Caught Jerkin’


A few years after I married I went to work in my father in law’s business. Both my in-laws worked there and the office was located in a converted house in a small town. The upper floors were now small apartments. Occasionally, I would have to go into them to check on them for my father in-law since he owned the building. The second floor apt. was a small efficiency. The tenant had his bed in the center room which happened to be directly above my office on the first floor. He was a single guy in his late 40’s at the time, divorced with a couple older kids who lived with his ex. His name was Chuck and he was a friendly guy and used to stop in our office regularly to say hi to my mother in-law who served as our office admin and receptionist.

We would see him come in the front with his girlfriend on their way to his apartment up the stairs. A few weeks after he started seeing this woman, who worked not far from our office, I started hearing Chuck up in his apartment around lunch time. He would come in around 11:50 head up the steps to his apartment, for lunch I guess. Then several times a week, I would hear someone else head up the steps around noon and his apartment door open again. I could hear the occupants walking across the floor and muffled voices on occasion. At about 12:15 or 12:20 I would hear them get on the bed, I could actually hear the springs squeaking. Usually after about 10 minutes or so I would start to hear the slow rhythmic squeaking of the springs. This would go on pretty steady for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and then the pace would increase as did the force of the squeak. I could hear muffled moans and groans and a minute or two later after reaching a crescendo, the bouncing bed noises would stop.

Typically, I would then hear one person open the door and head down the steps about 10 minutes later and then another 5 or minutes or so the other person would leave the apartment and I wouldn’t hear anything till the end of the day when chuck returned from work. I began to imagine what the two of them looked like while they were upstairs fucking during their lunch hour. Was he on top of her missionary style, pounding her hard, muffling her moans with deep kisses on her mouth as he pistoned his hard cock in and out of her? Or was she on top riding his cock like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco? Escort Bayan Gaziantep I knew what both of the looked like clothed but I would try to imagine them naked and fucking. Chuck was a stocky man, about 5’9″ tall, probably about 190 or 200 pounds, but relatively fit. His lady was about 5’6″, no supermodel but in decent shape. I would definitely have fucked her.

Most days I would be going out to lunch, but after I heard the noon time show the first time, I began to take a later lunch out of the office or eat at my desk. When I would hear him come in, I would start to get excited hoping I would hear her follow a few minutes later, knowing they would be fucking within minutes. I would get rock hard listening to the sounds of fucking taking place over my head and on occasion, after it was over, I would go into the powder room, in our office (remember it is a converted home) and jerk off. This became a practice for me after the first few times I sat there and listened to the show. After a while, I became a little bolder and would take my cock out of my pants while I was sitting behind my desk. It was only my in-laws and me at the time working there and my father in law’s office was in the front of the house while my mother in law sat at a desk in what used to be the middle or dining room of the old house. My office was past her desk toward the back of the house and I did not have a door on it. It was actually a pass through to the powder room, as there was a door in the back of my office too. There was another pathway to the back of the house on the other side of my office wall and normally my mother in law would take that route to the powder room. However, once in a while, she would come into my office on her way there to drop something off on my desk or give me a message etc. I became more bold after awhile and would jerk off and cum into some napkins or tissues right at my desk while I listened to the tenant fuck his lady as I visualized the action.

Normally I could hear my mother in law moving towards my door way and I knew I could slide my chair in under my desk to hide my hardon if she came in so I felt comfortable taking my hard cock out of my pants to rub it while I listened to the show if she was in the office. However, one day I was particularly enthralled with the tenant above me and his nooner. He must have been plowing his lady hard that day as the bed springs were creaking loud and furiously and I was hearing low moans. I was furiously fisting my cock as I listened, sitting in my office chair slightly pushed back from my desk. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t hear my MIL approach my door. There I was flush faced looking toward the ceiling, hearing the sound of sex with my right hand sliding up and down my hard dick.

My MIL poked her head around the corner, presumably to tell me that she and the FIL were going out to lunch and heading out the front door (rather than through my office or the pass through to the back door). She started to talk and then stopped abruptly. I looked away from the ceiling and could see a surprised look on her face. I froze and looked right at her eyes. My face I’m sure was turning redder by the second. I didn’t want to move but knew I should try to slide my chair in under the desk in case she came into my office. She kept her eyes on me and moved through the doorway toward the front of my desk. I am not sure if she could see my cock, but she knew my hand was in my lap and I am sure she saw my arm moving when she first poked her head around the corner looking in my door.

I was excited and scared at the same time. This was my mother in law who had just caught me masturbating in my office. She was about 50 at the time and although she had a few extra pounds on her, she was a stunning woman, a former beauty queen. I had fantasized about fucking her before and I was wondering what she and my father in law did in the bedroom. She pretended to be a bit of a prude, but I think she has a wild side too. Amazingly, my cock stayed hard, I thought it would shrivel but it didn’t. She stopped right in front of me and said pretending she didn’t see me. “Dale (my father in law) and I are going out to lunch, are you staying in?” Her face was a little flush as she looked at me, almost trying not to look in my lap. As she finished her sentence she took her eyes of me and she looked up at the ceiling of my office. She heard the sound of fucking going on up there too. She didn’t say anything and stood there for 20 or 30 seconds. Her face showed and almost lustful look as she continued to listen.

My father in law was still in his office in the front of the building. He would be coming out any minute and I am sure he would not have approved of what I was doing or that both his wife and I were listening to the 2nd floor tenant having sex. He is very conservative and would never think of such a thing. My mil stood there and continued to listen. I was so fucking hard and horny I thought I was going to come right there. I began slowly to rub my cock and MIL could tell. She glanced quickly at me and then back up to the ceiling. The pounding that was going on above us was getting more furious now with the bed squeaking loudly. It was obvious they were getting close to a climax. I moved to get the napkin from the top of my desk with my left hand and moved it into my lap to catch my load that was about to rocket out of the tip of my steel hard cock. I moved my chair slightly back knowing full well my cock was now exposed to my MIL’s view. She was now no longer looking at the ceiling but staring right at my cock. She watched intently as I quickly stroked my prick just a few more times. We both heard a moan from above as the mattress squeaking stopped. I couldn’t take it anymore and with one final stroke of my right hand to the head of my cock started to shoot. The first glob overshot the napkin I held in my left hand to catch it and landed on my desk. I quickly moved it up to catch the next three powerful squirts. I watched as my MIL’s eyes widened and she continued to stare at my rock hard now red prick.

A few seconds after I shot my last glob of white cum into the napkin, we both heard my father in law stepping out of his office, calling out to my MIL, “are you ready dear?” We stared at each other for a split second, almost freezing out of fear that he would come into where we were. She quickly called out, “yes, I’m coming”. “Lock up if you go out “she said to me as she turned, we shared one final glance. She then headed out of my office and she and Dale headed out the front door of the office.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just been caught jerking off in my office by my mother in law, and she watched as I finished the job and shot a huge load in her direction. She also found out about my secret sex show and why I had been taking late lunches. We also avoided an awkward moment when she had to leave without having a chance to question me about the whole thing for fear that her husband would catch her watching me jack off. Life at the office was about to get even more interesting!

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