Club Manitou Ch. 02


Steven was outside thinking about what he had just witnessed only a few hours ago. He had come home for lunch to see how Dawn, his wife, liked her gift but as he walked towards the front door of his house he heard something curious. Moaning could be heard how ever faint it was.

So he quietly moved to the bedroom window not knowing what to expect, but relieved when he found her alone and wearing the dress that he had bought for her. The thing was remarkable on her and he wasn’t the only one that thought so. She was standing at the end of the bed with one hand moving all over her body while the other was busy between her legs.

Steven couldn’t imagine what she was thinking at the time, but she was talking to herself. Her eyes were closed through the entire thing and he could see her lips mouthing the words ‘fuck her.’

He watched her fingering herself until she was screaming out and collapsed to the floor before he made his way back to his car. The sight had caused something to stir within him and his mind was flooded with images of other men fucking his wife. The troubling thing was that it turned him on.

At work he tried to keep his mind on his work, but those images kept slipping back into his head. He had even gone into the bathroom and jerked off hoping that would fix the problem, but it had not.

When break came around he was grateful because it allowed him to go for a walk outside. As he was rounding the corned of the building where the smokers took their breaks he walked up on a conversation in progress.

“I don’t know what came over me.” Gwen was telling her friend. They were outside on their break. “It was that new club. You know which one. But anyway there we were about to walk in,” she was talking in a low tone. But her voice carried and Steven had heard.

He had only heard stories about the Club Manitou, but he had never known anyone to have actually been there. The place hadn’t been open long, but even in that short amount of time the club has acquired a certain mystique. There are rumors of orgies and gangbangs floating around about the club. That people that go in are changed when they come out. The reason is rumored to be the pleasure rooms.

There are rooms where couples go to experience other couples and it is said that anything goes in the rooms; women fucking women and lovers fucking complete strangers and even family fucking family.

“This was going to be our night out together. Dad and I had been planning it for sometime now.” The young woman giggled, “I told him not to look for me because I was going to look for a man for the night.”

“Well did you find one?” the eager friend asked.

“Well it was really strange, because there were four rooms,” she paused to take a puff off her cigarette. “There was music thumping in the background and the first room was a dinning room. Here everyone was dressed up. I mean ‘black tie affair’ dressed up.

“They took us to our seats. I was wearing that black tight dress that is split up the right side. I had never been to a place like this so I had also put on my stockings and garter belt. I strolled in there in four-inch high heels that laced up my smooth calves and instantly guys were staring.”

He friend gasped, “What did you do? I don’t think I would have the courage to walk in there like that.”

“Even just walking in there caused a change in me. I was excited and aroused by the place. Then after a few drinks things started happening fast. My father sat beside me as we ate and suddenly noticed how turned on I was. My arm had brushed up against my breast and my nipple seemed to explode with pleasure.”

“Oh my god!”

Steven had to move closer to the women to hear. Her voice had dropped to a low whisper and her voice was quivering.

“I just froze because it felt sooo ggooooddd. I looked at my father out of the corner of my eye to see if he had noticed, but what I saw shocked me. He had pretended to scratch himself as he watched the women that were in the room, but instead he grabbed the bulge Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort in his pants and stroked it a few times.”

The friend sucked in a gasp of air from shock, “He was jerking himself? No! You have got to be kidding.”

“Nope,” came Gwen’s reply. “I could feel his leg pressed against mine and I wondered if I had given him that boner. There were women dressed in skintight dresses that were cut very, very short. It was no wonder why he had a hard-on, but as time went on I noticed that he kept having to arrange himself.”

“That’s disgusting. He should have been a shamed. If your mother was still alive—well, ” her voice just trailed off leaving her comment incomplete.

The young woman hesitated a moment, “Well I have a confession to make.” It seemed like an eternity before she spoke again. “I don’t know if it was the music, the drink, or the club itself, but I got so turned on by it that I just pretended he wasn’t my father.

“We talked while we ate and I felt the pressure of his leg so much. I would put my hand in my lap so I could feel his muscular leg. I use to watch him while he worked out at the house. Watch him lifting weights until he glistened with sweat until I started having bad thoughts. So I had to stop watching because I was having strange urges.

So she continued on with her story, “Anyway while we talked I would place my hand on his leg absentmindedly. Remembering what his legs looked like when they were wet with sweat. There was a stirring in me and when he placed his hand on my leg I almost came right then.”

“He put his hand on your leg?” Her tone was changed from disgust to interest. “What did he do? Did he feel up your leg?” There was a hint of desire in the young woman’s voice.

‘She is really getting turned on by this,’ Steven thought to himself.

“At first he just rested his hand there, but after several drinks he started to move his fingers. I just pretended not to notice. Then I got bold and brushed my hand against the bulge in his pants and was shocked at how hard he was. It took me a second to realize that it was his cock that I was feeling and not his leg, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“He just looked at me and smile as his fingers caressed my stocking-covered thigh. Which caused my fountain to flow. I was so wet that I was afraid I would leave a stain. I opened my legs slightly and placed my hand back on his cock feeling it. I ran my hand down its length as I pressed it against his leg.

“His fingers traced the top of my stockings I brushed my arm against breast again and had an orgasm right then and there. I moaned and grabbed his cock hard with my hand. I guess it scared him because he pulled his hand back like he had just touched fire.

“I this wave of pleasure wash over me and then heat. I was on fire. And just then a man appeared and asked us if we would like to enter one of the other rooms. Neither one of us was thinking about food anymore, so my father said yes.

“The man walked us to a changing room and explained that in these rooms anything goes. ‘When you change in to these clothes you will become someone else. So try to enjoy it.’ He gave us a cloak and a cloth mask, but in the changing room there were other kinds of masks. I chose a silk mask that covered my face from the bridge of the nose down to the chin. It was a deep purple color that had a matching hooded veil.

“We didn’t have anything on but the cloaks, that touched the floor, and the masks. Well almost nothing. I still had on my garters and stockings, but nothing else. Black lights lit the hallways. Music was thumping in one room. There were spinning lights and lasers that lit up the dance floor. People were dancing to the music. Some wore colored paint that glowed in the black light. This made it look as if the stars themselves were here moving to the music.

“There was people on their knees with their faces buried in the crotch of one person and their hands up the cloaks of another person. Men and women were sucking and fucking each other and when they were done with one they’d move on to the next person.

“In the room that I was in there was a statue of a beautiful woman in the center. She stood straight up with her arm spread out, breasts pushed out and her face turned towards the heavens. There were cushioned benches and couches scattered about.

“Bodies writhed in the darkness. There was a chorus of moans, gasps and grunts that came from the men and women in the room. I watched as a man lying on a couch with a woman poised over his open mouth. She had her cloak bunched under breasts with both arms clutching onto it tight. Her hips moved slowly to the man’s darting tongue.

“His cloak was open and at his groin was another woman. She was cloak-less and had her hands wrapped around his huge cock. She needed three hands to be able to cover it completely. Her eyes were on the head of his dick. It dwarfed the rest of his cock because it was thicker. It must have been a quarter-inch thicker than the shaft.”

The friend was like a junkie needing a fix, “And? Did she –er ya’ know .. did she?”

“She opened her mouth as she lowered her head and licked the underside. She let her tongue trace the engorged head and then forced it into her mouth. I say that because she had to stop and reposition her mouth before continuing. Her hands were stroking the shaft as she slowly shoved that monster into her mouth. It didn’t take long before her mouth was so wet that his cock slid more easily in and out of her mouth.

“I was so turned on by what I was seeing that I moved towards them without thinking. That cock disappearing into her tight mouth was a puzzle to me. It fascinated me because I have never see it like that before. She wanted that man’s cock in her mouth. She loved the way it tasted and the way that it felt. She licked on it like a lollipop then eased it back into her throat. That’s when the woman glanced up at me and smiled.

“I was shocked again when she took the cock from her mouth and offered it to me. I could feel my nipples were so hard that they ached and I was so wet that I could feel my juices running down my legs.”

“Oh shit Gwen! What did you do?”

“I bent over and kissed the head.”

“NO!” Her friend screamed aloud.

“I did. And I liked it. I swirled my tongue around the tip. I could feel the silky smooth skin that was slick with spit. I popped it into my mouth and struggled to take as much in as I could. I felt the large veins pressed against my tongue and slide down my throat as I sucked him in.

“Then I felt hands on my tits. My cloak was open and the woman had one hand on my tits and the other was on her own. I closed my eyes and just let it happen. Her hand was on the back of my leg feeling the silky stocking. I felt the cloak being lifted from behind, but I paid no attention.

“The woman’s hands were all over me. They were teasing my nipples and then I felt her slide her fingers inside me. I moaned as they slid out and then back in. I was getting finger-fucked while I sucked on this cock.

“While I was doing this I found myself thinking about dad. I remembered the bulge in his pants and wondered what his looked like. Sensations rose inside me. Things I didn’t even know existed. I found myself pushing my cunt toward those fingers inside me. I pushed them deeper in me as I felt another hand playing with my vacant tit. I knew there was someone behind me with his fingers in me, but at that point I didn’t care.

“I drove more and more of that cock into my mouth. My tongue bathing the shaft and then the head, but all I could feel was those fingers. It must have been a sight. With me legs spread and wearing my stockings. Some stranger behind me and hiking up the back of this robe-like cloak up over my ass. He rubbed and played with my clit with his fingers and then he would bury them in my wet pussy.

“That’s when I felt the most incredible thing I have ever felt.”

Her friend was giddy with excitement, “What?”

“I felt a wet tongue slide down the crack of my ass to my hole. It felt so good that pushed back and the tip pushed through. I started cumming. The image of the tongue sliding in my ass was just too much. I tried to moan and scream, but the cock in my mouth was too big to make any sounds. The face was buried in my quivering bottom with fingers pumping in and out of my pussy. Then the tongue pushed back into my hole and then back out again. My ass was getting tongue fucked while my pussy was getting finger fucked.

“The cock popped out of my mouth and it was I could do to keep from screaming. The woman’s mouth replaced mine. Her mouth devouring the man’s cock slowly, but her eyes were on me. I felt like I should do something so I pulled away from the tongue and turned around.

“There he was kneeling in front of me. My father! He was on his knees and his mask was off. The look in his eyes was one that I had never seen before. He looked like he wanted to devour me.”

“What happened next?”

“I straddled his legs and slid down his body. My tits pressing against his face as his tongue licked my hard nipples and the feeling drop me over the edge. He sucked one of my nipples into his mouth as his hands moved up my legs to my ass. He nibbled on my nipples moving from one to the other as he squeezed my ass cheeks.

“I started moaning as the tip of one finger pressed against my asshole. I pulled his head closer trying to force my tit into his mouth. Then I found myself sitting in his lap. We were kissing. My tongue was in his mouth playing with his tongue and I could feel his cock pressing against my groin.

“He was squeezing my back with his big hands as we kissed and I was crushing my breasts into his chest. I moved my hand down between us and started stroking his cock. I pushed the head against my clit as I stroked him. I was moaning in his ear.

“Then I started begging him to fuck me right then and there. The head of his cock teasing me was driving me wild. ‘Please daddy fuck me!’ I asked him. Then with a nod of his head I placed his cock at the opening of my pussy and guided it in.

“My hips were on auto-pilot as his kissed my chest and breasts. His tongue circled my nipples as his teeth gently bit at them. I placed my hands on his shoulders and just watched myself fuck my father. His cock slid slowly into me causing me to gasp for breath.

“Then there was movement to my right and another man was standing there with cock in hand. I leaned over without thinking and took it into my mouth as I felt my father starting to thrust his hips. I pushed the cock so far down my throat that his hair was tickling my nose. I could feel it sliding down into my throat almost gagging me.

“I felt myself cumming all over my father’s penetrating dick. My juices flowing out in waves and only stopping when I got on all fours and the new guy got behind me. He shoved his cock into my ass while I sucked on my father’s cock.

“My attention was completely on his cock as it entered my mouth. It was a big as I thought it would be. I circled the head with the tip of my tongue and licked down the shaft. I could taste myself as I licked and sucked on it. He grabbed my head and started pumping it in and out of my mouth.

“The man behind me was fucking my pussy and ass at the same time. He would slide it in my ass then pull out and shove it into my quivering pussy. My dad’s eyes were locked on that man’s cock as it fucked me.

“Then without warning he shot his load into my mouth. There was so much that I had a hard time swallowing it all. Then I felt the man behind me release his load in my ass. By then end of it all I had cum on my face and oozing out my ass, but it was wonderful.”

There was so much silence after she had finished her story that Steven peered over in their direction. The friend was just staring at Gwen with a strange look on her face. It wasn’t hard to see that she was really turned on because her nipples were visible even through her blouse and bra. Her lips were wet and she was breathing heavy.

Break was over and Steven watched as the two women walked back into the building leaving Steven with another raging hard on.

… to be continued

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