Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 01


I was eighteen my life was full of football and surfing. I had little interest in girls, other than getting horny when looking at some hot chick .I did a bit of wanking and read the required Penthouse etc but birds were not my bag.

Mum was part of a group of women whose men worked at the building game, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and so on. We lived at a booming coastal resort where the men could work day and night, as there was so much work around.

Many young bored wives were left to their own devices. Their husbands demanded that their sons be men and left it to the wives to arrange that their kids learnt male skills.

The wives decided the boy scouts with its camping and outdoor activities were the way to go. They combined to have a local scouts group formed.

Twenty young wives met regularly at our place. That was how I got dragged in to their schemes.

My mum was the oldest of the group; my younger brother was in one of the packs.

She asked if I would help out with their cake and cookie drive.

I was bored shitless so I said “ok”.

My first job was to help in the kitchen, washing up, packing boxes and helping with deliveries. Baking was done at various houses many of the kitchens were luxurious; many homes had housekeepers or maids. Busy husbands met their wives every whim with free spending wallets.

Maryanne one of the young mums had a small kitchen and always asked mum if I. could help her. She was fit and fabulous, her skirts were always short displaying to perfection a pert butt and muscle toned legs, her small bust was always on show in a range of close fitting low cut blouses and tops. Her clothes were top of the range her make up impeccable she was as they say trim taut and terrific, but she was bored and showed it…

Her next door neighbour Angelique was a 40 year old woman of Greek extraction. She dressed in long black dresses like many of the old families.

As the three of us worked in Maryanne’s small kitchen we brushed up against each other, and joked together.

Angelique was very warm and friendly and always met me with a hug and a kiss. Maryanne would kiss me on the cheek. Angelique would wrap her arms around me and kiss me on the lips.

Angelique had a great pair of extra large tits, with large nipples. When she hugged me each time I arrived or left they pushed against my chest, arousing my prick from its sleepy state.

I started to spend my nights playing with myself whilst thinking of Angelique. Standing next to her I used to rub my leg on hers and take every opportunity to touch her ample arse.

One morning when she kissed me on arrival, I placed my hands firmly on the ample cheeks of her arse and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She held me tight. The kiss lasted much longer than normal before she pushed me away.

Maryanne looked hard at me as Angelique and I broke away.

I turned and grabbed Maryanne and hugged her to me kissing her firmly on the lips. I thought she would object as we had previously only pecked each other on the cheek.

She didn’t struggle so I slipped my tongue in her Escort Kız mouth and she pulled quickly away with a grin saying “naughty boy”.

That morning in the kitchen was real fun as I flirted with both Maryanne and Angelique, rubbing, touching, and patting at every opportunity. I now knew what I wanted to do …. I wanted to fuck….but I didn’t know how to start.

My frustration grew over the next few days as I became more and more horny with less and less opportunities to try my plans.

At the regular meeting at our house when I looked around the room I realised there were some real spunky ladies in the group. The most magnificent, Jackie had won state and national beauty titles. She had a body only an erotic artist could picture.

Jackie wore a very short mini skirt and a tank top that made her tits and nipples stand out. This morning as I limped in from the kitchen and passed her a coffee she winked at me and ran her tongue over her lips. I was immediately erect and she noticed.

Later I was out on the patio when she left the meeting and joined me “Angelique tells me you have been getting fresh kissing and feeling her up, she says you are a horny young stud.”

“I have been watching you! You’ve been looking down my top and perving on my legs all morning”

I started to speak but she cut me off

“Let’s see what you are made of.”

With that she grabbed me and kissed me. It was a kiss like I had never had before… her tongue attacked my mouth …her hands grabbed my butt and pulled me against her. My prick quickly stood to attention… she rubbed her hand over it and pulled away

“My god you’re well hung”, “I think with a bit of training you could make my day”…

“No wonder Maryanne is jealous of you”. She whispered.

“Jealous” I asked.

“Yes! She thinks you’re wonderful”

“She has been watching you and Angelique”, she added

The meeting was breaking up. We parted but not before she rubbed my bulge again and said “I am going to see more of that”.

Next morning when I got to Maryanne’s house she was out and only Angelique and I were there.

Angelique met me with a kiss as usual ….As we kissed I moved one hand to her butt and the other to her breast …she started to pull away but I held her close and kept kissing and stroking pushing my raging prick hard against her body whilst easing her legs open with my knee…..she relaxed in my arms and kissed me back.

‘Talk to me” she said, “don’t just grab me like a whore …Don’t treat me like a sex object”

“Admire me, flatter me, love me, all women love to be loved and admired” …

I took her hand and moved it down between us until she was rubbing my bulge….she kissed me rubbing her body against me then pulled away

“Be careful. Someone might see us”.

She had said talk to me. I didn’t know what to say. So I said,

“I love your tits”.

She laughed and said “that’s a start, but you have to sound as though you mean it”.

“I would love them more if I could get my hands on them” I went on.

“Your lips would be better’ she said quietly

I pulled her roughly back and kissed her, pushing my tongue in her mouth and my leg hard up against her pussy… She grabbed me by the back of my head and returned the kiss vigorously.

“Make me feel I am wanted” she moaned.

Just then a car door slammed and we pulled apart before Maryanne entered the room. I was in Heaven, Angelique was going to be mine, Maryanne was jealous. Jackie was going to see more of my prick.

I made up my mind to take Angelique’s advice and tell each of them how wonderful they made me feel.

Mid morning Angelique was called home leaving Maryanne at the sink.

I moved over to help .As I did she turned around and said “wipe the lipstick off your face… I had to do something. I didn’t know what to do or say.

Without thinking I grabbed her and pulled she to me squashing her breasts against my chest…My mouth found hers. Without thinking of the possible consequences I ran my hand up under her skirt between her legs… I kissed her hard my tongue stabbing roughly in her mouth.

She struggled and hit out with one hand, pushing and hitting my arm and chest …”Stop it Stop it.”

I took no notice cupping her breast and pinching the nipple with one hand and fondling her butt and legs with the other.

“Oh shit she cried we mustn’t its wrong”

I held her tight as she struggled, kissing her as my hand ran up to the mound in her panties. My hand was now rubbing against her clit through her panties; my tongue was slipping in and out of her mouth whilst I flicked my fingers against her nipple.

Gradually I could feel her relax. Her legs parted slightly. Slowly she started to kiss me back… Her tongue slipped between my lips, then her mouth opened to suck my tongue deeper into her throat

“I want to fuck you” I growled.

I moved my hand to the top of her panties and pushed them down; she grabbed my hand to stop me. Then she changed her mind and moved her legs to allow them to drop. I felt her kick them away. ..

Having never got this far before my hand wandered aimlessly for a moment over her lush bush …but she was very moist and my finger found its wet mark, I heaved a sigh as my finger entered her.

She shuddered and trembled at my touch.

“No! No! We mustn’t! I’m married, I can’t not here” Maryanne cried.

She struggled to push me away, but my blood was up, I was like another being, her cries spurred me on. I worked one finger then two inside her.

“Ohm… No! No! No!” she cried,

And then with my two fingers buried in her my thumb hit a small hard lump at the top of her pussy.

I flicked my thumb up and down.

I felt the walls of her pussy tremble and her body relax.

Her tongue started to work harder in my mouth and her fingers dug into my back.

“All right you young bastard” she said, “fuck me”, her body opened to me, “come on fuck me now!”

She backed up onto the kitchen table Threw her legs wide, wrapping them around my back, her hands struggling with my belt and trousers. They slipped to the floor still around my ankles.

“Come on give it to me, fuck me” she moaned as she bit me on the lip…

Her hands found me …feeding me into her warm wet wonderful hole. I felt myself sink into what I now know to be a most wondrous warm silky place…

I could feel her soften and relax … but my urge was not to be denied. I had never done this before. I wanted to fuck and bugger the niceties. My animal instinct took charge

I thrust and thrust… In, Out, up, down,

Grunting and groaning as I experienced for the first time the magic of fucking a hot and sexy woman.

Her thighs held me .I felt my cum rising I tried to hold back.

She was crying my name, her head back on the table, her mouth open.

I came and came, as my knees went weak. My legs grew tired but on an on I thrust.

Today I know that when you are young your sexual stamina makes one wonder why it’s wasted on the very young, for without stopping, I rose again hard and stiff.

My prick continued to batter her. Her body jolted against the table I was nipping her lips and neck and pinching her nipples through her blouse.

Yes her blouse was still on it was bunched up in a tight roll ….I had been too busy to even try to remove it.

I didn’t know whether she came or not as I continued to empty my sperm into her hot moist hole. Slowly I collapsed on top of her she lay still with my mouth glued to hers.

We lay quiet for a while and then a torrent of words…

“We shouldn’t have done this” she said with a sigh

“It’s wrong! “We must not tell anybody”…..

As I started to panic she went on speaking softly now

“Don’t worry I am on the pill”

“My god you were marvellous. … I had forgotten what it was to have someone be so anxious to fuck me ….It was like being raped… ….. I know its wrong… but deep down I wanted to ….. I thought you were only interested in Angelique.”

At the mention of Angelique, we both realised that she could return at any minute and quickly broke apart. As she bent to pick up her panties I studied openly for the first time her pussy and arse.

I pulled her to me kissing her and running my hands over her butt, slipping my finger between the cheeks and pushing lightly on her rosebud she shivered and took my face in her hands drawing my head down to her breasts.

I tried to open her blouse.

My actions provoked a flow of words

“No!!” she cried, “we must talk” “I love my husband I don’t want to hurt him”

“What we have done is wrong! Wrong!” Then she seemed to change

“We must be careful”.” No one must know” She cried as she stroked my face and lips.”

I moved to kiss her neck, she pushed me away. She was worried and panicky.

“What we have done is wrong! Wrong!”

I started to protest. She placed her hands on my lips saying “shush” “we must keep this secret” “you can not tell any one, if you do we will be in big trouble” promise me that…

Angelique cut off all further conversation by calling from the back yard that she was back… We quickly straightened ourselves up before she came into the kitchen. As we worked I couldn’t help but look at the kitchen table that had been the scene of my first sexual adventure still dazed at what had happened.

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