Camera in the Wall Ch. 02


Chapter 02 of several. No consummation yet, that comes later, just mutual masturbation.

Please no comments about editing unless you make an offer of help, my thanks to Dave for what he has done to make this work.


I’m a 45 year old nurse, divorced for nearly six years.

I have two married daughters who have fled the nest and a son of 22 who is very artistic and makes a good living, mostly painting commercial murals. When he is at home he spends much of his time on his computers, some of it designing his artwork but he often stays up to 3am. I was getting a bit worried with all the issues that seem to be around at the moment, such as grooming, but he’s always defensive and agitated whenever I raise it with him. On several occasions I have entered his room without knocking but he always manages to clear the screen before I get far enough into the room to see it.

I got home from work one night and Sammy had rearranged his room to give himself a lot more space. The computer screen was now facing directly away from the door so there was no chance at all of me seeing the screen.

We don’t spend much time together due to my shifts which are mostly graveyard or nights and when we are together, which is usually mealtimes, we don’t have that much small talk.

One day I was talking to some very good friends of mine about it and the husband suggested I secretly put a camera in his room so I can see the screen. Now that was not such a bad idea as I have a very old CCTV system on a VCR in my bedroom and by chance I had only three cameras on there and adding the fourth, which I had laying around, was not hard. The difficulty was where to place the camera where Sammy would not see it. The only place seemed to be on some shelving but the camera was so big, it stuck out like a sore thumb. The solution was really simple in the end. We’d had the heating system replaced and the old pipes which ran at ceiling height were removed leaving two holes into the cupboard beside his bedroom. I managed to position the camera in amongst the junk on the top shelf and be completely invisible.

I went to my room and checked the view, it was very restricted as the walls are made of four by two timber frames, covered both sides with tongue and groove boards and the holes are one and a quarter inches diameter. The view I had was mostly black with the hole in the wall occupying about fifteen percent of the width of the image, the height was even worse. However I could see the screen but it was very small, I even wondered if his head would obscure that.

I went off to do my 6pm to 2am shift. When I returned Sammy’s light was on but there was no sound coming from his room. I debated for a while and eventually barged into his room but as always he’d cleared his screen before the door was fully open. I said goodnight and closed the door, showered and sat on the end of the bed to look at the new camera. I wound the tape back and went through it on fast forward. Initially it looked like he was watching porn but to be honest what I could see was so small it could have been something else. Later there appeared to be text scrolling up the left of the screen and the right side looked pale blue. There was a smaller window open on the right which for most of the time appeared to be dark with a couple of bright spots, near the end it got brighter and I could see some movement, it could have been a webcam. His head obscured parts of the screen to some degree, depending on his position and judging by the way his head and shoulder bobbed around, it was apparent he masturbated twice.

I stuck with the system for several nights and the pattern seemed to be fairly standard, porn first then the text and half blue screen. At some stage the second window would appear.

When I had some time on my hands and Sammy was out at work, I was able to remove the board from the cupboard side of the wall. This allowed the camera to be repositioned and the image was now nearly full screen, but his screen was not any bigger or clearer though. I found a date on the camera ‘April 1982’. It was over 30 years old and I decided I needed to get a better camera or at least a better lens. I found a pair of cameras on eBay which were two years old and fitted with zoom lens too. Within fifteen minutes of finding them, I had won them for under eleven pounds including post.

Much to my surprise they arrived Eskort Bayan around 1pm the following day and I wasted no time installing one. The lens allowed me to zoom so his monitor filled about thirty percent of the image and I could clearly read the word Samsung. I started work at 6pm wondering what I would find on the tape when I returned.

I returned home around 2.30am, made coffee, pushed rewind and had a shower. Sitting on the end of the bed I pushed play. Much to my disappointment the camera had moved and I could see the top two thirds of the left side of Sammy’s screen.

He switched his computer on about 8pm and was doing his artwork, social media & emails etc. About 11pm he googled for ‘porn mature woman fuck boy’ and watched a series of videos featuring women between forty and sixty and men between twenty and forty at a guess. I must say I found them to be quite exciting and soon found I had my fingers stuffed up inside my pussy and playing with myself. Most of the videos seemed to depict a woman catching a younger man doing something erotic or naughty like watching porn, spying on others in the act of something or simply masturbating over a magazine or picture of the woman.

Around 1am he went on the Literotica website and clicked on ‘Stories’ then ‘Mature’ and read several stories. They were all about a young man having sex with an older woman and I must confess I was very turned on as I sat there naked playing with my pussy, and gave myself two or three little orgasms. I was very disappointed when he suddenly closed the site and his email inbox was displayed for a couple of minutes at around 2.30am.

I whizzed the tape forward until he again opened the Literotica site and this time he opened ‘Stories’ then ‘Incest/Taboo’ and he also opened another window to the right of the screen, sadly it was only a small corner I could see and had no idea what it was for. Sammy kept getting his head in the way so I could only read small snippets of the story but it was about a divorced woman seducing her son. I was pounding my pussy really hard to that one and struggled to not let out my loud whimpering that I normally do when I cum so hard.

He closed his computer down about 3am then the light went off, I set the VCR to twenty-four hour record and went to sleep at 5am.

The following night was almost a repeat except he googled for ‘tattoo woman fuck’ and watched bits of several videos, then he searched for ‘tattoo mature woman fuck’. After several short videos or videos that he skipped through quickly he found one where a woman of about fifty-five to sixty with tattoos over most of her body and piercings in most of the places that can be pierced entertained three men with some amazing piercings. The video lasted an hour and the four characters did pretty much everything, including double anal with heavily pierced cocks. Initially I was not impressed but by the end I was well into it and had masturbated myself to a number of gorgeous orgasms.

Sammy closed the porn on the computer around 2.30am, about the time I came home and he opened Literotica about ten minutes later, that was when I was in my room winding back the tape and showering. Again the second box was opened but the content was out of my view. Again Sammy was reading ‘Mature stories’, these were all about older women/younger men. Again like the night before, he turned his reading to the Incest/Taboo section and read a number of the stories. Most of them are of course completely far fetched, I mean how many women really want to have sex with someone half their age or less? Even more ridiculous, how many people engage in incestuous sex?

I tried hard to follow the stories he was reading but I struggled because the text was only just legible and he kept being in the way. All the time it was obvious he was masturbating by the way I could see his head and shoulders moving. This made me realise that I was doing the same with several fingers jammed in my pussy. I had several gentle orgasms and right at the end before I watched his computer being shut down I had the massive orgasm, the one that immediately makes me want to fall asleep. I used the toilet and then slept soundly, dreaming of my son masturbating.

It was several days before I was home alone for long enough to reposition the camera. As bad luck would have it, Sammy spent a lot of time away from home after that so there was nothing for me to see. However I realised that my fears of Sammy’s safety were unfounded as all he seemed to be doing was looking at porn.

Monday I arrived home from a 4pm to midnight shift, headed for the shower then sat on the end of the bed with a massive glass of wine and wound the tape back about three hours. I watched at eight times speed until I saw the entry in the search box, now running at normal speed I saw: ‘mature mother fucking son’. He watched a number of videos and I could tell he was masturbating by his movements. I was doing the same but I wasn’t sure why I was getting so turned on, whether it was seeing the videos or witnessing him masturbating. He shut the window down around the time I got to my bedroom. Five minutes later he opened Literotica, went straight to Incest/Taboo, selected a story and opened the second window.

“FUCK” was my first reaction, “That little shit!” I said a bit quieter when I realised he probably heard me swear. I was fuming and felt like running to his room to beat the living daylight out of him. The extra box he opened was a camera in my room! I realised immediately from the view of my bed where he had hidden it and I didn’t need to, or even think to look up to the hole in the wall between our rooms where the pipes had been removed.

I saw me return from the shower and sit on the bed but what didn’t show in the view Sammy had was what I was looking at, as I use the same screen for TV, CCTV and my computer. I immediately got a nighty from the drawer and put it on out of the cameras view and returned to watch the tape. I sat there for a few minutes just thinking about what was happening here. It never occurred to me that he would think to use a similar hiding place to spy on me as I had to spy on him. I saw the Literotica story slowly work its way up the screen and me playing with myself two hours before. I must confess it turned me on seeing myself playing with my breasts and nipples, rubbing my pussy and getting several fingers inside. I had several small orgasms which were blatantly obvious and I loved seeing myself in that state. Currently my pussy was dripping but I refused to touch it as I was now acutely aware I was being watched.

I saw me moving away from the bed and return wearing my nighty, ten minutes later Sammy’s computer was shut down. I changed the tape and started it recording, used the toilet and went to bed. My mind was racing around in turmoil wondering what to do about what has been happening and realised he had moved his room around over two weeks ago, probably just to disguise the camera. I drifted into sleep quickly, dreaming of my son watching me playing with myself. In my dream not only did I see my son watching me but I also saw myself putting on a show for him.

The following evening I was very careful in my room to go to the shower and return dressed in a nighty. I changed the tape without checking it and pressed record then got into bed, falling asleep quickly. The following morning I was awake earlier than usual and checking Sammy was out I went in his room to look at his camera. Not only had he put his wardrobe by the camera but he had also placed a cardboard box on top so the hole and cable were completely hidden.

I suddenly decided I wanted some sort of revenge for spying on me and wondered if I could get a view of Sammy through the holes between our rooms as opposed to the hole I was already using the other side of his room from the cupboard. There is only one hole on my side of the wall, the second hole on Sammy’s side was much higher and went into the loft space above my room. From the loft I looked through the ‘spare’ hole, the view was badly obstructed by the box on top of the wardrobe but I balanced the second camera in place and plugged it into the CCTV recorder in place of one of the outside cameras. I moved the cardboard box very slightly, maybe only a quarter inch, further back on the wardrobe which just improved the view without revealing his hidden camera.

When I got home that night I went straight to my room with a glass of wine and sat on the bed still clothed in my hospital uniform. I checked my ‘live feed’ and saw Sammy had social media and email on his screen. I wound the tape back two hours and found him masturbating to the video of the heavily tattooed woman with three men. I had two views of Sammy now, the original of his screen and the second camera included the back of his computer screen, Sammy and most of his bed. The camera was about forty-five degrees off to one side of Sammy so my view of him was halfway between profile and head on but his desk obscured him between waist and knees.

I found myself getting very horny and desperately wanting to play, so I went to my bathroom and stripped, sat on the toilet and played with my nipples and pussy for a massive orgasm, one of those that just keeps going on and on. From where I was sitting I could still see Sammy gently playing with himself. As I was coming down from my orgasm Sammy pushed his chair backwards so I could now see his genital region, his penis was fully erect and standing upright. I thought I saw something in his hand and quickly came back to the bed to get a closer look, completely forgetting I was naked and in full view. Sammy had a massive ring in the end of his cock, it looked huge, like two inches across and a quarter inch thick and as he was masturbating his cock the ring was being thrown around doing a merry dance. My nipples instantly got very hard and I played with them gently pinching and rolling them. My pussy was getting very wet again but I was enjoying playing with my nipples too much to move away from them. I had another orgasm and realised my pussy was dripping on the floor.

When I calmed down I went to the bathroom and dried my pussy, put my robe on and got a cloth to clean the puddle on the floor.

In my work I have seen many people with body piercings and I know many of my colleagues have them, in fact it is very common for a member of staff to be pierced once all the patients are asleep on a ward as all the materials are readily available. I have often wondered what they feel like and the reports from those people I know are generally very positive. Several months ago I had arranged for a nurse to pierce my nipples but our shifts and workloads have so far not allowed it to happen. One of my nurse colleagues in particular raves about what her husbands Prince Albert feels like during sex and here I am watching one being played with in the room next door.

After Sammy’s orgasm I continued watching on visual search, as always he closed down the porn when I was moving about in the hallway then he opened the camera window when he thought I was settled in my room for the night. I saw him watch me playing with my nipples then wash the floor in my robe, after a while he closed the computer down and we went to bed.

Fully dressed or in my robe I watched the tape for the next few nights and found I was getting very horny. My previous thoughts about sex with a younger partner started changing and I found myself fantasising about sex with my son, especially his pierced penis. He had his routines which were basically watching porn and masturbating then reading the stories with my bedroom in view while masturbating again, this time much slower. He either moved his chair back or laid on his back on the bed for his orgasm, the only pattern I could see there being he usually only laid on the bed when he was naked to cum on his stomach and chest.

Without saying who I was talking about I got talking to my friend about Sammy’s Prince Albert at work one night and the subject of nipple piercings came up again. She undid her top and lifted her breasts out of her bra to show me hers. There and then I was so tempted to get mine pierced.

For a couple of months or so I continued watching Sammy and got more comfortable with him watching me, to the point where I was actually putting on little shows for him and watching him live while I was doing it. I learnt I could tease him by taking him close to orgasm then curl up in a ball and he would go soft. I’d then lay on my back with my legs wide open and massage my breasts for an orgasm and he would immediately get hard again and orgasm for me, but for some reason I made sure he didn’t see my breasts. I started talking and realised he was straining to listen and smiled a couple of times so I raised my voice a little and asked him if he liked what I was doing, he nodded and smiled a lot so I continued.

I assumed he must have realised what was happening as our relationship changed a little and more conversation was taking place at meal times etc. We even watched some TV together and started talking again, there was even a tiny bit of flirting. One of my favourites was when we were watching a scary film, I backed up to Sammy and pulled his arm over me for a cuddle, his hand landed on my breast and he kept it there and even squeezed me a few times when a scary bit happened…

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