Cassandra and the Cave Ch. 02


Cassandra sat down and rested her back against the cave wall.

She looked around the room and tried to clean the cum from her lips and her breasts as best she could. The salty taste still filled her mouth so she swallowed again.

The guard was unshackling the slave beside her and the man standing behind Ophia was already waiting obediently to be led out of the room. Both their utility was spent and when ready the guard guided them both out leaving Cassandra and Ophia alone in the cave. Ophia walked over to her and squatted down. Cum leaked from between her legs and pooled on the floor.

She tenderly pushed Cassandra’s hair from her face.

“That was wild Cas, thank you. I never knew this place could be so much fun,” she said. Cas just smiled at her.

“You know I have to keep coming here until my bloods stop. Maybe when we are done tonight we can do it again when I come back, if I come back,” she asked hopefully.

Cassandra shook her head and placed a hand on Ophia’s thigh. “I don’t think so, once the elders find out about this they will have extra guards down here and I will be cleaning the showers for months,” she paused as the door re-opened.

The guard led two massive men into the room, they were bigger than the two that had just left.

Both were fully shaved as normal, the only hair on their bodies that she could see was their eyebrows. One had a tattoo covering half his massive chest, the other was black. Their muscles shone in the half light.

As they walked in, barefoot, their penises nodded in front of them. Both were rock hard and huge, thick and long but the black man’s was simply massive. It bent at the end as if gravity was pulling it to the floor. Cassandra wondered how Ophia would manage to accommodate them.

Following behind them a petite young woman followed, one of the infamous maids.

She too was naked and also hairless aside from long slightly curled red hair which cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. The maids were trained, primarily, to keep the breeder slaves in perfect condition ready to do their duty. But they made extra money entertaining the girls on the island prior to their acceptance into the pleasure dome, Cassandra had used them many times over the last few years and knew just how good at their jobs they were.

But the maid hadn’t been trained for this.

The look on her face was a mix of confusion mixed with interest. Normally they were to provide the pleasure. Normally there was no provision for their pleasure.

Cassandra squeezed Ophia’s inner thigh as they entered the room. It felt slick with the cum and sweat which was coating most of her body.

She too was watching the parade enter the room, she didn’t look worried about the specimens standing waiting for her, instead she had a serious look on her face as if she was already mapping out who would do what, and where.

“I think we should just make sure we enjoy tonight Ophia. And then probably never speak of it again. I am guaranteed to be punished so I really want to enjoy it,” Cassandra said letting her index finger run up Ophia’s pussy lips, opening them slightly. Cum and pussy juices ran down her finger.

She looked Ophia in the eyes and then licked her finger clean. She was determined to do what she could whilst she was there and there were some fantasies she could fulfill, even if the one she really wanted would have to wait.

Ophia smiled back, her eyes now filled with fire and lust, “Ok, let’s have that party then.”

She stood up and turned to face the three slaves, then turning to the guard “These two are mine,” she said indicating to the two giant man-cocks.

“Shes for her,” pointing at the maid and then Cassandra “And maybe bring in one more male for her,” She said.

The guard knew the rules and who can use the breeders so he didn’t move.

“I said go bring one more in!”

The guard looked scared but still didnt move.

Disobeying was not something he was used to. Years of working inside the hill, initially as breeder himself then winning his freedom to act as a guard and protector for the younger, less capable women all were completed in full compliance with the rules.

He knew that Cassandra was not allowed to start breeding and was torn between disobeying Ophia or the sacred rules.

He chose the latter and stood still. Ophia made it easy for him.

“Don’t worry, he won’t breed her. They will do everything else, but not that. I promise,” she said sweetly and the guard breathed out.

A minute later another giant entered the room. This one had some hair on his head and a slightly smaller penis than the others. He too was fully erect. He also looked confused as he looked around the room.

Ophia pointed to Cassandra and he walked over and stood awkwardly in front of her. The maid walked over and stood next to him, her small breasts moved as she breathed and her hands hung limply by her side. No one knew what to do, even Cassandra Escort Kız felt odd as she stood up in front of them.

Behind them she could see Ophia walking over to the tattooed giant. She ran her hands over his chest, down over his ass, around his thighs and up to his bulging cock. She was examining him but to Cassandra he was the perfect specimen of a man – rippling muscles and masculinity, she didn’t need to examine him to know that.

The tattoo signified he was once a barbarian, probably captured trying to overcome the Island as many before had. The image of him holding a sword in battle, dirt and blood dripping off his muscular torso flashed through her mind.

It was an image she liked.

The black man hadn’t been chained up so he joined them, standing behind her and running his hands down Ophia’s back, over her small round ass and then around to cup her breasts.

She was giving them a free option this time, do what they want, rather than the normal; come in, try to impregnate the woman then leave again. Ophia wanted to party and it appeared these two bulls were happy to oblige her.

Both their penises were pressing against her glistening body front and back. She was dwarfed by them. Ophia leaned her head back as their hands caused her body to shiver and she let out a low moan. She reached down in front and behind her to grip both clocks, her pale fingers looked tiny in comparison to the meat they were holding but nonetheless she started stroking them against her stomach and her ass. The men started touching her more urgently.

Cassandra reached over and did the same to the man in front of her and the maid followed the others by walked around behind her.

Cassandra and Ophia were now sandwiched between their respective slaves, pressed between their finely honed bodies and letting their hands roam freely.

They glanced at each other but said nothing. They just closed their eyes and enjoyed the sensations, letting out faint moans and whimpers as the excitement started to build deep inside their bodies.

The sweet anticipation of what was about to happen filled the room and gripped the seven people with a passion inside. Even the guard maintained his erection which tented his tunic at the front Cassandra had noticed.

She wanted to to feel them everywhere. The maid was stroking her hair and kissing her neck, her hands ran down her back and over her ass, a finger trailed down her ass crack and she moaned a little louder, encouraging her.

The mans cock felt alive in her hand and she felt his cum leaking out against her stomach. He too was exploring her body one hand alternating between her nipples and one stroking her inner thighs.

He was working up to her pussy and she opened her legs slightly to allow him in. She wanted his cock inside her so badly but at that moment she would take whatever she could get.

She felt the maids thin feminine fingers trace down her ass-crack and as Cassandra opened her legs to give the man access her fingers ticked her asshole.

“Yes,” she said instinctively and the man ran his fingers ran up her pussy lips and tickled her clit.

She was now half squatting, sandwiched between them being slowly fingered front and back and loving the feelings flowing through her pale lithe body. Lips kissed her nipples and the small of her back and she notice that both of her slaves were bending over, working their way down.

She heard Ophia moan and looked over.

The black slave was kneeling in front of her with his face buried between her legs. He was holding one of her smooth legs in the air, his dark bicep muscles flexed and shone in the flickering light. Ophia was bending over as the tattooed man stood behind, working his cock into her.

As Cassandra watched she felt her leg being lifted in the same way and a tongue on her clit. As soon as her leg was raised she also felt her ass cheeks being pressed apart and a tongue working its way over her asshole. Then two thick rough fingers pushed inside her dripping pussy. She was impaled between his hand and tongue at the front and a tongue probing her ass. Cassandra was in heaven, her body felt like one big clitoris, anywhere they touched just kept pushing her higher.

When she saw Ophia turn around, eject tattooed man and then push the black man to the floor and climb on top of him she came very close to tipping over. His cock looked dangerous but she worked herself down on it, rocking back and forth cursing and uttering words only fit for a maids whorehouse.

Eventually though she was sitting flush against him and she let out a triumphant noise as she was filled completely.

She then started rocking back and forth on the thick black skewer.

Tattoo man had been standing next to them watching but now grabbed her hair roughly and started feeding his moist cock into her mouth.

To Cassandra it wasn’t clear who was in charge. They appeared to be using Ophia, rather than her using them and this only added to the excitement flowing through her own body.

As if to confirm where the balance of power now lay her slave pulled Cassandra down and she found herself lying on the floor. He held her hands tight above her head as the maid positioned herself over her resting her perfectly smooth pussy over her face, at the same time she felt soft hair tickle her thigh and then a delicate mouth and tongue start to probe her slit. She opened her legs wider to allow her full access as her orgasm moved closer to the point of no return.

The slave let go of her hands and kneeled over Cassandra’s face positioning himself behind the maids pussy. He started running the tip of his engorged cock up and down and Cassandra saw thick clear lubricant coat his head, she leaned up to lick it off.

All three of them let out a soft moan at that point.

Cassandra lay back down and watched as the maid was roughly penetrated by her slave, her own pussy was now being fingered and her clit circled. The cock slid in and the mouth paused on her clit, the maid whimpered and said something in a language she didn’t understand then moved back to working her clit. She watched as the cock slid in and out, glistening with juice and felt jealous. At that moment she wanted a cock inside her more than anything.

The maid sucked her clit into her mouth and pushed three fingers inside. Cassandra moaned as the wave started to crash and she instinctively reached up to hold the heavy balls above her face.

She couldn’t see Ophia but she could hear her, she was shouting loudly, telling her black slave to pound her, fill her completely, to empty his balls in her. Whether he understood or not didn’t really matter at that point.

Cassandra did and she slid over the edge and raced through her orgasm, her pussy pulsate hard against the maids face. She let go of the balls and reached down to grab her hair roughly, forcing her face into her sopping cunt, she grinded herself against her tongue, nose and fingers as the pleasure washed over her body. The cock stopped thrusting into the maid and Cassandra lay there letting the sensations fill her body. She felt close to spent as she opened her eyes and stared at the balls and cock resting fully inside the glistening pussy above her face.

She glanced over at Ophia.

True to her party whore wishes she was being well used by the two men.

At some point they had changed positions and now the black man was kneeling in front of her trying to work his cock into her mouth, long strings of frothy saliva dripped from her chin and her face was flushed red. The tattooed man was kneeling behind her fucking her hard and pushing her mouth onto the black cock.

Cassandra stared at him with pure lust – the barbarian taking his prize.

His chest rose and fell with the exertions and all his muscles were taught and hard. Sweat ran down his back and his tight ass gripped and loosened with every thrust. Cassandra wanted him.

She kneeled, then stood up. She walked over to the barbarian and ran her hands down his chest. He looked at her but didn’t stop thrusting. Her hand worked down and circled his cock as it pistoned in and out. It felt solid and was coated in a thin slick lubricant from Ophia. Her hand reached back and cupped his heavy hairless balls then traced a finger over his asshole. She kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear.

“I want you slave. When I am ready I want you to fuck me like you own me. In every hole, in every position. I want you to rape me like you won me,” she said not caring if he understood but his pace picked up and he stared at her with fiery passion as if he did.

She then let go of him and moved back to her slaves who were watching her, still on all fours.

She now knew what she would do and pulled the slave out of the maid. She then walked over and kneeled over the maids face again.

“You, here,” she shouted at the slave indicating behind her. He did as he was told and moved around.

Cassandra pulled her ass cheeks apart and pointed.

“There,” she said and the slave smiled knowing exactly what she wanted.

“When I say, do you understand?”

The slave nodded.

The guard was watching closely.

Cassandra then lowered herself on the maids face and sat upright wiggling over her. She looked over at Ophia and she looked back, her mouth was still stretching around the black cock.

Her eyes smiled and Cassandra smiled back then leaned forward, she was going to let the maid have some fun as well.

Cassandra knew very well how to please a woman and reached down with both hands to start working her swollen pussy. She pressed herself against the maids face and then started circling her clit with two fingers. She reached down with her other hand and unceremoniously shoved three fingers inside the maids pussy. She stretched her fingers open inside them pulled them out. She then added her small finger and roughly pushed them back in.

Her hand was quickly lubricated and she started fucking her with her four fingers and let her thumb and her other hand circle the small erect clit.

Muffled moans came from below so she shifted forward and pressed her asshole down on her face. She felt a tongue probing her and increased the tempo of her hands.

The muffled moans against her ass increased and she heard Ophia coming hard in an explosion of noise and slapping. She glanced over and saw the black man working his way below her, tattoo was resting back with his gleaming cock sticking upright between his muscular thighs.

Ophia was grunting and breathing hard as the two men rearranged themselves, Cassandra wondered if she was even aware of what they were doing now. She looked to be in a different place altogether.

Tattoo gripped her ass and then pushed her down on the throbbing black phallus below her, Ophia let him and she slid easily down. He then straddled the black man’s legs and positioned himself against her ass.

Fuck, Cassandra thought. Could anyone take that?

Skewered by two freakishly large dicks but, again, she felt a twinge of jealousy, one day she would have that.

She then felt the maids pussy gripping her fingers so she increased the pace on her clit. She could feel saliva dripping down from her ass to her pussy as the maids saliva lubricated her.

“Now,” she shouted and pulled her ass away from her mouth.

She was now violently finger fucking the maid, opening her up and curling her finger inside her. Pussy juice was starting to splatter over her wrist and arm.

The heady smell and sounds of sex consumed the room.

She was losing all self control and when she felt the tip of a cock against her saliva coated asshole she grunted

“Yes fuck me in my ass like a whore.”

Cassandra had lost any form of self control now, her deepest darkest desires and perversions were being freely expressed in the cave, deep inside the hill. He penetrated her ass and she gasped at the pain.

She looked over at Ophia who had gone quiet and saw that tattoo was fucking her ass fast whilst black was just lying still. He had pulled her face into his chest silencing her as she was filled with two huge cocks.

The cock in her ass was too big, there was no way she could take him all then she felt the familiar tongue on her clit and fingers working their way into her pussy and she relaxed as she returned to bringing the maid to orgasm. She leaned over and sucked her clit into her mouth, somewhere she heard a gasp and felt the cock in her ass withdraw only to return faster and bigger.

She had had fingers in her ass before but never something this big. She felt totally full and couldn’t imagine what it felt to be Ophia right now.

She sucked the clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue over it fast, at the same time stroking the inside of the maids pussy with her fingers, directly behind her clit.

This did the trick and the muffled moans from behind became gasps and shouts and Cassandra felt the pussy contract against her fingers.

She smiled to herself and then the cock thrust even deeper. She felt like she was being ripped open. It was agony and extasy all combined but the well trained maid continued to lick and finger fuck her all the way through her own orgasm.

“Cum in me,” she shouted and the man increased the tempo. The maids orgasm had subsided so Cassandra leaned up and just rested the palm of a hand on her pussy. She could feel her heartbeat through her hand.

She was being ass fucked and fingered with wild abandon now and she pushed back on them, desperately seeking her next orgasm.

Ophia found hers given the screaming and filth which suddenly filled the cave but Cassandra ignored it as her own cascade of pleasure approached.

When it did it felt like nothing she had experienced before, a huge breaking tidal wave of pleasure filled her body. Small mini orgasms joining together into a massive overpowering sensation. It was deeper than she could imagine and kept dropping deeper with every thrust and flick. It radiated out from her clit and her ass and she thought she might pass out, she might wet herself or worse.

She felt like she had lost all bodily control, the tongue on her clit, fingers in her pussy and the cock in her ass took over everything. Her pussy gripped and released as wave after wave took over her in ever increasing bursts.

She gave out a deep heavy guttural moan as they started to slow down, the pinnacle reached. She slid down the other side and then collapsed in a quivering moaning heap on top of the maid, her face was pressed against her wet pussy.

Somewhere she heard her slave grunting as he came but by then she was on another planet, far from her own body.

She closed her eyes and breathed in the musky aroma of pussy and felt the unusual sensation of the cock being withdrawn from her ass.

The cave fell silent.

It took some time but eventually they untangled their bodies and the slaves and maid were escorted out of the room by the guard.

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