Coming Home Early


Matt was just about to push “send” to call Nicole and tell her the good news that he was going to be home a day early from his business trip, but then he got the idea to surprise her instead. He drove home quickly, anticipating her reaction to him being home a full day early.

When he was driving up the hill to their house, he got that good feeling of just being home. He parked in the garage, walked past Nicole’s car and into the house. As he walked into the kitchen, he didn’t hear her, but did see an open bottle of wine on the counter that appeared to be almost empty. He was pouring his own glass when he heard a noise coming from further inside the house.

The noise he heard sounded like it was coming from the living room. Matt and Nicole’s house was on the top of a hill, and had a very open concept. Their living area was actually downstairs from the kitchen, and there was a balcony at the end of the kitchen overlooking the living room, so you can see into the living room from the end of the kitchen.

Matt’s heart started to race as the sound he heard was the unmistakable sound of a female moan. Before he could say anything, though, he heard a second female voice. Now his heart skipped a beat as he quietly walked across the kitchen. He slowly approached the railing to see the source of not one, but two female voices.

He reached the edge of the railing, which actually took just a few seconds, but it seemed to take several minutes. He slowly looked over the railing, not sure what to expect, with a pit in his stomach, but his cock was starting to strain against his pants. He peered down into their living room and saw that the two female voices were actually coming from the television, where 2 naked girls were kissing. Matt’s eyes looked a little further, and saw his beautiful and sexy wife lying on their sofa, her eyes glued to the television. She was wearing one of his dress shirts, and it didn’t look like she was wearing anything underneath. He could see a half empty wine glass on the side table.

He was about to make his presence be known, when he watched her slide her hands up towards her chest, squeezing her breasts through the shirt she was wearing. Her hands were moving in time with the women on the screen, who were now squeezing and sucking on each other’s tits. Nicole’s hands slid to the buttons on the shirt, quickly unbuttoning alt porno the top 3 before pulling the shirt open to reveal her pert breasts. Her hands were moving more quickly around her tits, pinching her nipples. Matt saw that as she pinched her nipples, she would also pull up on them a little, making them very hard, sticking straight up. He also felt his cock continue to grow against the front of his pants, and he absent-mindedly started to rub his hand over it. He was really getting turned on with his voyeuristic opportunity.

She unbuttoned the rest of the shirt, so it now fell away from her sides, completely exposing her. He watched his wife slide her fingers over her clit and squeezing her breasts as she watched the two women on the screen both orgasm. The fingers of one hand were quickly rubbing back and forth over her clit, and every couple of seconds slide inside her pussy. Her other hand remained on her breasts, her nipples now completely erect.

Matt was in complete awe watching his wife play with herself while watching porn, two things she would rarely do with him. The scene faded out, but quickly came back in focus with a man and woman hungrily kissing each other. They were both naked and soon she slid down his stomach to start giving him a blowjob.

Matt’s eyes moved back to looking at Nicole, and watched her reach down to the floor to pick up her dildo. Her other hand continued to work at her clit and pussy. Matt could hear the wet sounds coming from Nicole’s pussy as she brought the dildo up to her mouth to suck on it, just as the woman was doing in the video. Matt watched her slide the fake cock inside and out of her mouth, getting it fully coated with her saliva. He could also see her fingers full of her pussy juices as she jammed 2, then 3 fingers inside her.

Matt now had his cock out, and was stroking it as he watched Nicole take the dildo out of her mouth and place it at the entrance of her pussy. She slowly pushed it into herself, as the woman on the video had come up to sit on her man’s cock, starting to bounce up and down on it. Nicole’s eyes were half-closed as she increased the speed of the dildo ramming into her pussy, and Matt continued to enjoy his hidden presence, stroking his cock faster and faster. He though that this may be most turned on he has ever seen Nicole.

The couple hd abla porno on the screen continued to fuck, when a second man came up behind the woman and started to play with her breasts. The woman reached behind her to start stroking the new guy’s cock while still bouncing up and down on the other one. She leaned forward to guide the new cock towards her ass, and he started to press into her.

Nicole’s breathing started getting more ragged as her eyes continued to be focused on the events happening on the video. Matt was having a hard time keeping quiet watching her, in disbelief as to what she was doing to herself. The woman on the video now had one guy in her pussy and one in her ass, rocking back and forth, as her moaning also filled the room.

Matt watched as Nicole’s hand left the dildo in her pussy and again reached to the floor. She picked up a second, slightly smaller vibrator that Matt hadn’t seen before. Her eyes continued to be focused on the television screen as she put lube onto the smaller fake cock. She then rolled to her side and bent her legs up a little as her right hand went back down to the cock that in her pussy, and she again started to slide it back in and out of her.

Her left hand had the smaller vibrator, and she reached behind her, to the entrance of her ass, and Matt watched as she pressed it into her tiny asshole. This nearly sent him over the edge, as she has never allowed him to do anything like that with her. His cock was rock hard as he continued to stroke himself.

Nicole let out a louder moan as it took a little time for her to get the vibrator all the way into her ass while she also continued to slide the dildo in and out of her pussy. The woman on the television screen was now sandwiched between the two guys, one in her pussy and one in her ass. They were all making a lot of noise and moving faster, until she pulled both of them out of her and started to stroke and suck on their cocks until they both started to spurt over her chin and chest.

Nicole was also nearing her own orgasm, and Matt, still thinking that she didn’t know was there, could feel that familiar feeling inside him, when Nicole turned away from the screen to look directly at him, and said, “get down here and fuck me!”

Matt was a little shocked, as he thought he was still the voyeur. His pants fell to the rokettube porno floor as he ran down stairs to his wife. She had gone to her hands and knees, with both of the fake cocks inside her. She reached forward to Matt and brought his cock to her mouth. She hungrily started licking and sucking on it when she said “I see you liked my little show?”

All Matt could do was grunt as the blowjob that Nicole was giving him was driving him crazy. Just as he thought he would explode in her mouth, she pulled out his cock and squeezed him as she looked up at him rasped “I want to feel your cock in my pussy.”

Nicole reached down between her legs and pulled the dildo out of her pussy as Matt got behind her to start fucking her from behind. She took the dildo into her mouth, sucking her juices off it. “Slide the dildo in my ass. I want to have all my holes filled”, Nicole turned to him.

Matt started sliding the dildo in an out of her ass as he continued to fuck her pussy. Her mouth was full as she sucked on the dildo that had been in her pussy. Nicole pressed back into him faster and harder, and quickly had an explosive orgasm. The intense pressure of her orgasm also sent Matt over the edge and he came deep in her pussy.

Nicole crashed down onto the couch, glistening in a thin film of sweat, and completely spent. Matt pulled the dildo out of her ass and laid on top of her. They kissed gently as he could taste her juices on her tongue. The television was now blank.

Matt asked “so how long did you know I was there?”

“From the start,” Nicole replied.

“But how? You were already playing with yourself when I came through the door.”

Nicole then said “I knew you were coming home today. Your boss stopped over yesterday and brought over champagne and tickets for a 2 week vacation to Hawaii. She told me that your account had signed a long term, and very lucrative contract. She said that she really appreciated the time and effort that you had put into this, and gave us the tickets. We leave tomorrow… but that’s not all… I have to tell you the story of what happened yesterday when she was here. It surprised me, but I think you will like it. I want to shower and eat before I tell you that story, we may need more energy…”

Matt, though somewhat confused, his mind racing, said “O.K., l’m a little worried, but I trust you. We’d better get moving to get those things done, and I’ll let you tell me about yesterday…”

Nicole’s stomach started getting butterflies as she thought of just how she was going to tell Matt that she had been seduced by his boss yesterday.

…to be continued…

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