Collegiate Sluthood Ch. 06


Author’s Note – Thank you for reading if you have stayed with the story so far. The tale picks up as Natalie wakes up and recalls events from the day before. As usual, things get horny and messy, with lots of anal play…



Sunday morning

“Oh. My. God.” For the first time in her life, Natalie felt what it was like to be hungover.

At least, hungover from a night of excess, not so much from alcohol though as she had only had a couple of beers. She had heard about the agony of a hangover and wondered if this was it. Or was it the sex too? Could one get hungover from too much fucking? A vision of the night before cut through to her consciousness — cold beer being poured down Andrea’s crotch as she lapped at her pussy, drinking in the combined flavour.

The headache must’ve been from everything else too. Weed. Sex. Dick. Pussy. Maybe the added effect of girl squirt and cum intensified the strength of alcohol. She was finally experiencing college as it was meant to be experienced.

Sun beams cut through the curtains to strike at her as she rolled in her bed. Sunday mornings were usually Church-time for her, at least back when she lived at home, when her parents made her go.

But she wasn’t back home in Kansas. No, she was in bed – her bed on 112 Lexington Lane. Earlier on, when she first opened her eyes, just for a moment, she thought she’d woken up at 123 Lexington Lane. But that would be Frampton House and she’d likely be naked, surrounded by naked bodies. She imagined that’s what it was like waking up there. Andrea had, for a reason not yet revealed, advised against sleeping over at the boys house. But Natalie could not help but wonder what it would be like to wake up in a bed full of naked bodies, the funk of sex and debauchary rich in the air, their various limbs and organs intertwined.

She hazily recalled, stumbling back home with Andrea in the early hours of the morning, barely able to walk from exhaustion. She recalled trying to hush Andrea lest she wake the neighbours. The slut wouldn’t shut up, giggling and drunk on cock, talking about how she could feel cum leaking down her thighs, and then bursting into fits of laughter. Natalie was finding it hard not to laugh too.


Natalie’s phone rang, not for the first time that morning. She finally got the will to reach out to it. 2% battery left. 11:39. Two missed calls from her mother. Three and it would have been a national emergency. Usually she’d normally be up by now and would have called her parents, as she did every Sunday. Fuck!

Stretching her arms out, then her bare legs, she tried to force the stiffness out of her. How did Andrea do this as often as she did? Maybe she’d start going to Yoga classes with the girls. Who knew that being a slut took a toll on the body?

Eventually, she got up, plugged her phone, and called her mom back. The conversation was thankfully brief, her excuse for calling late understated. She overslept – tired from a busy day of studying yesterday. Was there a little partying? Yes, a little… in the evening. Nothing too crazy. But still her mom was worried. Was she being careful? Yes, but that didn’t mean the same thing to her as it did to her mom. To her parents, being careful meant was she being chaste. No she wasn’t but she lied and said she was. No point in telling them that some part of her scholarship allowance was being spent on birth control. Her parents would disapprove of her using birth control – but only because they would disapprove of sex before marriage.

Good thing you can’t get pregnant from anal, she mused. Natalie would have felt more guilty if she hadn’t accepted that it was time her parents got to grips with the idea she wasn’t a little girl anymore, whether they liked it or not. She was growing, she was changing – that’s why she had chosen to go to Bradbury University on the West Coast instead of stay in fly-over country. It had taken her a while to realise that too. But she didn’t tell her mom any of that. She’d feel worse if she upset her parents over a little something like a missed call because of oversleeping a Saturday hangover.

She definitely didn’t want to go into details. If her parents knew what she had really been up to, they might be liable to petition the National Guard be sent to Lexington Lane.

“No Mommy – I promise I didn’t spend the evening with a bunch of black guys I barely know, getting passed around like a tithing basket, getting fucked in the ass.”

Memories from the night before had started to circle in her head before she had even finished the call. Even now, she could still recall the taste, the scent of pussy, the sweet musk of multiple cocks and buttholes she had kissed, sucked, and licked. The feel of those big, awesome appendages both outside and inside her.

She stretched her arms and legs cat like, rolling from her back to the side to her front. Forcing the full ache in her body and head to wear off, willing herself to feel better.

Lying on her front, she spread her legs and touched herself. First her vagina, her fingers sliding down her labia. It felt a little sticky. Then she touched a tip of her finger to the Sex Hikayeleri outer rim of her puckered sphincter.

“Oh you poor thing… we took quite some action yesterday, didn’t we?” She said out loud, bursting into fits of giggles. ‘The poor thing’ certainly felt a little sore. But surprisingly not as much as she might have expected.

Less than a month ago, she’d have been disgusted at the idea of having sex involving her butt. How quickly things had moved for her! How did she get here? Was she always a slut? Even when she had pretended to be a good girl, sitting in the church pew with her family back home, on those innocent Sunday mornings.

Being objectified, being used. Sucking multiple dicks, doing anal. She hadn’t just dipped her toe in becoming a slut. She had jumped in the deep end, with no life jacket. She wasn’t hungover from alcohol. She was hungover from sex.

“Oh my god… I can’t believe I did that! To all of them!” She blushed, remembering each one of the boys from last night she had rim-jobbed. “And why do they call it ‘tossing salad’?” She’d have to ask Andrea. If Andrea ever woke up. If dick was an alcohol and Andrea had drunk it last night, she’d had enough for a hundred hangovers. Was it like this all the time with her?

Just the session yesterday was enough for a whole year, Natalie reasoned.

Jerome. Julius. DeShawn.

“Anal slut,” she repeated her new moniker, her fingers trained along the ridge of her sphincter. Saying the name focused her arousal. “I am… an anal slut.”

She spread her legs, relishing the pleasure of touching herself and the memory of last night’s events…


Jerome’s face had lit up with excitement. He could not believe what he had just heard.

“I’m an anal-only girl,” Proudly, confidently, Natalie proclaimed.

But he had to believe it because she sank her weight down, her white buns parting as her ring opened to his erection.

His dick, which had been hard enough lying sprung underneath her, hardened even more, as Natalie’s seemingly tight asshole swallowed him.

“Oh myyyy gaaaawwwwd!” Natalie hollered, mostly in pleasure.

“That’s it Natalie, go slow baby,” Andrea encouraged, mesmerised by the sight of Jerome’s dark rod disappear within Natalie’s lilly-white buttocks.

“Oh… fuuuuck! Yesss! Daaamn!” Jerome responded, delighted with the way her anal ring felt on his dick. “Oh baby! Where have you been all my life?”

Wesley hadn’t told them after all, seeing as Jerome was surprised by her penchant for butt sex. Neither had Micah. She laughed, a little nervously, as she grew more comfortable on his cock.

Natalie shimmied her hips as she adjusted to his girth in her ass. She kissed him, dulling the slight discomfort of the ache. When she felt a little more comfortable, she was able to slowly wind her waist. Careful not to disrupt her pace, he squeezed her bouncing boobs, rewarding her nipples with pleasurable affectation.

It took a few minutes but she started to grow accustomed. This was the third black dick in her ass in less than a week. Wesley, sweet Micah, and now Jerome. As she bounced atop him, straddling him on the toilet da, she felt a surge of pleasure. Jerome looked equally happy, unable to do much else but moan as her tight ring squeezed his shaft. Natalie smiled, relishing the power she had over him. For the first time, he looked distinctly out of his composure.

His face changed expression — one minute he looked agonised, the next he beamed with boyish excitement, then next he looked devilish and wild with raw passion. It was on this last that he settled on, his mouth agape as Natalie started to flex her legs up and down on his shaft. Gripping her buttocks with two handfuls, he encouraged her. Then he added a few playful slaps to the mix.

Not one to be left out, Andrea provided oral support in more ways than one. During the foreplay, while Natalie straddled Jerome on the toilet seat, she had been behind them, on all fours, to lick and tongue at their interconnected genitals. When her tongue did not tickle the exposed shaft, her mouth lavished Jerome’s flopping ball sack as it hung over the rim of the can.

At one point, Natalie’s bouncing hips lifted her up too high and Jerome’s cock slipped out. At that point, Andrea was quick to react — she tongued her gaping anal ring, adding devious delight to her already overstimulated nerves. It was at that moment that Natalie realised she loved getting her ass eaten out. A lot, actually, especially as she had Jerome’s mouth doubling her pleasure by kissing her tits and feeling her up with his hands. So she’d vow never to scoff at a man who had asked for a rimjob in the future. She was a anal slut, after all. Andrea then re-centred Jerome’s wayward phallus at Natalie’s starfish, allowing the novice anal slut to reset the buttfucking by sliding back down, this time with greater ease.

While Natalie rode Jerome’s cock, Andrea placed the tip of her tongue against her buns, titillating her goose-pimpled flesh. Occasionally, Andrea also lubed up Natalie’s asshole and Jerome’s cock, from a large jar of Vaseline.

“Yes Nat! Ride his Erotik Hikayeler fucking dick, girl!”

But Natalie couldn’t pay much attention to Andrea as she was absorbed with fucking herself up and down Jerome’s log, while passionately making out with him. “Do you like my tits, Jerome?” She had asked him, surprising herself with her brazenness. She could tell he did as he kept on passionately sucking on her nipples whenever her tongue wasn’t down his mouth.

“Fuck yeah, I do!” He growled, surprising her with a spank.

His passions were at random, sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, hands roamed her body, alternating between the soft petting of her thighs, glutes, and back to the coarse smacking of her ass. But the action served to activate a raw, deviant response in Natalie.

“Oh my god! Fucking slap my ass!” She moaned, kissing him as she flexed her butt on his cock, increasingly wilding out. Hungry and excited, she bounced with increasing speed and fervour, giggling and cussing, her lust and acceptance evolving her depravity, as she basked in the glow of buttfucking. “I bet you love my big white booty, huh? Just like the rest of the boys!” She taunted, holding his chin as she lapped at his lips with her tongue, teasing him. “You love the way I bounce my ass on your dick!”

Jerome growled, impressed with her vivaciousness. “Hell yeah, baby! Been thirsting to tap this big white booty since I first saw it!”

“Hell yeah Natalie, get it girl!” Andrea rejoined in the dirty talk, adding a playful butt-slap of her own.

“Yes baby. Ohhh fuuuck! I fucking love it — oh! Fuck!”

He spanked her ass, bouncing her energetically on his cock. “Love what, bitch? What the fuck do you love?”

“Jerome… I love your big… black… cock! Fucking me! Inside meeee! Inside my ass!”

She rode him as she confessed her salacious inner feeling. Ones that were driven out by the transformational pleasure of his dick gliding through her ass.

Jerome kept his hands on her ass, letting her do the work, but providing a bit of steering. She picked up speed, feeling his swollen meat stretch her anal walls further. A few times he slipped out as Natalie bounced wildly with unleashed passion. But Andrea, ever close by, was quick to lend a hand, repositioning Jerome’s cock while her friend was in a list-intoxicated state.

“That’s it, bounce on his dick!” Andrea encouraged in slutty allegiance.

As Natalie bounced on Jerome’s lap, his rougher, more aggressive side started to emerge, evident when she felt his repeated slaps, on her ass-cheeks, on her tits. When his hands weren’t gripping her waist, guiding her bucking body on his cock, they were slap-happy. She didn’t protest however, happy to endure this humiliation, knowing her ass would have turned pink from all the strikes.

“How does that cock feel in your ass, Nat?” Andrea taunted her, still occasionally adding a slap of encouragement of her own. She couldn’t dominate the boys so she’d dominate her girl friend. Figures.

“So good. So big! Fucking big! It’s — it’s fucking meeeee!”

“Damn straight bitch! You like it in the butt? Huh? Tell me again where you like it? Tell Daddy where you like it?” Jerome added another slap as he threw her up and down on his cock.

“In my ass Daddeee! I like it in my ass! Fuuuck meee please! Oh my god! Oh fuck my assssss!” Natalie cried out as she rolled waves of pleasure. “Oh fuck! Oh my gawwwd! Theeerreeee it is! Fuuuuuck!”

A few minutes of rhythmic fucking and she had her first orgasm. She whimpered when Jerome pushed her off his cock and she stumbled onto her knees. He stood up, grabbed her by her hair, and shoved his glistening cock into her panting mouth, extending his pleasure as she gagged on him, tasting the flavours of her own ass, as his sweaty balls bounced against her chin.

Satisfied, he pulled out of her gullet and dropped to the bathroom floor, lying flat on his back before inviting the two lust-full hotties to continue pleasuring him. Quickly they crawled up to him, each taking a side of his sky-pointed mast to lick and suck, alternating positions along its features. Balls, shaft, head — they took turns to lick, kiss, suck and slobber, treating the hung stud to a duelling blow job as he folded each of their hairs into his grip. While Andrea pushed her head down on his pipe, choking down until she deep throated him, Natalie licked and slurped on his balls, doubling Jerome’s pleasure, feeling the bubbling nutt building within, desperate to be released.

“Yeah… suck my dick… fucking sluts!”

He lifted his legs up and propped them atop Andrea as she fucked her mouth on his cock, pushing her body, and throat down on his shaft till she was completely gagging. This freed up more space around his taint for Natalie to explore, following the lower happy trail until she had her face pressed in his crotch, his balls on her forehead, tonguing his asshole. Natalie could feel the boiling nutt building within his balls as she pressed her face against his scrotum, making every effort to pleasure him.

Lying on his back, Jerome folded his powerful thighs around Andrea’s head as she Tecavüz Hikayeleri swallowed his cock. Her air cut out, he forced her head down to cram cock into her mouth until she started to squirm and tap at his leg to release her, gurgling spit while blowing air through her nose. When he finally did, she pulled off in a desperate gasp for air, thick spit coating his shaft. Any concern Natalie might have had for her friend were quickly allayed when she saw her, still panting and urgent – not bothered to wipe the spit drooling from her mouth – push Jerome’s legs down and straddle him reverse cow girl. Natalie had just enough time to duck away before getting hit in the head accidentally by Jerome’s swinging trunk-like legs moving through the air.

“My turn,” Andrea laughed wickedly as she sunk her pussy on his shaft in one smooth motion, sitting her ass on his crotch, just below his navel. Planting her feet either side of his legs, she started to buck her pussy up and down. As she did, she sucked two of her middle fingers and then reached back to hook them into her own asshole. “Don’t worry… you’re not the only anal slut around here?” Andrea smirked sleazily, her intentions not so subtle.

“Yeah I know, bitch. Fuck! Your pussy feels so fucking good… but it’s been too long since I been in your ass!”

It quickly dawned on Natalie that Andrea had lubed herself up while she had been busy with Jerome, judging by the ease she was fingering her own asshole.

“Natalie! When I pull off this dick… I want you to suck it baby! Got it baby? Ok… Now!” Andrea directed instructions at Natalie. As soon as her gushing cunt pulled off, leaving juices of pleasure dripping along his mast, Natalie fell forward to swallow him, tasting the sweaty-zest tang of Andrea’s pussy and pre-cum. “Yes! Suck his dick! Suck! Suck Natalie! Suck! That’s a good slut! Now give it back!”

When Natalie pulled off, Andrea squatted down, only this time lining Jerome’s dick with her asshole. Though not as smooth as entering her pussy, Andrea lined his tip with her pucker, letting it expand around its girth, before quickly dropping down onto his crotch again, taking all of him in her ass. She moaned loudly… taking a moment to enjoy the size and weight in her rectum, before twisting round to ride him reverse cowgirl style.

“God damn it bitch! You are so fucking freaky!” Jerome groaned as he relished Andrea give herself anally to him.

“Yea Daddy! I fucking love being your freaky bitch! Your freaky Frampton house slut!” Andrea laughed, twisting her head back around to give Jerome a wink. Even when he was balls deep in her ass, she was the one in control. After some manoeuvring, the two aligned themselves with Andrea spread eagle, her knees extended wide while her legs, parallel with his, were also spread wide, her weight supported from underneath. Straddling her butt cheeks up on Jerome’s stomach, feet planted, her asshole impaled on his long black phallus, she leaned back ever so slightly to allow for a tricky angle, her back hovering over his chest, their unison forming a double-decker of on the floor butt-banging.

Delicately poised, her hands reached back to support herself on his chest. This way, she had a perfect angle for butt sex, raised up high enough off the floor to allow Jerome to swivel up and down, his cock piston-fucking her, while also bucking herself at this 30 degree angle, his hands supporting her. She bounced, bounced, bounced on his cock with perfect rhythm, wet, sloppy sounds filling the air like music, her eyes wide, her mouth drooling, forming a wordless ‘O’. Natalie watched the vivid fucking in amazement — it was raw, gratuitous, and beautiful – the sight of Andrea’s pussy spread wide, occasionally filled by her own fingers as she butt-fucked herself reverse cowgirl style, her abs and legs tense as she rode continuous crests of ecstasy signalled by the sporadic squirt of feminine fluid.

There were a few moments of respite — during which she’d plant fully on Jerome’s cock. From underneath her, he’d reach round to caress her tits, pinch her nipples, choke her or rub her clit, injecting shots of pleasure or pain to Andrea’s endorphin-fuelled body.

Feeling a little left out, Natalie scooted between the buttfucking twosome’s legs. Careful not to disturb their rhythm, she leaned forward and tongued Jerome’s balls. In this position, she was presented with an extreme close up Andrea and Jerome’s anal rampage, able to see and hear the full gamut of their energetic butt-fucking. She kissed and tongued Jerome’s balls, moaning as she relished being a deviant accomplice to their outlandish lovemaking. Andrea squealed banshee-like when Jerome’s piston-fucking hit max velocity, his thick thighs powerfully bouncing off the bathroom floor. Enduring the anal reaming, she lifted herself up a little higher, before freezing in place… and starting to shiver and shake before releasing a torrent of girl-cum from her snatch. Natalie, in her proximity to Andrea’s pussy, could not move in time and was blasted in the face with the jet of hot feminine squirt. In for a cent, in for a dollar – she didn’t let the sudden deluge from her friend discourage her, continuing to stick out her tongue, tantalising Jerome’s bouncing balls while also savouring Andrea’s distinct cum-flavour. When the flow died down, Natalie stuck her face into her gash, sucking out all the warm, tasty liquid and extending Andrea’s orgasmic delight.

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