Caught From Behind Ch. 02


I begin to kiss you all over once more, exploring your entire body while continuing to stroke your luscious cock…


“Darlin’,” I whisper.

“Yes, baby?”

“I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise?” Your interest aroused. “What is it?”

“You’ll see darlin’ in a few minutes. I know you’ll like it.”

“I’m sure I will,” you reply as you nip at my breasts with your teeth and I let out a moan. I glance at the clock and smile. It’s almost time.

We continue to touch and stroke, nip and kiss, our bodies moving together, hotly. Then the doorbell rings and I blindfold you before answering it.

I come back to the bedroom with my surprise for you. My surprise and I crawl onto the bed, both of us touching your body, stroking our hands over your skin, planting kisses and love bites. You moan and try to remove your blindfold, but I tell you no and tie you down to the bed.

I chuckle and wink at your surprise. She gives a lusty chuckle and I invite her to take her fill of you while I watch. You and I both moan as she squeals and takes your cock in her hand, stroking it base to tip, fondling your balls. I get excited as I watch her take your cock in her mouth, licking you, sucking you, causing you to moan loudly. Ohhhh yessss!!!!

My excitement builds to a frenzy and I have to join in. We work together, thrilling you with two mouths on your meaty cock. Your moaning increases and creamy precum soon begins to leak from the head. She laps it up greedily licking the head like an ice cream cone.

I take hold of one of your hands and untie it, releasing it from its bonds. I guide it to our guest’s shaved coochie and let you have a feel of her wet snatch. You moan and take over, your fingers attacking her steamy cunt. I hear a throaty moan coming from both of you and begin to fondle her large breasts as well.

She and I are both working on your cock. Your hands diddling her snatch while I fondle her awesome tits. I groan as I feel her hand on my thigh and open wide to allow her to slip her fingers into my shaved snatch. Things are heating up fast…our moans fill the room.

I move my mouth away from your cock, allowing her to give you solo-head, and I move to replace my hands on her breasts with my mouth. She stuffs her fingers further into my cunt and sucks harder on your cock, bringing loud intense moans from Bayan Eskort both of us, echoing together. She begins to stroke my snatch, cupping my pussy lips, feeling their sticky wetness. She locates my clit and finds that little sensitive nerve that drives into a cumming frenzy. Her tantalizing pussy fingering urges me on to do more. I suckle her breasts harder and let my fingers join yours in her dripping cunt. We tease her simultaneously, which only increases her sucking fervor, taking more of your cock into her mouth, stroking the thick shaft, fondling your balls.

“You like your surprise, darlin’?” I murmur in your ear as I pull away from her lush tits momentarily. “Didn’t you always want two women at the same time?”

You moan loudly and buck your hips, shoving your cock into her greedy mouth. “Yes, baby, yes!”

Then I return to sucking on her tits. I give each nipple a gentle nip by grasping each with my teeth. A muffled moan comes from her. Soon, she has you very close to cumming, but pulls back and gives me a begging look. She mouths, “I want it.”

I shake my head as to tell her it is okay and she squeals delightfully. I move away and pull your hand from her dripping snatch, taking delight in licking your fingers…Mmmm mmm…so good. She straddles you, and I guide your cock into wet cunt…she lets out a loud moan, throwing her head back with wild abandon.

“Oh yes, this cock feels so good…never had one so big,” she squeals as she bounces happily before she starts to cum almost instantly. Her pussy quivers, tightening around your awesomeness. Then she screams, her pussy unleashing a torrent of pussy juice over your cock. She grinds harder, moaning, screaming, panting, riding as hard as she can. She leans down and dangles her large breasts into your face, and I trace her nipple along your mouth to let you know it’s there.

“Lick her tit, darlin’!” I moan. You quickly oblige and soon we are both suckling, licking, caressing her lush tits.

“Are you enjoying this, darlin’?” I whisper to you and you groan your response as our guest cums again. She grabs me by the hair and pulls me to her, kissing me deeply. Then she whispers to me, “I want this gorgeous cock in my ass. Can I have it?”

“Ask him, darlin’!” I reply.

She leans down, and nips your neck. “Hey sexy, I want you to fuck me in the ass. You up for it, stud?”

“OH HELL YEAH, honey.” You reply, “Let me up.”

She obliges and unties your other hand.

Immediately, you pull off your blindfold to view the woman who’s been riding your cock. You smile and chuckle as you see my friend, Syndi. Sexy Syndi…

She lifts herself off of you, moaning as your cock exits her pussy with a sucking noise. She crawls on her hands and knees, shaking her sleek ass at you. “Come get it, stud!!!” Syndi moans and squeals as lube coats the crack of her ass and puckered asshole. “Give it to me! Give it to me NOW!” Syndi moans and lets out a whimper as you slide it up and down the crack, poking playfully against her back door.

You look at me as I lay beside her, still fondling her tits. “Is this okay with you?” You ask softly and I nod yes.

“Go for it!” I smile before I slide beneath her to watch the action close up, and begin to diddle her clit. Syndi lets out a squeal, “Damn, this is good! A cock in my ass and a juicy cunt in my face. What a lucky bitch I am!!”

We all chuckle at her remark. I reach up to fondle your balls as you press the head of your cock against her anal tightness and begin to push through. Syndi squeals at the feel of it. “Oh god,” Her body stiffens as she tries to adjust.

“Relax, honey. Relax.” You softly croon, stroking her body.

Reaching aside, I grab a vibrator and turn it on, and begin to use it on her cunt,her swollen clit. She moans as her body relaxes and gives in to the feeling of being caught from behind. She pushes herself back against your cock, slowly allowing you to slide a little more in.

She lowers her head and rests it against my thigh, snuggling and lightly feeling my thighs as I slip a dildo into her cunt while you slowly give her an anal fuck she’ll never forget.

Syndi then dives her face into my dripping cunt, her tongue hitting my clit like a jolt of electricity…I jump and moan, urging her on. Each time she plunges her tongue into my hot cunt, I pound the dildo into her pussy as you thrust your cock into her ripe ass. I squeeze my thighs around her, demanding more of her slurping mouth and tongue. She willingly complies and snakes it deeper and faster in and out, flicking her tongue in my pussy, then slipping it up to diddle my clit.

With our mutual thrusts in her ass and cunt, it only urges her on to pound her tongue harder into my clit. I mash her head into my coochie as I feel my orgasm building to explosiveness. I let out a scream, telling her I’m gonna cum on her face.

When you hear this, you speed up your anal fucking as you feel her muscles contract around you, tightening on your rod. With your hands on Syndi’s hips, using them to hold on, you pull her further back on your cock as you slam into her. I don’t know how she can concentrate on my snatch with all this hard fucking going on…however she does it you can tell that both she and I are so far into erotic bliss that we are both arching our back and bucking our hips at the same time you are plowing her ass with your gigantic fuckstick deeply into her…

She lets out a scream as she cums on the dildo deeply imbedded in your sopping wet cunt. She cries out, calling me a hot fucking bitch, as her next orgasm follows instantaneously. My own orgasm cums on the heels of hers, and I shove her face in deep…she slows and laps up the hot pussy juices gushing from my snatch.

Syndi shoves herself back onto your cock, her bottom bumping your thighs, greedily accepting the pounding thrust. Harder, she screams, harder!! I watch as you are fucking her so hard that it’s getting harder for you to control the pressure building in your balls. You begin to grunt, moaning loudly, pumping harder still as you start to cum. Pulling out of her ass, you cum against her ass cheeks, spurting it up her back.

“Oh yes, that felt so good!!!!!” Syndi moaned as she turns around and gives you a steamy kiss. “A girl could get used to that!”

“See what I told you, Syn.”

“Yes, girl, you did. Wish I could get it that good at home, but my old man just doesn’t care if I’m satisfied or not. He gets his and rolls over. Two minutes later, he’s snoozing away.”

“Things are different here. My man, Chris, makes sure I’m satisfied before he gets his. Ain’t that right, darlin’?”

“You know it!”

“We’ll have to do this again soon, if that’s okay with both of you?” Syndi purred.

“It is with me! How about you, darlin’?”

“Of course! What man in his right mind would turn down two sexy babes?”

With a kiss for both of us, Syndi hops off the bed and quickly dresses, saying she must be home before her old man arrives home from work.

“So, darlin’, did you enjoy your surprise?”

“Yes, hun, very much!!”

With that, both of us spent and incredibly satisfied, we cuddle up together for a short nap.


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