Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 25


Richard though back over his time with the Boy Scouts mothers. He smiled as he recalled how his mother had pushed him into volunteering to help their first cookie drive. His smile grew into a grin as he drove down to Jackie’s home. Even in his wildest dreams he would never have thought that the decision to help deliver cookies would provide him with a sex life so varied and so intense that even now he found it hard to believe.

As the job developed he had been hired by a few rich husbands to look after their wives and kids. Those leaders of the local community lusted after young local cheerleaders little knowing that their wives were seeking consolation in Richards arms.

Jackie was the ring leader her husband Ron had hired Richard saying he would get the other husbands to pay Richard sufficient to see him through college. In return Richard was to keep their wives off their back and see they get what they want.

I’m sure he didn’t realise that by giving them what they wanted I would have to keep most of the wives on their backs, he mused as he turned into Darlene’s drive way.

As the days and months went by he had developed a regular schedule that allowed him quality time with the hottest and horniest wives on a regular basis but left time for occasional and opportunistic meetings with other mums.

This morning Jackie had rung inviting him to join her at Darlene’s. “We have a special treat for you,” she whispered in that throaty voice that always gave him a horn. He was horny now as he knocked on Darlene’s door wondering what Jackie had planned. Within minutes he knew. They welcomed him in the door and led him to the den. Shutting the door they dropped their gowns to stand naked dressed only in high heels.

“We’ve decided to share you as a special treat,” Jackie said as she removed his shirt. “We have all day” Darlene whispered as she sank down on her knees and stripped his pants down nuzzling his cock as it appeared.

Jackie laughed at the surprise on his face, “We are going to have a threesome my horny young friend, and we are going to share you, but not spare you. We have decided to celebrate our pregnancies.”

“Pregnancies,” Richard gasped, “both of you.” She poured him a glass of red wine. “Don’t look so surprised. Yes we are both pregnant. We both gave up taking the pill months ago. We didn’t tell you, so you have been riding us bareback for the last couple of months and it was only a matter of time.”

“When Darlene and I compared notes we knew that our babies had to be yours. We decided to celebrate with you before we tell our husbands. We wanted you to know that you are the one responsible when they run around telling their mates how they put us in the family way. So drink up lad lets celebrate.”

She drank deeply and indicated he should do the same. “Come on my young Daddy don’t look so worried.” She raised her glass in a toast. “Drink up; lets wet your new babies’ heads.” As she spoke they both moved to stand close, their bodies touching their hands stroking him lightly.

Richard took the opportunity while they poured more wine to study their bodies looking for any indications of pregnancy. Neither showed any evidence of the baby growing inside their bodies.

They were both looking remarkably well their faces and bodies shone in the light from the window. Darlene was tall probably over six feet. Her long jet black hair hung down her back reaching the cleft of her arse. She was built big but in proportion. Her long legs were thicker than Jackie’s as was her thighs. As always she was flawlessly made up with her distinctive deep red shiny lipstick highlighting her soft thick lips.

Jackie was smaller all over, probably about five foot eight. Her body had carried her to many state and nationals beauty titles. She had been a model and today after her marriage and the birth of a son she could still grace any Playboy or Penthouse page.

Richard enjoyed himself studying each in turn. He loved the contrasts. Darlene’s breasts and nipples were larger than Jackie’s whereas Jackie’s while smaller appeared firmer. He dropped his eyes to compare pussies. Again Darlene’s was larger the skin darker where she had shaved. Jackie’s pussy had that golden sheen of a fresh shaved blonde.

“You are very quiet. What are you thinking?” Darlene asked as she sipped her wine her body swaying sexily to the beat of the Latin CD playing in the background. He shook his head “I was looking at you two and thinking how glad I am not a judge that has to choose between you. You are both so beautiful so horny that it’s impossible to choose.” Jackie laughed, “You always were a young smoothie but I swear you’ve grown worse since we first met,”

Richard was bemused he had thought they were taking precautions, A few of his mums had told him when they wanted to have another baby. He was pleased to help he loved the soft sexiness of a pregnant mum. Jackie and Darlene were different they just loved to fuck. They had really surprised him with their announcement.

Their Anadolu Yakası Escort pregnancy wasn’t the only surprise. He had not expected these two to offer to share their bed with him and didn’t know whether to make the first move or wait. He didn’t have to wait long. Darlene was the first to move. “Enough of this talk,” she groaned. “I want you in me now. No foreplay just a raw fuck. We can talk later.”

She pushed him down on the bed her knees either side of his legs as she knelt over his body. Even though she had warned him, Richard still gasped when she took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down in the moist mouth of her pussy. She eased it in and slowly lowered her body to take it all inside. “Oh my god you’re wonderful,” she groaned. “Your cock always makes me feel so full.”

Richard didn’t move he lay enjoying the sensations her warm wet pussy was creating. Darlene stopped for a moment licked her lips and started to move slowly at first then faster and faster grunting and breathing heavy as she rode his cock. Richard was surprised to see sweat appear on her brow. It shone on her face as she worked her body and concentrated on making sure his cock kept massaging her clit.

“You’re beautiful,” he cried as her bouncing breasts and long nipples drew his eyes and eventually his hands. “Let me kiss them,” he moaned as he struggled to reach up and hold them before trying to lift his head to kiss them. He slumped back with a groan when it became obvious that the vigour of her movements made it impossible to hold them let alone kiss them.

He had forgotten Jackie was in the room and was startled to hear her voice. “Lean forward love, he wants to play with your nipples,” she whispered as she came into view and pushed Darlene’s body forward so he could grab hold of her swinging tits..

Richard turned to look at Jackie and was surprised to see she held a camera. As he looked she pointed the camera at their bouncing bodies and clicked each time his hands sought Darlene’s Breasts. When his hand closed on a breast she made a noise to attract his attention and winked as he heard the camera click.

The knowledge that Jackie was not only in the room but taking pictures of them fucking made him all the more excited. He lifted his head to suck and nibble on a nipple while he arched his back pushing up to make sure every inch of his cock was ramming her pussy.

Darlene felt the change in his actions, “don’t you dare come,” she warned “I want your come in my mouth.” He gave a loud groan, “oh shit don’t make me stop. I’m ready to blow.” Jackie surprised him by taking things in hand. She slipped around behind them and gripped his balls hard the shocks making him squirm. It worked her tight hard grip stopped him from coming.

“Climb off him,” Jackie groaned. “If you’re going to swallow his load you had better get his cock in your mouth. Do it quick he’s hot.” Darlene didn’t need any more urging she swung her leg back knocking Jackie away as she dived for his spurting cock.

“Oh hell that’s wonderful,” Richard moaned as her warm wet lips encircled his cock and she sucked his spurting come. “Glad you like it lover,” Jackie whispered as she leant over beside Darlene and kissed him her tongue working in his mouth. Raising her head and biting his lip she whispered, “It’s my turn next.”

“Bloody hell.” he groaned as he realised that his wilting cock would need to be revived for Jackie.

Minutes passed before Darlene’s sucking slowed. Looking him in the eye she took her time and licked his cock clean. “My god you’re amazing,” she groaned as she lifted her head away from his cock. “I have never met anyone that comes like you, it’s a flood.”

“I hope you’ve left some for me,” Jackie growled as she threw herself on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. “Make me come with your magical tongue,” she whispered. “Kiss my pussy like you did the first day we made love.”

Richard loved pussy. He especially loved Jackie’s pussy. It reminded him of a ripe golden peach its skin soft and furry after a shave. Like an over ripe peach its insides were lush and sweet when opened. He knew exactly where to lick, where to caress, where to kiss to make Jackie respond. It was like playing a fine musical instrument. If you played well it responded with rich melodies just as Jackie’s body responded when his mouth and tongue hit the right spot.

He loved pussy. He had never kissed one he didn’t find intriguing and exciting. When he compared pussies and the response he received he knew Jackie’s was special. He had told her so, so often that she believed him and lay awaiting his pleasure, letting him do what he liked, knowing that she would be rewarded with the sweetest exciting orgasms possible.

Much later Darlene laid her hand on Richards back. “You’re just fantastic,” she said as she sat beside him on the bed. What you have been doing to Jackie for the last hour is something I will never forget.” She kissed his ear and ran her tongue down along his face till Kurtköy Escort she found his lips “oh yes,” she moaned. “I knew that Jackie’s juices would be all over your face. I knew it would have to be hot and sweet after the way you have made her come.”

Darlene’s hands ran lightly over his back and down over his but making his cock twitch. Her lips were soft, her kisses gentle, as she moved her body closer and closer. “I want your mouth,” she whispered into his ear and her tongue made him jump. “Yes sweetie, make love to her pussy,” Jackie groaned “make her come like you make me.”

Richard slid down, kissing down her body until he could smell Darlene’s arousal. He loved the smell of a woman on heat. He could not wait to taste her juices. Darlene groaned and shuddered as his tongue found her clit. “That’s it,” Jackie whispered as she lay watching. She ran her hands up to Darlene’s breasts and tweaked a nipple. “Isn’t he great don’t you just love that tongue?” she asked.

The room grew quiet only Darlene’s moans breaking the silence until Jackie sat up. “Did you take photographs?” she asked. Darlene whispered. “Yes. I have a little canon printer that prints post cards. Print some copies. You two were so hot you made me come.”

Richards tongue and finger were driving Darlene mad. She bucked her body up against his face twisting and turning on the bed wanting more but at the same time trying to escape. “Enough,” she moaned. “It’s too much. I can’t stand any more. My heart is beating so fast I’ll have a heart attack.”

Jackie returned with the printed cards. “My god your right.” she cried. “They are so hot I came while I was printing them. They are too hot to keep. Just imagine the scandal if they fell into some ones hands and they made them public. She licked her lips. “My god they make me hot. I have never seen photos of myself being fucked.” she giggled. “Or should I say me fucking somebody.” She gave another girlish giggle. “I will just keep this one. It doesn’t show our faces. Its just Richards tongue licking my pussy lips.”

Darlene poured more wine. They sat on the bed together studying the snaps she had taken of Richard and Jackie. “Look he’s as stiff as a poker,” Darlene cried. “Bend over; better still get up on the bed so I can get a snap of him taking you from behind.”

Jackie crawled up on all fours. “Make sure you get a good one of his cock as he slips it in,” she ordered. She positioned herself so Richard could stand beside the bed ordering Darlene to make sure she took the hottest shots. Satisfied that Darlene was in position, she cried, “Come on young daddy fuck me hard,”

The grandfather clock in the hall struck twelve as Richard’s cock slipped out of Jackie and he slumped back on the bed. “I don’t know about you two ladies but I’ve had it,” he groaned.

Jackie slumped down beside him “you’re fantastic,” she whispered. “That was awesome. I have told you a dozen times that no lover has ever made me come like you do. I really can’t get enough of you, I love the way you treat me.”

Darlene joined them with hot face towels. She stood back looking down at their sweat covered bodies. She winked at Jackie as Richard struggled to sit up. “Stop feeding his ego. You’re not bad yourself; look at him he can’t even sit up.”

She laughed at the look on their faces and helped them up. “Let’s clean up, my maid and the cook are waiting to serve lunch.”

Richard stepped out of the shower calling for a towel. Hearing a noise he turned to see Sonya the maid staring at his semi erect cock. “Sorry sir,” she said as she handed him a warm towel “my mistress told me to warm it for you.” She kept staring at his cock then blushed when she found he was watching, “the towel I mean”

Richard took the towel and started to dry off. He was humming to himself as he threw the towel on the rack. He smiled as he thought of his morning partners. They had worn him out with their demands “I can’t believe they’re both pregnant,” he whispered as he studied his body in the mirror. “Oh shit,” he cried and turned to see the maid was still in the changing room. Pulling on a pair of boxers he cried, “I’m sorry I thought you had gone.”

The maid had stayed to gather clothes but had found Richards young hard white body with his semi erect cock exciting lingering longer to get a last look. Caught by Richard she blushed grabbed some wet towels and rushed from the room. As she did Darlene came in through another door.

Spying the maid’s confusion she broke into a laugh. “My god don’t tell me you want more.” She brushed aside his denials. “You will have wet young Sonya’s appetite with that display. She will be down telling the cook about you. I probably won’t get any sense out of both of them until you pay them a visit.”

Sonya and the cook provided personal service during lunch blushing and leaving the room when Darlene accused them of flirting with Richard. “He loves flashing his tool” she told them. “He won’t show it to you here in front of us, Pendik Escort you will have to catch him when we are not looking.”

Jackie waited until things were quiet. “We want to talk to you about Marion Jones,” she whispered as they led him into the lounge. “Her husband John is a real bastard. We are told he is insanely jealous. He treats Marion like shit. He has destroyed her self esteem. He doesn’t let her go out or mix with people.”

Darlene grabbed him by the arm “We are worried that she might do something stupid. We have tried to convince her to make cookies again. We have told her you will call to arrange pickups. That will give you an excuse to call on her on a regular basis. You know what to do. Flirt with her, make her feel good. Find out what is happening then tell us. We will help.”

Richard was surprised to hear their stories about Marion. She was a Boy Scout mum who had supplied cookies in the early days. He had been surprised when she rang and said she was not making cookies anymore but had been so busy with other mothers that he did anything about it.

It was mid afternoon when he dressed again and kissed Jackie and Darlene goodbye. “I’ll drop in on Marion on my way home,” he called as he drove away.

Marion Jones opened the door keeping the safety chain in place, “What are you doing here,” she cried. Richard could see fear in her eyes, “Darlene and Jackie told me that you are going to make cookies for the cookie run, so I’ve called to find out when to call.”

A large ruddy faced man appeared behind her and pulled the door open. “Don’t worry She will cook for the scouts again. My boss Ron has asked why she stopped.” Glaring at Marion he snapped. “She won’t stop again.” He turned his back and went inside calling over his shoulder, “Work it out with her.”

Richard could see that Marion was scared. “I’ll come back later,” he whispered. “When does your husband go to work?”

Marion looked over her shoulder to see if her husband could hear. “He works evening shifts from four to midnight he will leave shortly.”

Richard waited down the road until Mr Jones left for work then knocked on the door. Marion opened the door timidly and invited him in. asking if he wanted a drink. Richard had rarely seen a woman so timid and scared. He really did not know what to do but tried talking about her son his scouting activities and the cookies. “I will call when ever you have made cookies. Leave it to me I will pick them up myself so you are not disturbed,” he told her as he sipped his drink.

Richard had to work hard to get her to talk. It became obvious that she was not used to visitors. After a while he remembered Darlene’s instructions to flirt with her and make her feel good. He couldn’t tell her age. She looked in her late thirties early forties but thought it unwise to ask. “How tall are you?” he asked changing the subject.

“I’m five eight,” she whispered. Richard was surprised. “You’re not are you? You look smaller. Stand up and let me see,” he said with a smile.

He was surprised when she immediately stood up then remembered she was used to being ordered around. “Yes you are a real surprise you’re quite tall,” he said as he studied her closely. “You would look lovely in high heels. If you don’t mind me saying you have a good figure hidden under those clothes.”

Marion blushed “you shouldn’t talk like that my husband wouldn’t like it.” Richard ignored her words looking her straight in the eyes. “He’s not here, surely you don’t object to a man telling you are beautiful.”

“I’m not beautiful,” she whispered her face flushed. Richard was not to be denied now he had her talking.” Oh yes you are, turn around and let me look at you.” She turned slowly looking at him as he whistled softly. “You’re very beautiful,” he groaned. “Very beautiful, you should do your hair differently and wear high heels they would make you look sexy.”

Marion didn’t know where to look. She had not had anyone talk to her like this since she married. Her husband never had a word of praise for her or for anything she did. She looked at young Richard. He was saying things that she loved to hear. She knew he should not be saying those things here in her house with her husband away.

“I think you should leave,” she whispered. “My husband wouldn’t like you here alone with me.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t,” Richard said quietly. “But I will be back to see you every time you make cookies.” He handed her his card. “Ring me when you bake and I’ll be right over.” He took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “It’s up to you whether you see me again.”

Richard was surprised when the days passed without a call from Marion. He told Darlene and Jackie that he had made contact and failed. “She’s scared stiff,” Darlene said when they discussed how to help her. “Ron and his cronies may do something to help her if they found out she was being abused. If they won’t we will fix him ourselves.” she gave a nervous laugh. “Don’t think we won’t we are tougher than you think.”

Richard knocked on Marion’s door at four thirty the following afternoon, He became alarmed when he th0ought he could hear a woman sobbing inside but no one came to the door. He rushed around the house and found a Patio door open. Calling out he pushed it open and entered.

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