Coming of Age

I never was a sexually adventurous person. I was almost a shrew in the bedroom. I came from a family which had sheltered me from the goings-on of the world. At the end of high school I married my high school sweetheart and moved in not far away from my family. Things were always great between us. We never fell out of love with each other and had two children a girl and a boy.

The children were both beautiful and very well behaved. The only problem I ever had was our sex life. I had been brought up to believe that sex is a part of marriage for the mans enjoyment, something my father had made clear with my mother. So I never truly enjoyed it. The women in my social circle were the epitome of country woman so sex was not discussed among us.

My sister had moved to Sydney soon after my son’s 18th birthday and invited me to go stay with her. I invited the change. She had a flat in Kings Cross and boy was my trip a shock to the system! My sister had never been conventional but nothing could prepare me for her life. The day I arrived her and her partner picked me up from the airport. Her partner was a 6 ft brunette girl with shiny bronze skin and large, obviously fake breasts plunging from a lace top. She was stunning and to my surprise I felt my panties get wet for the first time since I was 12.

My sister, too, looked amazing and as she hugged me I felt her nipples harden against my own. My sister had very small perky breasts which I had played with once before when we were younger. Feeling them against me gave a rush of the excitement I’d felt all those years ago.

Her apartment was shared with a gay couple and a young boy in high-school, the brother of my sisters lover, Jade. This was all a huge shock to me. I had barely even heard of homosexuality and now it was on display before me. That night Jade was out and my sister called me in Gaziantep Escort Numaraları to her room. She told me she had noticed that I was a little nervous and explained I had nothing to worry about. Then she asked me if I had had any strange feelings since arriving. Being the type of person who does not readily share private information I denied this. My sister saw right through it and told me, as my sister, she demanded to know everything. I told her everything. It felt good to be completely uninhibited. I told her about my sex-life back home and the feelings I’d had when her and Jade had met me. She smiled at that part and placed her hands on my knickers to see if it was true. I melted to her touch and felt another trickle fall into her palm. She removed her top and I stared lustfully at the small breasts I’d been missing. They were crudely erect and I felt a wave of pleasure run through my body as my sister placed my hands on them. I tweaked her nipples watching her smile and she ran her hand up and down my panties as I did so.

My sister went down on me and just as I was about to climax for the 5th time, Jades younger brother entered the room. I felt overcome with embarrassment but he just closed the door trying to conceal an erection as he did so. My sister and I spent an amazing night together and I realized how much I was missing out on. As I lay in bed that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the young boy and his erection. Something about him and the thought of his under-developed penis had me transfixed. It made me think of my own son back home and the fuel of his erections. The thought made me moist and I masturbated for the first time.

The next day, for a bit of fun, my sister took me to some slutty shops. She shouted me 3 tarty dresses that I could wear whilst I stayed with her. She knew that this would allow me to be a completely different person whilst my visit continued. When I arrived home no-body was in and my sister had gone to the strip club where she worked. I decided to try on one of my dresses. It was fire-engine red and completely see-through.

My body was still fabulous, another obligation which my father had told me I owed to my man. I put the dress on without any underwear so that it hugged at my slender form. I had a nice round ass and breasts that had grown enormous during child rearing. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked HOT!! I started rubbing my nipples in front of the mirror once again thinking of my son and what he would think of his mummy like this.

I sat spread eagle in front of the mirror and watched myself playing with my clit as milky juices ran onto the carpet. Just then, I heard a key turn in the lock and composed myself as best I could. There in the door way was Jades’ brother. He was wearing his school uniform and sweat was trickling from his blonde hair to his tanned face. As he saw me in the dress I’d almost forgotten I was wearing, I saw a small bulge appearing his tight school-pants. He moved his bag to cover and in a lapse of judgement I moved the bag out of his reach.

I placed my hand on the further growing bulge and asked seductively if the boy was a virgin. He replied shamefully ‘yes’. I smiled at him and began rubbing his pants and he sweetly asked if he might be able to touch one of my exposed breasts. I allowed him and then lead his hand into my pants. It felt so good to finally be the leader. There was something so sexy about his young hands in my crotch and I orgasmed straight away. He looked extremely pleased and then his face fell as I noticed the wet patch in his school-pants. I took of his clothes like a mother and put them in the laundry. I also put my dress there and re-entered the room naked where the boy had experienced a most admirable recovery and was gently playing with his small member. The sight made me moist again! There was a young boy fantasizing about me and he was only just 18.

‘Would you like me to show you how to do that properly?’ I asked and he nodded enthusiastically. I started to masturbate him thinking of my son. I licked his body all over giving his ass a nice cleaning, something I had dreamt of doing to my boy since he was little, then I made the child penetrate me in my own ass knowing his cock was not ready for my pussy and I took his juices in my mouth as a finale.

Just then Jade returned with a look of fury!

‘How dare you, you little slut!!’ She screamed at me! Then she put her hand in my vagina ‘to measure the wetness’.

‘This was my little treat I’ve been saving and you come along and take him for yourself? Lie down bitch!!’

I did as I was told and she handcuffed me to the bed. She made love to her brother in front of me not allowing me to participate. Then she tested my wetness again and allowed the boy to stick whatever he wanted inside of me and then she licked me up. After that we engaged in a threesome and then a foursome when my sister came home.

It was the most amazing holiday of my life. When I returned home I gave my son his first sex lesson which continued till he married, I often included my daughter but I preferred uniformed boys. There was something sexy about the way their uniforms made them appear so much younger than 18. I’d wait at high-schools (especially private boys ones) and take it upon myself to teach them the ways of the world once I knew they were ‘of age’.

My sex life at home improved but I never told my husband why I had become so horny or why he had to wear a uniform once a week. I’m getting a fair bit older now but I still occasionally pick up a boy from school. I’m just waiting on my Grandson to get just a little bit bigger and then maybe I’ll retire.

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