Blind Date for Seniors


Blind Date for Seniors

Joe E Hartley

November 2020

Jack looked at the slip of paper the cashier handed him. It was not a receipt for the groceries in the bag, but a phone number. Jack went to Kelly’s Market every Tuesday. He always went to Jenifer’s check out because she was young and very friendly, plus she flirted with him calling him a stud. He laughed at the thought that someone young enough to be his grandchild would call him a stud, but still it felt good to hear.

He unloaded his groceries, put them away and again looked at the phone number. Jenifer seemed concerned about him saying that someone with his potential should not be wasting away at home. He needed to get out and live life to it’s fullest. He needed someone to remind him just how wild he is and that’s when she gave him the slip of paper that he now held in his hand.

“Call her,” she said.

“What have I got to lose,” he said to himself as he punched in the number.


“Hi, my name is Jack and I got your name and number from a cashier at Kelly’s Market named Jenifer.”

Jenifer is my granddaughter and she just called me to say she gave you my number. She seems to think I need to get out more so she’s setting us up. I actually think it’s cute.”

“She told me the same. She said I’m too young to just hole up and wait to die. I need to get in touch with my wild side and said she knew just the wild woman to show me the way.”

Loud laughter answered him, “she told me that you were the wild one and I needed to get out of my rut.”

“This sounds like a typical set-up to me.” I’m not what most would call wild, but I do have a pretty unruly vegetable garden at the moment.”

“Since Jenifer went to all of this trouble, I think we should at least meet. She is right in that I don’t get out much.”

“She’s right about me too. I’m pretty much a shut in except for my weekly shopping. I haven’t dated in years, but I used to meet at a safe place, like a coffee shop. There is a Starbucks close to everyone. Want to meet at one of those? I believe there is one just across the street from Kelly’s Market.

Ann felt a rush of excitement. It had been years since anyone considered a date with her. Her mind went into overdrive and the nervousness dominated, then the arousal hit. A date normally meant sex as some point and there was a game to be played. Her mind raced trying to remember the complex games one had to play until she realized that those games often backfired and that was okay back when she knew there was always another man willing to date her. Now was different.

Ann never considered herself to be that decisive or adventurous, but what did she have to lose.

“You know what? We both agree that Jenifer defined us correctly, that we are as far from being wild as anyone can be. I’ve played it safe all my life. Wanna try something wild?”

“Okay, what do you have in mind?” Jack asked tentatively.

“I’m not sure and we really don’t know each other at all, so there is the fear issue, but we only live once, right. I’ve never done anything naughty before, and just considering this is making me all tingly.” She paused and Jack wasn’t sure if he should respond to her ramblings or not. She continued, “you want to come over here and….” Another long pause, as if she wanted to say something but fear prevented her.”

Jack thought he gave Ann enough time so he responded, Maltepe Escort “I would gladly come over. We are both adults and can respect each other. Can I bring something? Some cookies? Do you drink? I could bring a bottle of wine.”

“Ah…” Ann stammered, “Wine would be nice, and how would you react if I asked us to be naked when we first meet?”

Now was Jack’s turn to pause and recover from the shock of what he though he heard her say. He replayed the conversation over in his head several times before responding. He noted that his body responded right away.

“Jennifer is right about you. That is pretty wild for a first date. I must admit that if you gave me a hundred guesses I would have never come up with that. I have to admit this old body doesn’t look as good as it once did, but your suggestion really got my blood boiling. I’d love to have a naked date with you.”

“I’m not 20 anymore either and have forgotten how to flirt. I’m not even sure if I remember what to do, but my entire body has been tingling ever since I thought of this idea. I may have to Google some porn to remind me what sex is like.”

Jack and Ann chatted for a bit longer and Ann insisted that Jack come over soon before she lost her nerve. She gave him her address and told him that she’d leave the door unlocked and to just to come on in.

Jack arrived fifteen minutes later and knocked on the door, then yelled out to Ann.

“Come on in,” she replied.

He opened the door and stepped inside her living room.

“Ann, are you here?”

“I’m in the kitchen. Are you naked?” She answered.

“No, I thought I’d give you a chance to change your mind. This is a bold move and I want to make sure it’s something you really want to do.”

“It is and the scenarios that have been going though my mind while you were driving over are even bolder, I want to test my limits and I’m tired of always being the boring predictable one. Have you changed your mind?”

“No, and your last comment is very encouraging. I’m taking off my clothes now, but I have to warn you before you come out. I am excited.”

“You mean you have an erection?”

“Yes, first one in a very long time.”

“As soon as you’re naked yell out and get ready for a hug.”

Jack’s clothes flew off his body and with his cock standing proud announced his eagerness, “okay, I’m naked.”

Ann stepped out into the living room eying a very naked and aroused Jack. Her smile indicated her approval as she stepped into his embrace.

They hadn’t talked about what to do once they met naked, but Jack’s body reminded him of what to do. His hands squeezed her butt and he nuzzled her neck. He lowered his head to her breasts and took one nipple into his mouth.

Ann lowered her hands to grip Jack’s hardened cock and began to gently stroke him. She hadn’t felt the silky hardness of a man in a long time and relished the feel as sensuous memories rushed through her mind. She found herself lost in the warm fantasy of the erotic arts drifting on a warm breeze.

Jack hadn’t touched a woman in a sensual way in years and kneading the soft mounds of warm flesh brought back fond memories. He lost focus of everything else but the soft skin under his hands and the nipple in his mouth. He flicked her hardened nipple with his tongue while gently holding it between his teeth.

Jack felt Ann’s fingers reach up to his nipples Anadolu Yakası Escort and he moved back a bit and raised his hands to fondle her breasts.

Ann slowly lowered her hands and her body until she knelt on the floor with her hands once again gripping his cock and holding it against her mouth. She rubbed the tip of his member across her lips several times then extended her tongue to flick the tip of his harden cock.

Jack felt the hot breath on his most sensitive area then wetness of Ann’s tongue. He then felt her tongue circle the glans of his hardened member and his knees went week just before she lifted his cock and licked up the underside of it. He reached down to pull her up.

“I can’t take much more of that. I’m about to collapse now.”

“Come with me,” she cooed, leading him into her bedroom and onto the bed.

Jack pushed Ann onto the bed and positioned his face between her thighs. He pushed his breath up and down her folds. The subtle stimulation resulted in her spreading her legs further allowing him to focus his breath. He blew a steady stream on air up and down her intimate core.

Ann started to shake and she gripped Jack’s head with her thighs. He shoved his tongue as far into her as he could and as soon as she released the pressure on his head, he licked her up and down several times flicking her hardened nub several times until she started shaking. He then used his tongue like a small cock, fucking her with it fast and deep.

Ann screamed out her orgasm and relaxed. Jack moved up to kiss her while pressing his cock towards her wetness. He entered her slowly, but deeply. He withdrew, but not completely. He left the glans of his cock barely inside her before sliding back in slowly, but fully.

Her energy returned and with it the pace of their coupling. The pace was hot and fast until they both stiffened, and then collapsed.

Ann and Jack lay on the bed for several minutes until Ann rolled over. “I’ve never done that before, and now I wonder why.” Laughter followed.

Jack raised himself up on one elbow, “I’ve never had sex on a first date either, but if I understand it correctly, aren’t you required to wait until the end of the date and not start off the date with sex?”

Ann felt strangely calm. She had just had sex with a relative stranger and every memory of what she’d been taught screamed at her to feel guilty, yet she didn’t. It was like some giant boulder had been lifted off of her shoulders, one that she’d carried around all of her life. Her thoughts were interrupted by a question.

“What are you planning to tell your granddaughter?” Ann looked up to see Jack’s smiling face.

“I’m not sure but maybe I’ll tell her that she was right about you being a wild man and you want to take me to Cancun where we can live as beach bums.”

Jack laughed, “I’ll back you up on that next time I see Jenifer at the checkout. I’ll even buy some sun tan lotion.”

They laughed together then became quiet. They didn’t know each other and had no idea what to do now. This was very new territory and both had heard about the one-night stands. Wasn’t one of them required to go home now and refuse to even get a phone number.

Jack broke the silence, “What do you want to do now?”

“I feel strange, in a good way, but uncertain about what to do. What’s the protocol for what to do after you just had sex with a stranger?”

“Wanna İstanbul Escort actually have that date? I did bring wine.” Jack offered, and if we stay here we don’t have to get dressed.”

Seated at the dining table with a glass of wine they covered all the typical topics, favorite books, movies, hobbies, interest, food, cooking, and restaurant. They even broached politics and religion. Although they didn’t agree on every detail, they found themselves fairly well matched and not likely to get into a “to-the-death” argument anytime soon. When they discovered that they both liked to walk it was time to get dressed and head out to the path around the lake to continue their getting to know you phase.

Trees shaded the path, and the lake was home to many ducks and geese. The conversation continued at a deeper level and within a couple of hours each knew a cursory history of the others: education, marriages, divorces, children, grandchildren, and where they all lived.

They had spent most of the day together and it was long past their normal dinnertime. Jack recommended an Italian restaurant he knew close by that specialized in simple pasta dishes. Ann agreed and since it was causal nether felt the need to dress up.

“Well,” Ann commended after dinner, “we missed out on the movie for this date unless you want to come back and we can see what’s on TV. When I was younger after a pleasant day together like what we’ve had so far, I’d ask you back for coffee and sex, but since we already had sex, what are you in the mood for?”

They returned to Ann’s house and ended up watching a bit of TV cuddled together on the couch. Jack decided not to spend the night since he had nothing with him for his before bed preparations. He promised that next time he would bring an overnight bag and made Ann promise the same when she came to visit him.

Jennifer called her grandmother the following day wanting to hear all about the date she’d set up.

“Well, how’d it go with Jack? Did you like him? He is a cutie.” Jenifer blurted out as soon as her grandmother answered the phone.

Ann expected the call from her granddaughter and had rehearsed her response. “Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said he was a wild man. He’s done everything and I might have trouble keeping up with him. At least I can say, that I won’t be bored. Did you know he’s been to Africa? And swam in the Nile River?

“Really? He always seemed to be rather laid back to me. I didn’t know any of that.”

“You told me he was a wild man and I needed to get out of my rut. He would get me moving again. Well, he wants us to go to Cancun and enjoy life for a while. I’m thinking of going. I’ve never been to Cancun.”

“Grandma! I just said that stuff to kick you in the butt and meet someone. I didn’t expect you to just run off to Cancun.” Jenifer sounded a bit nervous.

Ann laughed at her granddaughter, “Got ya!” she exclaimed. Serves you right for lying to me, but yes I did like him and we spent most of the day together, doing all the boring grandma things. We went for a walk around the lake. He took me out for an Italian dinner and we almost did the lady and the Tramp thing but we aren’t coordinated enough. We came back and watched a little TV then he went home. It was a very enjoyable evening.”

“So, are you going to see him again?”

“We have another date set up for tomorrow and might go to an art museum, he actually is an artist.”

They continued their chat for the better part of an hour, and then Ann took a shower and prepared herself for when Jack would show up later this evening as they had planned. She had laid out her sexiest lingerie. The wild woman in her was alive and well.

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