Brod: Elasticity Ch. 02


Sarkopheros Says:

Part two of the miniseries! I’m not sure how many parts are left. Probably one or two more. This one ended up pretty hefty at 10,434 words. I almost considered breaking it in half, but I ultimately decided it made more sense not to.

This chapter is more along the lines of classic Brod. While chapter one was femdom heavy, this one is a straight-up spunk-filled fuck-fest for SCIENCE! The staff is around, but this time, the focus is more on “normal” girls.

Hyper dicks, hyper balls, cum inflation, loads and loads of cum! Pools of cum! Well, one pool, anyway. Womb penetration, belly bulging, lots of ladies, SCIENCE! Some emphasis on sexual scents … hell, if you know Brod, you know what to expect. There’s also some light breathplay near the end.


I looked up as Nahid waddled toward us. I smirked at her.

It’d been a few days since I turned her into her own personal waterbed. She hadn’t recovered yet. It showed in how she moved. Plus, her belly was still bloated.

“How are you feeling, doctor?” I asked.

“I feel like a freight train drove through my cunt, you awful man,” she grunted. Her massive tits jiggled under the black halter as she grunted and leaned against me, wrapping an arm around mine. “Come on.” Her heels clicked.

We were in the anteroom to the larger room that we’d performed the “extraction” in. As we walked, I heard a sqlosch! I looked down. There was a white, pancake-sized circle on the floor. White trickled down from under Nahid’s short skirt.

“Ugh. I’ve been draining your … gunk … for days. Why do you insist on shooting such thick cum?” she complained.

“Because I like embarrassing you when you do stupid shit,” I chuckled. “So who are these girls?”

“You’ll see in a second, you awful, awful man.”

We walked to the door, and I went through—bulge-first, of course. The room had a few new additions. There was a bed atop a platform about five feet high. Under it, there was a sort of graduated container with a tapered bottom attached. I couldn’t tell from here, but it looked big enough to handle a bathtub worth of liquid. The bottom connected to a valve, and the valve connected to a clear hose that ran up into a pump atop the stage. From the pump, a clear pipe projected out over a circular pool about fourteen feet across.

The other new addition was the hoard of naked women that greeted me. They filled the large white room. A hundred ladies, as Nahid had promised. Not that I counted them, it just looked like a hundred girls. Many were sitting, some were conversing, some standing awkwardly. But when I came in, they all stood up. I heard hushed whispering, gasps, and more than a few expletives.

“They’re here!”

“Is that really him?”

“Do you know of anyone else that big?”

“Holy shit, look at it!”

I smiled at the crowd and raised my voice. “Hello, everyone, I’m Brod Kanayama. You may have heard of me.”

“The monster of Tocobaga Bay!” yelled a brunette.

Nahid shook her head and squinted. “People actually call you that?”

I shrugged. “Did you not believe me?”

She rolled her eyes. “It sounded made-up.”

I chuckled. “Everything about me sounds made-up.”

Nahid shook her head again. “Can’t argue with that.”

I noticed something about the ladies as I looked around. I looked at Nahid and pointed to the door. “Can I talk to you?”

“Uh … okay?”

“Ladies, I apologize, but I need to clear something up with Dr. Ghali!” I announced.

I turned Nahid around and pulled her back into the anteroom. “Nahid, is it me or did you pick all white girls?”

Nahid rolled her eyes. “Last time I checked, you’d fuck anything with a vagina and a pulse. You’ve fucked thousands of white girls.”

I sighed. “That’s not what I meant. Did you just want to see me pound white girls? A lot of them are natural blondes. That’s a recessive trait, I doubt it was an accident.”

She shook her head. “Brod, how much do you know about science? Because it’s best to keep a fairly homogenous population as a sample, at least at first.”

“And why is that?”

“Because, Brod.” Nahid paused to consider how to explain it. “Basically, it has to do with consistency. Once you know you can reliably get an outcome in one group, you can then move on to others. Who knows, I might need you to fuck a thousand women.” She shrugged. “But for now, horny, nubile, haughty little white girls are the sample.”

“How do you know they’re haughty?” I asked. “What if I’ve fucked one of them before?”

“I was very specific about finding girls that hadn’t.”

“Okay, then. Let’s get started, I guess.” I shrugged.

Nahid and I walked back into the main room.

One of the girls yelled when she saw us come in. “Take off your pants, baby!”

Nahid pushed away from me and stood on her own wobbly feet. “Before that, I’m going to explain to everyone how this is going to work. Casibom Before you all get distracted. So! What’s going to happen is that Brod is going to stretch out those cunts, ruining you for—”

I leaned over and elbowed her. “Aren’t you a professional?”

She rolled her eyes. “When he fucks you, we’re going to measure how much of his cock you can take, and then measure how much jizz you get pumped with! Very simple. Don’t worry, once we do the first couple, you’ll all know what to do.”

There was a collective shuffling. A lot of them bit their lips and looked at each other. Some shifted uncomfortably. I could smell them starting to warm up. I could sense the heat creeping between their legs. It was hard to miss, really. My heavy balls stirred. I could feel my sperm mobilizing.

The door opened, and Thalita, Valeska, and Yara came in. As usual, Yara was in the lead of the two much bigger women. And all of them were in swimsuits.

“Everyone’s here, huh?” I asked. “Ladies.”

A few of the girls began to murmur when they saw the Amazons. Thalita smiled and said, “That’s right, we’re here to help with the science! And I promise not to embarrass you, Broddy!” She was wearing a little one-piece green strappy thing.

Valeska looked around the room, crossing her firm arms under her heavy tits. Her golden hair was back in a ponytail, bangs framing her freckled face nicely. “Science, huh?” Her own swimsuit was a skimpy pink two-piece that showed off her powerful frame nicely.

A few of the girls chortled. Yara spoke up. Her beige bikini went nicely with her tan skin, showing off her toned body. “Hello. My name is Dr. Yara Andrade. You’ve already met Dr. Nahid Ghali. This is Thalita Terrazas, and this is Valeska Holmstrom.” She gestured at each in turn. Even wearing next to nothing, she still maintained her commanding poise. I loved it. She continued, “I’m here to help with the ‘science’ part. Thalita and Valeska are here because after having sex with Brod, you will most likely be unable to move all that well.”

“I can’t wait!” yelled a redhead. “I hate moving!”

I grinned at her and said, “I don’t know what you girls have heard about me, but I promise. Over today, I’m going to fuck each and every one of you.” I looked around the audience, making eye contact with one girl, then another, then another. “I’ll make sure all of you are walking like Nahid in a couple days. All those bellies are getting swollen like you’re pregnant. I can’t see one of you that I don’t want to fuck. And it’s all for science! So there’s that. Fuck, does this room smell good right now.”

“Ah … uh … Mr. Brod?” asked a short blonde near the front. She was wearing glasses and shuffling her feet. I could see glistening liquid on her thighs. “How is this going to h-help science? Isn’t it just to help you?”

I chuckled and walked toward her, my balls swaying. My heavy cock pressed up against her thighs through the cloth, warm and pulsing. I lowered my voice as I spoke to her, my rough hands rubbing up along her smooth hips. “I’m gonna pound that womb and make you have more orgasms than all your exes combined.”

“Mmmh…,” she whimpered. “B-but….”

Nahid spoke behind me. “If this works, I’m willing to bet it’s going to be helpful to a lot of women. Think about it. Super-elasticity? For childbirth?” She lifted one leg and gestured with her hand. “Just pop em’ right out! K-chunk!”

A chubby brunette walked up to me. She had a nice face, plush thighs. Plump belly and tits, bit of cellulite around her ass, but that was natural and not something I minded in the least. “I, for one, don’t mind helping our new overlord with science,” she cooed, wrapping her arm around mine. She bit her lip and rubbed her hand over my nut. “I’ve heard so many stories about you,” she sighed. “Is it true that this is the same cock that ruined Courtney Johnston and Eva Haumann right after they shot Cashing Checks for Bears? That’s like, my favorite movie!”

“You fucked them?” asked another blonde, sounding rather incredulous.

I chuckled. “They’re both wonderful women,” I said. “And they both needed some stress release after that movie.”

Thalita came up behind me. “Really?! How did you meet them?! You should have told me!”

“That movie was stupid,” said Valeska.

Thalita glared at her. “Shoosh!”

“Well, you know that they shot parts of that nearby, right? You saw the buildings. They’d heard of me somehow, my agent got a call, one thing lead to another…. Wait. How did you even find out about that?”

The girl shrugged. “I saw a rumor on Twitter. Someone said they’d seen you together. I can’t believe you hook up with A-listers, but you still get with normal girls!”

Nahid rolled her eyes. “Oh, please, he’ll fuck any—” Thalita and I both shot her a glare. She stopped talking.

“So how do we start?” I asked as the girls began to crowd toward me. I inhaled deeply. I was up far earlier than I’d Casibom Giriş like, but the delicious, sweet aroma of all that pussy made it worth it. It was a scent better than any breakfast or coffee.

Nahid rolled up a chair and plopped down heavily. “Alright, ladies.” She sighed. Her dark thighs parted slightly. Whiteness leaked out from between them, though Nahid herself didn’t notice.

At least not until the bespectacled blonde said something. “Is that his cum?”

Nahid looked down. “Oh! Dammit, Brod!”

I chuckled.”I came in her a few days ago,” I said to the gathered women. “So, what were you saying, Nahid?”

Nahid waved her tablet. I noticed that she’d put what appeared to be a large, watertight case over it. A good idea. “Anyway, I have a randomized list here to order things. Unfortunately, your normal orgies are too uncontrolled for my purposes, Brod.”

Yara spoke up now. “Once Brod determines that he can’t fit any more of his cock into you, we’ll—”

“Oh, let’s just get started!” blurted out Dr. Ghali. “What do you all think?”

“Hell yeah!” said the brunette I’d just been talking to. It seemed most of the girls agreed with her, too.

I shrugged. “Fine with me.” I grinned and slipped my shirt off, throwing it at Nahid’s head. She batted it away. Then I took my sandals off. I hooked my thumbs into my waistband.

I began to slide my shorts down. The drawstring retracted. The synthetic cloth slipped over the contours of my massive package. I saw the women biting their lips and clenching their hands, eyes focused entirely on my emerging length. Slowly, my neat black bush was revealed, then the base of my cock. Then, inch after leg-thick inch slipped out. I heard gasps. My cock just kept going and going and going. Now the curve of my massive nuts became visible, each easily bigger than my head, bigger than a volleyball.

“Mmmh-hhannnmmh!” whimpered the blonde in glasses, wiggling in place. I looked at her as I freed myself from my shorts. I kicked them at Nahid’s head.

“Dammit, Brod!” she yelled. “Stop that!”

I saw clear trails down the blonde’s thighs, much more than before. In fact, I could see slick nectar visibly rolling down many pairs of legs, the scent and heat in the room increasing, filling my nose with their need. I sighed. I love the slow reveal. Even when the girls think they know what to expect, even after doing it countless times, I still love seeing their faces—not to mention their dripping.

As soon as I had my cock out, the hoard closed in. I was enveloped in a press of naked, female bodies as far as I could see. Their warm breasts and thighs pushed up against my flesh—especially that of my cock and nuts.

In front of me, they fell to their knees as if I was some kind of monarch. I felt their hands rubbing over my cock, lifting it, more of them grabbing handfuls of my balls.

The blonde gasped. “It’s so heavy! It’s like a person!”

The chubby brunette looked at my cock with wide, sparkling eyes, her mouth hanging open. “Oh my gaaaaawd! I’m rubbing the cock that wrecked Eva Haumann and Courtney Johnston!”

My organ was quickly responding to the press of warm bodies. I still didn’t completely buy Nahid’s explanation about choosing only white girls, but honestly, what woman-loving man is going to be upset by literally a hundred horny women mobbing them? Especially when you’re a man who can actually take advantage of that many dripping cunts.

The ones nearest to me had to back away to make room for my growing two-foot-four-inch length, hot dollops of precum starting to drip onto their skin. I wrapped each of my thick, powerful arms around one of the girls and grabbed handfuls of their asses as their hands explored me. Then I called out, “Who’s on first?!”

“What’s on second?!” yelled Thalita.

“We are not doing this!” I called back. About four different tongues were lapping at the melon-sized head of my monstrous cock, sucking my precum from it. I let out an appreciative growl.

“Tamara McBride, you’re up first!” yelled Nahid.

“I don’t know who that is, but I’m heading to the bed!” I yelled. “Ladies, please?” I chuckled, plowing my way through the crowd cock-first. My slippery, dripping monster rubbed against legs and bellies, my nuts swinging and bumping them. Many of them reached out to touch my cock as I threaded my way through the crowd. Fingers and palms came away with pre.

When I climbed the steps to our stage, I could see a hole which lead into the container connected to the pump. There were also a few plastic chairs. Near the corner of the stage was a small table with another case-clad tablet, bottles of water, and a cloth tape measure.

I also found a short, pear-shaped redhead waiting for me. She had wide hips, a soft belly, and a set of D-cups. Her pubic hair was a fiery jungle and there were stretch marks on her thighs and stomach. She placed her hands in front of her crotch, then in front Casibom Yeni Giriş of her belly, then crossed them. The closer I got, the more she shuffled, before finally putting her hands on her hips and cocking them, apparently deciding to try out a sexy pose.

I put my rough hands on her wide hips, and I ran my eyes slowly up and down her body. My heavy cock pushed up against her belly, drawing out a gasp. “You don’t have to try, I already think you’re beautiful,” I told her.

“Oh, uh, what a nice thing to say!” She grinned. “I … hi! I’m Tamara!” she said. “I don’t know if you remember me, but there was a party, and you were with a bunch of girls, and … uh, well, I know like, what happens when a bunch of girls are left alone with you.” She giggled.

“I’m sorry, but there were so many people around, and my attention is usually on the girl I’m with. Right now, though, that’s you,” I told her.

“Uh … oh wow!” She looked down at my cock. “Hello!” She giggled and looked up at me. “Um … wh-what should I do?” Tamara shuffled slightly. I could see how wet she was, her pale thighs slick. “Oh, I should have shaved … or waxed … I’m sorry! I didn’t—”

“Shoosh, I don’t care if you’re fuzzy,” I chuckled and pointed at the bed. “Bend over. I’m gonna fuck that hairy little pussy.”

Tamara gulped. “This is like a story,” she whispered, before turning around and bending over, perking her ass up. “Like thi— ooh!”

I grabbed her ass and pushed my cock up against her dripping cunt. My fingers sank into the flesh as I began rolling my hips, grinding the tip against her heat, my own juices mixing with hers, staining the mattress, rolling in thick sheets down her thighs and calves.

Tamara bit her lip and whimpered. She began to move with me, pushing backward till her pussy began spreading. I grunted, feeling my tip slipping into her, pumping hot pre into her cunt. I could smell her hot need, hear her whimpering. Her eyes were wet as she looked back at me. She spread further, further, more than any girl had a right to, pink flesh stretching like latex till finally schplop! I groaned, feeling my massive head pop into her.

She quaked and reached down to touch the bulge of my cock in her lower belly. “Haaaahh! Fuck, it’s so big! So b-b-fuuuck!” I felt her tighten, saw her toes curl, saw he fingers grip the bed, and skllrrrt! Skllrrrt! Skllrrrt! Fresh, boiling-hot cunt-nectar sprayed out around my cock, coating it in a slick, slippery layer, fluid splattering on my stomach as Tamara came hard, her organs quivering around mine. “Oh, wow!” she panted. Sklllrt! Skllrrt…. She looked over her shoulder, biting her lip, eyes half-lidded and far-away. “D-didn’t know just entering could orgasm….”

I smiled at her. “You won’t forget today. None of you will.” My fingers tightened around her waist and I began slowly moving my hips. The seal was so tight around my cock that my motions rocked her back and forth in time with me. At least until I gripped her more firmly. My fingers dug into her flesh as I began to stagger our movements. Schllrk-schllrk-schllrrk. I felt her loosening, felt my cock pushing deeper and deeper, cupfuls of steaming-hot pre and her own juices leaking out around my girth.

I heard footsteps behind me. I looked back to find Yara standing there, smiling as she watched. “Good, you’re doing well, Brod. And you, Tamara.” I have never lacked for confidence, but I love Yara’s praise. I suppose it’s part of our dom/sub thing.

I panted as I began to pump harder. A puddle of our juices was building up on the floor. Tamara’s feet lost traction. She mewled, closing her eyes tightly as she pushed her face into the bed, pulling at the sheets. My cock sunk in, millimeter by agonizing millimeter, stretching her tunnel to inhuman degree.

I could hear her mewling needily. “Hah … hah … Brod! Oh. Brod! B-Brroooood!” Skllrtch-skllrrtch-skllrrtch! She began to cum again, howling, spraying me with more nectar, allowing my massive organ to abruptly plow forward, slamming against her cervix. It bowed inward. WHUMP! Tamara went limp, her eyes fluttering, biting her lower lip as her orgasm went volcanic, spraying juices all over my legs and belly. GLLRSCH! GLLRSCH! GLLRSCH! I felt her cervix bow. My cock lurched forward. Her womb stretched out like a balloon. Tamara made a quiet little humming noise. “Mmmh … hmmm … mmmh!” And she just kept cumming!

I grabbed her thighs, pulling them up to my hips, and I began to fuck her wheelbarrow style. I rolled my hips, pulled her back with my shoulders, my muscles glistening in the light as I pounded her. My heavy nuts swung and thumped against the bed. I felt the fleshy, hot little chamber stretching to welcome my cantaloupe-sized crown.

Tamara tightened, whimpering as she came yet again, right on top of the last orgasm, spraying more of her juices onto me. I sighed in pleasure as that hot little pussy squeezed and rippled around my girth.

“Holy shit,” said one of the girls down in the audience. I didn’t see who. “She’s cum like twenty times!”

“My god, it’s so big! Bigger than a horse!” gasped another. “You can see it bulging in her stomach!”

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