wife and luggage were gone and Bill nearly panicked. He reached into his pocket for his cell phone only to realize it was in his carry-on bag. He hadn’t thought he would need it. He finally realized that there were resort folks inside he could talk to. He pulled the resort paperwork from his pocket and walked back into the airport. As he walked, he wondered how Stacy knew what resort to go to. He had surprised her with this vacation and hadn’t shared the details. He was very puzzled as he approached the agents.

The agents soon had Bill on a Toyota minibus headed for his resort. It was quite roomy considering it could hold a dozen people and he was the only one on it. When he arrived, he was met by the staff, and they were very curious as to why Bill was alone. Bill asked to see the manager and was quickly escorted to his office. Bill approached the manager’s desk, “Do you have any idea where my wife and luggage are? I was tied up at the airport and we got separated.”

The manager smiled up at Bill, “Please do not worry. This happens from time to time. Our staff will call around to the other resorts. It may take a few hours, but we will find your wife. Please let the staff get you checked in while you wait. Then you can relax with a drink while we find your wife.”

Bill was soon escorted to the villa he and Stacy had booked for their vacation. He sat in the living area for a while but couldn’t stand being there alone. Within minutes he was back at the main desk letting them know where to find him when they had found his wife. Bill went to the nearby pool bar and settled in to have a drink. Three hours later Bill was feeling no pain. He went to the front desk and told them he would be in his villa. He walked to the villa and plopped down on the bed. The stress of the day had exhausted him, and he was asleep in esmer gaziantep escort moments.


Bill had just gotten into the minibus at the airport when Stacy stepped off the bus at the resort that she assumed she was supposed to be staying at. The three large suitcases, two of them hers, plus the two carryon bags were pulled from the bus and deposited at the front desk. That was a good thing. At 5’7″ and 130 pounds, Stacy wasn’t looking forward to hauling the bags around by herself.

She went to the front desk and a friendly staff member introduced herself with a smile, “Hello I’m Patricia. May I get you checked in?”

Stacy smiled back, “Yes please. My name is Stacy Morgan. My husband and I got separated at the airport and he has all of our confirmation information. He should be along in a little while. He missed the bus to the resort, and I am a little worried about him.”

Patricia searched her computer and soon had a puzzled look on her face. She turned toward Stacy, “I’m sorry but I don’t show anyone with the last name Morgan with reservations at our resort. What is the name of the resort you are staying at?”

Stacy came a bit unglued, “What! I’m at the wrong place? But the bus driver told me to get on and they loaded our luggage. I don’t know the name of the resort. My husband has all the information with him.”

Patricia smiled patiently at Stacy, “Don’t worry. We will find your resort and your husband, but it may take a few hours. In the meanwhile, why don’t you enjoy our resort? We will store your bags for you.”

Stacy thought about it for a microsecond. She really wanted to get her toes in the ocean and maybe swim in the pool, “I would love that!”

Patricia couldn’t help but grin at the beautiful young woman, “Since you don’t know where you belong, you probably don’t know anything about our resort. It is very simple. A bikini is the maximum clothing allowed in our resort. There are signs posted for areas requiring less clothing. Please feel free to enjoy the resort. We will find you when we know more about your husband’s location.”

Stacy hesitated for a minute as the thought struck her ‘signs for less clothes?’ But then she thought ‘what the hell I just won’t go there, and I need my bikini anyway to swim’. Patricia waited patiently as Stacy dug through one of her suitcases and pulled out a bikini. Patricia shook her head, “Sorry, too conservative. You need something sexier for our resort.”

Stacy dug out one of her skimpiest bikinis only to see Patricia shake her head. She knew that the only option she had left was the two bits of floss her husband had bought her. He wanted to see her in a micro-bikini on vacation. She had pretty much decided that there was no way in hell she would wear it. Now it looked like she was out of options. She showed it to Patricia, and she nodded yes.

An obviously reticent Stacy headed to the women’s restroom to change. When she saw herself in the mirror her entire body blushed. Her pert 36C breasts were barely contained. As a matter of fact, the two tiny triangles that made up the top barely covered her nipples. As for the bottom, it was nothing more than a glorified G-string. A tiny one at that.

She was so glad that she had trimmed down there before leaving on vacation. She had to admit to herself she looked pretty hot. She cringed at the thought that she didn’t look like she wanted to swim. She looked like she wanted to screw somebody, and she was mortified.

She decided that she really didn’t have much of a choice. It could be hours before things got straightened out. She couldn’t wait in the lobby forever. She desperately wanted a tropical beverage, her feet in the ocean, and maybe a snack. She wasn’t going to get any of that in the lobby. Then she had an epiphany! She would grab a towel by the pool and wrap herself in it! Plan complete, Stacy left the restroom and wandered out to where she thought the pool might be, still flushed red with embarrassment.

She wandered down the paved path toward the noises of splashing. As she approached the pool, she saw an open cabinet next to the bar with guest towels. She went to grab one only to be confronted by the sign hanging from the cabinet

Towels Are For Wiping — Not Wearing

Crap, crap, crap! Her plan blown to smithereens; Stacy decided that she needed a drink. Maybe if she stayed at the corner of the bar nobody would notice her. Right now, a little Dutch courage was in order. She walked around the corner of the bar and waited to get the bartender’s attention. She began to look around her as she did. Her heart nearly stopped. Sitting at the bar were two women and they were kissing! They looked to be taking it very seriously! There was definitely some tongue action going on. Then she noticed that neither woman was wearing any clothes.

Stacy quickly looked away only to be confronted with a naked couple standing only a foot away. Her eyes gaziantep esmer escort bulged as she began to take in the couple. She noticed the man’s penis first. A nicely formed, rather large penis at that. She couldn’t help but notice that it was swelling as she stood there, and it was rapidly pointing upward. That was the moment she realized that she had been staring at a naked man’s penis and it certainly wasn’t her husbands!

Mortified again, she looked up at the couples’ faces. It was Andria and Scott! Finally, someone she kind of knew, even if they were naked. She felt an odd sense of relief. Andria smiled at her, “You seem a bit skittish. First time here?”

Stacy smiled crookedly, “You could say that. I don’t think I am even supposed to be here. My husband has the confirmation papers. I don’t even know the name of the resort I am supposed to be at. Patricia at the front desk told me to enjoy myself while they hunted down my husband. I’m not used to any of this.”

Scott chuckled, “You look awesome in that bikini. I had a bet with Andria that you had been here before based on how hot you look. Apparently, I was mistaken.”

Stacy felt her face redden at his remarks. No man had ever been that forward with her since she got married. She kind of liked it. She also noticed that Scott was now fully hard. ‘He really does have a nice cock, I mean penis. No, I mean cock’ she thought a bit lasciviously She looked pleadingly at Andria, “I don’t belong here, and I don’t know what to do.”

Andria smiled, “Don’t you worry. We will watch out for you and show you around. Just hang out with us until they find your husband. Come on. We’ll get you a nice drink and take you to the ocean.”

Andria and Scott had some ulterior motives. Stacy was so hot looking, yet so naïve. It would be great fun to see if they could get her to loosen up. It would be awesome if they could get her into bed. If it happened, they would make sure it was Stacy’s choice. They weren’t evil, just horny. It was obvious to Andria that Stacy was very curious about her husband’s cock. She suspected that Stacy hadn’t seen all that many of them.

Her suspicions were mostly correct. Stacy had been with five different men, some boys if you consider her college days, before meeting and falling in love with Bill. All her relationships had been traditional and rather mundane. She was sexually experienced but had never been adventurous. The same could be said for Bill. The thing was that Stacy was ecstatically happy with her husband. He also had a nice cock and he fulfilled her sexually. She wasn’t a sex starved wife by any stretch.

Still, she wasn’t ready for what she was seeing around her. This was an entirely different world than she was used to, and it shocked her to her core. If Andria and Scott hadn’t found her, she would have likely found a place to hide and would have been miserable. Her relief at finding friendly faces was almost palpable.

Andria grabbed her hand, “Come on! Let’s go to the beach.”

The threesome walked toward the ocean. On the way they passed by the pool where Stacy couldn’t help but notice that everyone was naked. She also couldn’t help but notice that not all of them should have been. Not everyone at this crazy resort had a hot body. She also noticed that there were some very attractive people hanging around. Some of the men were hanging very nicely. She turned red again at the thought.

As they approached the beach Stacy saw another sign strategically located to ensure it was seen. She paused to read it and flushed yet again.

Topless Past This Point

Stacy froze in place. Andria stroked her arm, “It’s OK sweety. You won’t be the only one. Everyone else is naked.”

Scott added his two cents, “Your bikini top isn’t hiding those beautiful breasts of yours anyway. Please. Set yourself free a little.”

Stacy downed the rest of her drink and Scott ran off to get her a refill. Stacy stood frozen, her mind in turmoil, unable to take the next step. Andria was still caressing her arm trying to calm her. Nothing was said as Andria calmly waited for Stacy to make up her mind. Finally, reluctantly, Stacy untied her top. She felt so strange to have her naked breasts on display. A strange feeling came over her. Trepidation was part of it, but there was a rush of adrenaline as well.

Stacy tied her top to her tiny bikini bottom so she wouldn’t lose it. Scott returned with her drink and she immediately downed half of it. Squaring her shoulders, she looked at Andria and nodded. The threesome walked down onto the beach. Scott kept stealing glances at her amazing tits as they walked.

When they arrived at the ocean Stacy forgot about her exposed breasts in her excitement. She moved forward and let the ocean wash across her feet. She giggled and continued into the ocean. Soon she was in up to her waist and smiling broadly. Andria and Scott waded in behind her and stood nearby.

Andria gaziantep esmer escort bayan was quite taken with Stacy. She had never met such a sweet girl and she found her immensely attractive. She promised herself that she would keep Stacy safe from the free-range cocks wandering around the resort.

For the next hour Stacy alternated between playing in the ocean and talking with her new friends. Her stomach began to growl, reminding her that she was hungry, “Andria, can we get something to eat?”

Andria grabbed her hand, “Come on. We’ll find you something. The food here is very good.”

They walked out of the water hand in hand. Stacy completely forgot about her exposed breasts as Andria led her to a quiet restaurant on the property. They enjoyed a nice meal while Stacy drank two more drinks. By the time they were finished Stacy was relaxed and just a bit buzzed. As they rose to leave Stacy realized that she hadn’t put her top back on. She also realized that she no longer cared.

Andria took her by the hand again, “Come on. We’ll show your around the resort. I’ll warn you ahead of time. You are going to see some things that might shock you a little bit. Just remember we are with you, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Around here no means no and it is strictly enforced.”

Stacy immediately became nervous, but not nearly as much as she had been when she first entered the resort. She really missed her husband and hoped that he would find her soon. She decided to follow along as her friend Andria led her. A quick refill of her drink and they were on their way.

Stacy decided that she really liked Andria. Andria was so self-assured and very attractive. She was a few inches taller than Stacy and built lean. Her breasts were just a bit smaller than Stacy’s and her butt was tight. Stacy thought that she looked like a runway model that had actually eaten a few meals. Stacy knew that she was attractive, but she thought that Andria was beautiful.

They walked around the pool and followed a sidewalk running through the resort. Soon they came upon another sign.

No Clothing Past This Point

Stacy stopped and clung to Andria’s arm. Andria chuckled, “Come on. You have made it this far. Live a little.”

Stacy was just buzzed enough to think ‘What the hell. I might as well.’ She reached down and reluctantly slid her bottom off. She tied the bottom and top to her wrist and looked up at Andria. She didn’t realize that her reluctant removal had looked like a slow tease to the couple escorting her. Scott’s cock was very obviously hard.

Stacy turned and as she did her hand brushed against Scott’s erect cock. She immediately turned beet red, “Oh my god! I am so sorry.” Her eyes were drawn to his erection, and she couldn’t help but stare. Scott smiled down at her, “It’s OK. I don’t mind at all.”

Stacy was at a loss for words. Andria again took her hand and led her onward. Stacy was about to see some things that would forever change her views on sex.

As they walked Andria told Stacy about the resort, “This resort is focused on sex. The people that come here are looking for an exciting sexual adventure. Some will come here, have an amazing experience, then go back to their mundane lives with fond memories. Others come here to do what they normally do, only with different people and at an amazing resort. There are men here that are constantly on the prowl for some fresh pussy. I will make sure that they leave you alone. Unless of course you don’t want them to!”

Stacy frowned, “That won’t be happening. I’m a happily married woman and I don’t need a stranger’s cock. Especially behind my husband’s back. I would never forgive myself.”

They approached a shaded deck that contained a variety of beach chairs, beds, and pillows. There must have been twenty people on the deck. The first thing Stacy noticed was a man and woman making frantic love. He was really putting the cock to her. Another man stood over them watching intently while stroking his erection. Stacy froze in place. She couldn’t take her eyes off the tableau in front of her. Her alcoholic buzz had lowered her inhibitions and she realized that she was becoming aroused.

She tore her eyes away from the three people, “Andria? What’s the deal with the guy watching?”

Andria chuckled, “Most likely he is the husband of the woman getting so thoroughly fucked.”

Stacy was shocked, “He’s watching another man fuck his wife!”

“Yep, it is a common thing around here. Lots of husbands like to see their wives fucked. It’s a big turn on for them. Scott gets really turned on when some stud fucks my brains out. I have to say it turns me on a lot too.”

Stacy was very confused. On one hand she kept thinking about marriage vows. On the other hand, she couldn’t help but be excited by the erotic sight in front of her. She wondered if Bill had thoughts about her with another man. It had never occurred to her before that her husband might have a fantasy like this.

Andria saw her confusion, “I know what you are thinking. What about marriage vows…Well the fact is that I love my husband deeply and unconditionally, now, and forever. He feels the same about me. We have a solid foundation in love and we both know that this is just sex. We can enjoy the freedom of sex with other people because we know that our love is strong.

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