Brother-Sister Bonding and B-ball


Matt came home tired after an exhausting game of basketball. He lived alone with his sister in their apartment. Drenched in sweat, he took a relaxing shower. After drying off, Matt found wrapped a towel around him and went into his bedroom to get dressed. Dropping the towel on the floor, Matt opened his dresser and retrieved a pair of plaid boxer shorts. Suddenly, there was a knock at his door.

“Just a second”, Matt stammered as he quickly pulled on his boxers.

“OK, you can come in.”

Katie, his twin sister, entered the room. She looked at Matt, and a rather odd expression came over her face.

Katie gazed at Matt’s rather lean body frame. She touched his abs with her hand briefly, and then pulled it away.

“Wow, the ladies must really like you” she remarked nervously. Matt was a little puzzled. Katie seemed pretty nervous, and had been acting nicer towards him these past few days than she usually did. Matt and Katie had always been closer than most siblings are, but Katie had recently started to become very sweet towards Matt.

“Well… anyway… I just came in here to get my cell phone. I left it in here when you were helping me with my homework. Hey, if you don’t mind, can I play basketball with you sometime? I know I’m not really good, but if you have nothing to do, maybe we can do that.”

Matt smiled. “Sure, how about tomorrow?” Much to his surprise, Katie hugged him tightly, her fingers stroking his bare back. Much to Matt’s embarrassment, he suddenly began to get an erection. He hoped Katie wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately, he was wearing boxers, and not jeans. A few seconds later, Katie broke her embrace and took a step back. Matt frantically tried to turn around and pretend to be doing something. Unfortunately, his penis popped out of the hole in the front of his boxers. Katie glanced down and smiled.

“I guess you will be showing me some moves tomorrow… on the basketball court.” Katie left the room.

Matt was red with embarrassment. What really puzzled him though was Katie’s reaction. He tried not to think about it that night. The next day, Matt took Katie to the basketball court in their neighborhood. He showed her some of his moves. As they were playing, he noticed that Katie was Escort Bayan playing a very aggressive defense. Anywhere he went, she was right there on him, a few times even pressing her ass up against him. Matt didn’t mind. It didn’t take long for the game to become very physical. Matt and Katie began bumping up against each other more frequently. Both siblings were aware of this, but neither gave any indication of this awareness.

After about an hour, Matt and Katie were drenched in sweat and out of breath. Katie grabbed her brother’s hand and suggested that they go back inside. Once they were back in the apartment, Matt said he needed a shower and asked Katie if she wanted to go before or after him. Katie turned around to face Matt. Her eyes were trying to say something, but her mouth just wasn’t forming the words. After a few seconds of silence, she placed her hands on his sweaty shoulders. Matt was puzzled but he remained silent. Katie quickly glanced into Matt’s eyes for a brief second, and then without warning, she leaned in and kissed him right on the lips. It was a tender kiss that took both of them by surprise.

Katie turned without a word and headed to the bathroom. She stepped inside and took off her clothes without bothering to close the door behind her. Rather than taking a shower, she turned on the faucet to fill the bathtub so that she could take a relaxing bath instead. Katie sat naked on the edge of the tub while it was filling up. Matt walked by the open door, and stopped suddenly when he saw his naked sister out of the corner of his eye. He turned towards her and was frozen speechless. Katie smiled at him. The tub was full, so Katie shut off the water and lowered herself into the water.

There was no soap in the water yet, so it was clear, and Matt could still see her naked breasts shimmering from below the water. Katie motioned with her finger to come over to the tub.

“Come on, Matt. Take a bath with me. You know this is what we both want.” Matt hesitated.

“But… Katie, this isn’t right. You are my sister.”

Katie understood his fears because she shared them herself, but she also had conflicting feelings that were getting the best of her.

“It’s OK, Matt. I understand, but we are 18 years old now. We are adults, and we can interact with each other like adults. You are my brother and I love you very much. You are the only family I have. You also happen to anatomically compatible with me, so just get in here and let’s have some brother-sister bonding time. I promise you will enjoy it.”

Matt relented and began to pull off his shirt as he muttered under his breath. “Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of”.

Katie gazed at Matt’s abs as his shirt came off. Matt felt a little uncomfortable undressing in front of his sister when she was already full naked and waiting for him. He kicked off his shoes and socks next. He then lowered his jeans, which elicited a smile from Katie upon seeing the front of Matt’s boxers stretched out by the bulge in front. After taking a deep breath, Matt flashed his sister a grin as he dropped his boxers to his ankles and kicked them off.

His cock was fully erect and pointed directly at Katie, who was busy stimulating her pussy under the water. Matt was quickly becoming more comfortable with what was happening. He stepped over the edge of the tub and into the water with his right foot, purposely slapping Katie’s face with his erect cock. He then lowered himself to the bottom of the tub and laid himself down next to Katie.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her naked body close to his own. He turned towards his sister and kissed her affectionately.

“I love you, Katie.” This display of affection was returned. Katie placed the palm of her hand against Matt’s chest.

“I love you too, my brother.” Katie moved her hand from Matt’s chest down to his cock. She wrapped her fingers around it.

“OK, Matt, it’s time to take this all the way.” She directed Matt into a slightly sitting position, with his back against the back wall of the tub.

Katie sat down on top of Matt facing him, her legs wrapped around his torso. Matt gripped her sides and helped her lower herself onto his cock. Both of them gasped as Matt’s cock slid into Katie’s pussy. Matt pulled Katie close to his body. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her tightly. She rested her body on his, with her head on his shoulder.

The two siblings worked in unison. With gentle movements, Katie’s body slowly moved up and down on Matt’s cock. Both siblings were overcome with new feelings and sensations. They no longer cared that they were related. They were just caught up in the moment, wishing they could stay like that forever. Matt placed his hands on Katie’s ass to help guide her motions. His fingers gently kneaded her buttocks.

They continued on like this in total silence, except for their breathing. After a few minutes, Katie began to gasp. Matt hugged her even more tightly as her body started to quiver. Her movements also brought him over the edge, and they both held onto each other tightly as they orgasmed silently.

Neither spoke or moved. They just held onto each other until the water got cold. Finally, Katie lifted herself off of Matt and suggested they dry off and go to bed. Matt knew what was coming next. They quickly dried off with a towel. Neither of them put on pajamas. Instead, they just ran out of the bathroom naked.

“My room or yours?”


The two siblings ran into Matt’s room. Katie dove onto Matt’s bed. She rested her knees on the bed, and then bent over so that her shoulders were also touching the bed. This left her ass poking up and out, giving Matt a most spectacular view. Katie had a really gorgeous ass. Matt patted her ass firmly with his hand.

“I don’t know whether to climb up there or spank your cute ass.” Katie giggled.

“The spanking can come some other time. We have to be really naughty first.”

Matt climbed up behind Katie and rested his elbows next to her head. He inserted his cock into her offered up pussy and began slowly. He soon built up momentum, going at a faster pace than they had in the tub. Katie was certainly enjoying it though. The bedsprings started to creak loudly as Matt continued to thrust deep into his sister. She moaned loudly as it grew more intense.

Suddenly she screamed in ecstasy, followed shortly by Matt going off inside her. Matt rolled off of her and collapsed on the bed next to her. They smiled at each other. Things would be different between them, but it would be a good change. It was a little cold in the room, but Katie kicked the blankets onto the floor. She cuddled up to Matt for heat. The two siblings fell asleep with their naked bodies in each other’s arms, their virginity given to each other.

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