Breakthrough Pt. 01


This is a work of fiction. It’s a multi-part story and is more for connoisseurs of erotic stories and not for those looking for quick and explicit sex.


I was excited! Why, you may ask? Well, it was only three days until I turned 20 and my parents had promised me a fantastic, life changing, surprise. Would it be a car? I had absolutely no clue, but ever since my 18th birthday they’ve been telling me it would be something I’d never forget.

Before I get started let me give you a quick description of our family. I’m Jack, and as you know just about to turn 20. My parents Sue and Philip must be the coolest parents you could wish for. My mum was only 39 and looked even younger and my dad was 40. I’d been an unplanned but very welcome surprise and had even been present at their wedding, safely tucked away inside my mum!

Despite wanting more children, I was the only one – some complications during my birth meant my mother was unable to conceive again. This meant all the love and attention was focused on me. Despite this my parents made sure that I didn’t end up a selfish and spoilt brat, in fact, many would consider me the perfect son. I was good at school, didn’t drink or touch drugs, didn’t smoke and generally caused them no trouble whatsoever. Now you probably think I’m boring and pretty nerdy — and you’d be right!

I’m into technology and apart from school, spend most of my time sitting at my desk and programming. It was my passion and I hoped to make it my career. My parents supported me in every way possible, from getting me the latest equipment and not pushing me to do things I disliked (like sports!). Luckily our family genes prevented me from becoming overweight and I was a slim 178 cm tall. I was a very late bloomer and only really hit puberty at around 16 with a sudden growth spurt (in all areas!). My interest in girls and sex in general only kicked off two years later. However, due to my inherent shyness, I never had the courage to do more that fantasize about having a girlfriend.

Physically I think I’m OK. As I mentioned, I’m not muscle bound but I have a decent build despite not doing anything to maintain it. One problem I do have, and it may be the root of my shyness and insecurity, is that I think I have some issues in the cock and balls department. I was still hoping for a sudden increase down there but with each passing day it seemed less and less likely. Like every teenager nowadays I compared myself to images and videos on the internet and I know it’s stupid but it seemed like everyone else was better equipped than me!

My balls are walnut sized and in a rather tight sack, only on extremely hot days would they descend and swing. In most cases they were held tightly against my groin, with the odd one even slipping back into my body on occasion. When I was 7 I had some kind of problem with my foreskin and the solution was to have it removed. This caused me quite a bit of embarrassment and whenever there was a situation which could involve being exposed to others, I either avoided it or made sure my it was reduced to the absolute minimum.

At the time, my parents explained that being circumcised wasn’t anything unusual and that I would be fine. I wasn’t convinced and from what I saw of other boys, when changing at school, I was in a definite minority. The solution I came up with was simple — never get naked with others. I’d practiced this mantra successfully until now and was a self-taught expert in covert changing.

Apart from the missing foreskin, my flaccid penis is about 8cm in length at room temperature, growing to slightly more than 16cm when erect. My biggest issue however is not its size but its shape. It doesn’t point to the sky like many others, or even curve upwards – no – it does the opposite and curves downwards. Watching porn convinced me that having sex would be a problem — I was sure I’d either hurt the girl or myself and that it wouldn’t work properly.

My relationship with my parents is great but I still didn’t have the courage to talk to them about my worries. I was given the usual “talk” and went through the embarrassment of sex education at school without ever disclosing my fears of inadequacy. In contrast to me, my parents had no issue with nudity. They didn’t parade around naked but they also didn’t take special care to avoid being seen in this condition. For example, I’d sometimes glimpse my mother or father changing or catch them leaving the bathroom just holding a towel. I also knew they sometimes sunbathed in the nude when I wasn’t home but if I turned up unexpectedly, they would cover up.

Thanks to these experiences, I’m able to describe them in a bit more detail than might usually be the case in a more conservative family. My dad is around the 180cm mark, slim but carrying a bit of excess weight. He was quite hirsute but his body hair had a blondish shade so wasn’t all that noticeable. Down below things were similar to me, apart from the fact that he was intact and that his balls seemed quite a bit looser than mine. I couldn’t comment bursa eskort or compare size or shape as I’ve never seen him erect.

My mother, naturally blond and quite tall at around 170cm. She’s very slim, with small breasts (an A-cup, based on my research), what I consider large nipples, a nice curvy behind and long slender legs. From the few times I’d seen her crotch I knew the ‘carpet matches the curtains’ as they say. She wasn’t happy with her figure as I’d sometimes heard her complaining to dad about her lack of breasts and too large a bottom, but to my eyes she’s the definition of the perfect female.

I recently discovered that I was a small breast, curvy bottom enthusiast. When pleasuring myself, most of the images and movies I used contained females matching this profile. As to my parents sex life, all I can say is that they seemed quite enthusiastic when engaged in the act. When I was 18 we moved to a new house and my new bedroom has an adjoining wall with theirs, I was often treated to the sounds associated with vigorous coitus! It would usually start with some low volume talking and giggling followed by moans and groans, rhythmic squeaking of bedsprings and sometimes even the knocking of the headboard against the wall. My mother was quite vocal and I would hear her screams of pleasure, usually multiple times before the ensuing silence.

I must admit that I enjoy listening to their lovemaking and often filled a sock or discarded t-shirt with my emissions at its conclusion. The closest I’ve ever been to seeing them in action was one particularly hot and humid night during the summer holidays. As our home, like most of those in the UK, doesn’t have air conditioning, all the doors and windows were open to get the most of a very slight breeze. It was quite late at night when I was woken by a noise. I instantly realised what was going on and it was much louder than usual. I slipped out of bed and crept into the corridor. It was a pitch black, moonless night and as I silently approached their open door I could barely make out anything.

My penis was already fully erect and impressively tenting my pyjama pants as I stood peering into their room from the doorway. The only source of light was a dim green glow provided by a digital clock on the nightstand. Oh how I’d wished for a full moon or some other source of light as all I could see were vague outlines of a bodies moving around. The acoustics were better than ever and included nuances I’d never heard before. There was a distinct slapping of flesh on flesh and a hard to describe, wet squishing sound all with an underlying track of panting and gasping.

When my mum let rip with one of her screams it was enough to make my penis erupt without further stimulation and I felt myself soil my pyjama pants. I remained in the doorway until the conclusion of the act and then guiltily creeping back into my room. I felt bad invading their privacy but at the same time glad I’d had the opportunity to hear more.

Anyway, enough ‘foreplay’, let me get back to the main topic of this story, my birthday!

As I said, it was three days away. Time passed slowly and whenever I had an opportunity I’d search the house for clues as to what the surprise could be. I couldn’t find anything! It was frustrating but in truth I was glad as it increased the suspense even more.

Finally the day arrived. When I came down to breakfast my parents were already seated at the table. They grinned at me and apart from my favourite food there was also an envelope with my name on it.

My parents wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug and kisses. I sat down and without waiting, opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. It was an amusing card stating ‘Welcome to adulthood!’

Inside there was a message in my mother’s handwriting: ‘My darling Jack, you’re 20 now and we’ve always told you that you’d get an unforgettable gift on this day. In two days the three of us will be going on a holiday with a difference! We’re going to spend two months in the Caribbean!’

I read the message once more to be sure I’d understood it correctly! I looked at my parents and they were both looking at me in anticipation. I grinned and said “This is fantastic! You’re not kidding me are you?”

They laughed and my dad said “No, not at all. One reason our holidays haven’t been that great is that we’ve been saving up for this over the last 10 years. You’ve got a long holiday now and this might be the last opportunity for the three of us to go away together.”

I jumped out of my seat and went to hug them. I was trembling with excitement as I asked for details about our trip. Departure was on the coming the weekend with a direct flight to one of the islands. We’d stay there for a few days to get acclimatised and then move from island to island staying for however long we liked. I could tell my parents were as enthusiastic as I was and we chatted excitedly about all the things we could do. I was surprised to hear that apart from the flights they hadn’t booked anything. bursa bayan escort This was out of character for them as they usually arranged everything down to the last detail. They explained that they wanted us to be free to do as we and not be tied to a fixed location or schedule.

This made the whole thing even more exciting and after breakfast I went to my room and started researching our destination. I made one list of the islands that sounded most appealing and another of the activities they offered. They all looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to get going.


It was the night before we left and I was putting the last items into my suitcase. It was difficult to pack for a tropical destination as most of my clothing was more suitable for the climate in the UK. My parents had the same problem and we decided to take whatever thin summer clothes we had and buy whatever else we needed there. With money I’d been saving, I splurged on a new digital camera to make sure I would have the best quality images from our once in a lifetime trip. Sleep was almost impossible and I lay twisting and turning as I thought about the trip.

The next morning the three of us locked up the house and loaded our luggage into the waiting taxi. The 30 minute drive to the airport was uneventful as was the long but comfortable flight. I managed to sleep for a few hours and watch a couple of movies before we descended. The view from the window looked very promising, blue water and white sand giving way to palm trees and lush grass as the aircraft approached the runway. A slight bump and the loud noise of the trust reversing and then we were taxing to the gate.

As we stepped out of the plane the heat and humidity hit. We’ve never been to a place with a climate like this and it was quite a shock to the system. I was drenched in sweat before we even got into the airport building. Inside we were then subjected to air conditioning and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. After passing through immigration and getting our luggage, we left the frigid interior and stepped out into the heat again. A taxi was quickly found and one of the hotels we’d selected given as our destination. As it was off season we were pretty sure they wouldn’t be fully booked.

The 1 hour drive was exciting and I already loved this island. It was so different to what we were used to at home. The hotel looked fantastic and we were all very excited as the doorman unloaded our luggage. My dad went to the reception but his smile soon turned to a frown as he was told they were fully booked. There was some kind of international conference taking place as well as a few weddings and most of the hotels on the island were full. The helpful receptionist mentioned a partner hotel that was slightly further away and still had rooms available. As they were discussing this I decided to take a look around.

I left the spacious lobby and stepped out onto an amazing terrace. The hotel had huge landscaped gardens with numerous pools beyond which there was a sandy beach and the ocean. As I was taking shots with my camera I couldn’t help but notice a few stunning looking ladies relaxing by the pool. They were all wearing very skimpy looking swimsuits that barely hid anything and some were even topless. I didn’t want to get into trouble for taking pictures so I lowered my camera. My parents were still talking with the receptionist so I decided to walk down to the pool area to get a better look at the first female breasts, apart from my mum’s, that I’d ever seen and that didn’t consist of pixels on a display.

Walking down the stairs and then along the edge of the pool I closely looked at what was on offer. Thanks to my dark sunglasses I was able to do this without being noticed. I felt a slight stirring in my shorts at the naked flesh but was actually quite disappointed. The breasts on display all seemed to be overly large and artificial looking. It was most obvious on the women lying down. The huge mounds of flesh, or rather silicone, pointed to the sky in a most unnatural way. On some of them scars were even visible. As I completed the circuit of the pool and was walking back to the reception I thought about how much more appealing the small breasts of my mother were to me.

When I got to the top of the stairs my parents joined me. Dad said “OK, good news! We’re heading to another hotel a bit further away. A room’s already reserved for us for two nights which we can extend if we want.”

“That’s great! Do you think it’s similar to this place?”

“Well according to the receptionist it’s even better. The pools and the beach are even nicer and it should be less crowded as it’s not really suitable for conference visitors.”

My mother chuckled at the last comment. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Oh nothing, you’ll see when we get there.”

My parents grinned at each other, behaving like a couple of excited kids. I had no idea what was going on but found their excitement quite infectious. We watched bursa ucuz escort as our luggage was loaded into another taxi and then took to the road again.

It was another 45 minutes before we arrived at the impressive entrance to the resort. It looked stunning and was far more peaceful and off the beaten track than the previous place. In fact, I hadn’t seen any other hotels or even buildings in the last 10 minutes. At the reception our luggage was whisked away and after my dad took care of the formalities the receptionist asked if we’d been informed of the special rules. My parents smiled and said that everything had been explained to them by the receptionist at their partner hotel. The whole process had only taken a few minutes so I didn’t have an opportunity to explore.

We followed the porter to the lifts and he told us about some of the upcoming activities that would be taking place. There was a lot to choose from, diving courses, boat excursions, snorkelling and even a treasure hunt on the beach. The lift stopped on the fourth floor and led to an open corridor at the back of the hotel. All the rooms were on the right, facing the ocean. As we walked in direction of 411 we met a couple heading to the lift. They were both wearing comfortable looking robes embroidered with the logo of the hotel and smiled at us as we passed.

The porter opened 411 with our key card and then briefly explained the amenities. I didn’t listen much as I was too busy looking at the amazing room. There was a huge, marble clad bathroom with large sliding doors as well as a glass wall facing the bedroom. The bathroom consisted of a large shower, a huge oval bathtub, a toilet and twin sinks. Everything was extremely luxurious and I’d never seen anything like it before. The bedroom itself contained two king size beds facing a desk and a wall mounted flat screen TV. A sofa and chairs around a small table completed the furnishing. At the end of the room there were glass sliding doors leading to a large balcony with stunning views over the resort gardens and the beach.

I stood open mouthed taking it all in. When the closed behind the porter, my mum said “So Jack, what do you think?”

“It’s fantastic! I want to live here forever.”

My parents laughed and dad said “That’s great son, but there is one thing you might not be too happy about.”

I gave him a quizzical look “Um, what do you mean? Everything I’ve seen looks amazing.”

My parents looked at each other and then I figured out what he meant “Ah, I get it! Is it because we have to share a room and the bathroom has a glass wall?”

They laughed again and dad said “Watch, he pressed a button on the wall by the bathroom and the glass facing the bedroom changed from clear to opaque in an instant.”

“Wow! Cool” I said smiling.

Mum said “That’s not a problem.”

“So is it that we have to share a bedroom?”

“No… Look, we didn’t plan this but your father and I are quite excited by it and have always wanted to do something like this.”

She paused and I wondered what they were talking about? Her next words made it very clear.

“This is a nudist resort.”

I must have misunderstood “A what?”

“A nudist resort dear. That means everyone has to be naked.”

I felt my mouth open in shock and actually felt dizzy as the implications of what she said hit me.

“You’re kidding right?” I said, hoping this was just some elaborate prank.

“No, it’s true” said dad.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and I felt the blood drain from my face. What had started off as a dream was now my worst nightmare.

My mother knelt down and took my hand “You’re looking very pale, are you OK Jack?”

I gulped “Not really. We can’t stay here.”

“Look, it’s no big deal. Everyone is born naked and it’s something completely natural. I’m sure you’ll get used to it in no time at all.”

“But I don’t want to get used to it. I can’t get naked in front of others, everyone will see me.”

“People that visit these resorts are used to seeing others naked and won’t take any notice at all. Your mother and I have never been to a nudist place either so it’s something new for all of us. We came to these islands to experience new things and this is just one of them.”

I didn’t respond and my mother added “You’re an adult now and it’s high time you become comfortable with your body. This is a great way for you to do that.”

“No way. If we really have to stay here, I’m not leaving this room. You two can go wandering about naked in public if you want.”

My parents looked disappointed and dad said “I’m sorry to hear you say that. Where’s your spirit of adventure? Look, at least give it a try, if you really hate it you can come back to the room.”

I could tell they were upset and felt bad that I was the cause. “I really don’t know if I can do it. I haven’t been naked in front of anyone for years and what happens if…. you know!”

Mum looked at me with some sympathy, “Jack, nudity is something natural and you should never be ashamed of your body or its functions. No one is perfect and one of the things I hope you get out of this experience is to realise that and be comfortable in your own skin. You’ll see young people, old people, ugly people, beautiful people in all shapes and sizes.”

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