Catching a Crook

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My position at work is the Director of computing and network services. My team runs the computer network, deploys and maintains all computer systems plus recommends new systems and upgrades. In addition, I have signature authority for all computing and network purchases for the entire plant. The annual budget for this is in excess of $200 million each year. I’ve set up a simplified procedure to make purchasing flow much more smoothly and our facility gets new computer systems deployed two months faster, on average, than any other division. I am seen as sort of a hero because of this efficiency. At the center of my process is my Administrative Assistant, Jeannie.

Jeannie is a godsend. She can handle almost any crisis on her own and always does the right thing. She understands way more about business than your average secretary. I’ve tried several time to help her get promoted, but something always gets goofed up. One other thing about Jeannie, she is hot!! She is in her early thirties but looks 10 years younger. She has a great body with a nice firm round ass and perfect tits. Her beautiful brunette hair and her deep hazel eyes are to die for. On top of that she has a friendly disposition and adds a pleasant smile to everyone’s day around the office. She always dresses in a cute and inviting manner, but it is always very business like and never like a slut. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t wish that I could get together with Jeannie.

Unfortunately Jeannie is extremely straight laced. She is the original good egg. She dates, but won’t even kiss on the first date. Any kind of sex is way out of the question. To her, sex is something married people do to have children, and that’s all. She desperately wants children, but her uptight dating practices never get her even close to a proposal. On several occasions Jeannie complains how hard it is to date these days when you have such strong moral values. A couple guys from the office date her and they report that she is beyond prude. On top of all this, without a doubt she would never date her boss. Jeannie won’t even have lunch with me for fear that people might “talk”.

Since we work in the cable TV business, occasionally there are movies up on the quality control monitors. Sometimes those movies include some light porn. One day I’m working behind a rack of equipment and Jeannie is talking to Fran in production. Neither seem to know I’m there. From where I am I can see up Jeannie’s skirt. Her thin white panties are clinging to her crotch and I can make out the darkness of her bush. She is hot!

Both women notice a scene on one of the TV monitors where some handsome guy is getting a blow job. Fran comments on how the man is so good looking that he deserves the BJ he is getting. Jeannie just looks at her in disgust and says, “gross”. Fran eggs Jeannie on a bit and asks her, “You mean to tell me if Tom Cruise were standing in your living room naked, with a million dollars and a wish, you wouldn’t give it a try”? Jeannie says, “No way, I will never do that, no matter what”. “No wonder you’re not married”, Fran responds. They both giggle and the conversation moves on to a work related topic. Jeannie turns her chair and my view of heaven is gone.

A couple months later I am called into the president’s office. There is a problem, a big problem. There seems to be some money missing from the budget. The company is short around $250,000 dollars. The missing amount is growing as well. Accounting doesn’t know if it is an accounting error or if the money is even really missing. It is a mess. I am asked to use my association with purchasing and my computing skills to help track down the problem. I sit with Accounting and see where things don’t add up. I go back to my office, tell Jeannie bring me all of this year’s invoices, and start working on it. On a hunch, I decide to put some tracing gear on the network as well. After a week or so I discover the discrepancy is indeed related to invoicing, but I can’t track down where the problem really is. I report this to the president. He says to keep working on it. He also decides to announce the problem to the entire staff. Along with his announcement he offers amnesty to anyone involved in the “mistake”, hoping to flush out a crook. The money stops disappearing. Now I suspect that it is a crook more than an error. Who ever was doing this, I am convinced that the president’s announcement had scared him off. I say nothing to the company as I don’t have a clue who might be doing it, or even how they are doing it. The president sees the problem as solved and the money is written off due to error. In fact to save face, he swears the money never really existed.

I forget about the project until a couple months later and I am going through the files I captured with my network monitor. I find that there are some messages going to a company we don’t usually do business with. There are a lot of strange numbers written in odd places in all of these messages. The messages look like a code to me. I take the messages and add up the strange numbers. The amount is equal to what was lost just before the president made his announcement. I smell a rat. I decide to get Jeannie’s help in going over all of the invoices, but she is in a training class. We have a temp for the week so I tell her what to bring me. The temp brings in all the invoices that I have already gone through. They are all the years’ invoices, all with my signature. I don’t know what I expect to get out of going over them again, but that’s my plan. A few minutes later, she brings in some more. She sets them on my desk saying, “These were filed with the stuff from two years ago, but they look new so I brought them in”. I look at them and they all are dated this year. None of them are signed because they are all paid by automatic transfer. That would have required only a computer signature. I add them up. I have definitely found the missing money. The temp doesn’t know our software and will be of no help, so I leave the file on my desk and have her return the other invoices to their place in the drawer.

The next week I ask Jeannie to come into my office and close the door. I want her to help me trace where these odd invoices are coming from without anyone else knowing I have found them. Jeannie comes in, sits down, and when she sees the file she turns white. She then starts pouring out information. First she says she is sorry. Then she says it wasn’t all her idea. She assumes no one else knows about the file and asks me not to tell anyone. She says she knows she will go to jail if I tell and she doesn’t want to go to jail. She wasn’t really making sense, but I now knew she was the crook. The whole time I just sat there in shock. No one would have ever suspected straight-laced Jeannie. I asked her how she did it. She told me that she had found a problem in the coding software that allowed larger than normal payment amounts to be transferred as if they were petty cash. The accounting software expected the coding software to keep tabs on petty cash and ignored the discrepancy. The system error then cleared itself as a zero, but not until after the payment had been made. She told me that her and a friend made up a phony company to collect the misdirected funds. At this point she starts pleading with me, “please don’t tell. I don’t want to go to jail. I can’t pay the money back because I’ve already spent it. Even with that I’d go to jail anyway. I’ll never do it again and I’ll do anything you ask”.

I sit and look at her trying to decide what to do. She is trying very hard not to cry. The money is already written off and I don’t want to look bad for not finding the problem. Jeannie is unaware that the president has called off the hunt for the crook. I make my decision and tell her she will be staying late that night to help clean up the paper trail from her crime. She is ecstatic with the news that I will help her instead of turning her in.

That evening around 6:30, Jeannie walks into my office and shuts the door. She starts thanking me for helping her clean up her mess. I stop her and remind her that by helping her I am becoming an accessory to a felony. I also tell her this help isn’t free and reminder her of her offer to do anything I ask. Jeannie looks at me and turns about as white as she did when she spotted the file on my desk. I tell her that I am not willing to stick my neck out for nothing. She sits in silence for a minute or two. She finally speaks up, “OK, what do I have to do.” My wildest dream could not have worked out any better. Jeannie is wearing a short skirt, and a blouse that hugs her curves. I stare at her chest wondering what her nipples look like. I stare at her legs and want to feel her soft skin. I look at how her legs disappear into her skirt and wonder if Jeannie plays with her pussy at night. I think about how nice it’s going to be to be the first man ever to sink his cock into this beautiful woman’s pussy.

Jeannie sees me staring and seems to read my mind. “Oh, please not that. Don’t make me have sex with you. I am saving myself for the man I marry. I know I said I would do anything you say, but please don’t make me have sex with you.” I look at her for a bit longer. I remind her of my risk in this whole mess. A risk I didn’t have to take. I tell her to stand up and take off her clothes. She says “no”, and heads for the door. I pull out the invoices and she stops dead in her tracks. I look at her and tell her she really doesn’t have much of a choice. I also tell her if she cooperates I may actually let her off without destroying her precious virginity. She comes back and stands in front of me. After several moments she makes the right choice and starts peeling off her clothes.

Once she is naked I cannot believe what I am seeing. She is perfect. Her skin is smooth and soft. Her ass is firm and round. Her breasts are firm as well and she has large dark brown nipples. Her bush is dark, full and has a naturally trim shape. I want to fuck her even more now. I tell her to come over to where I am sitting and stand with my knees between hers. When she does her legs open just enough for me to slide my hand up and touch her pussy. When I do, she jumps. I stroke the soft hair on her pussy then move up and feel her bush. My thumb rests against her slit. I slide my thumb along her slit a few times. I expect her to get wet but she does not. I pull my hand away and ask, “Do you know how to get wet”? Jeannie turns red and shakes her head yes. “Get yourself wet then”, I order.

Jeannie slowly lowers her hand to her crotch and touches herself. She is embarrassed at having to do something so private in front of me, and stares blindly at the ceiling as she works her hand. Working only her index finger into her pussy, she is finally getting wet. The view from my chair is hot. I pull her hand away and replace it with mine. She is less embarrassed now but is still showing little other emotion. Occasionally she winces, squinting her eyes trying fight off the pleasurable feelings my hand is creating.

As I rub her pussy I start to tell her what I have planned. “I really wanted to fuck you tonight Jeannie”. “In fact, I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day you walked in here”. “Problem is, now that I should to get to fuck you, you won’t let me.”

“But, I promised if you cooperated I wouldn’t make you, and you are cooperating.” As soon as she realizes I don’t intend to make her fuck me, she loosens up and gets a little wetter. As my hand slips through her wet pussy she starts to enjoy it, just a bit.

I pull my hand from between her legs and tell her to go sit in my guest chair and spread her legs wide open. She does so, and her pussy is nice. It is glistening with wetness and is open just a bit. I think about how tight her pussy must be and still really want to fuck her. I think about going back on my word, then decide my other plan is just as good. I tell Jeannie to play with herself and to make herself cum while I watch. Once again she is embarrassed and she just sits there. “I’m going to fuck you if you don’t”, I remind her. With that she starts rubbing her pussy looking off towards the ceiling again. As I watch her masturbate I ask a few questions. “You do this at home all the time don’t you?” She shakes her head yes. “I’ll bet you think about fucking all the men you date when you masturbate, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm Hmmmm”, her reply comes in the form of a light moan. “Have you ever thought about fucking me when you do this?”

“Be honest”. “Yesssss I Haaave”, her answer comes in an airy tone. “Good! Then close your eyes and think about me now and don’t stop until you cum.”

“And don’t try to fake it because I know the difference.” She closes her eyes and starts some more serious work on her pussy. While she does that, I get undressed.

I stand naked beside her chair and she looks up at me. I tell her not to stop. I take her free hand a place it on my cock. She touches me only momentarily and quickly pulls away, then she cums. I smile knowing that she secretly enjoyed touching my cock. When she is done I reach down and slip two fingers into her pussy and get a sample of her cream. I lift my fingers to my mouth and taste it. Jeannie makes a sour face. I sit back down and tell her that I’ve finally decided what she has to do instead of fucking me. She protests, “You mean that wasn’t it”? I explain that was just a warm up and she still has to do something that is equal to fucking her. I also tell her it is too late for her to change her mind about being fucked because watching her cum was going to be half the fun of fucking her and I already got to do that. I tell her to get on her knees.

She gets on her knees and then realizes what I am going make her do. “You want me to give you a BJ don’t you”? “I don’t want to do that. It’s gross.”

“Hey!”, I say. “No more complaining”. “You got yourself into this mess, and I’m your only way out.”

“I’m not going to fuck you, but you have to do everything else I say from now on without complaining, OK?” She just sits there staring up at me with no response. I tell her she needs to move closer and take my cock in her hand. She still just sits there. I touch the folder of evidence and raise my eyebrows. She sees my determination, moves closer, and every so gently takes hold of me. She looks up and quietly whispers, “I’ve never done this before”. I tell her, “Do exactly what I say and everything will be fine”.

I tell Jeannie to wrap her hand around my cock and stroke it up and down. While she is doing that I tell her to lick the head. She sticks her tongue out and barely touches my cock. I tell to lick more like an ice-cream cone. She looks at me weird, then starts licking me a little better. She looks like a puppy down there getting in as many licks as she can before she is pushed away. It is in no way sensual. I tell her to put it in her mouth. Jeannie sits and stares up at me working up the courage to take me in her mouth. Finally, she opens her mouth and puts me inside. She applies one level of suction without moving her head and just sits there. Clearly, this will never work. I tell her to stop and give me her hand. I take two of her fingers in my mouth and demonstrate the finer art of cock sucking. When I think she understands I stop and tell her to try that. She puts me back in her mouth and gives it a shot. She turns out to be a pretty good student and her mouth feels pretty damn good.

I decide that I need to test her ability to take orders so I tell her to stop. She instantly pulls me out of her mouth. “No, I didn’t say take it out”. “I just said stop.”

“If I want you to take it out I’ll say take it out.” With that said, I tell her to start sucking again. She resumes, and it feels so good I have an involuntary thrust. My cock hits the back of her throat and she gags. I pull back a bit and tell her to wrap her hand around my cock and stroke me as she sucks so she can control the depth. This she takes to like a duck to water. Things are working pretty well and I only have a few more tips. “Suck a little harder.”


“Now let the tip slip into your hand a bit”

“Oooooh, thats good.”

“Oh, not to fast… Nice deep strokes… Yeah that’s great…” I sit back and enjoy her work as she gets more comfortable with what she is doing. Jeannie stops a moment to ask, “Does that feel good”? “Am I doing it right”? I assure her that she is making my cock feel really good and she seems pleased.

If I didn’t know better, I would say that Jeannie is start to get into it. I’m finally starting to feel myself building up for an orgasm as well. My cock swells in her warm mouth and pumps a bit of pre-cum onto Jeannie’s tongue. Jeannie squints and makes a sour face then swallows. She pulls away from my cock and looks up. “Was that OK”, she asks? I can tell that she thinks she made me cum. “That was very nice”, I say, “But that was only my pre-cum”. “Real cum is a lot like that but there is more of it.”

“You don’t have to worry about that for now, I’m going to stop you before I cum”. Jeannie smiles for the first time since coming into my office, obviously thinking I’m not going to make her go to completion. I tell her she needs to keep sucking me like she was before. Jeannie lowers her head and continues. It doesn’t take long and I can feel the buildup to an orgasm starting over. Again, my cock swells and Jeannie’s tongue gets a drip of pre-cum. She stops moving her head and makes the same sour face as the first time. I tell to keep moving and she continues sucking.

Her sucking is purely clinical, performed exactly like I told her to, but it still feels good enough to bring me closer and closer to orgasm. Every little bit I find myself holding back and each time she gets another small taste of my building climax. Her face still sours with each taste, but not nearly as bad as the first two times. I am really feeling her mouth now and every stroke radiates throughout my body. I am very close to orgasm and will not be able to hold back much longer. I am starting to numb and it is all I can do to tell her to stop. She stops, and as instructed, leaves me in her mouth.

I tell her to look up at me. She turns her pretty face up and her deep hazel eyes lock with mine. She is so beautiful I almost cum. I ask her if she is ready for me to cum in her mouth. Her face saddens as she slowly starts shaking her head no. The movement of her head on my cock sends a pulse through my body and out my cock. Jeannie gets a nice big ooze of pre-cum in her mouth and freezes. It’s time for me to explain just how Jeannie is to finish her task.

“Jeannie”, I start. “There is no question that I am going to cum in your mouth tonight. So if you are not ready, get ready.”

“I want it to be perfect. And believe me, the better it is for me the better it will be for you.”

“When I say go I want you to start sucking me just like you have been, nice and slow.”

“It won’t take very long for you to make me cum.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be much different than my pre-cum, just a little thicker and more of it.”

“But, when I cum, don’t you dare stop sucking. And don’t you swallow it either.”

“I’ll tell you when to stop and what to do next.”

“OK,… Go.”

Jeannie starts moving her head and hand, hesitating as she goes. She is dreading this. I have to remind her to suck. She has no clue what she is doing or what is about to happen. It all feels really good to me and she is sure she doesn’t want to finish. I start to lose control of my breathing and I look down at Jeannie. She is still looking up at me. Her saddened eyes are as beautiful as ever and that is all I can take. I cum. Jeannie stops for a moment, shudders, and makes the face of a kid made to eat spinach. Then she remembers to keep going. I continue to cum. My cock is pumping shot after shot into Jeannie’s mouth. She gags. Some of my spew leaks out her lips and runs down my cock. Her mouth is slick and warm with my cum and that feeling makes me cum even more. It seems like I will never stop. When I finally have no more to give I tell her to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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