Carnal Cruise Ch. 03


Brigitte hadn’t exaggerated when claiming that French women are well taught the carnal joys. At least she was which she certainly proved to me in her bed that night. And in the morning she had spiced it up even more by bringing the Spanish cabin attendant Manuela into the scene. But not only for my enjoyment. Brigitte had reveled in Manuela’s body and skill too which had been enticing to watch and take part in. At one time it had been a classic threesome set up. Brigitte being pleasured by Manuela’s mouth and tongue while I delighted in her pussy pleasuring both Manuela and myself from behind until both women came together screaming of joy and pleasure in ecstasy.

I had had a late breakfast with Brigitte then we had split up feeling very content with each other. But we had made no promises to meet again. The ship was full of opportunities for both of us.

That evening I was a little early to dinner. I got my table number and stood there waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. I watched as the restaurant slowly filled up and was amazed how beautiful most of the women looked. They really put a lot of effort into looking their best. It struck me that the more dressed up a woman was the more of her breasts she was supposed to show. There was a very nice array on display.

I was very delighted to find that Diane was sitting to my right. When she arrived she took my breath away. She looked stunning in a low cut evening dress that clung to her nice body. I thanked her for the wonderful party the other night making sure to do it quietly though. She looked very pleased. It became a very pleasant dinner. Diane hosted the table and engaged everyone in the conversation. To my left sat an ordinary looking woman, rather quiet to start with but loosening up. The excellent food and good wine helped. She told that she was English and on her first trip abroad.

After dessert big sliding doors were opened to a dancing floor under the stars. I took Diane to dance. She came willingly into my arms. She danced excellently having no problem following me. She felt great in my arms. But I also got a déjà vu feeling. It was like I knew her. She followed me easily and I knew how she would do it when I made some wider turns. Suddenly it dawned upon me.

“It was you, wasn’t it? At the party. My partner on stage. The mysterious woman with an unreadable name tag?” I asked. Diane stiffened and pulled back a little.

“What makes you think that?” She asked calmly. She hadn’t denied it so I was probably right, I thought.

“Oh, a lot of things. The way you feel in my arms, the way you move, your lovely fragrance, something in your voice, a strong feeling. It was lovely what you did. I hope you liked it as well?”

“Well, no chance to deny it then. And why should I? Yes, I liked it very much, oh my goodness I really did. For once it was something unplanned, an impulse which doesn’t happen very often to me,” she said and giggled. She was quiet for a little while then put her mouth close to my ear. “The evening had made me very horny you see. I discovered that standing on stage stark naked was a great turn on. And I hadn’t had a man for quite some time. I can’t fuck with anyone from the staff, company rules are very strict. So when Linda suggested the winding up show I saw my chance. April had spotted you already when you fucked the first two women and had told me for fun. She followed your scoring with all the women during the evening and kept me posted. The rest you know.”

Diane’s body softened and she melted into my arms. We danced in silence for a while enjoying each other. Suddenly she broke into laughter.

“Oh goodness gracious me, what a lovely time I got on stage with you. I have never before come like that, only read about it. So utterly lovely.” She clung to me even closer.

When the tune ended a young woman stood beside us. She was dancing with her father. Diane turned to her.

“I haven’t forgotten. I will come back to you tomorrow,” she said but I felt that she wasn’t really at ease.

“What was that?” I asked when the music came on.

“Oh, part of my job,” Diane said. “There are a few young women who are disappointed with the activities. The basic problem is that there are no suitable young men on board. The girls are already bored. I have something in store but it will take a day or two more before it’s ready. You don’t happen to have any good ideas?”

“Well, I don’t know really, but maybe. Last night I met Brigitte, perhaps you know her, and she claimed that French women are the best . . .”

“Oh yes, I know her. So it was the two of you who fucked Manuela’s brains out, Manuela, the cabin maid. She came straight to me telling what you had done to her,” Diane broke in, looking sternly at me.

“Did she? Well, she didn’t seem to complain, she was very active taking initiatives,” I said defensively.

“Oh, who said something about complaints? Manuela didn’t complain, on the contrary, she was very content. She came to me to report Bayan Escort Antep just as all staff does when something out of the normal happens.” Diane giggled.

“Oh well, I am very happy that she was pleased,” I said relieved. “Well, if you are looking for recruits to your shows I think she is a good candidate. Have you noticed her body? Very sexy, and she seems to be totally uninhibited.”

“Oh, that might be something to consider. We need new performers all the time. The audience likes change. And we also have the late night adult bar to staff,” Diane said, again relaxed in my arms. “Well, what was it Brigitte said about French women being the best? By the way, how come that you were in her cabin in early morning, I just would like to know.”

“Well, I can’t tell, can I? But I am sure you know because April brought me the invitation. It must have passed your desk.” I looked at her mocking face. “Brigitte said that French women are the best when it comes to the carnal pleasures. Perhaps not the plain sex but the more refined things like finesse and sophistication and how to treat a man. I know nothing about French women in general but that Brigitte is knowledgeable I can assure you. Well, I thought that maybe she could teach these young women a thing or two. Giving some lectures perhaps?”

“Oh my goodness. You are a Raviallac, aren’t you?” Diane said laughing out and pushed my head down. My face landed against the soft pushed up slopes of her breasts and my nose in her deep cleavage. I tilted my head a little and my tongue reached her nipple. Diane laughed throatily and pulled away. “Yes, I have no doubt that you know all about her talents in that area. I don’t think she invited you to her cabin just to sleep having ordered an expensive bottle of champagne as well. Well, that idea is worth working on. Thank you.”

We danced for a while more. When it was time to go back to the table she asked for another dance looking thoughtful.

“You know, there were reasons why I seated you beside me at dinner. Firstly I wanted to get to know you a little more. So far we only know each other intimately,” she said giggling. “Well, the second reason is that I want to ask you a favor.” She made a pause, collecting her thoughts. “What do you think about Shirley, the lady seated to your left?”

To be honest I hadn’t thought much about that lady. Diane had got most of my attention except of course for the formal pleasantries and toasts.

I thought quickly.

“Oh, I don’t know her much but she seems to be pleasant enough. The cool English type though, somewhat naïve and rather shy I would say, not the partying type. Around thirty perhaps. Ordinary looks but there might be a nice body under that shapeless dress she is wearing. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you see, she came to me this morning and said that she had joined this cruise because she wanted to meet men for a bit of a fling as she put it. She said she wanted help because she didn’t know how to make contact. Could I please give her some advice or maybe arrange a date for her? She sounded very innocent and inexperienced. Naïve too as you said. So that’s why I seated her to your left. Would you be so kind and take care of her tonight? Dance with her, flirt with her, make her feel like a woman. Please. I will owe you one if you do it right.”

“Well, how could I say no when you ask so kindly. I am looking forward to the reward,” I said. Diane laughed throatily and again pulled my nose down into her cleavage. We were in a dark corner and I stayed with my face against her breasts nibbling on a nipple for quite some time.

“Settled then. Now let’s go back to the table and I will leave you,” she said and steered us back inside. “Oh by the way, she might be a virgin although she is in her early thirties so be careful,” she whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek when we were close to the table. There was no time to ask what she meant by that.

Shirley looked anxiously at us when we sat down at the table. Diane smiled reassuringly at her which made her tense and her cheeks to flush. I asked her to dance which she was very happy to accept.

She was too tense to be a good dancer, tried to anticipate my moves instead of trying to feel them. But it got better as she relaxed more and more. After the first round of dances I asked if we should stay on. She just nodded, looking happy.

Shirley relaxed even more and gradually allowed me to hold her closer. My hunch had been right. Under the dress was a nice body. Already in the first dance I had felt ample breasts against my chest. Now when I held her close I discovered a narrow waist and a nicely rounded belly. Deliberately I let my hand slide down and felt a round ass cheek. She laughed throatily in my ear when she took my hand and put it back at her waist. But she had let it rest on her ass for a short while. She came even closer in my arms after that.

After the second round of dances I asked if she wanted to continue the evening in the upper deck bar. She looked bewildered at me.

“Is that necessary? Can’t we go directly to my cabin? I have booze there if you need a drink. You are the date Diane promised me, aren’t you?” She said, looking serious. Then her face lit up. “This is what I have been longing for. Come.” She pulled my arm around her waist while we walked through the dining room to the stairs. She looked proud.

Shirley let me into her cabin. She looked a bit surprised that the room was dimly lit by a few small lamps and blushed when she saw that the bed was made up for the night — on both sides. She discovered a bucket with fresh ice and a bottle of champagne, not the most expensive but a good one I noticed.

“How nice of her,” she said blushing even more and showed me a card. ‘With compliments from Diane. Have a nice evening’ it read. There were two glasses on the tray.

I opened the bottle and took the filled glasses out on the balcony.

“Cheers,” I said saluting her and took a sip. Shirley took a deep swig and put her glass away. She came close to me and turned her face upwards invitingly. I kissed her lips lightly which made her moan and cling to me. She put her arms around my neck and deepened our kiss. Her tongue found its way into my mouth and entwined with mine. Then she became unsure what to do and I took over. We French kissed deeply for quite some time until she breathlessly broke it. She pulled back a little looking at me smiling happily.

“Is it now that I should excuse myself to go and slip into something more comfortable?” She asked innocently.

“Oh, there’s no hurry. We have plenty of time,” I said trying not to rush things.

“But I want to, I will be right back,” she said and went inside. I took my jacket and tie off and leaned over the railing.

“I am back now,” Shirley said behind me in a weak voice. I turned and saw her standing in the door lit up from behind. She was seductively dressed in a short, very sheer nightie with a small bra and frilly panties in black underneath. But the sexy effect she had aimed at wasn’t there. She just stood in the door with drooping shoulders and arms at her sides looking embarrassed. She tried to smile but it didn’t make it any better. I had to do something. I remembered Diane’s pleading.

“Oh, look at that. How lovely you look and so sexy,” I exclaimed and closed the gap between us with outstretched arms. She rushed forward and flung into my arms looking relieved.

“Do you really mean it? That I look sexy? You will make love to me then?” She whispered breathlessly.

“Yes of course, if that’s what you want. You look very sexy and adorable. Yes, I want to make love to you,” I said and held her tight. It wasn’t a lie. From the short glimpse I had got so far she seemed to have a great body and would be a knock out if she learned how to dress and show off.

“Thank you,” she said meekly. “Can we do it right now? Or do you want a drink first? In the movies men always have a drink. I have whisky. Scotch, single malt, that’s good isn’t it?” she asked, very uncertain.

“Oh no, I don’t need a drink, especially not to make love to you,” I said and kissed her. “If you really want it, let’s move inside.”

“Shouldn’t I take your clothes off now,” she asked standing at the bed. “I have seen it so many times in the movies so I know just how it should be done. Then you rip my nightie off and push me down on the bed and lay on top of me.”

“Don’t worry, let’s things just happen. But it would be nice if you undress me,” I said.

Shirley smiled uncertain but then came close and unbuttoned my shirt. She soon had it off me and started to caress my chest. But then she got impatient and went for my pants that soon were around my ankles. She knelt and took my shoes off and made me step out of my pants. She rose and stood close to me.

“Your turn, isn’t it?” She asked. “You should rip it off me now.”

I pulled her close and caressed her back. My hands soon found its way down her thighs and back up again over her ass but under the nightie. I lifted it up and whisked it off, throwing it away for the effect. She laughed throatily before she realized that she was nearly naked in front of me.

I lifted her up and put her down on the bed and lay down at her side. She trembled when I put my hand on her belly.

“Let’s talk a little,” I said and gently caressed her midriff.

“Why? What is there to talk about? We are going to make love, aren’t we?” she said anxiously.

“Yes of course, don’t worry. But you haven’t been with a man before, have you? Intimately I mean,” I asked matter-of-factly.

“Oh, well . . . no, I haven’t. But I know everything about it. I have watched movies . . . and I have studied . . . well, read books about it. And I have even rented videos, you know, porn videos. So I am well prepared,” she said trying to sound confident.

“How come that you haven’t done it? You are such a good looking woman with a great body. There must have been many men around eager to make your acquaintance,” I asked.

“Yes, well, maybe there have been a few. But I have lived with my old parents taking care of them. There has been no time for anything else. But now when they are dead . . . well, I thought I must find out what the real thing is all about. That’s why I am on this cruise. Will you make love to me, please?”

“Of course I want to if that is what you really want. But there is still time to back off. I won’t be offended if you do. Why don’t you consider it once more while I go to the bathroom?” I said wanting to give her every opportunity to make up her mind.

I took my time in the bathroom. When I came back into the cabin there was no doubt that she had considered it carefully and had made up her mind. She lay on the bed stark naked still shy but with a much more confident look than before. She nearly looked sexy.

“Will you come and take me now? . . . that’s the right term isn’t, ‘take me’?”

“Well, there are many ways to express it. Of course I want to take you. I hope that you will like it. I will do my very best,” I said and was about to climb the bed when she put out a hand and stopped me.

“But shouldn’t you take those off,” she said giggling and pointed at my shorts. “May I do it?”

She leaned forward and pulled my boxers down. When she looked up her face was only inches from my cock. She watched it fascinated.

“Oh, oh my god . . . but shouldn’t the . . . that thing be hard and stand up? Should I suck it or something?” She exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, it will get hard when needed. You can suck it but only if you want to. Some women do, others don’t. Let’s save that until later. Shall we get going then? But if at any point you don’t want to go on just say so and I will stop immediately. Agreed?”

She nodded and I lay down at her side. She shivered when I touched her body. I wanted to do this very slow and carefully. I started to kiss and caress her head and shoulders. She lay motionless but when I touched her breasts for the first time she shuddered and squirmed on the bed. She moaned several times when I kissed her breasts and tweaked her nipples between my lips. They grew and got hard standing out. I spent a long time on them before going further down to her belly. There was a good thatch of golden silky hair which I sifted through massaging the mound but avoiding going down into her slit. That would come later.

I moved on kissing and caressing my way over her hips to the thighs. She moaned and squirmed again spreading her legs. I kissed upwards on her very soft inner thighs that started to tremble when I was near the top. I withdrew and rolled her over to lie on her stomach.

I started it over again caressing her neck and slowly moving down her back. I made a short pause when I came to her buttocks that rose from the small of her back like hillocks. They shivered and the crack closed nervously when I kissed the cheeks but when I kissed my way down her thighs she spread her legs and moaned. I kissed back up the inner thighs and again got the nervous reaction when I reached the top. She had a nice body to caress.

Shirley rolled over. Her eyes beamed and she smiled lustfully.

“I want to touch you,” she said. “May I?” She reached out and touched my cock that had swelled substantially since she last inspected it. I moved to kneel at her side to give her a good look. She let her finger trail along it and panted when the cock reacted to her touch. She grabbed it and panted some more when it grew in her hand. She tested to jack it while her other hand explored my balls. The cock grew to full size which made her to cry out.

“Oh my goodness. It’s so hard and still so soft to the touch. And so big. But it’s too big. It can never fit into my tiny hole. My god, I never expected that. What shall we do?”

“Don’t worry. You are made to accommodate that and even bigger things. Your love hole will expand. But being the first time it might hurt a little,” I said reassuringly.

“Yes, I have read about it. It’s called deflowering, isn’t it? Or popping the cherry, when a woman is taken for the first time? Well, I don’t think there will be much of a problem for me. I have . . . well . . . I have put a finger in there. But . . . you are much thicker than my finger. Let’s find out. Please take me now. Will this do?”

She lay down on her back with her legs slightly spread. She tried to smile but there was much uncertainty on her face, fear even.

I started to caress her again wanting to make her very hot. This time I didn’t stop at her mound but licked my way down her slit. Her instinctive reaction was to close her legs but by cheer will she prevented that. Instead she spread her thighs further giving me full access. Her pink pussy was moist and looked delicious. I licked all over it and she squirmed when I pushed into the hole. I licked through the slit up and down several times and sucked on the clit. Shirley moaned all the time and finally the clit came out from its hood and became a hard knob. She grunted when my tongue flicked over it. She was ready.

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