Can Family Members Love Each Other?


My story starts out as a normal uncle & niece relationship. When Maria was younger, I would watch out for her and see that she stayed out of trouble. She never had her father in her life because her mother never married him & he never wanted her anyway. I moved to Maine and had not seen her in about fifteen years.

When my marriage went south I moved back to Massachusetts. I tried to look Maria up and found out that she had moved to Florida with her mother a few years ago. After a few months, I felt it was time for a change, so I decided to move and picked Orlando Florida.

I had been living there for a few months when I found out that Maria lived about thirty miles from me. I found a phone number for her and gave her a call. She was very pleased to hear my voice and even more pleased to know that I was in Florida and living so close to her. We talked about an hour then she asked me if I could come over to her house right away. I looked at my watch. It was only 7:30 p.m. and it would only take thirty minutes to get there so I said yes.

She gave me directions to her house and I told her I’d see her soon and hung up. I found her place and was walking up to the door when I saw there were no lights on in the house. I knocked on the door anyway and when the door opened Maria said, “Please be quite. I just put the kids to bed and I don’t want them to know someone is here. We would never have time alone to catch up.”

She closed the door in the hall leading to their bedroom. I was thinking about when she said kids, hell the last time I saw her she was just a kid and now she has kids of her own.

When she came back in the kitchen she said it was so good to see me and put her arms around me to hug me. That was the first time I noticed she was not a kid anymore. The feel of her firm breasts pressing against my chest was starting to make blood flow in my dick. Before I knew it I had a full blown hard on and I was sure she knew what it was doing to me.

Then she surprised me and kissed me on the lips. I’m not sure but I thought I felt her tongue touch my lips. As she backed away she said, “I’ve missed seeing you. Would you like some coffee.”

“Sure that would be nice.”

As she made it we talked about everything that had happened to us over the years. I found out that she had three kids but had never married. I found myself thinking, “Well one thing for sure she fucks.” I couldn’t believe I just thought that about my niece. Putting the coffee on the table she sat a cross from me and put her legs in my lap. As we were talking I started to rub her feet.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she said. “It’s been a long day.”

Speaking of long, I felt myself getting hard again and tried not to let Maria Bayan Escort Gaziantep see it. She then moved a little and her foot was resting against my dick. She smiled and jokingly said, “Looks like a long hard day for you too.”

Not wanting to make a big deal out of it I just got up to get another cup of coffee. I asked Maria if she wanted another cup.

She replied, “No thanks. I think if you don’t mind being alone for a while I’d like to take a shower.”

“Sure I’ll be fine.”

She walked toward the bathroom and looking back over her shoulder said, ith that said, “I’ll be out in a few.”

About ten minutes later I had to piss really bad and thought maybe I could get in and out off the bathroom without her hearing me. As I got close to the door I could hear a radio playing. “Good,” I thought, “this will help me get in and out without her knowing I was in there.”

When I opened the door, I got a surprise. The shower was see through and even with the steamed up glass I could see her. She was standing back to me and she was bending over washing her feet. Damn she sure filled out nice.

I sat down to piss to be more quiet. From this new angle I could see her profile really good and she was rubbing the bar of soap all over her body and spending extra time on her tits and pussy. Watching her lean against the wall I could tell she was getting herself off. The faster she rubbed her hand between her legs the bigger her nipples got.

I had never seen breasts that big or that firm.I found myself thinking how nice it would be to suck on her tits and wishing it was my fingers in her pussy making her cum. As the water turned off I left the bathroom.

When Maria came back to the kitchen I was sitting at the table pretending to be asleep. I could sense that she was standing close to me and opening my eyes slightly I could see she was looking at my crotch. I think she was trying to see if I still had wood. Then her wet hair dripped on me and I jumped up and grabbing her around the waist, pulled her to me pressing her firm breast too the side of my face.

“You shouldn’t wake someone that way. You could have given me a heart attack.”

“Did you say heart attack or hard attack, she said laughing.

Very funny, you could be a comedian,” I chided her.

“Boy after that shower I sure feel good.”

Without thinking I said, “I bet you do feel good.”

“What did you say?” she snapped.

“Oh nothing,” I said, “you got anything other than coffee to drink?”

“I have a few beers. Would you like one?” “Yes, that sounds good.”

As she walked to the fridge, I noticed she had on a pair of denim shorts that just barely covered her butt cheeks and a sleeveless shirt that was three sizes to big on her. As she bent into the fridge to get the beer, the shirt fell away from her body and now for the first time in the light I could see her nipples. They areolas were light brown and bigger than a half a dollar and the nipples stood at least three-quarters of an inch long.

Looking back at me I’m sure she could tell I was looking right into her shirt and checking out her tits. When she brought me the beer she sat on my lap and I know she could feel my hard dick pressing against her ass. The more she moved around the harder I got.

“I saw you looking at my tits. Did you like what you saw.”

“Yes, very much so. Your breasts are very nice. Do they taste as good as they look?”

She said, “There’s only one way to find out,” and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue snaked insid my mouth, seeking out my tongue.

I pulled away saying, “Wait a minute, you’re my niece!”

She retorted, “Let me ask you something. Do you love me?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“And I love you too, so I see nothing wrong with a man and a woman who love each other exchanging the pleasure we both need so much.”

I thought about it and told her that she was right. Placing a hand on either side of her face I gave her a very long and soft kiss. While I was kissing her she was pulling my shirt out of my shorts and I backed away long enough for her to lift my shirt over my head and for me to pull her shirt off.

As I lifted her shirt to expose those beautiful tits, all I could think of was wrapping my tongue around her nipples. But as soon as her shirt was off she dropped to her knees and told me to stand up.

She worked very quickly to get my pants down around my ankles. In no time at all my nine inch dick was standing before her face. All she could say was, “I don’t know if this fine looking dick will fit in my mouth or not but I am sure going to do my best to make it fit.”

With that said she started her quest. Using her tongue she got the purple head nice and wet. And inch by inch I could see my meat sliding down her throat. “Wow this girl sure can suck cock! I thought. She could make her throat muscles wrap around my dick so it felt like my cock was in virgin pussy.

She got me off in record time. She had to back off my dick to give room for my cum to slide down her throat. I had not cum in a long time and there were five good squirts of cum of wich she never lost a drop.

After I got the feeling back in my legs I told her we needed to go to her bedroom so I could take her like a real women should be taken. As she was standing I turned her back to me and reached around cupping her breasts in my hands I pinched her nipples.

“Lead the way baby,” I said

As we walked she kept rubbing her butt against my already growing dick, just adding fuel to the fire.

“You have a very nice bedroom,” I complimented her.

Looking around, I saw a few sex toys on the stand next to the bed.

“Hmm what are these for young lady?

“I told you it has been a long time for me. I still have needs and those help till the real thing comes along.

“Well baby girl, you’re going to have the real thing tonight.”

She smiled and rubbed her pussy at the same time. “Now be a good niece and do just as your uncle tells you. Go over and sit on the edge of the bed.”

She did as I told her. I walked over to the bed and started to brush her hair away from her face and leaned down to kiss her. This time I was probing with my tongue; exploring every bit of her mouth.

She reached for my dick, but I said, “No it’s my turn to take you to paradise.”

Moving down her body very slowly my tongue trailed from her head to toes. It was like electricity shooting through our bodies. I spent a little more time kissing and licking her breasts. I could feel her nipples growing in my mouth. It was like sucking on a grape. I was working her tits over really good leaving a trail of saliva sucking from nipple to nipple.

As my tongue touched her belly button her body lifted off the bed as if to say I was doing something right. Bending her legs at the knees and spreading them apart, I put the tip of my thumb on her clit. As I made little circles on her love button, her body started to move the same way.

I whispered, “Ok baby doll, now I’m going to show you how your old uncle eats pussy.”

She grabbed my head and pulled me close to her pussy begging, “Yes . . . oh yes please eat my pussy and make me cum.”

After about fifteen minutes of licking and sucking on her sweet pussy, her body started to shake all over. She lifted up off the bed pushing my face tighter to her pussy. She came with such a hugh climax and showered my face with the sweetest pussy juices I had ever tasted.

Moving up to kiss her tits again she pulled my face to hers and stared to lick all of her cum off me. That was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. My dick still hard, I had no problem slipping it into her pussy. She was too busy cleaning herself off my face to know my dick was pushing between her cunt lips. Without saying a word I pushed my dick to the back of her pussy with one swift thrust making her gasp for air.

I was fucking her so fast all I could think about was cumming in my baby doll niece. I began shooting my hot load of sperm deep in the sweetest pussy I had ever had. It was a chain reaction because Maria came again.

It was from that moment I knew I loved my niece. If I had my way I was going to be making love to her for a long time to “CUM”.

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