Clayton and Snake


After pulling a train on his first day in the cell block, Clayton Smithers settled into a life of being regularly and frequently fucked in his highly available and desirable ass. On that epic first day, the new queen serviced at least twenty of his fellow convicts, as many as had been able to get a turn with him over the two hours that they had available. Although he was sore and tired when the time ran out, he relished every minute of it, thinking of it as one of the best days of his life. Some of the men were really well hung, especially the big man they called Knuckles, who had stretched his ass and the adjacent channel as no other man ever did. All of the men who fucked him that day, even those without much length or hardness, gave his prostate gland a delightful workout before pumping their semen into his bowels. Clayton was able to climax too, cumming twice by stroking himself while the other men were getting themselves off by driving their cocks in and out of his eager ass, and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Following that first, very busy day, the demand declined somewhat, and his soft and succulent ass was only used by six or seven men on any given day. However many he serviced, they all loved how it felt and what it did for them. He loved it too, although sometimes he was a bit perturbed at the way almost all of the other men treated him. Most of them acted as if he were a two dollar whore, to be used and left lying on his belly, his pants down to his ankles and their cum oozing out of his ass. Clayton didn’t expect love or gentleness, of course, but he did want and believe he should have been entitled to a certain amount of respect and decent treatment, since everybody was having as good a time as he was. Only one man actually gave him what he wanted.

That one exception was Snake Hanson, so nicknamed because of the many tattoos that covered his arms and chest and back. Besides having one of the biggest cocks in the cell block, second only to Knuckles, Snake treated his temporary partner with what seemed to be genuine affection, more like the way a man would be expected to treat a girl friend. For one thing, Snake always supported his weight on his hands and knees, so Clayton could easily move around under him. This allowed the queen to thrust back to meet the strokes of Snake’s cock and derive more pleasure from what they were doing. He could even reach under his body and masturbate, letting Top and Bottom get the most pleasure out of the fucking, because both of them would be able to cum. Snake even stroked and caressed the sides and buttocks of the man under him, while whispering real compliments into his ear, letting Clayton know he was appreciated.

It was not completely an act. An odd part of Snake’s psychological makeup was the inability to separate sex and affection, and he had to feel a certain fondness for his sex partner, making him unlike many men, especially his fellow convicts. None of the others actually disliked Clayton. Some of them felt contempt for a man they thought of as a punk, but Snake actually had a warmish affection for the man, especially during their frequent sexual encounters. The queen benefitted from this, and the attitude also resulted in some positive results for the tattooed man. By letting Clayton be more active and receive maximum enjoyment from their couplings, Snake received much more physical pleasure than he otherwise would have. He also hoped for private time with the cell block queen sometime, maybe even getting a blowjob if the opportunity arose.

Several months after Clayton’s introduction to the cell block, through a series of coincidences, that opportunity arose. Old Goober, Clayton’s cellmate, who was so named for his age and his resemblance to a character on “Mayberry RFD” and some other television shows, started having severe chest pains. At his age, there bursa escort was a fear of a coronary failure, and the old man was moved to the intensive care unit of the infirmary. After his recovery, it there was one, he would most likely be transferred permanently to other quarters, a large dormitory type room where other aged and infirm convicts were housed. That left Clayton with an empty bunk in his cell.

Bill “Rocky” Rockport, long time cellmate of Snake Hanson was no longer on the cell block either. In his case, he had finished his time and been released, and this happened the same day as Old Goober was hospitalized. In the name of efficiency, the prison administration decided to move the newer convict into the cell occupied by the man who had been there longer, therefore having one empty cell instead of two that were only half filled. That way, the empty one could be left securely locked and be basically ignored, saving a few seconds of inspection on the part of the guards.

Those same guards were well aware that Clayton Smithers was the block queen, but they didn’t care about that one way or another. They were also aware that would mean Inmate Hanson would be catching a lucky break, and they weren’t so happy about that, but they were also not bothered enough by it to prevent the change. Consequently, under the supervision of two guards, Clayton moved his meager belongings into the cell with the man he wished would fuck him more often. That man had been hoping for the same thing, so the honeymoon began.

“Hi, Clay,” Snake greeted his new cellmate after the guards had left. “Do you want the bottom bunk?”

“Are you sure?” Clay was aware that the normal thing would have been for the stronger of two cellmates, Snake in their case, chose who got which bunk, and normally chose the safer and more convenient bottom one.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” This was not really being generous, because Snake, like most people, preferred to fuck a queen on her bedding and keep his own clean. His new cellmate was aware of that, but it didn’t distress him at all, and was what he also preferred.

Once the move was complete and things had been put where they belonged, and Clayton’s bunk had been arranged to his liking, he and his new cellmate were sitting on it. The free period, during which the cell doors would be open and the convicts would be able to mingle, was still hours away, and they were free to get better acquainted, in whatever way they chose. They both knew what that would be, and they turned to face each other. Clayton spoke of it first.

“Do you want to have some fun?”


That was the extent of the seduction. They both knew what they wanted, and believed the other knew also, and there was no reason to be coy. While Clay removed his prison issued pants and underwear, Snake also removed his and went to the sink to mix up a lather from soap and water. Clayton’s ass was not as tight as it had been when he began serving his time, but it was still not loose enough to fuck without some kind of lubrication. On the way back to where his new bride was waiting, hands spreading his ass cheeks, Snake covered his cock with the lather. The rest of the soapy water was spread in and on the ass that he was going to start cramming as full as he could. When he was done with the preparations, Snake wiped his hands off on the scratchy towel that the prison provided him and knelt between Clay’s spread legs.

As he would have done with a girl friend, Snake caressed the hips and buttocks that were waiting for him. Just like on the first day that the queen’s pussy was available for his lust, he marveled at how soft and smooth and plump it was, before leaning forward and holding the tip of his cock against the slick hole that awaited him. He gave a thrust forward; the soapy mixture worked perfectly, bursa escort bayan and the head of his cock wedged into the waiting place of delight.

A wave of pleasure swirled over Clayton’s body from where the cock head entered him. The feeling was somewhat familiar, but infinitely better than when Knuckles O’Malley or some other man started fucking him. The cock that was wedging into his waiting ass belonged to his man, the man he would be living with for a long time, barring any unexpected circumstances. Because of that, it felt so much better than any of the others, although they had also brought him a great deal of pleasure. The next thrust split his ass open farther, to his great delight, and started to stretch the attached channel. The one after that began massaging his prostate gland, sending a different kind of joy inundating his body. Clayton moaned in bliss.

Snake was glad to hear his partner expressing her pleasure as she had. He was not gay, and would have much preferred to be fucking a real woman but, not being in a position to choose, he was quite willing to accept the succulent and readily available ass of his cellmate. However, he had to keep thinking of her as a girl friend, which meant caressing her and whispering sweet nothings to her, as he would have a woman. It was made easier by her very feminine soft white ass, her smooth, hairless skin, and the movements of her body under him. After a series of thrusts, his cock was fully imbedded, and he leaned forward, supporting his weight on his hands and knees, and murmured into her ear.

“You like that, Clay? You like my cock in your pussy?”

“Yeah, I love it. It’s so big and hard. Now, give it to me, really good.”

Snake really liked hearing that, almost as much as he liked doing what Clay asked of him. Slowly, he drew most of his shaft from the tight hole that felt so good, paused briefly, and plunged it all the way back in. When Clayton felt the big cock surging into his ass, he pushed back, using his forearms, and met his cellmate halfway. All three of the places it was pleasuring sent more waves of joy crashing through his body, and he moaned again.

His partner’s pussy was so tight, and was massaging his cock so well, that Snake murmured in unison with her expressions of bliss. Still taking his time, he drew his cock most of the way out and plunged it back into her again, eliciting more expressions of delight.

The two prisoners continued slowly fucking. It was great; there were no other guys demanding that Snake should hurry up and make room for someone else, as there would be after the rest of the horny men were given their chances with the queen. Many of the other men, especially those in the cells directly across the open space, were enviously staring at Snake Hanson and his personal sex partner, wishing it could have been they instead of him in the cell with Smithers. He didn’t care, and neither did Clay. Neither of them minded if every other convict in the whole prison knew what they were doing. They were having a great time together, easily the best fucking either of them had gotten since beginning their respective incarcerations.

Clayton wanted to make it even better for himself. He shifted his body slightly and reached underneath to take hold of his cock, which was fully erect, and had been since his prostate gland had started being massaged. Snake saw what he was doing and delayed a stroke until his partner had begun masturbating. They would still take their time, which was something both of them had plenty of, literally years.

Once his shaft was in his right hand, Clayton started stroking it in time with the thrusts of his cellmate’s long, thick cock in and out of his ass. As was his usual preference, Snake wanted to make it as much fun as he could and make it last as bursa escort kız long as possible for both himself and his new girl friend. He plunged his cock slowly in and out of her very accommodating pussy, while she fucked back t meet him, every thrust ending with his pubic area pressed against her fat ass cheeks. He continued like that for a long time. He could feel his pleasure mounting, and knew he would cum within a few minutes.

The exquisite pleasure that saturated his body every time the considerate man’s cock plowed into him and was withdrawn again was also pushing Clayton toward his climax. Every time the long, thick cylinder drove into him, he thrust his ass back to meet it, and his hand stroked his own cock toward his body. When Snake’s giver of pleasure was drawn back, Clayton moved his hand away. The pleasure built slowly, but it was intense, and he knew he was close to cumming, so he turned his head to whisper to the man who had brought him to that state.

“Fuck me faster, Snake. I’m almost ready to cum.” It was the first time Clayton Smithers had ever addressed by name anybody who was pleasuring his ass.

He was probably not aware of that, but Snake liked the intimacy between him and his new girl friend. He also knew he was almost ready to cum, and he wanted them both to climax as close together as he could. Without saying anything, he started driving his cock in faster and harder and just as deep. Clayton’s hand matched the increased speed, and he felt his climax welling up inside his body.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” he whispered hoarsely. It was also the first time he had ever seen fit to mention his climax to any of his many sex partners.

Snake definitely didn’t know that and, even if he had, it wouldn’t have affected his actions. He continued driving his cock into the plump, friendly pussy, until his climax overtook him. It had been building up, like a geyser, and it erupted, as he shot a big burst of cum deep into Clayton’s bowels. He kept driving his cock in and out, and ejaculated twice more before he was through.

The queen’s hand didn’t stop or even slow down. It kept pumping his cock until his own climax exploded, squirting cum all over his mattress. He didn’t stop then either, until another big gush of semen was added to the first, and he sprawled forward on his mattress, with a warm, happy feeling of fulfillment. His partner lay on top of him, and they stayed like that until Snake’s cock softened and slipped out of the warm, slick pleasure hole.

“That was really good, Snake,” Clayton whispered to his cellmate. “That was the best I’ve had yet. I hope we can do it some more later.”

“I hope so too, Buddy. But probably not until after lights out.” That was the first affectionate form of address Clayton had heard during his imprisonment, and he liked hearing it.

By that time, everybody in all the cells was aware of what was going on, or had just happened. Most of them were so turned on by the thought of the juicy cunt that would soon be available to them, they decided they wanted some of the action too. Others couldn’t wait, and got themselves off with their hands. Later that afternoon, Clayton’s ass pleasured a dozen more men, including the convict boss, Knuckles O’Malley. That was more than it had accommodated since his first day there, but he still had enough energy and desire to bring his new boy friend to another great climax that night, while his hand did the same thing for himself. . .

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Clayton and Snake had this time and again that night, and will probably be having regularly for the next few years. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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