Bukket Ch. 02


I reached the store exactly at 3. The woman at the counter showed me a door at the side of the store. I knocked and entered. A man in mid-thirties was sitting behind a table. He rose and came towards me as I entered.

“Rob. Rob Jonas,” he shook my hand. “Pleased to meet you.”

I just smiled and sat on a chair drawn by him. He took his seat as well. I silently took out the DVDs from my handbag and put them on the table. For some reason I found it difficult to look up to him.

“You can keep them longer if you want,” said Rob. “However, I would be much obliged if you tell me your real name.”

I knew this would come. I had also decided that I should tell him my name. He had already seen me and already knew a lot of private stuff about me.

“Evelyn,” I replied, looking at the table.

“Evelyn.” He tasted the name on his tongue. “Only Evelyn?”

“Evelyn Dalehood.”

“Thank you! Now Mrs. Dalehood…”

“Please call me Evelyn.” I stopped him on his track. I simply did not want to be called by Alec’s name here. Whatever I am doing here, it is me and myself who was involved in it. It was me, the individual me and not the wife of Alec Dalehood. His name should not be dragged in this connection.

The smile on his face was all too understanding. Then he took out a piece of paper from a drawer and I saw it was the form I was asked to fill on the first day. He wrote my name on it. Then said,

“Now may we have the address?” I sat there undecided. He said, “We could send films directly to your place, you know.”

Oh, anyway they could find my address! I pulled the form towards me and wrote it down. As I looked at the now almost filled up form I suddenly saw what was amiss. That day I had the feeling that it was incomplete. Now I could see it. There was no field for gender. The person was not asked to write male or female. That could mean only one thing.

“This,” I showed him the form, “this is only for women. You do not give it to the guys.”

“True. Very true.”

“Why only women?”

“Not only women, but women of your age group,” he said. “Between 32 to 35, to be precise.”

“Being married is also a criteria, I guess.”

“Sure it is!” he said. “So you see…Evelyn…you fit the bill perfectly.”

Yes I could see that clearly. I was bang in the middle of their target group. But before I could say anything, he had moved on,

“What do you do for a living, Evelyn?”

“I run a bookstore. There is a café too.”

“I see. So you have people reading books in front of you whole day.”

“I wish!” I said with feeling. “The café is always full of students. They always come in pairs and have only one thing in mind. If you know what I mean.”

“Oh I do! Then why don’t you try to get rid of them? Turn it into a booklovers club or something?”

“Wish I had that many book loving customers.” I said.

He smiled too. Then said, “I hope my movies have helped you to unwind a little.”

“Oh Casibom sure!” I smiled too. “Do you have any more?” I tried to sound casual.

“Yes.” He replied thoughtfully. “I have something a bit stronger.” He took out a DVD from a shelf behind him and placed it on the table. “This is a bukkake film. Know what that is?”

I vaguely remembered hearing the name. But I could not remember what it actually was. I told him so. He replied,

“Many men ejaculating over one woman. That is called bukkake.”

Now I remembered. I had heard about it all right. I said, “Oh yes I think I have heard about it. It goes with some gangbang or such things, right?” I laughed.

“It does not have to go with anything else,” was all that he said. Then he simply pushed the DVD towards me and said, “You can watch it here in the next room. It is empty and there is a TV set.”

As I picked up the DVD and was about to rise, he said, “Just a minute. I have one last question.”

I looked at him. He looked back straight at me and asked, “What do you like most in a cumshot, Evelyn?”

Color rose to my cheeks. I was not going to talk about such things with this man. But he was waiting very patiently.

“Surely you have had it sometimes?” he prodded again.

“Yes,” was all I said.

“So what did you like the most?” He asked again.

I saw there was no avoiding the question. “The taste,” I murmured and got up. He got up too and opened another door, went in and switched on the TV set. He took the DVD from me and put it on the player.

“As usual, try to imagine yourself in her place,” he said and left.

I sat down on the single chair as the film started. There was a mid-twenties girl sitting on a floor and playing with herself and there were…I could not believe my eyes! I blinked and looked again. There were at least 30 men standing there. My jaw must have dropped to the floor. I was sitting on the edge of the seat. The girl stopped playing with her body and knelt on the floor. The men came forward and one of them shot immediately onto her face. She licked it off. The second one came on his heel. Then the third one. I could not breath properly. This girl just had three cumshots on her face in less than thirty seconds. I could not even dare to imagine myself in her place. When I looked at the number of men waiting in queue I thought I would faint. Is she really going to take so much? I couldn’t even see it! After I think the eighth shot I had started to shut my eyes when the shots landed on her face. How can somebody take so much of sperm?

After about fifteen shots the girl was semi drenched in jizz. I decided it was enough for me. I jumped up and opened the door. I came out into Rob’s office. He was sitting behind the table. I felt mildly disoriented. I grabbed the edge of the table for support.

I waited for my breathing rate to come down to allow me to speak. Finally I just muttered, “I can’t see it. This is too much. I…just…can’t.” Casibom Giriş He did not say a word. There was an awkward pause. Then I said, “I should go now,” and walked out.

I came home in a state of trance. As this was a Sunday, my store was closed. It was a relief for me, as I was in no mental state to face people. I came home, kicked my shoes and went straight into the bedroom. I collapsed on the bed still clutching my handbag. After a while I slept off. When I awoke, it was evening. I was still wearing the denim trouser and the sweater I had put on before leaving. I got up and slipped out of the clothes. I took a cold bath, changed and made coffee. I also realized that I felt rather empty for some reasons. Finally I went out and had a long walk to nowhere in particular.

I slept badly that night. I did not expect anything else. I woke up and made breakfast mechanically. I felt depressed. I almost felt like a kid whose new toy had been taken away forever.

At 10 a.m. I opened my shop and stepped out to check my mails. I stood in front of the box for nearly five minutes holding the only mail I had received. It was a DVD of a bukkake film. As I stepped back into the shop I felt like dark clouds were moving away from my mind. I felt exhilarated. I felt like a kid. I clutched the DVD and sat down on a chair. I sat for a long time and got up only when the first customer arrived.

The day seemed to be infinitely long. Finally I could take it no more and closed shop one hour earlier. I went up and put the DVD straight into the player. Dinner can wait. The film was exactly like the one the day before and my reaction was also exactly same. After twenty minutes the TV was off and I was walking restlessly around my apartment with a bottle of cold water in my hand.

I was not surprised when I took out another DVD from the postbox the next day. I had almost expected it. The same was repeated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And yet I did not manage to sit through a single movie.

Why is this happening? I asked myself a thousand times. I found out that I could watch them if I could manage to watch them indifferently. Not really paying attention. But as soon as I imagined myself in the scenario, the whole world fell apart around me. And putting myself in the scenario had become such a habit for me that I would always end up doing it.

If I could not even imagine it, how were the girls in the movies coping with it? By now I had already watched no less than ten movies and in none of them did the girl show any kind of panic. What was the reason? Or is it only me? Was something special about me?

Now the last question suddenly took a new dimension. For a few moments I sat there like a statue as thoughts and questions and answeres streaked through my brain. They had nothing to do with bukkake. This time I was pondering about all that had happened to me in the last couple of weeks.

The more I thought about it, the more unreal it Casibom Yeni Giriş seemed. I had only wanted to rent a cumshots DVD. And I was asked to fill up a form. Which, as I had discovered later, were only meant for mid-thirties female customers. Why only women of this age? What type of a survey was this? I was such an idiot that I didn’t even ask him about it. And then there came a mail asking for feedback. And the person on the other side did not mind replying to a customer’s mail at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. What survey could be this important?

Then from the next day onwards a special arrangement was made, so that I could simply pick up the films from the cashier. And then I was asked to meet the person in his office and he offered me films on bukkake.

I had walked out. And yet DVDs had arrived.

I realized that I was still in possession of all the DVDs I had watched. They never asked me to give them back.

I also realized that they were not asking for payments. I have not paid for a single DVD as yet.

Stupid, idiot, blind…that is what I was. I had led myself to believe that this was just some feedback survey or some incredibly good customer service that I had somehow hit upon. In reality I had been the stupidest woman on earth.

Rob Jonas’s words echoed in my mind: “You fit the bill perfectly.” I had accepted this remark without a single question. But what did he mean? What bill? Whose bill?

Why am I being offered such exclusive service? Why me? What is so special about me?

Finally I got up and switched on the computer. This was Friday and no mails had come since I had walked out of the store. I opened a new mail and wrote.

Dear Mr. Jonas,

Thank you for all that you have done for me over the last weeks. However, I am afraid that the time has come for some clarifications.

I am in possession of thirteen DVDs from your stores. I have not paid the rent for any of them and I was not even asked to pay. In other words the DVDs were not rented out to me, but they were given as gifts. In addition you had taken time to suggest and select movies for me even though I neither asked for it nor expected it.

Please do not tell me that this is about any survey or some customer service. I will not believe it. Also do not try to tell me that you are doing the same to every female customer of my age, because I know that is not true. Whatever you are doing, you are doing only for me.

Mr. Jonas, I implore you to tell me why you have selected me. What is so special about me? And more importantly, please tell me what you want from me.



I read the mail many times before I hit the send button. This time the reply was not immediate. I waited for more than an hour before I went to bed. Sleep did not come naturally these days. But I have got used to it.

I woke up early in the morning. To my surprise a reply was waiting for me. But it was short.

Keep the Sunday afternoon free. I will pick you up from your home at 2 p.m. You will have all your answers.

Why the hell does he need to pick me up from home? I only wanted some answers. Why do I need to go somewhere? But I had to wait till Sunday to find it.

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