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The set of four black leather cuffs in Jake’s hand caught Jessica’s eye. They seemed so out of place here in his office at the insurance company they both worked for.

“And just what do you think you’re going to do with those?” she asked, a slight catch in her voice.

“They’re part of your Valentine’s Day present. One I should have given you a long time ago.”

Jessica perked up and then frowned. “I have to work all day and half the night. The new ad campaign is due out Wednesday. Anyway, you’re just teasing.”

“We’ll just see about that,” Jake replied with a hard look.


That had been four days earlier and that hard look of Jake’s had kept Jessica on edge. Curiosity about what he had planned and the thought of being tied up with the cuffs fought for her attention. She sat in her office this Valentine’s Day morning and rocked her hips from side to side. She could feel the slip and slide of her inner and outer lips as she did.

She was technically his boss and had teased him relentlessly at a business conference. In a moment alone in an elevator he pinned her to the wall, her arms above her head. He hadn’t looked as strong as he actually was and Jessica had struggled but to no avail.

Jake had taken a long lick up the side of her neck and then whispered the threat in her ear. “I’m going to tie you up one day and fuck the ever-loving shit out of you.”

The elevator slowing rapidly made him release her and step back. Jessica was shaken by his roughness and the explosively quick power he had shown. With her high-profile job, she was the one used to having the power. This sudden turn of events had shaken her and made her wonder what it would be like if he carried out that threat.

He never mentioned it again but seeing those cuffs brought that threat back to mind and made it a distinct possibility. With a shiver, she rose from her chair and turned to her favorite window, staring out over the city. Her corner office was one of the perks of the job but it came with a price of time and devotion.

Her private social life was almost non-existent. She seldom dated and rarely slept with any of them when she did. She was at all the right parties and seen with all the right people, but it all felt wrong to her. Most in the office figured she was a social butterfly and she had the world on a string. If only they knew.

Her flaming red hair, heavily tailored suits, and business sense scared the hell out of the other vice presidents in the company but drew approval from those higher up. She was good at what she did and made sure it showed. The VP’s considered her the bitch from hell and left her alone. Jessica was only too happy to let them. She got stabbed in the back less that way.

Jake was the exception. He did his job and treated her as an equal but didn’t take her attitude. The first few times she had pulled the bitch act on him, he had looked at her sharply and frowned as he ignored it. He never even mentioned it or made reference to it in any way. He wasn’t afraid of her or afraid to argue with her if he didn’t agree with something she proposed.

Jessica sighed and turned from the window. For those reasons, he became a target of her flirting and teasing. He had flirted and teased back until the incident in the elevator. Afterwards he acted like nothing had happened, which enflamed Jessica’s curiosity even more and, if she let herself think about it, her desire to have him.

Giving herself a little shake to snap her mind out of these memories and thoughts, she headed for her private bathroom. She really didn’t have to pee but once inside with the door shut, she hiked up her straight skirt and slipped her silk bikini underwear down around her knees. She sat down on the commode and relaxed.

Her panties dropped around her ankles as she spread her knees wide. Well-manicured nails combed teasingly at the small patch of carrot-colored hair on her mound as a shiver ran up her spine. All the memories and thinking had her strung out and horny as hell. Her fingertips just barely grazed the skin of her plump outer lips and she shivered harder. She loved to tease herself, to bring her orgasm close and then let it wait.

She bit her lower lip as she dipped her middle finger between the folds and ran it up and down, feeling how wet and slippery she had become. Her nail flicked her swollen clit once and she moaned deep in her chest. It wouldn’t take but a few minutes to come, if she decided to masturbate to a climax.

The ringing phone on her desk made her jerk her hand away from her sex and stand up. She stepped out of the panties and worked the skirt down as she headed off to answer it. She left the panties lying on the floor and grinned in that direction as she picked up the receiver.

“Hello, Jessica Parks,” she said in a business like manner.

“Now that you have your panties off, the games can begin,” Jake’s voice said on the other end of the line.

Jessica gasped loudly and looked adana escort around wildly. Not seeing anyone she asked, “How do you know I don’t have my panties on?”

“I know everything. I know you’re going to go back in your bathroom and take off your bra and then get dressed again.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll find someone else to use these cuffs on,” Jake said and then hung up.

Jessica felt her thighs tighten up, squeezing her sex as she hung up her phone. How did he know she didn’t have her panties on, there wasn’t a camera in her bathroom, in her office, yes, but not in there. She was back in the bathroom in a flash, searching the walls and ceilings.

She found nothing but that didn’t mean it wasn’t there, only that she couldn’t find it. She shut the door slowly and then stood there trying to decide whether to do as he said or not. If she did, then she was committing to go along with him. If she didn’t, he might do as he said and find someone else to use the cuffs on.

Her mind was at war over what to do as she started to unbutton her jacket. Those cuffs were hers damn it, and she wanted to find out what they were all about. The jacket came off, the blouse came off and then the bra. She dropped it next to the panties and ran her hands over the full globes of her breasts. Her nipples tingled and itched as her palms caressed the hard nubs.

When she pinched and rolled them around with her fingers, her back arched and her head tilted back. Visions of Jake watching her on a monitor flashed before her eyes and she moaned softly. The urge to masturbate was back stronger than ever.

She squeezed her thighs together and flexed her hips. Oh God that felt so good, she thought. It wouldn’t take much for her to get off big time. A loud knocking at her office door jerked her up straight and she scrambled for her blouse. She got it on quickly, buttoned it up, and tucked it in.

She was well aware of her hard nipples rubbing on the silky material as she walked toward the door. She was also aware of the slick slippery feeling between her thighs and along her slit. She hadn’t been this turned on since college. Her body was set and primed, so whatever Jake had planned had better live up to expectations or else.

Jake was standing at the door and came in when she opened it. Without a word, he closed the door and sat his briefcase down. He quickly pulled her over to the corner of the room, took her in his arms, and kissed her with a passion that took her breath away. At first, Jessica was frozen in shock and then she melted into the kiss with a whimpering moan.

She was trembling all over by the time Jake’s mouth released hers. He leaned his head next to hers and whispered, “Stand right here, and don’t move. I have a couple of things to take care of.”

Not waiting for an answer, he knelt down and opened the briefcase. He took a spray bottle out and a pair of pliers. He stepped up in a chair, and sprayed liquid at the small camera located high up in the corner near the ceiling. He did something with the pliers and then stepped down.

Quickly he went to Jessica’s desk and worked at her computer for a moment. Then he turned and grinned at her. “We’re back in the net but completely private now. The lens is fogged and the microphone wire is broken.”

“What about the camera in the bathroom,” Jessica asked.

“There isn’t one, just a little knowledge of female human nature and a tap into the camera in here,” Jake admitted. “I saw your panties through the open door.”

He got up from the desk and came around toward Jessica. Jessica tried to go past him to get behind her desk but Jake stopped her by pulling her into his arms for another kiss. She didn’t freeze for nearly as long this time and surrendered even more, grinding her hips against him in the heat of the moment. She was fast losing control and that thought scared her a little.

Jake suddenly broke the kiss and asked, “Are you ready to go to lunch?”

“Are you asking me to lunch?” Jessica asked, trying to regain some control.

“I thought I just did.”

Jessica looked at Jake for a quick second. Something seemed different about him. “Let me get my jacket.”

“You don’t need it, now turn around and bend over the desk.”

All sorts of naughty thoughts raced through Jessica’s mind as she asked, “Why?”

“I have something special for you to wear on this special day. Something the likes of which you’ve never even seen much less worn.”

Jake reached in his pocket and took something out. He held his hand out toward Jessica and slowly opened his fingers. There was a gold colored spike looking thing in his hand about four inches long and an inch around. The larger end tapered quickly down and then there was an even larger red heart shaped button on the end.

“What is it?” Jessica asked.

“Turn around, bend over, hike up your skirt, and I’ll show you,” was his reply.

Jessica eskişehir escort hesitated and when she did, Jake said loudly and forcefully, “Turn around and bend over! I won’t tell you again.”

With a jerk of shock, Jessica turned slowly and bent over placing her hands on her desk. “On your elbows and spread your feet farther apart,” Jake ordered.

Jessica was even more shocked to realize that that was exactly what they were. He was ordering her and she was obeying. She was on her elbows and had her feet as wide apart as the skirt allowed before she even knew it.

His hands slid up along her outer thighs and lifted the skirt up above her ass, the cool of the office air conditioning and the fact that she was naked in front of this man made her tremble and shiver. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this and getting even more turned on by it.

“Spread your feet wider.”

With a whimper, Jessica complied.

Jake’s hands rubbing and massaging her ass cheeks made her whimper even louder. When she did, one hand went to her tailbone and massaged her there as the other dropped down to explore her pussy. Jessica came up on her toes with a loud yelp of surprise.

The hand left her sex and landed with a stinging slap on her ass. When she made the same sound as before, the hand landed on the other cheek just a sharply. Jessica bit off a cry and stood still.

“That’s better. You can’t be making loud noises or jumping around anytime someone touches your pussy. Now relax while I get this butt plug in place.”

The words “butt plug” drifted around in Jessica’s mind for a moment before they took on any meaning. When they did, she started to straighten up but a solid slap on her ass made her freeze. One on the other cheek made her bend back over. She moaned loudly as the hand continued to spank one cheek and then the other for another four strokes.

Then the hand was caressing and rubbing at her stinging butt. She could feel the heat and stinging muted somewhat into a burning itch. Jessica hadn’t been spanked even as a child so this was all new and exciting for her. She was off balance by his forcefulness and the spanking.

“You keep it up and you’re going to be standing throughout lunch,” Jake told her, still caressing her ass.

A moment later his hand disappeared and then there was something small rubbing along her slit and dipping into her pussy. “I need to get this slippery,” Jake, told her as he pushed the metal butt plug into her vagina. It felt heavy as he left it there a second or two.

It left her vagina and a second later the end touched her anus. Jessica jerked and gasped loudly as she realized that he really meant to shove that thing up her ass. It disappeared and the hand landed on her ass solidly.

“One more time and I’m going to turn you across my knees and give you a spanking like you’ll never forget,” Jake said softly with iron underneath.

Jessica believed him and relaxed back down on her elbows. The plug returned to her vagina for a second and then touched her asshole. She steeled herself not to move and then moaned long and loud as he worked the plug into her ass. Once it was in place he rubbed and caressed her ass for a minute or so.

He knelt down behind her and kissed each ass cheek in turn before whispering, “You have one of the most beautiful asses I’ve ever seen and now with that red heart planted in the very center it is even more spectacular.”

Jessica loved the feel of a finger in her ass during sex but this was outrageous. To be totally exposed to Jake, draped across her desk, spanked and then that thing shoved up her ass. It was all too much. Her redheaded temper was trying to kick in and the only thing stopping it was the threat of the spanking.

Jake stood up and said, “Stand up and straighten your skirt, it’s time to go to lunch. I have a limousine waiting downstairs and it will leave when I get in. It won’t wait more than a few seconds if you are late.”

Jessica straightened up cautiously and was about to turn around when she heard the door open. She yanked her skirt down in a panic and hastily straightened it. When she looked up, Jake was headed off down the hall with his briefcase in his hand.

She wanted her jacket but he was halfway to the elevators. She took a hasty long stride, then stumbled, and nearly fell as the plug in her ass moved and wiggled. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open in a soundless O as she hurried to catch up. The heavy weight of the plug and the movement had her mind focused on her ass like never before.

The hall was enough distance for Jessica to recover her composure somewhat before it opened out into the main room of the office. She was still very much aware of the plug and the jolts of pleasure shooting out from it to pool in her sex. She walked with her shoulders back and medium steps.

Her nipples were tingling and itching from rubbing on the blouse sakarya escort and she just knew that everyone in the room was looking at her. They weren’t of course but she felt so exposed, like everyone knew about the butt plug and that she didn’t have her panties or bra on.

The doors of the elevator opened as she caught up. Jake moved to the back and leaned on the wall. She stood beside him. No one was on board but they both knew it would be full by the time they reached the ground, packed like a sardine can.

Jessica was well aware of Jake’s hand on her ass. The tingling itch from the spanking was more pronounced as he caressed her through the rough material of the skirt. He patted her low on her ass, down very near to that plug that was so much on her mind.

“How does that feel?” he asked softly.

“Interesting,” she whispered shakily.

He grinned at her and patted her ass harder. “I’m glad you like it and just for your information and contemplation, when I pull it out, I’m going to replace it with my dick and fuck you long, hard, and deep.”

Jessica stiffened sharply and then moaned as the plug shifted its heavy weight. Before she could figure out what to do or say, the elevator doors opened and the first load of people got on. Jake continued to play with her ass, even to the point of slipping his hand up under the skirt and rubbing a fingertip over the butt plug.

There wasn’t much of a chance of anyone noticing with the packed house but the thrill of being played with in public had Jessica on a boil by the time they reached the ground level. Her legs were shaky and her knees weak as they crossed the lobby. Once out front, the steps down to the street became a new thrill.

She would step down and the plug would wiggle and shoot a jolt straight to her pussy. Step, wiggle, jolt, step, wiggle, jolt, it went on and on. By the time they reached street level and Jake opened the limo door, Jessica was holding onto his arm and shaking. He helped her into the limo and then grinned as she sat down hard.

Jessica went off like a bomb, withering, and moaning loudly, oblivious to everything around her. Her hands came up to caress her breasts through the silk blouse as her thighs tensed and relaxed. Her hips were flexing back and forth, which moved the butt plug around in her sensitive ass. This just fed her orgasm.

Jake was well aware of the driver watching Jessica in his mirror as he waited for her to calm down. The grin on the driver’s face said it all and pretty much matched the one on his own face. Strong, powerful Jessica was having a barnburner of an orgasm right in front of everybody and totally didn’t care.

When Jessica stopped moving so much, Jake told the driver, “To the restaurant, James.”

“Yes, sir,” was his reply and then the car moved smoothly away from the curb.

Jake looked over at Jessica and smiled. Her eyes were locked on the rearview mirror and they were wide with panic as she finally realized that the driver had watched her have that mind-numbing orgasm. When Jake patted her on the thigh, her head snapped around toward him and anger was written all over her pretty face.

“I can still spank you and I will, right here in this car. I’ll hike that skirt up and blister your bare ass while the driver watches,” he threatened. “I’ll even turn so he gets a good look at that red heart sticking out of your ass.”

A mixture of fear and embarrassment instantly replaced the anger as Jessica dropped her eyes and shivered. She had been tempted to go off on him and call his bluff but she knew deep down inside that he wasn’t bluffing. The thought of him spanking her in front of the driver, her bare ass sticking up as he did, had her pussy twitching and itchy.

“Now sit back and relax, it’s about ten minutes to the restaurant.”

Jake’s left hand caressed Jessica’s inner thigh as they started across town. It ran from her knee to as far up toward her pussy as the tight skirt would allow. When he would twist his wrist at the top of the caress, his fingertips were just a fraction of an inch from her outer lips. They were maddening close but too far away.

Jessica wanted to slip farther down in the seat and to spread her legs but the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror reminded her that he would see her if she did. The thought of him seeing her pussy and seeing Jake caress it made her moan softly and flex her hips. When she did, Jake’s fingertips barely brushed the skin on her sex.

She inhaled sharply as her knees moved apart before she could think about it. The next caress of Jake’s hand brought his fingertips in direct contact with her sex. Jessica shivered hard and opened her legs wider as a finger traced up along her slit. Her hips jerked as it bumped against her clit.

They stopped at a light and the driver’s eyes were staring at her in the mirror. Jessica gave out with a whimpering moan and started to close her legs but Jake’s fingertip flicked her clit again and she froze, her eyes closing as the jolt of pleasure hit her. He flicked her clit again and then rolled it around. Jessica felt her hips flex up and press her clit tighter to him.

As they pulled away from the light, Jake leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You like him looking at your wet pussy as I play with it, don’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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