Can’t Get Enough Ch. 05


Steven lay on his bed for a couple of hours, unable to sleep – the idea that Dani was sleeping just down the hall and if he could just slip down to her room, he’d satiate the hunger he felt for her. His cock twitched at the thought of her laying there naked, knowing she didn’t like to wear anything to bed.

With a sigh of frustration, Steven slipped from his bed wearing only a pair of loose shorts and cautiously opened his bedroom door. It didn’t squeak – he’d long ago decided it needed regular oiling so as soon as he’d come home for the summer, he greased it up knowing it would be advantageous for sneaking out in the middle of the night. Always thinking ahead, he complimented himself silently.

Knowing where every floor board was that made a sound, Steven silently slipped down the hallway to the room where Dani slept. Twisting the knob, he smiled when he found it to be unlocked. Not that a locked door would have stopped him, having mastered picking the locks on the doors in the house when he was thirteen and wanted to sneak into his parent’s room to watch their porn videos. Ah the joys of having sexed-up parents.

Slipping inside silently, Steven let his eyes focus on the darkness as he closed the door behind him and approached the bed. The moonlight filtering through the open curtains offered him the perfect view of Dani lying on the bed, her voluptuous but oh-so sexy body partially exposed by the sheet. Steven nearly groaned at the sight as he placed his knee on the bed, ready to cover her mouth to keep from crying out in surprise and waking his parents.

As the bed dipped, Dani awoke with a start and Steven slipped his hand over her mouth. “Shh…it’s me.”

He removed his hand. “Steven? What are you doing here?” Dani looked to the clock on the nightstand next to her. “It’s 2am.”

“I know, baby but I was lying there, thinking about you just down the hall and…well, we haven’t been together since Wednesday. I need you baby.” Steven took Dani’s hand and put it on his hardened cock through his shorts. “See. Hard, baby. Just for you.”

Dani sighed. What was she going to do with this guy? He was always “up” for her. She shook her head in wonder.

“It’s too late and we’re getting up very early, honey. Go back to bed.”

“But baby,” he whined softly, rubbing his thumb over her right nipple, making it pucker. “Who knows when I’ll get the chance to be inside you again. Please baby…please…”

Dani almost laughed at the pathetic look in his eyes but she was tired and knew he would be miserable if they fooled around and he didn’t get any sleep.

“Now, honey…don’t pull that shit. Go back to bed. I’m sure we’ll find some time to be together on this trip. We have a whole week.” Steven Escort Bayan made a face and Dani did laugh softly. “Oh Steven, what am I going to do with you?”

He smirked before running his hand down over her hardened nipple to her stomach which quivered from his touch. “Oh I can think of a few things.”

Pushing his hand away took a lot of willpower, but as she did so, Dani scolded him gently. “I don’t doubt that. Now, get…go to bed. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

“Fine. But what a waste of a hard-on,” he growled as he moved to the door and left.

“Indeed,” Dani agreed softly before turning over and trying to go back to sleep. Her body was on fire just from that little touching he’d done. The things that he did to her; the way her body responded. It was so new and so utterly amazing to her. She didn’t want it to ever stop, but she knew it would someday.


The next morning, Steven woke with another hard-on and forced it down as he dressed and headed down to the kitchen. He could hear his parents already bustling about in the kitchen and as he walked in he was greeted with the sight of Dani sitting at the table having a coffee, her legs crossed revealing a lot of sexy thigh. She was wearing his favorite sundress of her – thin lace straps, low cut enough to show some cleavage and short enough to show a nice amount of her delicious thighs. Thighs he slipped between so many times in the past week. He hardened at the thought and pushed it down as fast as he could, thinking of puppy dogs and cute kittens.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” his mother said. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, mom. Are we leaving now?”

His father spoke up then, “Yep, stuff’s in the car and we’re heading out. Grab a coffee if you want one.”

Steven declined and they all headed out to the SUV, Becca slipping in beside John while Steven and Dani climbed into the back seat. As Dani climbed up into the seat, Steven was given a birds-eye view of the hem of her panties and it took every ounce of his willpower to now bury his face in her pussy and lick her to a couple of mind-blowing orgasms.

Dani slipped over behind John as Steven sat behind his mother. He looked over at her and reached down to adjust his rock-hard cock in his jeans. Dani noticed and blushed furiously so Steven decided to continue to tease her. After all, she wouldn’t let him fuck her last night so he was ripe and primed to explode real soon. And he knew she was as well.

A couple of times during the four hour drive, John stopped at a rest stop so they could use the washrooms and stretch their legs. On the last stop before they reached the cabin, John stood outside the SUV topping off the tank, while Becca when to get some water in the store, leaving Steven and Dani alone in the SUV.

Steven had been touching himself throughout the drive, occasionally reaching out to place his hand on Dani’s right thigh, inching higher and higher until she pushed his hand away with a scolding shake of her head. Now that they were alone, despite John being just outside Dani’s door, Steven reached over and slipped his hand right under her sundress and touched her pussy through her panties. They were soaked.

“God you are so wet, baby…” he moaned softly, rubbing his fingers over her wetness through the thin cotton.

Dani moaned but didn’t stop him. “Oh Steven…” she sighed.

“I know, baby. I want you so bad right now. I’ve been hard for hours.”

Dani chuckled. “Maybe if you stopped touching yourself while looking at me…”

“I can’t help it. I…”

Suddenly Steven pulled his hand away as Becca opened the door and climbed in. Looking back at them, she handed each of them a bottle of water. “You guys look pretty hot, so I got you some water.”

“Thanks,” they said in unison knowing full well that “hot” only began to describe how they were feeling right now.

John finished with the gas and within ten minutes they were on the road again. And forty minutes later they arrived at the cabin.

Dani gasped. She’d never seen it before and was startled at how beautiful it was – a big large log cabin with a big wrap-around porch and even balconies on the upper levels. It sat near the lake with a long wooden pathway leading the dock and out to the water. A beautiful gazebo was situated near the end but it didn’t take away from the beautiful view of the lake.

“It’s beautiful.”

Becca smiled. “It’s my dream cabin.”

“I can see why.”

They emptied the car of the bags and John and Becca hurried to their room, tossing the bags on the bed before returning to the main living room.

“Come down to the dock and we’ll sit for a while.”

“Okay, I’ll put my bags away first.”

Becca nodded. “Steven, show Aunt Dani where her room is.” Turning to Dani she said, “You’re just down the hall from Steven on this level, while John and my bedroom is upstairs at the back of the house.”

“I see,” Dani replied, watching at Steven picked up her bag and motioned for her to follow him. “I guess I’ll be out shortly.”

“Great. Take your time but hurry up.” John took Becca’s hand and they left out the door and down the wooden pathway to the dock.

Dani laughed at her friend before turning to follow Steven down the hall to “her” room. He pushed open the door and Dani stepped in and gasped.

“Oh my God, this is amazing!”

Steve kicked her door shut with his food as he tossed her bag on the bed. Grabbing her, Steven spun Dani around to face him and stepped until she had backed up against the dresser.

“W…what are you, doing?” she stuttered, momentarily startled by his gruffness. He wasn’t hurting her in any way but his aggressiveness sent a jolt through her body right down to her pussy.

“What I’ve wanted to do for two fucking days,” he replied, parting her thighs and pressing his jeans covered cock against her pussy and ground against her.

“But…but your parents…they’re waiting.”

“They can wait a few more minutes. This won’t take long.”

Dani moaned as Steven took her mouth with his, his hands reaching down to unfasten his jeans. Pushing them just over his hips, he pulled out his cock and as he continued to assault her mouth with his, he pealed aside her panties covering her mound and with one hard thrust buried himself inside of her wet heat.

“Oh God,” he ground out against her lips. “So long…”

Dani grunted with each thrust, his hips pounding against her hard, his cock filling her with each thrust. “Oh…oh…Steven…” Dani cried out softly. He was taking her hard but she loved it. Loved how full she felt, how good his cock felt sliding in and out of her, but more so how absolutely rabid Steven seemed to be in wanting her. As if he couldn’t control himself.

As he bit into her shoulder, Dani’s orgasm exploded in her body and she shook hard as Steven continued to take her hard and fast. He was grunting now with each thrust, close to his release and she held on for the ride.

“Yes…” he hissed, feeling his balls contract, knowing he was so close. He pounded into her harder, his hands digging into the flesh at her hips. He couldn’t seem to get deep enough. “Yes…oh baby…fuck…!”

Steven came hard, filling her pussy with his hot seed – spurt after spurt erupting from his still thrusting cock. When at least he was spent, he leaned his head on her shoulder and wanted to weep for joy of being buried inside this woman. God he loved her.

He slid out of her, his cock slick with their juices and tucked himself inside his jeans as she straightened out her panties and dress. Her neck bore a mark from his bite but he didn’t tell her that – loving that he’d marked her as his. And his alone.

“That was…” Dani said, unable to continue, unable to find the appropriate words.

“Fucking hot?”

Dani chuckled. “Yes, I guess that about covers it. Let’s get outside before your parents get suspicious.”

As they left the cabin and headed down to the dock to join his parents, Steven turned to Dani and said, “Don’t ever make me wait more than a day to be buried inside you again.”

“Yes, honey…never again.”

Steven smiled. He’d take her as many times and as often as he could on this trip. And she’ll love every minute of it.

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