Chad Joins the Bikers


The man walked right past him with what looked like a baseball bat in his hands and wound up to hit another fellow who was a few feet away in the back of the head. Chad kicked out at the side of assailant’s knee and felt it crack. The man fell to the floor and before he could do anything more than scream Chad was standing over him with his big boot planted on the family jewels. The man looked up at him defiantly then crawled quickly across the floor to escape before standing up and stumbling away while glancing over his shoulder.

Chad sat back down and resumed eating his large tasty hamburger and drinking his draft beer. The fellow who had been the target of the assault stood over him. The man was a biker at least six foot three with the broad shoulders and the menacing look that was standard.

“Thanks friend,” he said and held out his hand. Chad shook it and looked him in the eyes. Chad was forty-five, just a bit over six feet with the build of a linebacker that he had been in college. He was not easily intimidated.

“No problem. I believe in playing fair and that piece of shit was not following the rule book. What was his beef with you?”

The big biker laughed. “He thought I fucked his wife this afternoon.”

“Did you?” Chad asked.

“Yep, a real nice sweet piece of ass.”

“Doesn’t change anything,” Chad said. “Still not right to sneak up and hit a man in the back of the head.”

The man turned and returned to where a group of bikers and a couple of women were sitting. One was a younger girl that he saddled up next to, kissed her and then began to fondle her breast through her blouse as he talked to the men around them. It was obvious that the girl was uncomfortable with being pawed while others watched but she did not seem to be objecting to his overtures.

Chad’s wife had died a little more than a year before. It had taken him since then to sell their home, quit his job as a management consultant and arrange his finances. He was tired of the daily grind and with no one to share his life with any longer and had decided to just take off for a while. He had bought a used 2003 Harley 100th Anniversary 1200 LX Custom with Sissy Bar, Engine Guards, Vance and Hines pipes, drag bars and decided to take off west to see what there was to see. He’s been riding for a month sleeping two out of three nights under the stars and grabbing a cheap motel on the other night for a good hot shower. He was in South Dakota and had seen the dive with a lot of motorcycles in front and decided it was as good a place as any to grab dinner.

The fellow whose skull he had saved came back over and took a chair next to him. “Name’s Axle,” he said and extended his hand to Chad once again.

“Chad,” he responded matching the man’s hard grip with his own.

“You seem to be the kind of man we’re looking for. We just lost someone and its hard riding doubles when you only have nine guys.” He watched to see what Chad’s reaction was to his overture. “We’re camped up the road a bit and wondered if you’d like to throw down with us tonight and see if you might like to ride with us.”

“What happened to the guy you lost?” Chad asked and then Eskort Kız taking another bite of the burger.

“Got caught screwing some guy’s daughter. Turned out the guy was a cop, they had a difference of opinion and now there is one less cop and our guy is headed for a long stint in the state pen.”

“Seems to be a lot of that stuff going on with you fellows,” Chad said with a smirk.

“It’s sort of our hobby,” Axle grinned back at him. “We can’t ever seem to get enough good young pussy. That’s our newest toy sitting over there waiting for me. She is eighteen and a runaway, our favorite flavor.”

“Yeah I wouldn’t mind checking it out,” Chad said.

A few minutes later Axle motioned for him and he followed the men and two girls out into the night. The young girl jumped on the back of Axle’s bike and Chad swung in behind the other nine bikers as they headed north up the highway. They didn’t go far before they pulled off into what was a public park area with open restrooms and shower facilities. There were four darkened travel trailers on one side while the bikers had made a camp on the other side near a stand of woods. There were halogen lights around the park giving the place twilight like look.

“Make yourself at home,” Axle said, his arm draped around the girl from the bar. “We’re going to be busy for a while, as I’m sure you guessed.” Axle popped the girl on her butt and ushered her over towards the trees where the lights did not reach into the darkness.

Chad pulled his sleeping bag off the bike and laid it in on a patch of grass which he figured would provide some extra cushion for the night. Only a few minutes passed before he heard someone coming and turned around to see one of the bikers and a young woman. The woman had dishwater blond hair tied back in a ponytail. She stood was about five foot four and looked to be in her early twenties. She wore jeans and a sweatshirt that did little to hide what was a very large set of tits.

“Axle has himself a new bitch. This is Valerie, Axle said to tell you that she’s yours if you want her. If not she’ll stay here when we leave and you can get yourself your own cunt down the highway.”

Chad stepped towards the girl whose head hung down, her eyes focused on her feet. He reached around her and pulled off the rubber band of her ponytail. Her hair fell around her face down to her shoulders. She looked up at him and he beheld a pair of beautiful big blue eyes that were red and swollen with tears from the knowledge of her being discarded and the prospect of being abandoned in the middle of nowhere. She was less than half his age and that made his cock begin to swell even more quickly than it would have normally. He reached down with one hand and unbuckled the belt of his jeans and pulled down his zipper. The girl immediately sank to her knees and pulled his rapidly swelling cock out of his jockeys and took it deep into her mouth and began to suck.

“Tell Axle thanks,” he told the biker.

“You’ll like her buddy,” he said as he turned to walk away. “She’s got the sweetest mouth of any of our cunts.”

“Get undressed,” he ordered the girl and then shed his clothes and opened the sleeping bag to crawl in. Chad watched as Valerie quickly cast off her top and pants. She had a massive rack, huge pendulous tits that in later life would likely sag but at her young age were quite magnificent. She had broad hips and a hairy pussy. Her legs were a bit stubby but looked strong and he imagined that they would lock tight around his back when he fucked her missionary style.

She slid into the sleeping bag next to him and prepared to slide down to take his cock back in her mouth but instead he restrained her and began kissing her soft luscious full lips. She eagerly returned his kisses and sucked on his tongue when he probed her mouth. Sliding down a bit he lifted her glorious tits up and began to suck on her surprisingly large nipples. The girl moaned and panted as he chewed on her hard nubs and began biting the large orbs and pushing his face into her deep fragrant cleavage. He could smell her sex and reached down between her legs and stuck two fingers into her hot very wet pussy and began to thrust into her while rubbing her swollen rigid clit with his thumb and fingernail. The girl began to whimper and thrust her hips forcefully into his hand. Chad had not had a woman for more than a year and was anxious to take the edge off, he needed to cum in the worst way. He rolled onto his back and pulled Valerie up on top of him. She maneuvered her wide hips to impale him and he felt the wonderful sensation of his eight and a half inch cock sliding easily deep into her moist clasping hot cunt. She grasped him tight with her vaginal muscles and began to grind and fuck him as he took her tits back into his hands and returned to chewing on her hard nipples.

His stamina was not what it once was and he could not last very long. After a few short minutes he began to match Valerie’s bouncing with aggressive thrusts that brought a cry of pleasure from her each time his rock hard shaft powerfully butted up against her tender cervix. A few additional deep thrusts and he felt the floodgates let go and his hot sperm began spraying into Valerie’s cunt which began its own powerful orgasming in response, clutching and milking him of his seed. Exhausted and drained the young woman collapsed on top of him and he began to caress her soft sweaty back. She looked at him and he kissed her tenderly on the lips. Before he knew what was happening she had slid down into the sleeping bag and had taken his cock back into her mouth and began to suck and lick him clean. It was an act of passion and tenderness that he had never experienced before and he found it to be very natural and in short order stimulating as he felt the blood begin to once again flow back into his slowly hardening his cock.

He found it tremendously relaxing to simply lay there quietly as she ministered to him licking their juices off his cock and balls and sucking him back to an erection. He could hear sounds from around the campground as the bikers fucked their bitches including the moans and rhythmic slapping sounds of the young newbie being fucked near the woods by Axle.

A biker came walking up to where he blissfully laid on his back. “Come with me,” he said. Chad pulled himself free of Valerie and the sleeping bag and jumped into his jeans. “Axle wants to see you over by the trees,” he said motioning in the direction that he had heard the earlier sounds.

It was only about twenty yards to where he found Axle and the young girl. The girl laid naked on a blanket with her knees splayed wide out. Axle was lying with his hips up near her head, his cock in embedded in her mouth. She was sucking and nursed on him, her fingers rubbing his balls and trailing up and down his shaft as he stroked her hair possessively. The girl had a nice round young body with grapefruit sized tits and long tapered legs.

“You’re the last one Chad. It is tradition that the new cunts get fucked by each of us when they join the group.” Chad looked down and saw that her pussy was red and swollen with sperm seeping out and collecting in a rather large pool between her thighs.

He dropped his jeans to the ground and stepped out of them and kneeled down between the girls soft thighs. She looked down at him with a deer in the headlights look. “No not again, Oh please I’m so sore,” she moaned as Axel grabbed her by the hair and thrust his cock deep down her throat.

“Go ahead,” he said and Chad slipped his cock into the girl’s wet stretched snatch and began to hump deep into her. There was little resistance to his thrusts as she had been so thoroughly fucked and was slippery with the cum of so many men. His recent milking by Valerie had given him a degree of control and stamina that he had earlier lacked and fucked her for at least fifteen minutes before he felt the pressure building again in his lower back leading to his orgasm. As he began to thrust deep the girl and spray into her she instinctively wrapped her legs tight around him and pulled him deep into her belly until he was drained.

“Thanks Axel, ” he said as he threw his jeans over his shoulder and made his way naked back to his sleeping bag where he had left Valerie.

He found the biker who had summoned him standing over his sleeping bag with Valerie sucking his cock. The man watched him for his reaction as he grabbed the woman by the hair with both hands and slammed his hips forward driving his cock deep down her throat and grunted as he shot his load. Chad knew he was being tested and did not react.

“I appreciate it man,” he said as he walked away. “No one gives head like this cunt.”

Without looking at him Valerie got up from her knees and went into the shower facilities while Chad crawled back into the still warm sleeping bag. A few moments later she was back, naked and still a little wet from her shower. She was shivering from the cold air. She slid in next to him with her back to him and her ample naked rear end up against his hip.

Incredibly he realized that he had another erection and he rolled over and let it nuzzle between her soft generously proportioned ass cheeks. Valerie raised her leg a bit and adjusted her body so that he came in contact with her pussy and was able to easily slide back deep again into her warm wet cunt. He reached his right arm over her body and took one of her hefty tits in his hand as she flexed her inner muscles locking his cock tight into her body. It was like that that that the new unexpected lovers fell asleep.

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