Comfort , Care Ch. 02


Darlene slowly stretched through her entire body as she began to awaken. She knew it was very early; she sensed the lack of people sounds in her uncle’s home. She couldn’t believe what her body – and her mind – had experienced the previous evening. She mentally wandered through what her uncle had done to her person with just his hands… that… that… that was totally unbelievable. The massage started out wonderful, but where it went after that; she couldn’t yet comprehend what had occurred when her uncle’s skilled touch brought her off in orgasm after orgasm until she had totally gone into la-la land..

One thing Darlene did know: that, this morning — her emotional feelings, her personal feelings — were superb. She knew she certainly liked how she felt right here and right now. As she recalled what occurred, her right hand fingers wandered down over her flat tummy a little bit while her left hand softly touched, and then cradled the fullness of her right breast. She could feel the nipple start to harden and become more sensitive just as it did last night when her uncle so deliciously massaged them. Touching her own self, as she was doing now, was not something she normally did except rather hurriedly in the shower. And only then to get done, and get on with things of the day. As moments passed, however, she slid her right hand down just toward the top edge of her pubic hair where her female mound was just noticeable. She recalled that first soft, gentle touch by her uncle’s fingers along the edge of her pussy hairline. So vividly did she recall that touching the hair on her pussy made it stand up like she had a gotten a chill or had goose bumps. She felt a wonderful ripple through her system just recalling his fingers grazing the edge.

Again, she felt herself getting wet; only this time she knew what was going on, and it felt good. As her fingertips ever so slowly felt around the hair line of her pussy, she could feel the puffiness and some tenderness in the outer lip areas “down there.” It didn’t feel painful, only full like it had been rubbed and slightly irritated. “Shit,” she thought to herself, “rubbed isn’t even adequate! More like totally MAN handled…”and it felt damn good. A man, a REAL adult male, had not only touched her where no man except the doctor who delivered her had seen – but he had done it with care, in such wonderful ways, and suddenly Darlene Gaziantep Saatlik Escort did not care whether he was an uncle or a alien from Mars; just please make it happen again. She could NOT believe she actually enjoyed, no took pleasure in, him sticking his finger up her ass!!! He had done it so easily she had not believed he had his finger massaging her up her butt. He didn’t just shove it up there; he had played around her asshole in such a way that it felt -okay -when his finger just slid right on up into her asshole.

Not dirty, or bad, or shameful as her mother would have said all this was. IT felt good; DAMN good. She’d worry about any family consequences later! Right now, she was moving the pads of her fingertips every so slowly, sliding up and down the outer lips of her pussy trying to imitate and then repeat that touch, that smoothness, of the touch her uncle had used to pleasure her. Yes, that was the best word she knew – pleasure. Just the fingernail of her index finger wandering; a little here and a little there. She was ever so lightly touching, moving, and stirring her pubic hairs around at their very roots. She wasn’t quite ready to venture into “fingering herself” as the girls at school had called it. This was more than plenty to overload her senses here and now.

As Darlene moved her fingertips, for the first time in her whole life she felt the ridging, the rippled edges of her pussy lips. And she really felt them – slowly up, then down, then with a fingernail she raked over one and that sent a wonderful chill – of a sort – through the very center of her spirit. That’s what de did, she thought!! Again, only just right at the edge of the outer lip Darlene used her fingernail to repeat that shock wave. Once or twice, she ventured in between her lips, to feel how they separated and to touch the wetness.

Her eyes closed, more and more Darlene teased herself the edges of her pussy so slowly, then fast, then around and around again, until she could feel her pussy lips begin to fill and become more puffy, and more and more sensitive to her touches. This didn’t feel irritated, it felt exciting, it felt alive!! Her nipples were harder than small rocks; the more she touched them the more exquisite the pain – pleasure she felt. It hurt to touch or squeeze when they were so hard – but it felt so, so, so good when she did.

As she dipped her fingers down between her pussy lips to play in the wetness again where she could feel only her skin, Darlene pulled her fingernail along the inside of the hairline from down between her legs to up near the top of her slit. She wasn’t really sure what her uncle had done to her, or with her body, when she had suddenly gone into her warp drive orgasms and had been body humping his hand until she passed out from the intensity. Just then, the sharp, hyper-intense pleasure spike hit her mind and made her mouth turn into a small “o” – when she touched her clit for the first time in her life – she knew she had just discovered her own sexual being. She had to stop, get her breath and her conscience back, and so-o-o-o-o-o slowly touch that place again. And again And again!!

More experimenting, more touching, more intense pleasure; the more she did it, the more she found which motions pleased – and which ones drove her almost into another of those “moments” as she now called them. That nubbin that hid under the skin at the top of her slit was beyond being sensitive – it was loaded with dynamite and it was linked to every nerve in her body. Putting pressure on one side of it gave her a charge that was wonderful. IT made her want to cross her legs and try to squeeze it even harder to see if that made the wonderful sensations even better. She was already pulling one of her legs up and out to one side to get more of her pussy lips easy to get to. IT was just – just – exquisite. That was her new favorite word. By accident, she had discovered something unique and special and wonderful about her own self. And she needed no one else’s help – or permission.

Darlene was thinking how to thank her uncle for introducing her to this revelation – and keep from getting read in the face, when her finger slipped on her own female wetness and clicked across her clit. The response was instantaneous – the pleasure bolt from her pussy went straight from there to the deepest point in her mind, and she had an orgasm right then and there. Her legs crossed hard together and literally slam-shut jerked together to trap her hand in her crotch, which in turn caused her to flick her own clit again, which in turn re-cycled her system all over again. And again, and again!!!! Her body bowed up from the bed, only the back of her head and her feet were still on the mattress while the rest had gone rigid in the attempt to trap and hold that exquisite raging, surging erotic emotional hypoblast ripping through her small body. Her clit had grown triple in size and 1000 time in sensitivity. Time and time again – just like last night, she peaked and re-peaked from the touching, the feeling, and the pressure on just her clit.

As Darlene began to come down from that last erotically ethereal high, she realized two fingers of her hand were completely stuck right up inside her, to the lat knuckle. That wasn’t all that far considering how small her hands were – but no one, not even the doctor, had ever put anything into her pussy. Not even for her physical for college. She had to endure the doctor sticking his well-greased finger up her ass to maintain her status as a virgin, but that was nowhere like her uncle’s touching last night. It felt full to have two of her own fingers stuck inside her, not bad, just full. As she pulled them out, she sensed a temporary emptiness and realized she was still holding her ass up off the bed in some anticipatory position. Slowly she let herself relax and begin to calm down. She felt flushed, not like being ill, but a good, fulfilled flush of success was a good description. Her body was tired, but not that feeling she had earlier of being ill all the time. This was a good, warmed to the heart – or, as she giggled to herself, to the pussy happiness. No wonder her mother didn’t want her to discover this; she would have had to do this – whatever it was she was doing to herself – 3-4 times a day for certain.

Lying there just languishing in the bed gently playing with, or touching her pussy hair as she relaxed – Darlene realized she was still totally nude. She had no idea where any of her clothes might be placed. And she decided “so what?” My uncle, if that is who he really is, has an idea where they are. “HE will have to provide them for me,” Darlene mused to herself, “If he wishes me to cover up!!” It felt excellent to be “bare ass” as her Aunt Helen so loved to whisper under her breath. Darlene was deciding that she was beginning to get better; it was time to start trying to move on her own and let her uncle get some rest. She had spent her entire life staying almost totally covered up BECAUSE her mother made her. She liked the feeling of freedom that her uncle has started for her. Maybe he had not intended it that way – that was fine. She was thinking of some way to repay him as she drifted off to sleep with her fingers still just inside her pussy…

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