Booty Chronicles Pt. 04

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*Knock Knock*

Who in the world is that?

Fran and Dani have keys to this place, being that it’s their apartment, so they have no reason to knock.

I went to the door and looked through the peephole and saw a girl standing there. Even though it wasn’t my apartment to be doing this, I opened the door.

“Hello?” I greeted the woman, who stood about 5’4, while also questioning her.

“Hi,” she returned, “I must have the wrong apartment, haven’t been here in a while. Do you know the apartment number of a woman named Fran?”

“Oh, you’ve got the right place,” I smiled. “I’m Max, but yes, Fran stays here, but she’s out right now.”

“Oh,” she said a bit surprised.

“Are you a friend of Fran’s?” I asked.

“No, I’m her daughter, Ellie,” she answered.

Once she told me that bit of information, it then hit me that she did have a strong resemblance to Fran. She had the same long and curly black hair. She shared strong facial features, though Ellie’s had a few piercings. They even had a bit of the same build, but Ellie’s skin was a little lighter than her mother’s and her left arm was covered with colorful tattoos. Her thighs were thick, just like Fran’s, but I’d say she was a little thinner than Fran.

“Really? I didn’t know Fran had a daughter,” I exclaimed.

“And I didn’t know my mom had a guy who looks my age staying with her,” Ellie quipped.

Yeah, that is kind of weird. Of course, the real reason may not satisfy her. Shaking it off, I offered, “Please, come in.”

I stepped aside and she walked past me. If I had any doubts about this being Fran’s daughter, they were immediately wiped away once I saw her backside. Ellie’s ass was just as fat as her mom’s. She had on a pair of jeans that looked like they were going to just rip any second trying to contain all that booty. I exhaled deeply and closed the door.

“So, where is my mom?” Ellie asked as she took a seat at a stool at the counter, her ass spilling out from it and giving me a boner.

I went around the other side to hide it and responded, “Her and Dani, her roommate went out for a bit. Something kıbrıs escort about girl bonding or whatever.”

She nodded and then went on, “And they left you here? Alone?”

“Yes. They trust me,” I smiled at Ellie to try and lighten the mood, but she was still curious.

“And you are how old?” she questioned.


“So, you are the same age as me,” she pointed out.

Surprised, I remarked, “No way that Fran has a daughter that old.”

“She had me when she was pretty young,” she explained. “But don’t change the subject. Why are you here?”

Because two big booty women are letting me fuck daily and just let me crash here. That’s a good thing to tell my friends, but not a good thing to say to the daughter of one of those women.

“I didn’t have anywhere to stay and your mom has allowed me to stay here for a bit until I can find my own place,” I lied. “I’m in one of Dani’s classes, I told her my situation and she asked your mom if I could stay here. Though she didn’t want to at first, she came around and eventually let me.”

I thought it was convincing and based on how Ellie is reacting, I think she believes it. I may actually get away with this.

“Bullshit,” she called.


She propped her elbows up and put her chin in her fists. She squinted at me and then simply queried, “Okay, which one?”

“I’m sorry?” I asked.

“Which one are you fucking?” Ellie grilled me.

“What?” I nervously laughed.

“Don’t play stupid,” she shook her head. “Those two, yes my mom and Dani, are MILFs personified. Now, tell me, which one are you fucking. Is it my mom?”




Ellie went quiet for a moment before she leaned in and whispered, “Both?”

“You’re crazy?” I laughed as I walked away from her and started going to the couch.

As I walked away, I saw her eyes widen and how jaw drop. “You are fucking them both!”

“No, I’m not,” I lied again. “What made you even get to that conclusion?”

She stood up and crossed her arms as she stared at me. Ellie explained, “You said konya escort they were out doing some ‘girl bonding.’ Those two don’t bond, they fucking hate each other.”

Oh shit, I may have been caught.

She then leaned over the couch, bending over next to me and went on, “But, maybe, just maybe the one thing they can bond over is taking the same young, good, strong, big dick.”

She was literally right in my ear when she said that and I knew there was no way to get out of it. Finally, I caved. “Fine, you got me. I’m fucking your mom and her roommate. Happy you got it out of me?”

She smirked and ran her fingers through her hair. “A little happy, but I have a question.”

“What?” I asked her, a bit perplexed.

She then put her arm around my shoulders and used her other hand to rub my chest. Seductively, she then asked, “Is that dick only for MILFs, or can anyone get it?”

“What?” I turned my head and saw her brown eyes gazing into mine.”

“I’ve been with four guys,” she revealed, “And each one has been more disappointing than the last, and guy number one was plain terrible. You’ve got two older women and they are letting you stay in their apartment, most likely rent free. Clearly, you must be pretty damn good. But, are you only into older women, or do you go after girls your own age too?”

I then leaned closer to her and responded, “I’m into anyone with a fat ass.”

“Good thing I take after my momma then,” she leaned closer as well and placed her lips on mine as we gently kissed each other.

I cupped her cheek as I continued to kiss her, her succulent lips feeling so good against mine. I pulled back slowly and let her come around to sit on the couch.

She sat next to me and instead of kissing me more, went right for the buckle of my belt and undid it before undoing my pants. She then growled, “Let me see it.”

Without question, I pulled my pants down a bit and showed her my hard cock and suddenly, it was like she got caught in a spell. “Wow!”

She then undid her jeans and pulled them down, struggling past her ass and thighs just like kuşadası escort her mom did with her leggings. Once she got them off, she climbed on top of me as I lined up and inserted my cock in her soaking pussy as I felt her ass on my lap. She then began to move her hips back and forth, her butt jiggling with every movement against my thighs and I bit my lip. I put my arms around her waist as she increased the intensity of her hip movement and she moaned as she rode my cock.

“Your dick is so big,” she said between moans. I could only groan as she grinded her pussy against my rock hard dick and I reached around to place my hands on her ass and jiggle it. I grabbed two handfuls, one hand for each cheek and closed my eyes at the heaven I was enduring.

She then began moving her hips in a few different directions and I opened my eyes to look up at her. She giggled, “Gotta spell ‘Coconut’ when you’re riding the dick.”

Once her hips had gone through the word, I picked her up and put her on her back, putting her legs on my shoulders as I started thrusting my cock in her pussy.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed out. “Give me that dick.”

My thrusts became more powerful as I wrapped my arms around her legs, ny cock becoming covered in her pussy juices. She then let out a loud, long scream and as soon as I felt her tighten up, I knew she had climaxed. Her twitching body was further evidence, but I wasn’t quite done with this pussy yet. I continued my thrusts, now faster and felt my balls twitching and I knew it was about to happen.

Pulling my cock out and moving up to sit on her stomach, I stroked my cock a few times and cum spurted out landed all over her face and hair. It was like a fountain, all of it landing on her and she smiled, making sure to keep her eyes closed. She put her hands on my waist and once every drop was out, her eyes opened and she looked at me with love and admiration.

I was waiting to hear those words. The same words that Dani said in that empty classroom and that Ellie’s mother repeated a few days after. This was clearly the best fuck she’s ever had and she was going to give it up just like her mom and her mom’s roommate did. Instead, a different set of words came out of her mouth that caught me off guard.

She slowly jerked my cock, rubbing it gently and breathed out, “This is my dick now.”

Wait, that’s not how this works.

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