Business Conference

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Business trips are usually pretty boring affairs. You meet with some clients or vendors, grab a meal, have some drinks and maybe watch a little porn on the company dime in the hotel. Conferences aren’t much different except there are a lot more people and much more boring meetings all day. The conference I was at this time was in Las Vegas which was better. At least I could break away and hit the casinos when there was some down time. But there was still a certain amount of networking that had to be done. You could get a most of your sales leads for the entire year if you played your cards right.

In one of the hotel ballrooms, they were hosting one such happy hour/schmoozing event. I was really not into it, so I decided that my time would be better spent trying to pick up the project manager of one of the companies with which we worked, Julie. She was blonde and short but was trying to make up for it by wearing super high heels. It made her calfs look fantastic. She was laughing at all my stupid jokes and kept leaning in and touching my arm. She kept great eye contact so I figure this was going to be a done deal after a couple of more drinks and some more flirting.

However, my boss, Sharon, decided to make this trip with me. She was late 30s, tall, not bad looking at all, but she was all business all the time. She was a ball breaker to say the least. Generally people avoided her in the office and small talk wasn’t generally on the menu. She saw me talking to Julie and invited herself into the conversation. Julie and I had all but quit talking about work but Sharon kept trying to steer the conversation back that way. I could tell she had a few drinks under her belt. She wasn’t fall down drunk but she was slurring her works a little bit and was not as steady on her feet. After another drink, Julie clearly had enough. She excused herself and left. So much for that. I looked over at Sharon and shook my head.

“What?” she said. “I was trying to be helpful.” She was smiling, kind of. More of a drunk smirk than a smile really.

“You are coming with me”, I said. The drinks were free so we didn’t have to worry about paying any bill. I grabbed her by her arm just above the elbow and was pushing her out of the ballroom to the elevators. She was having trouble keeping up. She had on a tight grey skirt that stopped just above the knees and didn’t allow for very large steps. Plus she had on heels. I was undaunted though and kept her going towards the elevator. We got to the elevator and I pushed the button.

“What is your room number?” I asked.


The doors opened and I pushed the button for floor twenty-two.

“I don’t know why you are taking me back to my room,” she slurred. “I’m fine. I thought we were making good progress with that account”

I didn’t say anything. The door opened on her floor and I began moving her down the hall. We got to the front of her door.

“Open it,” I said. She complied and stuck her key card in the reader. The door unlocked and I pushed her through the door. She stumbled a little but caught herself on the corner of the bed. It was a standard hotel room with two queen beds, a large screen tv on the right sitting on top of a dresser and a bathroom to the left just as you entered the room. Just past the dresser was a small desk for working. After she caught her balance she looked back at me. I had gotten more and more angry as we made our way up to her room. She ruined my shot with Julie, but more important, she was an insufferable bitch to work for and I was getting sick of it.

“I don’t give a shit about that account. I was trying to get laid. I had it under control before you came over and fucked it up for me. Now, you are going to make that up to me.” She looked completely shocked. I don’t think many people talked to her that way. “Take your clothes off. Now!” I was really boiling over at this point and she wasn’t moving fast enough. I walked over to where she was, grabbed her blouse by the collar and ripped the buttons off her shirt. I tore the rest of shirt down from behind her and yanked her bra up over her head without removing the clasps. She had a nice pair of breasts not that you would know from the conservative business wear that she usually wore. I turned her around and unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. No panties. But she was wearing a garter and stockings which I left her in.

I told her to get on her knees while I was simultaneously pushing her down there by her shoulders. Once she was kneeling before me, I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I was already getting aroused and was pushing against my boxers. I stepped out of those too and was standing right in front of her, my cock just inches from her face.

“Start sucking,” I told her. She reach up to take hold of me and I stopped her. “No hands.”

She looked at me but didn’t say anything and started to put my cock in her mouth. I was fully erect now though and she was having trouble. She reached up to grab my cock again. “Are you fucking deaf? Or just stupid? I said no hands. Maybe you need some help to remember.”

I went over to the desk and pulled out the complimentary ethernet cable that they kept in the drawer. This was an extra long one which was fortunate. I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her so that her elbows were touching and tied her arms together with the cable. It was not the best tool to make a knot but it was good and tight. I walked back in front of her. “Try again.” This time, with no hands at all to help her, she lifted herself up just a little to get her mouth over my cock. Once it was in, she pulled it back down so that it was parallel to the floor and in her mouth.

She wasn’t taking it in very far and this was just making my frustration grow. konya escort “Is that the best you can do?” She just looked up and me with my cock in her mouth and didn’t respond. I grabbed the back of her head and started shoving it farther down my shaft. I could hear her start to gag a little but didn’t let up. She started coughing and I pull back just a little bit. When the coughing stopped, I shoved it back in her throat as far as I could. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. I was get more and more turned on now. I started really fucking her throat hard now. She had her mouth open as wide as she could get it and I was pounding away. She still gagged with every thrust and I could see tears starting to form in her eyes. Saliva was was running down my cock and balls and was dripping onto the floor. I felt myself getting ready to cum so I started pumping faster and harder. My cock was literally as far down her throat with each thrust as I could get it. I pulled out and came right on her face.

I took a step back to see what I had done. Her face was a mix of cum, saliva and tears. She was still kneeling down in from of the bed with her arms tied tightly behind her back. I told her not to move and not to wipe away any of the cum on her face. I opened up the mini bar and opened up little bottle of bourbon. I figured while I was at it, I might as well have a drink on the company. Next to the mini bar, Sharon’s suitcase was sitting on a stand and was open. I started going though it. She just looked at me and still hadn’t moved. It was the usually travel fare, but I did uncover, in one of the zipper pockets, a vibrator. I pulled it out and showed it to Sharon.

“You little whore,” I said. “Were you planning on using this tonight?” She nodded. “Well, I don’t want you to miss out on that. Get on the bed. On your knees and put your face on the mattress.” She did as she was told. I moved behind her and felt her pussy. She was very wet.

“I see you like getting your throat fucked.” She nodded just slightly. I turned on her vibrator and rubbed it over the lips of her pussy and then to her clit. She moaned just a little bit so I left it there. I was standing next to the bed looking down at her ass. I leaned over and rubbed her asshole with my finger. There was no lube so I used some spit. I got my finger right up in there. I kept the vibrator firmly placed against her clit. I slowly move my finger in an out of her asshole until it loosened a little. Then I stuck in two fingers. Waited a little and then three. All the while the vibrator was going. It didn’t take long and Sharon was having a full blown orgasm. I kept the vibrator right where it was. She tried to pull away from it but I increased the pressure against her clit.

“Sensitive are we? If you try to move away from the vibrator again, you will regret it.” She stayed still. I kept fingering her ass as well. I was up to four fingers and was stretching her ass out. She was still on her knees, ass in the air with her messed up face down on the mattress. She was coming again and moaning louder now. When her shuddering stopped, she started to pull away from the vibrator again.

“I told you not to do that.” I took my fingers out of her ass and kept the vibrator firmly on her clit. I saw her computer bag next to the bed and opened it up. I pulled out her power cord and made about an eighteen inch loop. She looked back at me with her eyes wide. I took the cord and smacked her across her right ass cheek. A red welt formed right away and Sharon tensed up. I then hit the left and went back and forth until both cheeks were bright red with a few dark red welts visible. The whole while the vibrator was still going. “Are you going to move again?” I heard a little whimper and she shook her head.

My cock was fully hard again. I turned Sharon over so she was laying on her still bound arms. I got up on the bed and straddled her face with my balls hanging right over her mouth. The cum I had shot on there earlier was now hardening up but I did see that some had come off on the bed. I put the vibrator back on her lit which made her squirm just a little but she didn’t pull away. “Lick my ass,” I told her. I felt her warm wet tongue reach out and find my asshole. She wasn’t going to disobey me this time. I could feel her hot breath on my skin while she tried to jam her tongue all the way up my ass. She started to cum again and this caused her to lick my ass even more forcefully. I took the vibrator away from her clit and turned it off. I moved off from the top of her.

“Are you ready to have my cock in your pussy now, whore?” She nodded. I flipped her back over so she was up on her knees. Her ass looked blistered with the welts. I grabbed her bound arms and pulled her towards my cock. It slid right in her wet pussy. I wasted no time getting up to speed with a full pounding. Each time I thrust my cock in there, my thighs hit her bright red ass. She winced every single time. I kept pulling her by her arms so I could get as deep in her as I could. Right before I was about to cum, I pulled out and moved to her front again. I blew another load right in her face. But this time, she opened her mouth so she could take it all in. I stuck my cock in her mouth so she could get the rest. I had her suck my cock clean until there was no more cum to be found.

I told her to stay still while I got dressed. I slowly put back on my clothes while she knelt there on the bed. Once I got dressed, I cam over and untied her arms. I could tell her shoulders were sore and that she was relieved to have them released. I told her to go get in the shower and clean herself up. While she was in there, I took a couple of more bottles of booze from the fridge and headed back to my room. I didn’t see her the next morning at the conference breakfast but I did see her later at the evenings happy hour. I was talking up Julie again when I saw Sharon on the other side of the room. This time she didn’t come over but she did give me a coquettish smile and headed to the elevators.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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