To be totally honest I cannot say that I have not had fantasies about still making love to a virgin teenager. Like all middle-aged men I fondly remember my days as a youth, of first blooding escapades and a rampant sexual appetite for all things female. Now although I have kept my desire and frequently have sex four or five times a week, my partners recently have lacked a certain spark. Experienced women are not to be underestimated, they fuck and suck with the best of them, but still I was missing something. Had I hit the wall at 42?

I looked at my naked self in the mirror and appraised my situation. Six foot two, full head of air, reasonably firm abs and a seven-inch penis. I gripped my penis and gave myself a few quick tugs and admired my erection. Still hard and straight and apart from the fact that all males want more length in their Johnson, it was not looking too bad. So although not a Redford look-a-like I was certainly presentable. I dressed for work and headed off not knowing that my life would never be the same again by the end of the day.

As a gynaecologist the old proverb held true. Yes, I saw more pussies than the local vet and none of mine scratched. Yet for all of that it could be a rather uninspiring job and after 20 years nowhere near as sexually gratifying, as people seem to think. In fact on a real bad day you could be put of sex for life, say no more. That afternoon I received a call from Mary Maginness, a former lover, and she was frantic Tearfully she recounted having found a box of contraceptives in her daughter’s draws.

Celeste, her daughter, was 18 and as far as I knew a virgin. Her gyno was a friend of mine and often told me how strict Mary was and that Celeste, who could easily of had any guy, rigidly obeyed her mother. None the less Mary said she had sent Celeste to see me and would be here any minute. I assured Mary I would assess Celeste and keep the whole thing discreet. As I hung up I thought luckily for you Mary she’s not like mummy, because Mary Maginness had reputation, she wasn’t know as ‘The Ferris Wheel’ for nothing.

There was a tap at my office door and Cindy my secretary walked in. Taking her usual liberties she sat on my lap and wiggled her arse over my groin. I casually fondled her large tits in our daily game of sexual flirting and enquired what she wanted. Celeste had arrived and Cindy had placed her in the examination room, giving my cock a gentle squeeze Cindy got up and left the room with a truly devilish look on her face.


I entered the examination room and was nearly struck dumb. There in front of me sat the most stunning vision of womanhood I had ever seen. It had been years since I had seen Celeste and good god, I groaned to myself, there sat sex personified. My mind was suddenly clear of all the clouded thoughts of the past weeks. Here was a young woman who by her very looks rekindled my libido.

Celeste sat on the examination table in all her naked glory. Cindy had thoughtlessly forgot to provide a gown. At 18 years old she looked as fresh and firm as a peach and exuded that Antep Bayan Escort youthful fragrance of soap and powder. Her hair was a sandy brunette and fell around her face in a medium bob, small threads of gold reflected in the afternoon sunlight that flooded into the examination room. Azure blue eyes and high cheekbones dominated her face and lipstick free lips that where invitingly full. Much like her mother Celeste possessed wide shoulders that highlighted her hourglass figure as she sat nervously on the table.

The sight of her breasts though was truly breathtaking. Like two firm ripe cantaloupes they sat majestically on her chest. Her young areolas where a dark pink and puffy, her nipples firm and stiff in the cool climate of the examination room. Long shapely legs swung nervously back and forth while her smooth rounded arse highlighted the slimness of her mid rift. Completing this perfect scene where Celestes’ delicate hands that rested between her slightly parted thighs and discreetly covered her womanhood.

“Dr. Reed,” she said softly.

“Hello Celeste, and please call me Alan, no need to be formal.”

I turned up the thermostat to a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius and drew the blinds on the window. “Bit of privacy eh.” I enquired after Mary to break the ice and assured her that anything we discussed or discovered from the examination would be confidential. First I asked why she hadn’t gone to her normal gyno and she replied her mother had insisted on myself and secondly Dr.Nash was too old. Before starting the examination I asked Celeste about her general health and she said it had been a few months since her last general check up.

“Well why don’t we give you a complete check up first eh, before we visit the old stirrups. There a terrible invention weren’t they,” I said

“I don’t know any girl who likes them Doc, but I no you men invented them,” she giggled.

That sweet laugh, that was it, my pent up hormones decided to hijack the events unfolding and I knew I had to have Celeste. Walking over to the table was excruciating as my fully blown hard on was constricted by my jeans. If Celeste noticed she said nothing.


“Ok Celeste just lie back, that it, comfortable? Right well let’s check out your joints.”

My hands trembled slightly as I felt the sooth warm skin of her shapely leg. Lifting up her right leg at the knee, Celeste quickly covered her pussy a little tighter.

“Celeste please relax, place your arms by your side and unwind. I have seen many vaginas in my time and believe me you have nothing I have not seen before.” I commented firmly.

” Sorry Alan,” she blushed and she slowly took her hands away.

Still holding her leg I proceeded to rotate her hip joint but gazed at her pussy relentlessly. Her pussy lips where as full as any I had ever seen and her clitoris peaked out shyly from its hooded recess. A silky matt of pubic hair was neatly trimmed to the bikini line and her body was already radiating a mild heat. I continued to casually stroke her inner thigh while rotating the leg before placing it down and doing the other. Telling her hip joints where in excellent condition I invited her to sit up.

“Tell me Celeste do you regularly do your breast examinations”, I enquired. To which she said yes.

“Well show me how you do them and I’ll see if there are any tips I can give you to make it easier or more comfortable, ok.”

Raising one hand over her head Celeste used her other hand to cup her breast and slowly proceeded to probe her soft flesh Her nipples were fully erect and I could tell by her breathing and the light pink rash that spread across her chest that fondling her tit in front of me was getting her young hormones going.

If it had gotten to her then it had blown me away. I could wait no longer. I had not felt this excited since I was 16 and wondered again what this girl possessed that got to me so badly. I walked slowly over to Celeste and stood behind her. “Let me help you Celeste.” Reaching around my trembling hands scooped up both her breasts in a firm warm grip. Soft and pliable I kneaded them gently and worked her erect nipples between my fingers. I gently pulled her breasts forward then back before flattening them out in a figure 8 motion. This slow rolling motion quickly took affect as Celestes’ breathing dropped to a barely audible rasp and she could only mumble a quiet groan when I asked if it felt good.

I nuzzled my nose into her hair to smell her wonderful fragrance then nibbled at her ear. My mind was spinning as I fondled this virgin princess all the time wondering how had it happened. Leaving her tasty lobe I traced my tongue down her neck and Celestes head rolled around as I licked and sucked all the time massaging her melons with determined vigour. My petulant lustful act then suddenly bore fruit. I felt Celeste reach back and stroke my hard on through my jeans. I realised I wasn’t going to get this one in the stirrups to establish her virginity, because I was going to fuck her here and now and dam the consequences.


“God Celeste you taste so dam good.” I groaned

“Don’t stop Alan, it feels so good. My tits are melting in your hands, squeeze them hard Alan, harder, really tweak my nipples” she cried. I had never seen a woman get this excited over having her tits rubbed so I decided to really see how far I could take her. Swinging her around I grabbed a breast and attacked it with my mouth and tongue. Her nipple was stiff and bloated and she squealed deliriously as I chewed it gently then tongued and sucked her puffy areolas. I nearly shot my load there and then because as I gorged as much tit into my mouth as possible she started screaming.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh suck me Doc more, more, please. I’m cumming, yeeeeeeeees!”

Celeste bucked and squirmed her arse furiously on the table as her orgasm totally overwhelmed her. Finally she lurched off the table as the full force hit sending us both to the floor. I lay there stunned as Celeste moaned away, her tits mashed into my face and her legs clamped around my thigh as she rutted away. After a few minutes I rolled Celeste onto her side and looking deep into her azure blue eyes gave her a passionate kiss on the lips.

“Doc, I’ve never cum that hard before in all my life. None of my boyfriends have ever treated my tits the way you did. I didn’t want you to stop ever.”

“Well Celeste I must say that was a first for myself as well. I’ve never made a woman cum before by just sucking her tits” I said.

“Mama says all us Maginnis girls are tit sensitive, but I guess you knew that already, having fucked mama.” She smiled. “Now Doctor Alan I want you to give me everything, I want to feel you deep inside of me .I want you to make me a total woman. But most of all I want this!”

With the speed of a cobra Celeste has yanked down my zipper and reached in a grabbed my cock. Freed from its denim prison my cock attained it true length and soon Celeste was stroking my 8-inch hard on. I lay on my back and wiggled out of my jeans while all the time Celeste kept a firm grip and constant stroke. She seemed in a daze as she stared at my boner and kept whispering ‘beautiful’. I let her masturbate me for a few minutes then suggested we move to the couch. To which she readily agreed. I positioned myself in the centre of the couch and spread my legs motioning Celeste to kneel in between.


“Have you ever given head before Celeste?” I enquired.

“No Doc, I only let the boys play with my tits and they let me squeeze their dicks but that’s all.”

“Okay than I teach you. This is what will keep your man for life. Become an expert at this and he will never stray.”

I reached forward and placing a hand behind her head guided her mouth onto my rod. Her hot moist mouth quickly devoured my head and I moved her down a couple of inches before moving her back up.

“Slowly Celeste, a bit at a time. Just slide your mouth down a bit t a time till you get the hang of it. Breath through your nose Celeste, long deep breathes. That it up and down, up and down, perfect. Now I want you to use your tongue Celeste. Run your tongue up the underside of my shaft as you suck girl. Oh yeah perfect baby that’s it now pick up the pace.” I ordered.

Celeste was a natural born cocksucker. Soon she was bobbing away like a cork in a storm. That tongue of hers was doing its magic and soon I felt a delicate hand cupping my balls and rolling them dexterously over her fingers. I could feel the tingling sensation starting and knew it wouldn’t be long. Holding her head with both hands I thrust into her mouth with controlled strokes, Celeste instinctively knew the signal and sucked even harder bringing me to a shattering orgasm. My cock exploded into her virgin mouth with a fury, but this little woman didn’t even flinch, though her cheeks where puffed by my initial ejaculation, Celeste swallowed eagerly not spilling a drop. Then continued to suck my deflating erection in case she missed something.

Pulling her up onto the couch I bent forward and sucked her nipples for a minute then kissed her lightly on the lips.

“So you never did that before? Well Celeste if that’s the rate at which you learn, you’ll know ever trick in the book by the end of the week.” I surmised.

“As long as you teach me I Doc, I’ll be one happy gal.”

To Be Continued…

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