Birthday Gift

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John Handley sat at the kitchen table slowly sipping his coffee, contemplating the evening ahead. He had to admit he had no idea what to expect. His friend Catherine had told him that she had a special surprise planned for his birthday. All he was told was to be dressed and ready for 8:00, a limousine would arrive to pick him up at that time and after that, well he did not know.

He glanced down at his watch, 7:50. His thoughts drifted to Jennifer; his assistant at work. Would be nice if we were going out tonight, he thought. Jennifer had worked for him for 6 months and they had become good friends. They seemed to have a lot in common, similar interests, beliefs and goals in life. Jennifer, however, was seeing someone else and he had knew there were problems with the relationship, but they were going to work them out. John had never been able to work up the courage to ask her out. Instead he welcomed the long talks during lunch and the occasional discreet longing glance at Jennifer’s body.

He had spoke to Catherine about Jennifer and had been chastised for not taking a chance and asking her out. John rationalized that he would be turned down and it might spoil their friendship. John remembered Catherine’s words, “Bullshit. Here you are 33, single. You are a great guy; fun to be with and you are really cute. If I weren’t happily married, I would go out with you in second. You have to get over that shyness and take a chance. Ask Jennifer out you have nothing to loose.”

John was lost in his thoughts and startled back into reality by the ringing of the doorbell. He put down his coffee, walked out to the front and opened door. John was not prepared for the vision that greeted him. The lady was stunning. She had long dark hair and the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen. She was wearing a deep red mini dress, which seemed to hug every curve of her luscious body. He barely heard her Ask “Mr. Handley?”

“Yes” he managed to stammer.

“My name is Karen and I will be your escorting you to your appointment this evening.”


Karen smiled, “That is all I am permitted to tell you. Please don’t ask any questions, just…enjoy!”.

John, flushed slightly “Okay, just let me get my keys and lock up”.

John raced inside, grabbed his keys and raced back out front again. He quickly closed the door making sure it was locked. And turned to follow Karen to the white stretch limousine that was parked in the driveway. John could not help but watch the soft sway of Karen’s hips as he followed her to the car.

Karen opened the rear door “after you Mr. Handley” and flashed him another little smile.

“Thank you” he replied and entered into the car, noticing the windows were tinted, no one could see in. He settled in the back seat and could not help watching Karen as she entered the car. John paid special attention her ample bosom as she bent down to get into the car.

Karen pulled the door closed and settled in the seat across from John. “Mr. Handley the evening has been planned for you and your complete cooperation is required. As I said before I cannot tell you any details, but I am sure you find the evening very entertaining. I must ask if you will you follow the instructions that are given to you without question?”

John blushed deeply, took a deep breath and simply said “yes”, what else could he say.

“Very well. From this point on your are not permitted to speak, If at anytime you say anything, your evening will end and you will returned home. Please nod if you agree to this condition.”

John nodded, becoming more intrigued and aroused with what the evening might hold.

“Mr. Handley, there is one other condition. You will not be allowed to see anything at all for the remainder of the evening. I am the only the only one that you will see for the remainder of your…experience. Don’t worry, you have nothing to fear.”

Karen reached into a bag that was beside her on the seat and got up and sat on John’s knee. John immediately tensed up, unsure what to expect or what to do. He was on the verge of panic, things like this just do not happen to a guy like him.

Karen sensing his discomfort gently moved her lips to his and very softly kissed him. “Relax, Mr. Handley, this evening is meant to be fun, just sit back and enjoy. Now I have to put this blindfold on you, just take it easy, relax and enjoy.”

John tried to relax as the blindfold was applied. The darkness seemed to heighten his senses. He was more aware of the tantalizing perfume that Karen was wearing, was more aware of Karen’s body against his. He could feel the gentle pressure of her breasts against his arm. He could also feel the warmth come flooding into his cheeks.

He could feel Karen leaning back over to the other seat. He heard something being picked up and the heard Karen say “okay you can proceed, we are all settled back here”. With that he felt the car begin to back out of the driveway and then smoothly begin its journey.

“Would you like fatih escort some champagne, please nod if you would, remember no speaking allowed” Karen cooed to John.

He nodded his head and much to his dismay felt Karen leave his lap. He could hear her moving around and heard the click of glasses, followed very shortly by the pop of a champagne bottle. He listened to the champagne being poured into the glasses.

“Here you go,” said Karen. John felt the warmth of Karen’s hand on his as she guided his hand onto the champagne glass. As Karen’s hand left his, John could feel her hand drop to his lap and ever so slowly feel it trace a line from his crotch down the inside of thigh. He had never felt more turned on in his life.

Karen returned to his lap, her thigh pushing against the growing bulge in his pants. Karen put her arm around his neck, pulling herself closer to him. She gave John a quick little peck on the cheek. “Drink your champagne, we are almost there, your evening will begin shortly”.

John gulped down his champagne. Wondering what else the evening had in store. He had thought that the evening had started, and a pretty good start it was too. He only wished that Karen would be part of what was coming.

John could feel the car going down an incline and heard the wheels of the limousine cross over a metal grate. He knew they were in a garage somewhere. The car suddenly came to a halt.

“We are here, Mr. Handley” and with that Karen got up opened the door and took John’s hand in hers. “Watch your head getting out”. John was out of the car, Karen’s hand in his. He heard the door close. Karen took his arm in hers and whispered “okay, Mr. Handley let’s go, remember you have nothing to worry about”.

John could sense that Karen was guiding him into an elevator. He heard the door slide shut and felt the elevator begin to descend. He was not too sure how far down they had gone…he thought maybe 2 or 3 floors. The doors opened, and Karen guided him out the elevator, across a carpeted floor. After a couple of seconds, they stopped. John could feel Karen move to open a door. She helped through the door into a room.

Karen released John’s arm. She cupped John’s face and kissed ever so gently on the lips. “Have a good time Mr. Handley. Relax and enjoy and remember no speaking and do exactly as you are told”. She kissed him again, as she slowly pulled away; her hands ran down his chest to the inside of his thigh. Then with slightly more pressure moved her hand up his crotch. “Stay here and don’t move” and with that he heard Karen move across the floor, heard the door open and then close.

John was alone. The room was comfortably warm. In the background, he could hear sounds of the ocean. What next, thought John?

Almost as thoughts formed in his mind, he heard the door open. He strained to hear and thought it could be the squelch of bare feet on the carpet. He thought he could hear two sets of feet but was not sure. His thoughts were confirmed when he felt two pairs of hands begin to slowly remove his clothing. The fragrance on the two women was the same fragrance he had smelled on Karen. Could Karen be one of the women now removing his clothing, he certainly hoped so.

Whoever the two women were, they were very sensual in their task. They were very gentle. They first removed his jacket and tie. And very slowly they unbuttoned his shirt, sliding their hands across his bare chest as they moved further down. Once the shirt was unbottuned they tugged at his shirt freeing it from his pants. Their hands continued to move over his bare upper torso they started smothering his body with little gentle kisses. He felt two sets of lips caressing his body. Their hands started moving further down. They began to slowly massage his cock through the material of his pants. He started to grow in response to their attention. The two women’s mouths found his nipples. One on each side: Their tongues darting out, encircling and teasing him. He felt he was going to explode out of his pants. The women continued to massage his groin and started kissing his body again, moving their mouths further south.

He felt one pair of hands undo his belt and remove it from his pants, the other woman was removing his shoes and socks. He could sense that they had kneeled down in front of him, both sets of hands rubbing his thighs and legs and hard on. They tugged at his pants pulling them down and then the hands grabbed his jockeys and slowly pulled them down, His erection spring free. He could feel a dribble of pre-seminal fluid forming on his throbbing head. The women were begging to caress and kiss his legs: starting at his feet and working their way up. They gingerly kissed and teased the inside of his thighs both sets of lips moving to his hardness. The lips began at his sack and slowly worked there way up his shaft. He could feel their tongues flicking and teasing as they worked their way up to the tip. He wanted to scream in pleasure as they rolled their tongues round around istanbul escort the head of his cock. He just knew he was going to come soon.

The women sensing his state left his cock and began to start moving to his upper torso caressing and kissing as they made there way up to his face. Each one kissed him gently on the lips. And then they pulled away from him and started to lead him to another part of the room, his erection bouncing up and down with the motion, just screaming for attention. After a few paces they turned him around and placed his hands on what seemed to be the edge of a table. They seemed to be indicated for him to get on the table. So he did. They gently eased him further on the table indicating that he should lie down. Once he was laid down and the women spread his legs and tied his ankles to the table and then did the same with his arms. The bindings were not uncomfortable and he made no effort to try to escape.

As he lay on the table he could sense the women beside him and then he could feel their hands on his chest and then each as before gently kissed him on the lips. And as with Karen he could here them walking across the room, he heard the door open and close. He was alone again.

Suddenly he heard bare feet slowly moving across the carpeted floor. No door had been opened. Had this person been watching the whole time…from the time that Karen had brought him into the room? As the woman got closer he could begin to smell the woman’s perfume, it was a familiar fragrance, but from where he could not be sure. He then felt a warm hand cup his cheek. Fingers traced his lips, trailing off down his neck and across his chest. He could hear the shallow breathing of the woman as she continued to trace his body, her fingers moving further down the body as she moved slowly down the table. Her finger barely touched his again growing erection and continued down the inside of his right thigh, down to his foot. The fingers crossed over to his left leg and began the journey back upwards, again just brushing by his now hard cock.

Upon reaching his lips the hand was pulled away and the woman climbed on the table and sat across his body. He could feel her bare legs against his and silky material been pressed against his throbbing member. He could feel her warm moistness, through the smooth material. She bent down, her lips touching his. Her tongue tracing the edges of his lips. He could feel, her hard nipples pressing against her silk top and the ends of her hair tickling his face and chest. She started to kiss John hard, slipping her tongue into his eager mouth, her tongue seeking out his. Her hips began to rock rhythmically against him, she pushing her wet mound against his hard cock, he arching his hips to match her rhythm.

The kissing and exploring of each other’s mouths seem to go on forever. She started to kiss around his mouth and chin, making tiny circles with her tongue as she moved down to his chest. Teasing his nipples, sucking on them harder and harder, tracing the edge of her tongue over to the other one and began to journey down to his eager cock. Her warm hands were on his abdomen, her lips teasing the edge of his cock, her down flicking at the head. She began to slowly moving her lips down his shaft, kissing gently; she licked around his balls, slowly licking up to his glistening head. As she took his cock in her moth, her hand continued to stroke his body, her fingers teasing him.

Her mouth began to move up and down, taking his length full into her mouth. He could feel the warmth and the wetness; it was driving him wild. He knew that with everything that happened that night, he could not last long. It was only a short time later that he arched his back and shot his cum into her mouth. The woman began to work slowly back up to his face again. Kissing him deeply so that he could taste himself. She continued to grind her self into him. And then she pulled away from and stood above. He could here the rustle of silk and then felt the garment fall from her body and then fall to the floor.

She moved her feet so they were closer to his shoulder and slowly lowered her wet cunt to his face. He reached his head up devouring her pussy; he ran his tongue along the edges of lips, running along the outside of her clit, flicking it across her clit. He could hear her moan softly as he continued to lick, kiss and suck on her wet cunt, savoring her juices. The woman used her fingers to pull her lips wider apart, he used the opportunity to plunge his tongue into her hole. Working in out, he could sense she was close and very soon he knew that she had come.

She slowly slid down his body pressing her breasts to his chest and started kissing him passionately again. After a while she just lay him against, hardly moving. John had not heard the door open, but he felt the two familiar pairs of hands. Releasing his hands from the restraints and then doing the same with his feet. John took the opportunity to his arms around the woman and hold her tight, only to sense kağıthane escort that the woman was being pulled away from him. As the woman got up from and down off the table, the hands guiding him off the table and across the floor. A voice barely whispered to him, “be careful here is a step”. He took a short step up and felt himself walking into hot water. As he got in he was guided to a sitting position and could feel hands begin to expertly and erotically begin to wash his body. He could sense the other woman in the tub, smelling that familiar fragrance. Two sets of hands moved over his body, paying special attention to his semi-erect cock. He could sense that the woman was receiving a similar treatment across from him. He could sense that the bath had a continuos source of water, constantly circulating hot water into the bath.

After what seemed like an hour, the hands stopped their cleaning/massaging he could hear a number of people leave the bath and walk across the floor. He then heard the door open and close. He strained to hear and was rewarding with the sense that there was still someone in the tub with him. He knew it was the same woman from the table. After awhile he could sense her moving through the water towards him. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips against his, he taking the initiative and sought out her eager tongue, and wrapped his hands around his, moving his hands across her the soft skin of her back. She pulled slightly away from him, slipped a hand down to his groin, and began to massage his flaccid cock, working it up and down. The kissing continued to get very passionate, his cock began to harden, and in response, the woman began to move her hand quicker and harder. It was not long before he fully erect and the woman moved her body up and guided john’s cock into her eager pussy.

They became to move as one, matching each other’s rhythm, the hot water slopping back and forth, there tongues seeking the others out. The woman’s hands began to move across John’s back the motion increasing with the frenzy of their fucking. After what seemed like hours, john felt himself reaching climax and could sense that the woman was also close. They seemed to reach climax at the same time, both moaning softly. They pulled themselves together, hugging very tightly, continuing to kiss each other with vigor.

After a few minutes, John heard others in the water; he and the woman were pulled very gently apart, the woman trying to sneak in another kiss. Other hands began to wash him, running all over his body. Again, he could sense the same happening to the woman across from him. He had no sense of time and was surprised when hands began to guide him from the bath. The air felt a little cool after the warmth of the tub, he felt hand begin to towel him down, drying very inch of his body. After the drying was complete the two woman with him began to dress him. They pulled on his shirt and buttoned it up. They started to pull on his pants, but he realized they had not put on his underwear. He was about to speak but realized his promise. The feeling was quite different for him. It was not long before he was fully dressed, sand underwear. He realized that the evening was probably over, he suddenly began to feel lonely. It all seemed to have happened so fast, he was not ready for it to end.

He heard the two women leave and someone else enter the room. This woman put his arm in his and guided him through the door and out the room. He was soon in the elevator on his way to the car. He was guided from the elevator to the car, his protected as he was seated in the back. He could sense the woman seat across from him. He knew it was not the same woman that he just had fantastic sex with. This was confirmed just a few minutes later when he heard Karen voice “I hope you had a very enjoyable evening Mr Handley, I can assure you that the other party involved had a great time.” She continued ” Again please do not talk until you are home and when we remove your blindfold”.

A short time later he felt the car thump up on the driveway and the car come to a stop. He felt Karen lean over him to remove the blindfold. It took awhile for his eyes to adjust, but there was Karen looking as seductive as the first time he laid eyes on her.

“Well Mr. Handley, I am very sorry to say that your adventure is over. I hope you had a wonderful time”.

“I had great time”, John blushed ” But can you tell me who I had a great time with? And was my friend Catherine responsible for all this”.

“I am sorry but I cannot tell you anything about the evening. I can tell you that Catherine did arrange it for you.”

“I see” he nodded slowly.

Karen opened the door and stepped out, holding the door for John. He stepped out. As he did Karen stepped up to him and gave him a very seductive kiss on his lips. “Good night Mr. Handley, and hope you had a Happy Birthday!” She smiled and climbed back into the limo. John watched the door close and the limo begin to back out the driveway. He stood for awhile and watched the limo drive of. He sighed and looked around. It was very dark, He looked at his watch; he was surprised it was almost 4:00 a.m. He forced himself into the house closed the door and made his way to bed. It was not long before he fell asleep.

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