Clyde , Bonnie On Vacation


Clyde and Bonnie were on vacation and had just checked into their hotel. Their flight had been long and both sets of muscles were sore and fatigued.

“Mmmm, I could do with a massage to take these aches and pains away.” Bonnie thought, as she stretched her long limbs catlike. She turned to Clyde.

“Hey baby, my muscles are really aching.”

“Mine, too.” replied Clyde.

“How about we organize a massage?” said Bonnie.

“Great idea! Then, we will both be limbered up for all the fun we want to have.” laughed Clyde playfully.

“Oh, I know the sort of fun you mean.” Bonnie laughed back, while giving Clyde a seductive look.

Bonnie checked the Hotel Information Book and found a recommendation for Massage with Mindy. She dialed the number and half expected to get an answering machine. Instead, luck is with Bonnie, and Mindy answers.

Bonnie can’t help noticing Mindy’s low, husky voice, which is surprisingly sexy. She explained that both Clyde and she would like to book a massage. Luck is again with Bonnie, as Mindy is already in the hotel and can be with them in five minutes.

Bonnie put down the phone, turned and smiled at Clyde, “It’s on baby. Five minutes.”

“Five minutes, eh, just enough time to have a shower together then. Can’t wait, babe, to feel your skin next to mine. Sitting next to you in that plane for 20 hours, knowing what lies beneath your clothes, and not being able to touch you almost drove me insane.” said Clyde, looking at Bonnie longingly.

Bonnie laughed, while saying “You are insatiable, and I love you for it.” She headed to the shower.

Clyde followed her into the bathroom. Grabbing Bonnie and turning her towards him, he kissed her mouth deeply. Fiercely. Passionately. “I love you, too, babe.”

Bonnie responded. “God, it was good to feel Clyde’s mouth on hers.” she thought. Their bodies pressed together, as their clothes lay in a crumbled heap on the floor. Neither even aware of clothes falling, as their passion intensified. Bonnie was very aware of Clyde’s erection, now pressed against her buttocks. She was, also, aware of the warmth it brought between her legs.

Bonnie was beginning to regret booking the massage. She was so hot for Clyde. “It was like exquisite torture.” she mused. She kissed Clyde’s cock and looked at him with deep longing. Regretfully, she said, “Baby, save that for me later. Mindy will be here in a few minutes.”

Clyde opened the shower door, turned on the water, and said “At least, let me wash you, my beautiful girl.” Delighted, Bonnie, once again, regretted booking the massage, as she felt Clyde’s soapy hands moving over her body. Her nipples betrayed her passion, as they became erect instantaneously. As Clyde’s hands move down to her ass and pussy, she decided to cancel the massage.

Too late. There was a knock at the door. “Later then, babe.” Clyde said, teasingly, as he slid a finger into Bonnie’s pussy, while rubbing her clit at the same time. Bonnie tried escort to ignore the door, but the knocking was persistent.

She left Clyde in the shower. Drying herself quickly, she turned and said to Clyde, “Promise you’ll finish what you started?”

“Oh, I promise, babe.” growled Clyde, as he watches Bonnie go to answer the door.

Clyde was, also, beginning to regret Bonnie organizing the massage, but not totally, as he realizes that secretly he had always fantasized about watching Bonnie with another woman. With that thought in mind, Clyde got out of the shower, dried himself, and wrapped a huge white towel around his waist in the hope that it will hide his erection. Then, he moved into the bedroom.

As he entered the bedroom, he could see the massage table set up with Bonnie lying face down and naked. He said hello to Mindy, who was a striking blond, with a 42 DD cup, small waist, and full hips. His mind started to race, but he stopped himself, as his erection was throbbing. He began to wonder whether he should go back into the bathroom and wank himself off.

He started to move, just as Mindy poured oil into her hands and started to massage Bonnie’s back. Clyde decided to sit and watch.

Bonnie felt the oil and the touch of Mindy’s hands, firm, experienced, teasing out the knots on her back.

As Mindy moved down Bonnie’s back and out to the sides, Bonnie was aware of Mindy’s fingers, ever so gently caressing and touching the sides of her breasts. Bonnie was taken aback, but even more so, when she realized that she was aroused and her nipples had started to harden.

Clyde, who knew Bonnie’s body so well, was aware that Bonnie was becoming aroused. His breathing quickened, at the anticipation of his secret fantasy being fulfilled.

Mindy glanced over, knowingly, at Clyde and winked at him. Clyde nodded his head in agreement.

Mindy continued to move her hands down Bonnie’s back onto her buttocks, massaging and spreading her cheeks apart. Both Clyde and Mindy could see Bonnie’s pinkness, the largeness of her lips, and the glistening of her pussy. They both had the same thought “What a beautiful sight, and how very fuckable”

Mindy started to stroke Bonnie’s pussy. Bonnie tensed, but relaxed, when Clyde told her to enjoy herself. She relaxed and started to enjoy Mindy’s touch as she continued to stroke her pussy and rub her clit. Bonnie was aware of her own wetness and of the arousal deep within her. Mindy slid a few fingers into Bonnie’s pussy, sliding them back and forth, and her thumb rubbed over the beautiful hole in Bonnie ass.

Bonnie moaned softly and knelt with her ass up in the air to give Mindy greater access. She felt Mindy slide her thumb into her ass hole – Double Penetration “Fucking Hell, this feels good!” Bonnie cried out and began to rock following Mindy’s rhythm.

Clyde looked over at the girls, his cock hard with want. There’s one hole left, and my cock is going in it. He moved to the top of the bursa eve gelen escort massage table, lifted Bonnie’s face and said “Eat this babe” and began to face fuck Bonnie.

Bonnie was in sensory overload – Triple penetration – she almost felt dizzy with the sensation. Mindy bent over, and Clyde could see that she was wearing no knickers and slid his fingers into her pussy, rubbed her clit, and thumbed her ass. He felt her warmth and wetness, the snugness of her cunt, and the tightness of her ass.

He felt Bonnie’s tongue licking and sucking his cock, while one hand was squeezing his balls and the other teasing his ass. The sensation overpowering ,”Fuck me! Fuck me!” Clyde shouted, and then moaned, as Bonnie’s fingers penetrate his hole stroking his G-spot inside.

“God, that feels good!” said Clyde, as Bonnie continued. Clyde was becoming aware of the pungent smell of cunt, it was like a drug to him, and he was overwhelmed by the desire to eat the origin of the smell. He let the girls know, and they move onto the bed to accommodate Clyde. Mindy shed the rest of her clothes, her tits on display for the first time. “Fuck, they are magnificent!” exclaimed Clyde and Bonnie in unison. They took a tit into each of their mouths and sucked at the nipple, caressing and massaging. They felt Mindy’s nipples harden, and once again, Clyde was aware of the smell of cunt, as Mindy’s arousal deepened. Clyde laid down on the bed and pulled Bonnie down to sit over his face, her scent intoxicating to Clyde. He looked at her large pink lips and greedily begins to feast. “Heaven.” he thought.

Mindy was sucking on his cock with her ass facing Bonnie, the smell of her cunt powerful. Bonnie bent toward her and began to eat Mindy’s pussy.

“God, what a lovely lunch – Cock and Cunt.” mused Bonnie. She was, also, very aware of what Clyde was doing to her pussy, the pleasure almost unbearable. She began to copy his movements, as she continued to eat Mindy, mimicking the way his tongue licked and moved in and out of her cunt, the nibbles at her clit, and how he sucked. Mindy cried in delight, as Bonnie continued to emulate Clyde. Bonnie’s arousal intensified, as Clyde continued to lick, nibble and suck. She felt the stirring of an orgasm.

“Oh, baby, make me cum! Make me cum!” she cried, and then she felt the spread of her orgasm across her abdomen and deep inside. She let out a shriek of joy and squirted into Clyde’s mouth. Simultaneously, Mindy squirted her orgasm into Bonnie’s mouth. The taste was delicious. Both girls screamed with delight at the intensity of their orgasm.

“Just me to go now,” laughed Clyde, “Who would like my cum?”

“Me! Me!” the girls sang together.

Clyde began to tease them, sliding his cock into Bonnie’s cunt, then into Mindy’s, then back to Bonnie’s, striking up a rhythm moving back and forth between the two cunts as the girls play with their tits and nipples. He felt his explosion görükle escort coming. Looking at the girls and not wanting to disappoint either one, he decided to cum over their faces. The girls laughed with delight, as they both opened their mouths, trying to catch Clyde’s cum. “Mmmm! Yum yum, dessert” laughed Bonnie. Clyde, not wanting to be left out, started to lick the excess cum from the girl’s faces. The girls joined in licking the cum from each other’s face, once again becoming aroused. Clyde decided to sit back and watch Bonnie and Mindy, as they move from licking to deep tonguing kissing. Their naked bodies pressed together, tit pressing against tit, pussy against pussy, hands exploring each other’s bodies inside and out. Bonnie whispered something to Mindy, who nodded her head in agreement. Bonnie moved from the bed leaving Clyde watching Mindy playing with her tits and masturbating her pussy, her fingers deep inside her. Clyde felt his cock start to stiffen, more so when he glanced around and saw Bonnie wearing a double strap on. His ass started to quiver when he realized that Bonnie was holding a pair of black stockings, red lace suspenders, and red lace panties in her hand.

“Baby, let me dress you.” Clyde eagerly went to Bonnie. She started by putting the lace suspender around Clyde’s waist. “Fuck, I love the feel of lace!” and his cock stiffened more. Bonnie, then, put the red lace panties over Clyde’s legs, pulling them up, and bringing the suspender straps under the panties, the front straps against the top of his legs and the back straps against the bare skin of his buttocks. As Bonnie pulled the black lace stockings up his legs and fastened them to the suspender belt, he thought, “Fuck, I could cum now.”

Bonnie rubbed her pussy against Clyde, making sure her cunt juices are all over the stockings and panties. She took Clyde to the bed, lays him down, and lifts his legs up. Pulling back the red lace panties, she started to lick his ass, her tongue moistening and wetting, and as she began to suck Clyde wanted to explode. “Not yet.” Bonnie commanded. “I have a very nice piece of equipment I want to use.” She started to stroke the strap on. Clyde’s ass was on fire, and his throbbing cock made more so by the feel of the lace. Bonnie issued another command “Stand up, and bend over. It’s time to be fucked.” Clyde and Mindy both obey Bonnie. Mindy stood and bent in front of Clyde, pulling her cheeks apart waiting and wanting Clyde’s cock to fuck her ass. As he entered her, he just heard her moan below his, as Bonnie entered his ass and began to fuck him. The strap on was long, enabling Bonnie to fuck her own ass as well as Clyde’s. The three gyrated, fucking in unison, getting quicker and quicker, until they all exploded.

They fell in a heap on the bed, basking in their orgasms and the deep sense of being totally fucked.

After a few minutes, Mindy thanked Clyde and Bonnie for a fun filled afternoon, said goodbye, and that she hoped to catch them soon. She, then, took her leave.

Clyde and Bonnie remained in bed. “Nice way to start a vacation” said Bonnie.

Clyde turned to Bonnie and cradled her in his arms. “Babe, you are the best. ” He kissed her tenderly and they both fell asleep. Sleeping the deep sleep of the sexually satisfied.

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