Brad and Amy Ch. 05


Chapter 5: The weekend at last.

Amy woke on Saturday morning feeling the bed move slightly as Brad quietly climbed in behind her, wrapping his arm over her body and pushing his hard cock into her ass cheeks.

“Good morning. How are you today?”

“Hard and ready for you.”

Amy smiled and pushed back against him. They had not had any sexual contact, apart from kisses and cuddles, since Wednesday night, as they had decided to try and hold off until the big event on Saturday night.

“My balls are bursting, I need to come.”

“Easy tiger, you’ll get your chance later. You will be able to come inside me all night and all day tomorrow, once you’ve burst your way through my cherry that is.”

“Hmm, I can’t wait,” Brad said pushing into her ass cheeks again.

After breakfast, Brad helped his dad load the truck with their cases, while Amy and her mother talked and watched from the kitchen. Once the truck was loaded, they said their goodbyes and waved their parents off.

Once the truck had disappeared around the block, Brad and Amy ran back into the house. “We’d better be quick, I need to be at the salon at 4.30 and I’ve got a whole days shopping to do before then and it’s 12 o’clock already.”

“Well I’m ready when you are.”

“Give me five minutes to sort myself out,” Amy said, running upstairs stripping off her t-shirt and kicking off her shoes as she entered her bedroom.

Pulling a dress out of the closet and a pair of stockings from the drawer she quickly dressed, before applying some extra makeup and perfume and slipping on her black high heels. Meeting Brad downstairs, they hugged and kissed before heading out to the Mall.

While driving, Brad passed Amy an envelope, inside were two box office tickets to a show tonight at a local theatre. “Aww Brad, you shouldn’t have.”

“I know how much you have wanted to go and see this show, so these are two of the best seats in the house.”

Amy was delighted and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you.”

They arrived at the mall and parked. “What are you going to wear to the theatre then?”

“It would have to be my little black dress, I don’t really have anything else to wear.”

“Come on, let’s see if we can sort that out,” he said grabbing her hand as they headed towards the stores.

Amy soon found a designer white dress that left little to the imagination and after trying it on in the changing room, she knew this was the one for her.

“I’m going to have this dress, but I need some underwear and shoes to go with it,” she said to Brad, returning from the changing rooms.

“Ok, no problem.” Looking around the rest of the store, Amy soon found some white underwear and then a pair of stylish, but comfortable to wear, white high heels.

Brad was pleased with her choices. “I can’t wait to see you in these,” he said to her at the checkout. The assistant looked at them and smiled. “My boyfriend is taking me to the theatre tonight,” Amy said pushing her arm through his holding it tightly, “So I need something to wear.” The assistant nodded her agreement, and passed the receipt to Brad. “Have a good night.”

“Oh we will, ” Brad said looking at Amy and smiling.

They arrived back home just after 4 o’clock. “I need to get going, I need to be there in 30 minutes.”

Brad passed Amy the keys, “Take it easy babe.”

“Thanks,” she said taking the keys off him.

“I’d take you, but I don’t fancy waiting around for a few hours, while you are in there.”

Amy hugged and kissed Brad feeling his hard cock press into her stomach. Resisting the temptation to grab him and fuck him there and then, she headed out of the door.

“Thanks Brad. See you later.”

Brad heard the mustang fire up, then move off down the street as Amy headed for the salon. He knew the next few hours were going to drag, so he went to his room and started to play a few games to pass the time.

“It was 6.30, before he heard the door slam shut, “I’m home,” he heard her shout.

“How was your first solo trip?”, he called to her.

“I loved it, thanks. It makes you feel so independent. I’m going to get changed now. Be ready in half an hour.”

Brad looked at the clock, 5 minutes then I’ll get ready myself.

Seven o’clock and Brad was standing in his tuxedo, when he heard Amy walking towards his room and entering. Brad stood open mouthed as he stared at the beauty before him.

The white knee length dress fitted her perfectly, showing off her ample tits and revealing a fair amount of flesh through the designer holes. Her bare legs were framed by her white thick soled high heels, she looked amazing. Her hair was trimmed and set perfectly and her makeup and nails were done to perfection.

“Fuck, baby you look amazing. I could eat you right now.”

“Thank you, though as tempting as that sounds I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until later tonight. Would you care to accompany me to the theatre,” she asked extending her hand.

Brad took her bursa eskort in his arms and hugged her tightly, pressing her breasts against him and feeling her tight ass inside her dress.

“I can’t wait to get back home, so you can fuck me senseless,” she whispered in his ear. Brads cock twitched at the thought. “Me neither,” he replied.

The theatre was booked for 10.30 and the restaurant was booked for eight. It was a nice place with good reviews overlooking the newly built marina on the west coast. They enjoyed a three course meal and were pleasantly stuffed when they eventually finished the meal.

“Still an hour to go before the show, let’s go for a walk to stretch our legs and walk off this food a little,” suggested Brad.

They walked around the marina hand in hand, their thoughts were focused on the nights activity that lay ahead of them when they returned home. The cool refreshing sea breeze was nice, though a little cold for Amy, so after a while so they headed back to the car. “Time to go anyway,” said Brad, we need to try park at the theatre.

Luckily Brad found a parking space just around the block from the theatre, they walked in arm in arm to the theatre doors and were shown to their private box.

“This is amazing,” Amy beamed at Brad, while looking out over the heads below them and onto the stage. “Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure, I know how much you’ve wanted to come here.” The show started and Amy was glued to the stage watching everything that was going on. Brad wasn’t that interested to be honest, but enjoyed the fact that Amy loved it so much. He spent most of the time looking at Amy in her white dress, then staring at her legs, thinking about them being wrapped tightly around his waist as he pushed his hard cock deep into her pussy.

The show finished at 11.45 and soon they were heading back home. “Thank you Brad, I’ve had a wonderful evening.”

“Me too, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” Amy moved closer to him and held his arm and hand while he drove them home.

Reaching the house, Brad parked on the drive and they headed inside. Once inside, Amy grabbed Brads hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. Turning to face Brad she removed his jacket and tie, before unbuttoning and removing his shirt and rubbing her hands over his chest. Moving down to his cock, she felt his hardness knowing that within a few minutes it would be pushing up into her pussy, deflowering her and making her into a woman, before filling her with its seed. Her heart was beating fast as she undid his trousers and removed the rest of his clothing, leaving him naked with his cock throbbing in anticipation. Amy stood and reached behind herself, undoing the zipper, letting the dress fell to the floor in one slow movement, leaving her stood in just a pair of panties and her shoes.

Amy held onto Brads hand and led him over to the bed, lying down on her back. Brad lay above her looking down at his sister taking in all her glory again, before resting on her and kissing her lightly. Soon they were locked together breathing hard through their noses.

Brad moved away from her mouth and kissed her neck and shoulders.

“Brad, take my panties off and make love to me please. I want you to make me a woman. I want to feel you break my cherry with your hard cock. I’ve been saving it just for you.”

Brad, sitting up on his knees, his cock jerking and pulsing in front of him, reached down and took hold of Amy’s legs and lifted them into the air, before grasping her panties and rolling them down and off her legs and shoes.

“Can I leave these shoes on?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t dream of taking them off,” she replied opening her legs wide allowing Brad to see how wet and ready she was for him.

“This is a very special birthday present you are giving me and not one I’m ever going to forget.”

Amy opened her arms to welcome Brad back to her, feeling his cock touch the outside of her pussy as he lay down above her.

“Oh Brad, I can’t wait any longer. Put your cock inside me, please I want to feel you inside me.”

“Oh god, Amy, I’m so tuned on. I think I’m going to come as soon as I do.”

“Yes, I want you to, I want to feel you come deep inside my pussy. I’ll come at the same time I know I will. Do it now I can’t wait any longer.”

Brad moved his cock to her pussy and pushed it inside, she was so wet he slipped in easily, the head soon touching her cherry. Amy lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist “Brad, look me in the eyes when you do it. I want to see you break me.”

Looking into Amy’s eyes, he increased the pressure, feeling the thin membrane resist his initial movement.

Brad didn’t want to hurt her, but knew that it was inevitable though if he was to break through. He tried again pushing tentatively against her feeling the membrane give a little but not break. He pulled back and pressed against it again, this time he felt something give inside allowing his cock to penetrate her almost to bursa merkez escort the root.

Amy’s eyes bugged out at the sudden pain and intrusion, then closed. “Oww, Fuck,” she screamed in pain and pleasure. Finally she had her brother in her pussy, her cherry was gone and replaced with a mild stinging sensation as he slid deeper into her pussy. “Oh God Brad, you’re inside my pussy. I can feel you deep inside me.”

“Fuck, yes,” he bellowed as he slid deep inside his sisters pussy, watching her eyes widen then close as she felt him penetrate her.

Amy opened her eyes and smiled at Brad. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you. Are you ok?”, Brad asked. He had never taken anyone’s virginity before and was concerned for her. He thought that he would come as soon as his cock entered her, but her scream of what seemed to be pain had delayed him.

“Yes, I’m fine. It stung a little at first and just tingles now.”

“Good,” he said kissing her on her lips.

“Your cock feels so good in me, please fuck me now.”

Brad pulled out slightly before pushing down further until she easily took his full length.

“Well it’s all inside you now. How does it feel?”

Amy was lost for words, she was moaning and concentrating on his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. “Fuck Brad, I’m going to come. I Love you.”

Brad felt her pussy squeeze his cock, which signaled his own release.

“I love you too, Amy. I’m coming inside your pussy. Yes,” he bellowed, feeling his pent up sperm blast out deep into her pussy.

Amy shook and clawed at his back with her fingers feeling him jerking and shooting deep inside her. “Oh you’re making me come so hard,” she screamed feeling her pussy contract over his cock.

Soon their climaxes were over and Brads cock shrank slightly, but remained inside his sister. Amy let go of Brad and released her legs allowing him to sit up. Looking down at his cock, he could see a little blood, but not much.

“I’m fine,” she said looking at his concerned face, “Kiss me again.”

Brad leaned forward and kissed Amy, their mouths locking together in a passionate kiss. He could feel life coming back to his cock and started some slow short fucking movements. Soon he was back to full strength again and was thrusting slowly in and out of her pussy.

Amy was screaming and breathing hard, feeling her delicate pussy being ravaged by his hard cock time and time again. Thought it felt tender she didn’t want him to stop, far from it, she wanted him to continue all night. Her pussy was so wet all she could hear were the sloppy squelching sounds of his cock driving into her.

Brad was enjoying fucking his sister, he was a little scared at first incase he hurt her, but now she was moaning and screaming away below him. All signs of blood had more or less gone, replaced with her pussy juices and the come he dropped in her not long before.

Brad slowed his thrusts and gave her a few moments to recover.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m fucking loving it. I can’t get enough of your cock. Thank you for making me a woman. My pussy is going to be sore later, so fuck me hard and deep now, make me scream before it gets too sore.”

Brad lifted her legs into air and placed them both over his shoulders and lifted himself and her ass into the air. This position would give him maximum penetration and the ability to fuck her hard and fast. “If that’s what you want my dear sister, then that will be what you get.”

He inserted his cock back into her pussy pushing deeper into her than before.

“Fuck that’s deep,” she screamed feeling him bottom out and hold himself deep inside her. Brad looked at Amy and she nodded her acceptance at him.

Brad withdrew before pushing back into her again, building up speed until her was really pounding into her. “Fuck, yes” he shouted as he fucked her as hard and deep as he could.

Amy was in heaven, she had her darling brother fucking his hard cock deep into her pussy and she was loving it. Her hand went to her pussy and attacked her clit, this sent her over the edge . She screamed and jerked beneath him feeling her whole body tingle with excitement at the biggest orgasm of her life so far. But she wanted more and knew that Brad would be able to give it to her.

Brad’s next orgasm was close, his balls tightened and his cock grew another inch at the thought of spraying his seed inside his sisters pussy again. “Amy, come with me. I’m going to come inside you again.”

“Oh God,” Amy cried, “Yes, come in me my big brother, let me feel you come deep inside me. Yes, Yes Yes.” she screamed as the climax came over her. Her body went stiff and her world went black as she momentarily passed out as it hit her.

Brad felt her pussy squeeze him tight, which started his orgasm. “Yes, here it is, Amy. I’m coming baby. Yes,” he shouted feeling his balls contract forcing the sperm deep inside her.

He let her legs go and fell on top of her moving to one bursa sınırsız escort side letting her breathe. Amy came back down to earth and felt her brother lying on her breathing hard.


“Yes honey,” he said, breathing hard.

“That was fucking amazing.”

A while later Amy pushed a dozing Brad off her body, she loved him, but he was damn heavy. “Sorry baby, I was just dozing then.”

“I need a soak in the tub to soothe my sore pussy, will you run one for me.”

“Sure thing babe,” he said lifting off the bed and walking into the bathroom and turned on the water, filling the bathtub.

He returned to the bedroom and removed her shoes, before picking her up in his arms and carrying her to the tub. “I think we both need a relaxing soak.”

They returned to bed some time later, both oblivious to the time and lay snuggled up to each other and drifted off to sleep.

Amy woke at 4.35 with Brad still lying behind her, though he had rolled over his back. Carefully she rolled over and looked at her handsome brother, still not fully believing that she had given herself to him. Reaching down to his cock, she found it was still semi hard. “Hmm, more life left in there for me. I’m going to give you a treat again my dear brother,” she thought to herself and carefully got out of bed. From her closet she picked out a new pair of white knee socks and her red high heel shoes and a pair of red panties. She quickly got dressed then went back over to Brad and carefully climbed on the bed between his legs taking his cock in her mouth.

It instantly responded and grew to full strength within seconds, “He must be dreaming about me,” she thought.

Releasing his cock, she moved up the bed and straddled him. Kneeling on either side of his legs with her pussy hovering above his cock. She lowered herself down, pulling her panties to one side and feeling the head touch her sensitive pussy. “Ohh,” she moaned, stirring Brad from his sleep. She moved lower as the head parted her lips and slid inside past the point where her cherry once guarded.

Brad opened his eyes to see Amy force the rest of his cock deep into her again, “Ohh fuck,” she moaned, feeling him spread her insides once more.

“Fuck indeed,” Brad said, making Amy jump slightly.

“Sorry Bro, didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted some more of your cock,” she smiled.

“Why would I want to sleep through this,” he smiles, taking her head in h is hands and kissed her as she slowly built up speed on his cock.

“Not too sore then?” he asked.

“No, it’s a little tender, but I need you in me again.”

Brad held her breasts and brought them to his mouth sucking each one in turn, turning the nipple hard. “Yes, suck my tits, while I fuck your cock,” she moaned.

Amy was breathing hard, and could feel her orgasm approaching. “I like being on top, your cock feels so deep inside me. I can feel it coming again brad,” Amy said, her breathing getting faster and faster. “Yes, oh, yes, arghh,” she cried feeling her pussy contract over his cock. Amy continued to ride Brad, but her delicate tissues were getting sore now from the new experience.

“Wait there,” she said to him and left for the bathroom.

Brad noticed for the first time, she was wearing socks and his favourite shoes again. “I like you wearing those, you look fantastic.”

“Thanks,” she said from the bathroom as she removed her panties and inserted a well greased finger into her ass. Soon she added a second and then a third, quickly stretching and relaxing her hole.

Filling her hand with lube, and hiding the bottle behind her back, she returned to the bedroom and walked over to Brad and climbed on the bed again. Placing the bottle discretely behind his head and running her lubed hand over his cock, she crawled up the bed and hovered above his cock, this time though she aimed it at her ass. Sitting down slowly, she forced the head inside and continued without stopping until he was fully inside her.

“Fuck that feels tight. Shit, I’m in your ass!”

“Yes, my dear brother, tonight you shall have all my holes, but now I want to sleep with an ass full of your come.”

“Oh fuck, I love it when you talk like that, keep going.”

“I want you to shoot your come deep in my ass. I’m wearing these shoes and socks especially for you,” she said, moving her feet onto the bed and standing up using her legs to powerfully impale herself on him. “I love wearing these shoes, they make me feel so sexy and slutty. I want to be slutty for you and only you.”

“I love those shoes honey and I love you.”

“I love you to. Can you feel my ass around your cock? It wants your come, will you come inside it please? Tomorrow, after I have tasted your come, I will want you to fuck me doggy style, and fuck me deep and hard. I’ll wear whatever clothes you want me to wear while you pound my pussy and my ass as hard and fast as you can. We will spend all day fucking and do it in every room in the house.”

“Oh shit, you’re going to make me come baby.”

“Yes, I can feel your cock getting bigger. Oh It’s stretching my ass so good. Come inside me brother make me come with your big cock. Yes I can feel it, oh yes, I’m going to come. Come with me.”

“Oh fuck, I’m coming in your ass your horny little bitch. Yes, take my come.”

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