Blushing Bride Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: The Hen Party

I’ve already told you all about the night a couple of days before my wedding, the night of my stag party, the night where I got to live out all my fantasies and play the blushing bride, dressing in my soon to be wife Gina’s gorgeous white wedding dress and lingerie and being used and fucked by a whole big group of hunky men, my best friends. All of it was the brilliant, sexy and just a little bit twisted plan of my brilliant, sexy and just a little bit twisted best man Mark. When we last left the story, I had gone to bed with Mark, dressed in a skimpy pink negligee, promising to thank him in a very special way. I had dropped off to sleep and so that had never come about as the following morning, I had rushed to clean up after the crazy night I had had and get ready for my wedding day. I had told you about the wedding and everything up to the wedding night, so you would expect it to be there that I now pick up the story. Would I get the chance to thank Mark properly? Would I finally get inside my new wife’s panties in a different way to how I had the other day? And would she discover the new feminine side of me? All these questions and more will be answered but that isn’t where the story has to go now, because before I can go onwards with it, I have to go back. You see, it wasn’t just me that was breaking down some boundaries and experiencing new things just days before my wedding.

While I was enjoying having my friends’ hard cocks taking me at both ends, Gina was having a little fun of her own. I wasn’t to hear about this until a little later but I think it’s important for you to know all about it now. Whenever you’ve got a stag party, somewhere you’ve got a hen party too, and sure enough, while my friends were getting drunk, dressing me up and having their way with me, Gina too was spending some time with her close girl friends and once again the alcohol was flowing freely. Our house was obviously being used that night by me and my friends, so Gina’s party went out drinking cocktails around the local bars and returned to a friend’s house where Gina was going to stay the night. That friend was Natalie, girlfriend of none other than my best man Mark. Mark was my boyhood best friend and had known Natalie since school. Through me, Gina had got to know both of them as a couple and had become close to Natalie in the last couple of years. It made sense, given that my best man Mark had agreed to stay over at our place that Gina could stay with Natalie.

As Gina tells it, a group of girls a little smaller than the one that had first set out around the bars returned to Mark and Natalie’s place around midnight. By that point, pretty much all of the work colleagues and people Gina didn’t know quite so well had quite and gone home and she was left with four or five of her closest friends. The only person that she didn’t know so well now was Hayley, a friend of Natalie’s who she had invited along on the evening despite Gina having only just met her, “the more the merrier” Gina had said. All of them somewhat the worse for wear, they stumbled into the house and sat around in Natalie’s living room. The hostess dashed to the kitchen and came out holding bottles and glasses and mixed them even more drink. Gina’s head was spinning, she wasn’t at all used to drinking this much, still she was aware that she hadn’t had this much carefree fun in a long time and she was filled with a sense of happiness that was quite unusual amidst all the stressful planning necessary for her perfect wedding. Yes, by this stage of the evening, Gina was totally relaxed and at ease, ready for anything and completely comfortable amongst her closest friends.

“So, Gina, ready for the wedding night?” giggled Lucy, Gina’s old school friend, tipping back another cocktail.

“Mmmm, I bet Rich is a great shag,” laughed Gina’s maid of honour Jane, her best friend from university.

“Well, she wouldn’t really know now,” Natalie chipped in, “Would you, Gina?”

Gina blushed at this, not all of her friends knew she was still a virgin even while engaged, but Natalie had become her closest confidante in the last year and so she had told her about her fears that she had made the wrong choice not to try sex before now.

“What does she mean, Gina?” asked Gina’s cousin Mariana, “Have you and Rich never…”

“Not just her and Rich,” Natalie responded.

“What?” laughed Hayley, “You mean you’ve never done it all Gina?”

“Never done anything?” Jane said incredulously.

“I mean, we’ve done oral, just never gone all the way,” Gina continued.

“How did you manage?” Hayley went on, “You must finger yourself constantly!”

“I’m saving myself,” Gina blushed, “For after I’m married.”

“That’s pretty rare these days,” Mariana said, touching Gina’s arm comfortingly, “I admire you for it but how do you know if you and Rich are going to be really compatible?”

“How do you even know what you like?” Hayley said.

“Come on girls,” Jane butted in, “Clearly you’re making our Gina uncomfortable. How about some more drinks and some more pressies!”

“There’s more?!” Gina responded, overcome by the occasion.

“Oh yes,” bağdatcaddesi escort Natalie grinned, “The best is yet to come.”

She took out a flat, square box, prettily wrapped with a red bow and handed it to Gina.

“Here’s something your man should love,” she giggled to herself, “It’s just what it’ll take to drive him wild.”

“If he isn’t already wild with desire from you holding out from him for so long,” Jane butted in.

Blushing, Gina diverted her attention to unwrapping the present. She opened the box and inside, wrapped in thin paper, was a set of beautiful crimson satin lingerie, a bustier, thong panties and a garter belt. It was very sexy indeed and Gina was excited just at the sight of the shimmering fabric, running her hands across the soft feel of it. Although her Catholic upbringing had made her want to wait until she was married for sex, she still loved nothing more than to look or feel truly sexy, loved sensual, revealing clothes and sexy undies and these were just to her taste.

“Oh, they’re lovely,” she smiled, “Thank you girls so much.”

“What we really want now is to see you model them,” Natalie said.

“Oh, I…I don’t know about that,” Gina suddenly felt a little shy and self conscious, even around her friends.

“Come on Gina,” said Lucy, “You know you have an incredible body. You’ll look gorgeous.”

“Yeah, we want to see quite what a treat Rich has in store for him on the wedding night,” Hayley smiled.

“OK, OK, girls,” Gina laughed, still under the influence of all the drinks they had had that evening, “You’ve twisted my arm, I’ll try them on. They do look so very good.”

Gina left the room and headed for Natalie and Mark’s bedroom. Once inside, she stripped from her clothes and opened the box, taking out the pretty satin underwear. She glanced across at the full length mirror on one side of the room and smiled. She had to admit, Lucy had been right, she did have a pretty fine body, slender, narrow waisted but with nice, large, rounded yet pert breasts and long legs. Her skin was a rich olive colour, betraying her family’s Italian heritage. She had a beautiful face, with perfect, soft features and deep, dark soulful eyes. Her hair, naturally dark, had recently been dyed blonde and now beautifully set off the colour of her dark skin as it fell in waves over her shoulders.

Sitting naked on the bed, she found a pair of black lace stockings and rolled them up her long, smooth legs. Next she pulled up the deep red, satin thong and attached the matching garter belt around her waist, clipping it to her stockings. The thong and the line of the garters drew attention nicely to her pretty, round arse and then down to her long legs. Finally, she pushed her breasts into the shining red satin bustier. It clung perfectly to her figure, a comfortable yet sexy fit. Gina smiled to herself at how well Natalie had got to know her that she could get lingerie of such a perfect fit, she wondered if even I would know that kind of information. Little did she know quite how well acquainted I was becoming with her lingerie at that very moment back at our house.

Looking back in the mirror, Gina grinned to see her reflection, the dark crimson was just her colour, making her look like a gorgeous, sensual temptress. This sure was going to impress the other girls downstairs. Although she had felt a little nervous about parading her body in sexy lingerie in front of all her girlfriends, the idea also gave Gina a little sexual thrill. To think of herself, scantily and sexily dressed in a room full of beautiful girls in the intimate situation they were in at this time in the evening was something she couldn’t help but find a bit of a turn on. She had never given much thought to it and when she had, she had tried to push such thoughts out of her head, but her moral upbringing wasn’t the only reason for her shyness in terms of sex with me, or any other man, she simply did not find male bodies could be sexy in the same ways as the soft curves of the female form. She had always felt a little awkward in the company of men but amongst the beautiful women she had surrounded herself with tonight, she felt she could be herself.

“Oh wow, you look completely hot!” was the reaction from her maid of honour as soon as Gina stepped back into the living room in her beautiful new lingerie.

“I don’t know about Rich, but looking like that you’re starting to turn me on,” Hayley joked.

Normally, such a comment might have embarrassed Gina, especially from a woman she didn’t really know, whose tastes and lifestyle were unfamiliar to her. However, right now, in the comfort of her close circle of friends, and the confidence gained from the knowledge that she was truly beautiful, the compliment made her positively glow with pleasure. Feeling happy and confident, Gina came back to sit down with her friends, all of them smiling and laughing and falling over themselves to compliment her on her hot body.

“There’s one more present for you,” Natalie said, silencing the chatter of the girls about Gina dolled up in lingerie, “Something else to get you in the mood.”

Hayley took out another beykoz escort small box and passed it to Gina who felt happier than ever.

“I can’t believe this girls,” she grinned, opening the box, “All these presents, you’re spoiling me so much.”

But, once she had opened it, her blushes returned and she was speechless for a moment because now, in her hand, she held a long, thin, shiny vibrator. The other girls laughed to see the expression on her face as she turned it over in her hands. She knew what it was but she had never owned one before, as much as she felt embarrassed by the situation, she was becoming curious and excited just thinking about the knowledge that all these other girls had had all these different sexual experiences, a whole world that was unfamiliar yet enticing to her.

“Since you might need to get in a bit of practice before your wedding night,” Natalie laughed by way of explanation, “You don’t want to disappoint your new husband do you?”

“I, um, I wouldn’t know how,” Gina stammered.

“That’s why you need the practice,” Lucy laughed, “Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. We’re your friends, we want things to be just right for you on your wedding night.”

“What?” said Gina, confused.

“It’s just like when we used to practice kissing with our girlfriends so we’d get it just right for the boys,” said Natalie, “Didn’t you ever do that?”

“No…I never…I wouldn’t…” Gina was unsure quite how to respond to that.

“Yes you did,” Mariana, who had mostly stayed out of this discussion until now, came in at this point, “I remember when we were sixteen, I was really nervous about having my first real boyfriend and I got you to practice kissing with me. It was nice, you’re a very good kisser, Gina.”

“And you did with me too,” Lucy laughed, “We were playing spin the bottle, it was a very nice, sweet, lingering snog.”

“Mmmm, yeah, she can be like that if she lets her inhibitions go,” Jane added, “I remember after one drunken party when we were students, she was being very affectionate indeed and suddenly she rather unexpectedly pulled me into a full on french kiss. But I guess she doesn’t remember that night too well,” she finished with a little laugh.

Gina was by now blushing almost as red as her underwear as she began to remember things she hadn’t thought about in years. The strange electric thrill and unusual desires that had run through her as a teenager as she had sat with her pretty cousin in her bedroom and their lips and bodies had pressed together, the games of spin the bottle where she had dreaded getting boys and yearned instead for the bottle to land on girl friends.

“Gina, you little hussy,” said Natalie, in a mock offended tone, but giggling still, “It seems you’ve been getting kisses from all your best friends but you never wanted one from me!”

“Ooooh, maybe that’s something you need to sort out,” Mariana laughed, “Maybe you should kiss right now.”

Gina laughed too. She was starting to get into the idea, not just for a joke, but because, looking at her beautiful new best friend, she felt a kind of attraction that she had never felt before. While the others laughed, Gina took the chance to run her eyes over her friend’s body. Natalie was very tall, slender and elegantly beautiful, taller than Gina herself, probably approaching six foot, with a pair of incredible legs that were stretched out in front of her, shown off to great effect by a short summer dress and six inch heels. Her breasts weren’t large but they were round and perfectly formed. Her skin was pale and perfectly smooth, with a strikingly beautiful face, full red lips and crystal blue eyes, she had long straight hair that was such a dark shade of brown as to be virtually black. As Gina looked over her, she began to feel more and more that she really wanted to kiss her. Suddenly Natalie noticed her friend’s eyes on her and turned so for a few seconds they stared deep into each other’s eyes.

Seeming to understand just what her friend was thinking, Natalie stood up and walked over. As if acting on pure instinct, Gina too stood up and came towards her friend. Meeting in the middle of the room, they stood before one another, their bodies nearly touching, staring still into each other’s eyes for just a moment before Natalie began to run her hands through Gina’s blonde hair and pulled her friend’s face into hers, planting a kiss on Gina’s lips. This was no simple friendly peck such as affectionate girl pals give each other, but a full on passionate piece of lip locking that went on for some time as Gina found Natalie’s hands running down to fondle her ass, barely covered by panties and garters. As Natalie caressed her thigh, Gina’s own hands ran down over her friend’s shoulders and into the small of her back.

At first, the other girls watched slightly open mouthed at this development, but soon they were getting into it, laughing and cheering their friends on, as Gina and Natalie broke from their long, lingering kiss just long enough to gasp some air before kissing once more. Now their bodies pressed together, Gina’s large breasts in her red satin bustier pushed into Natalie’s chest caddebostan escort and her stocking clad legs rubbed sensually across the smooth bare skin of Natalie’s long, long legs.

“Wow Gina, you go girl!” Lucy laughed.

“I have to say, this is one of the hottest things I’ve seen in a long time,” Hayley commented, “You girls are so sexy together, it’s quite a turn on.”

“Oh yeah,” Jane agreed, “I don’t know if I should say this but watching you two make out is getting my pussy quite wet!”

Finally breaking from kissing Natalie, Gina had to admit that she knew what her old friend meant, her little girl-on-girl make out session had made her pretty aroused as well, there was a stirring in her groin, a hot, wet feeling of desire that stemmed from dressing up in the sexy lingerie, the touch and kiss of a beautiful woman like Natalie and the exhibitionist thrill of doing it with all her friends watching. She was beginning to feel like shedding any inhibitions she had left and just strumming her wet pussy right there and then.

“I think Gina agrees with you, Jane,” Natalie laughed, “At least, if she’s half as excited as she looks, or if she’s quite as aroused as I am from looking at her and feeling her beautiful body. You know, Rich is a lucky guy to be the one that gets to take your cherry!”

“I really do just hope that I’m good enough to please him,” Gina said.

“You know, that was a serious suggestion about being able to practice with us,” Natalie said, “I think the girls will be happy to help.”

“I don’t know,” Gina said, she looked around the eager, smiling group of friends, all beautiful women, all willing to kiss and caress and stroke her, and she felt a burning desire to feel their soft touch inside her, but at the same time she felt incredibly nervous, “I’m not sure if I can.”

“We won’t tell anybody, will we girls?” Jane said, as they all nodded in agreement, “Whatever we do here will remain between us.”

“And it really will be good to be more confident sexually in time for the wedding,” Mariana said, persuasively.

“And it’ll be fun, you’ll enjoy it, it looks like just what you need,” Hayley added, lasciviously.

“OK,” said Gina, beginning to get excited about what this could involve, “Nobody else knows what we do here….So, what do you want me to do.”

“Just lie back and let us take over,” said Natalie, gently pushing Gina down onto her back, “OK, honey, just imagine I’m Rich and this is your wedding night.”

She bent over Gina and slowly and gently pushed her legs open with one hand, while the other pulled one of Gina’s beautiful, big breasts from her satin bustier. As she pressed her lips against that round mound of flesh, kissing across Gina’s breast, Natalie’s hand stroked her friend’s thigh, the tiny space of bare flesh between her stockings and panties. Gina felt her body alive and tingling with pleasure and desire at every touch and caress of Natalie’s hands and lips, feeling an incredible yearning she had never felt before, longing for what would happen as Natalie’s hand crept up her thigh towards her panties where her pussy was on fire and desperate to feel something inside it. She reached up and ran her own hand through Natalie’s dark hair with a soft, affectionate touch, pushing her friend into her chest.

As she glanced across the room, she was even more turned on at the sight she saw there. She had known Jane for years. They had been close friends since they first met in the first week of starting university and now Jane was to be Gina’s maid of honour at her upcoming wedding, but this was a side Gina had never seen of her friend before. Jane was short and slightly plump, but not displeasingly so, with a pair of large breasts that looked even bigger on a woman of her stature. She had bright green eyes and freckles and her strawberry blonde hair was parted slightly to the side. She had a sweet, enthusiastic smile and was always up for anything. Yet what Gina now saw still had the power to shock her, because Jane was sat there, her green eyes fixed on the two hot women caressing and fondling each other on the floor in front of her. Her legs were spread open and her skirt pulled up around her waist, her hand was stuck inside a pair of baby pink cotton panties, rubbing her pussy while the other hand fondled her breast.

“Mmmm, oh, you girls do make quite a sexy sight,” Jane sighed, “I just can’t help myself as I watch.”

The thrill of being watched by her close friends and turning them on so was almost as arousing to Gina as the closeness and touch of Natalie, and Jane wasn’t the only one that seemed to be enjoying this little show. As Natalie moved her hand up to Gina’s tiny red satin panties, pushing them aside and rubbing her elegant finger around the swollen and aroused lips of Gina’s pussy, Gina’s body trembled, she twisted her head back and was greeted with the sight of Mariana, her pretty cousin, in an equally unfamiliar state of arousal. Like Gina, Mariana had a dark, Latin complexion and pretty, large breasts. Unlike Gina, her shining, jet black hair was still its natural colour, her eyes were dark and her lips large and thick and very kissable and, right now, open in an “o” of pleasure. The gold coloured party dress she had worn for the evening had slipped down to the floor so she was dressed in just a black lace bra and panties. Her panties were pushed aside and she, like Jane, had slid her fingers inside her wet pussy.

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