Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 17

Ball Squeezing

The photo session was organised for Wednesday after noon. Jackie rang early, “Come over before lunch.” “I’m as horny as hell.” “Hurry up, get here before Darlene arrives.”

Jackie had organised the isolated guest wing for the photo session.

She was waiting and she meant business. Grabbing me by the arm, she dragged me through the door, straight over to a large sofa. Without a word of warning or welcome, she swung me around and pulled my head down to her mouth.

“Darlene will be here soon, hurry up,” she mumbled against my face, as she kissed me vigorously. One hand held my head, while the other struggled to free my prick from my trousers. Then she changed her mind. My prick was left waving in the air, as she pushed me down, to sit on the sofa.

Moving quickly she lifted her skirt up around her waist. The hand that had been holding my head pulled me forward from the sofa, while she rammed her cunt up to my mouth.

My fingers stretched her thong to one side, so my tongue could lick up her leg and find its mark in the warm wet folds of her cunt.

“Oh Jesus that’s nice” she whispered, as her hands ran through my hair, pulling my head tight against her body.

My position was awkward, her cunt was not high enough, my neck had to be bent low, so my tongue could lick her cunt from top to bottom.

Sensing my discomfort she pushed me down off the sofa until I was sitting on to the floor. She then stepped up to stand with one leg up on the sofa, her skirt held high before she dropped in over the back of my head…

She was now in a controlling position, where she could move her cunt over my nose and tongue, to bring herself off.

“Where’s the fucking camera now?” I thought as I knelt and stretched up with fingers and tongue, to plough the tight moist hole of this former beauty queen.

Jackie was rocking her cunt backwards and forwards, talking and moaning, some words soft, others loud, some I could not understand. “Oh Richard, Richard, that’s wonderful, fucking wonderful.”

“Don’t stop bite my nub, oh shit, I’m going to come.” She was going on and on.

With her cunt bashing against my face, her hands came down to grab me by the ears, and work my head rapidly back and forth, up and down, until she finally bucked, and came.

The smell of her body, the taste of her cum and the sweat off her thighs washing my face, brought my hair trigger prick to an eruption. Thank god it was swinging around and not in my pants

Sex with Jackie was always exciting, today was no exception. We dressed each other leaving little bites in intimate places, as we tried desperately to return to normal before the others arrived.

The afternoon photo session was completely different to the one I had originally planned.

Instead of Darlene and I having an uninhibited afternoon, doing our own porno shoot, I was now going to assist a very pregnant mum to take photos, of a room full of mothers.

Mrs Harriet Moore, who had less than a month to go with her pregnancy, brought all her photographic equipment. Darlene brought toys and clothes.

Harriet was one of those women who always seemed to be in a dither, but always got things done. She wore a short dress that highlighted her extremely swollen body.

She complained of being hot, using any thing she could find as a fan, waving it to create a breeze on her face neck and breasts.

She grew tired quickly, when she did, she slumped into a chair, her legs splayed, flapping the loose material of her skirt to create a breeze on her lower body.

I poured her glass after glass of cold water, eventually soaking a hand towel so she could refresh herself. It was hot in the wing Jackie had provided. The camera’s floodlights added to the heat.

At eighteen I had no experience with pregnant women. Not knowing whether she was ok, or whether her flushed face and chest was from the heat, or her pregnancy, I fussed over her, taking the wet towel and wiping her face neck and shoulders.

She opened the front of her dress and I dribbled cold water Eskort Bayan from the cloth down over her tits. Her dress became wet and stuck to her large full tits making my horn stir.

When she was ready, we worked together, setting up her equipment. As we did I studied her closely. She looked younger than the other mums, but must have been in her mid thirties. Her skin was milky white, without any apparent blemishes. My mum would have described her as an English rose.

She wasn’t very tall, wearing flat shoes probably made her look smaller. Her short stature allowed me a tremendous view down the front of her loose dress

My mouth watered at the sight of her substantial breasts, which seemed to be held in a flimsy bra, designed more to carry the weight of her obviously full breasts than highlight them as a beauty feature.

Jackie and Darlene helped set up, but they were more interested in fun. They produced copies of men’s magazines. Darlene called out their names as she threw them on the bench, “Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler, and Mayfair.”

“Where did you get those?” Harriet asked. “Out of our son’s rooms,” they laughed together, “they’ll have to wank over something else tonight.”

“Look at this,” Darlene said, handing Harriet a magazine with a story and photographic display of two women masturbating, “We can do that, Can’t we Jackie?”

Whilst we were talking Jackie had stripped down to bra and panties. Swinging around with a noisy fanfare,

“Tarraaa, Taraaa, we can do better or worse than that, what ever you want sir.” She ended her little performance, by bowing to me and whipping off her bra.

Moving to kiss Jackie’s wildly swinging tits, Darlene exclaimed! “We can do wonders if Richard gets his gear off and joins us.”

I decided to ignore that request, turning to Harriet to seek her advice on how we should start. She was flushed and seemed to be panting or at least breathing very heavy.

I panicked, pulling her close, holding her around the waist. Her breast was heavy, and seemed hot against my arm, as she stumbled into my arms. Darlene rushed to help; we took her weight, and led her to the sofa, where I urged her to lie down.

She protested, “I will be ok. Let me rest for a while.” Darlene used some pillows to prop Harriet in a semi sitting position, handing her a magazine to use as a fan.

She overrode Harriet’s protestations, “just lie there, we will make sure you can see what we are doing”

I tried to reassure her, “leave it to me I’ll try taking some shots with the digital camera.”

“We can hook it up to the computer and you can tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

Harriet finally agreed, telling me to set the video and the digital cameras up on tripods so they would not move.

After advising on how to set timers, she looked up from the couch and winked, “You will need to use the timers so you can personally get into the action, rather than just watching.” That’s of course if you want to.” she added with a sly grin.

Jackie, nude to the waist was dancing to the beat of some hard driving Latin beat, from the CD player

Her body movements were nothing less than pornographic, her dance steps and her perfect body creating an instant erection that was as usual caught up in my pants.

Noticing my predicament she danced over.

“Let me do that big boy,” she said in a sultry voice straight out of an R rated movie.

She unzipped my fly, took my prick out, leant down and kissed it on the head, then placed it back in my pants closing the zip, and danced away.

Through all this I had stood flatfooted; eventually turning my head to see if Harriet had seen what was going on. She hadn’t missed it; in fact I thought I saw her lick her lips as Jackie danced away.

Stripping down to her bra and pants, Darlene said lets get some fun shots before the others arrive.

“Get your gear off Richard,” she ordered.

“Like hell” I whispered, “not in front of Mrs Moore.”

Jackie danced over to Harriet, her body swaying seductively to the music. We want some sexy shots before the mums arrive, will you take them? She asked

Harriet wanted to know “What sort of shots?” “Just the three of us in bikini bottoms dancing stroking and kissing, no fucking” Jackie said, as she wriggled her boobs right in front of Harriet’s face. Harriet struggled to her feet. “All right it might be fun, let’s do it.”

I wasn’t asked. I was just given a small parcel and told “change into that.” Jackie and Darlene rummaged around in the box of toys and clothes Darlene had brought.

Jackie selecting a pink heart shaped piece of material that seemed to adhere to her body shading her cunt.

Darlene picking a half inch wide thong, which because of its width, seemed to disappear up both her arse and cunt.

My outfit was a doozy, a string around my waist held this see through net that forced my prick to stand up.

We stood around sniggering at each others outfits. Gradually our excitement grew.

The hard driving Latin music was compelling, forcing your body to sway to its beat.

Jackie produce an alarm clock, “twenty minutes and then we must get ready for the other mothers,” she announced.

She slammed her body against mind grinding her hips and tits wildly while Darlene took up a similar position at My rear.

Harriet’s eyes were sticking out of her head; she was rubbing her nipples as their attacks on my body increased, until I erupted, my cum running down my legs.

The two half nude boy scout mums laughed, rubbing their fingers in my sperm and licking each others fingers noisily.

It only seemed seconds before the alarm went off. The three of us were bathed in sweat, as we raced for the shower.

A shower with those two magnificent mums was an erotic experience in itself. But I was worried about Harriet, and hopped out of the shower.

“What’s happened to Harriet” I asked as I started to dry myself off. I was drying my prick and balls, when Jackie, nude and dripping wet, led Harriet into the bathroom.

“She’s bloody hot get her into the shower.” she ordered. Ignoring her protests, Darlene stripped Harriett, and bundled her in to the shower.

I dropped my towel and stood rubbing my balls staring at the first nude pregnant woman I had ever seen. She was beautiful. Motherhood and pregnancy give a woman an aura that is just magic, her full body shone in my eyes, I was mesmerised.

Jackie yelled at me “Get some bloody clothes on; I can here some mothers arriving.”

When I stood staring at Harriet and didn’t move she threw me a towel. “Look if you can’t take your eyes off her, leave greeting the others to me, you just look after Harriet.”

She stormed out leaving Harriet and I alone and naked.

Harriet had not said a word through all this. When I climbed back in the shower with her and started to wash her body all over, she shuddered and relaxed as if she was surrendering to me.

As the shudders shook her stomach, I looked up at her face wondering if I should go on. She just nodded her head side to side slowly signalling “no,” but her body leaned in to accept my caresses.

I slowly slid down to my knees as I continued to move my hands over her warm soft tits, slipping them lower over her extremely hard belly, slowing to feel for a baby’s pulse of life, then moving on until my fingers were playing with the curls of her cunt. Her extended belly button drew my mouths attention, sucking it deep.

She spoke for the first time, “milk me.”

I quickly moved to suck as much of her left tit into my mouth as possible. She ran her fingers through my hair, moaning quietly, “Gently, gently, that’s it, nibble my nipple.”

Holding my head she gave directions “just light bites, that’s it just suck like a baby, make my milk come.” Then, “yes. Oh yes,” as some fluid started to fill my mouth, “that’s it milk me, be my baby”

I loved being her baby. I could have stayed there all day, moving from one tit to the other.

She shook me,” Sweetheart I will have to sit down my knees are buckling,” she whispered, as we sank down in the shower.

Her knees could hardly carry her weight as she tried to get out. Realising she was stumbling; I held her up and moved to towel her dry. As I ran the towels up her back and around to her tits, I helped her to the bathroom bench.

The bench was not very long. Laying her back I lifted her legs with the knees up to allow them to rest on the end. I noticed that her sweet cunt was now on display.

Pushing her knees wide with my hands, dropping my head down between them, I sank my tongue into her cunt, searching for her nub.

It was if my tongue had injected new life into her body. She bucked and moaned grabbing my head hard. Her back arched, her body pushed up swallowing my tongue, as her thighs tightened on my ears.

“Yes …Yes…Yes.” She whispered.

My mind raced, worrying first about someone coming into the bathroom. Then my mind raced on to much more important things.

“How much further will Harriet let me go,” I wondered, would she let me fuck her now. Would she get cold feet and stop me.

With my mouth and tongue slurping wildly in her hot moist cunt, I decided there was only one thing to do, keep going until she said no.

My hands massaged her big belly. I thought I could feel movement in there as I lashed her clit from top to bottom with my now slippery tongue. My forehead was pressing hard against her low slung belly, my nose bumping the top of her cunt.

She was letting me do what I wanted, “why stop now,” I thought. Taking her hand I pulled it down to my prick then pushed prick and hand towards her cunt.

“No! Not there” she cried squeezing my prick hard. “Oh shit, so near, and now she says no,” I though as I stood up.

She could tell I was angry and disappointed “Stop sulking” she said as she quickly stood up and bent over a chair, “I don’t want your weight on my belly.”

My prick didn’t need a road map or invitation. My knees nudged her legs apart, my fingers found her sopping cunt opening it wider until gently I pushed my prick into her sloppy hole.

“Oh my, Oh my, what a beauty.” she cried as she pushed back grinding her body on mine. We hit a slow rhythm, our bodies slapping and slurping together. The extra weight she was carrying caused her to sweat profusely; sweat was running from her body down her tits wetting my hands.

Lovely, oh this is so lovely, oh yes, give it to me,” Harriet started to moan out loud.

Suddenly, in the quiet of the room, the door opened and Darlene slid in. “Shit! Don’t stop!” she exclaimed when she saw what was happening. I looked around. “Keep going don’t stop!” she urged. “I’ve been sent here to keep Richard entertained, while the ladies try on some of Jackie’s porno outfits. They want to be properly dressed when you come in to take their photographs.”

“My job was to keep Richard here for fifteen minutes.” Walking over to stand beside me, she put her hand on my butt as I plundered Harriet’s cunt. That hand pushed me over the top, the shudder of approaching cum hit me. I struggled to hold back.

Sensing my growing excitement she patted me again fingering my rear,” I can see my real job will be to get you to leave her in fifteen minutes.” “Fifteen minutes be fucked,” I thought, I `m coming now.”

Harriet was too far into our fuck to be fazed by Darlene’s entry; in fact she was becoming more articulate as my cum spewed into her. “What a fuck, my god what a fuck, what a great fuck.”

Looking towards Darlene. She explained. “Being pregnant has made me extremely bloody horny.” “That stupid fucking old man of mine, has lost interest in sex with this pregnant body.” I haven’t had a good fuck in months.”

“My god, I would have never thought of cheating, but this was great” She grabbed me and kissed me thoroughly. “This has been fucking great; you were wonderful I loved it.” “I want to do it again and again.”

She was already starting to plan ahead. “Darlene drove me here you can drive me home.” “We can work on the photos in my darkroom tomorrow.” “Oh this is going to be great.”

“Fucking great.” I thought. “I will really have to start that fucking roster.”

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