Confessions of a Teacher Ch. 10

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It was mid-week but you could have convinced me that it was only Monday. The clock was moving so slow on this day but it had been doing the same the first three days of the week. I found myself waiting endlessly for the afternoons where I was really enjoying my time at school. I had breezed through my core curriculum for my biology class and the administration decided to offer test-prep biology for the state examinations. This allowed me to do teach a week-long seminar in photography, as a reprieve for me in teaching, and for the students to learn a skill without worry about a grade during this stressful time.

I enjoyed this because it basically meant sticking around for a non-existent test-prep group and going home early. I also liked doing the photography seminar because it was outside of the standard dry material I had to teacher. This was hands-on work for the kids, and subsequently me. The class was small, around ten of varying grade levels. They chose this as their week-long seminar and I’m certain if 80% of them knew that I was teaching it, they probably wouldn’t have chosen it. But from the looks of their faces as they filed into the classroom, they were just happy to not be doing actual school-work.

“Settle down now.” I called out, but it appeared to have fallen on deaf ears. “Settle down!” I yelled this time. Finally their chatter came down to a murmur, then a silence. “Good. Now I’m glad to see you all made it back today. This is where we really have fun with our pictures. Monday, we had a chance to go out and get some still photos on our pinhole cameras. I hope yesterday you all learned some good techniques on how to develop the film, because today we’ll be doing some work in the dark room.” I heard some audible excitement from the class. “Yes, that’s right, you’ll get to see what you came up with! Now, since we’ve converted the lab storage room into the developing room, we’ll have to take turns with our photos. While you each develop your photos individually, the rest of you will be working on your photo book that you’ll turn into me on Friday. Remember there has to be 10 pages, how you decorate it is up to you.” I scanned the classroom for any questions. “Okay get to work! Jimmy, you’ve got the room first, I’ll join you if you have any questions.”

The students began to scurry about the room to gather their materials for the photo books. Which reminded me that I had to get some equipment for the test-prep biology after school. I purveyed the room and examined the progress on the books. Most of the kids were struggling just to get the designs down. They had pulled out magazines to make borders and cut out different objects of their interests to represent in their books. I looked over the shoulder of a familiar blond and commented on the progress. “It looks pretty good there Ms. Ramirez.” She looked back and smiled. “Hey, the test-prep for biology is this afternoon… are you going to be coming?” Her eyes grew a little sharper as did her smile as she responded.

“I dunno… am I?” Ashley coyly smiled. I grew red and quickly mumbled something so as not to draw attention from other students. I moved on and keep looking back at her. I kept recalling the vision of her assisting me earlier in the year, and then also the memory of being at regionals. Now I looked at her with a renewed lust. Her short skirt sat mid-thigh and was absolutely against dress code. I wouldn’t be say I averted my gaze from her tits when I was looking at her photo book. She had donned such a generously low-cut t-shirt that I couldn’t resist. She usually wore heels but on this day she matched her striped skirt with flats in scarlet and gold, our school colors. I retreated to my desk and let the students do their work, while I went to work on myself over my pants below the desk.

I tried to not get ahead of myself and attempted to get distracted zorla sex with the lists in front of me. About half of the class had completed their photo work in the dark room. My efforts in distraction failed me as I noticed that Ashley Ramirez was next. My thoughts began racing, and as if on auto-pilot, I stood up and went into the dark room. One of the boys in class was inside was startled as I entered unannounced. “I’m sorry there Steven. Are you finished yet?”

“No sir… I was actually almost done. But you opened up the door…” Steven trailed off as it dawned on me that I might have messed up the experience by opening the room light.

“Don’t worry about it Steve. I’ll take care of it. Let’s see what you’ve got here.” I stood next to him and examined the work. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t fully examining it. My thoughts were elsewhere. “Not bad at all. I’m going to put this back in here and clean it up for the next student. You can go on ahead while I put this away.” Steven moved towards the door as I stopped him again. “Oh and Steven, could you tell Ashley she is next? Remind her to knock.” He nodded his head but I could barely see it in the red filtered darkness. I cleaned up his work as best as I could, trying to find a place to hang it and still have space in the small storage room. It wasn’t meant to be a dark room, but there was enough space for the table with the materials and a chair. At this point I was becoming paranoid that there was no knock and I stepped out of the room. Ashley was getting up with her roll of film in hand, walking towards my desk. I met her there.

“Ashley, you’re next. I’ve set up the equipment for you in there. Just make sure you follow the steps as the instructions tell you what to do. Keep the door locked when you’re developing because you don’t want any light in there or it’ll mess up your photo. I’ll knock to check and see if you need any help, just make sure to put your photo away if you need to open the door. Got it?” Ashley’s eyes were vacant and it was clear I had lost her attention as soon as I had said ‘you’re next.’ I waved to the door and she went in. I made around the room to check the progress of the others and impatiently arrived back to the storage room door.

I knocked lightly on the door, leaning in to hear if there was any commotion. “Ashley? How’s it going in there? Need any help?” I waited half a minute and didn’t hear anything. As I began to walk to my desk, the door cracked open. I looked at the class and noted everyone absorbed in their work. Then I looked at the door and saw slender fingers propping it open from within. I moved swiftly, opening, entering, and closing the door. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light, but I could see Ashley leaning against the table, dejected. I locked the door.

“I don’t get it Mr. Antoni. These instructions are confusing. I can’t do it.” Ashley said.

“I’m sure you can do it. You’re very talented.” I moved closer to her and looked at the trays in front of us with her. “You see, you just have to put the photo through some of these trays and time the whole process. Here, I’ll help you.” I went to reach around her to turn the light off to remove the film, but she stopped me.

“I think I can try it if you tell me what to do.” Ashley interrupted. “Could you just sit there and guide me?” Under the red-light, it was hard to not see a lustful gaze from her. I obliged, sitting down and looking up and down her legs. “Okay, what do I do now?” She broke my examination and caught me as she looked back at me.

“Now you’re going to turn off the light, so you can take this film and start the chemical process. Then when you turn the light on, you do the exposure. Makes sense?” Ashley looked back and nodded. She pulled the string for the light and we were enveloped in darkness. I could her her porno indir shifting around and the sound the chemicals shifting in the trays. “I know it’s hard to do in the dark, but it sounds like you’re doing good so far.” Then there was a silence.

“Okay, I think I’m ready to do the exposure. Do I just turn the light on?” Ashley called out in the dark.

“Yeah, just turn the light on and it will do its thing.” I reassured her. She reached for the light and I expected the click to fill the room with the dark red light. What I didn’t expect, was Ashley’s skirt hiked up as she leaned forward on the table. My jaw dropped at the sight.

“Does it look right Mr. Antoni?” Ashley asked, innocently.

“Um… yes it does.” I managed to blubber out.

“Does it need more exposure? Can you take a look?” Ashley asked as she moved backwards towards me. Her skirt dropped to cover her ass but now it was just an arm’s length from my face. She looked back at me in earnest for a reply. I just nodded my head and looked back at her ass. I remember how fine it was at the hotel, and now I had it in front of me again. The red light shone and glistened on her legs as it followed it up her legs. My fingers explored her knees and didn’t dally as they went up her toned thighs. I lifted up her skirt and let out a small gasp at the perfection of her ass.

Like a kid in an amusement park, I jumped right in, squeezing and playing with her ample ass cheeks. I paid no attention to her watching me but I did manage to tell her to bend over. She listened faster than she ever did in class and immediately reached for her ankles. Her conditioned dance team body had prepared her for moments like this. At the action, her scarlet panties revealed where she covered her moist treasure. I kept my fingers clenching her ass open and moved in, taking a deep breath. The darkness threw off my depth perception and and I could feel the wet panty on my nose. I rubbed my face in the young pussy, wanting the scent to be permanently left on me. By this moment my mouth was salivating and I pulled the panties aside and gave a long lick in the deep pink. Ashley braced her self on the table at the surprised sensation. Sloppy and relentlessly, I languished my tongue in her lavish wet lips. I lashed and sucked, slurped and suckled until my mouth and chin were slathered with her sweet pussy cream. The noises she began to make became too much and I pulled myself away to shush her, for fear of having other students hearing.

She must have mistaken my gesture, she took the right cue and got to her knees. She furiously undid my belt and unzipped my pants. By now my cock had swelled to the side of my hip and she tried her damnedest to pull it out of my boxers. Ashley wasted no time and immediately performed my favorite magic trick: making the top of my dick disappear in her mouth. Now the slurping and suckling was being reciprocated. Oh my god it felt amazing. I had to cool my jets and not be loud, heeding my own advice to her. I reclined in the seat and let the dance team captain put her best skills to use. I looked down from moment to moment, almost as if to pinch myself that from the dream of the red tinted blond head bobbing on my manhood. I couldn’t contain my cum for much longer so I gave her head a little tug up.

Ashley was slow to get up to her feet and rubbed her mouth clean with her bare forearm. She bent over really quickly and I almost the flash of her panties dropping from under her skirt. Even faster, she pulled my pants down in a rush. I could have had my hands tied elsewhere because this little slut was taking control of the whole situation. Her little palm grappled on to the base of my cock and she stood over it, lowering herself gently towards the impending impaling. I could feel my thick cock head warm on wet snatch. The tightness ensest porno started to take over and Ashley exhaled sharply, resting her head on my shoulder as she took more of me. “Fuck…” She whispered in a satiated pain, “I must of got tight again since last time.”

“Just the way I like it.” I said whisper back and put my hands on her waist, pulling her down slightly faster.

“Ow! Ow ow ow… oh my god… ow.” Ashley cooed. “That’s it… that’s all I can take Mr. Antoni. Fuck.” She tossed her head back and shared a wicked smile towards me. She rocked back and forth and I took liberty in grabbing each ass cheek. Her eyes rolled back as she looked up and began to gyrate, hips drawing a figure-eight. “God it’s so good…”

“That’s right, ride it real good.” I gave her ass a smack and she shushed me. I chuckled a little and moved a hand to grab her chin. “Don’t you tell me what to do.” Clenching my other hand on her ass harder, a finger found itself in her ass. Ashley let out a muffled sigh. “Oh you like that huh? You know what I want you do? I want you to dance for me like a little slut.” Her eyes rolled again with the rocking and deep riding. “I’ve seen your routines at the games. Do a little routine on my cock.” She nodded her head, obeying.

The sensation was mind-blowing. All the routines I had seen at games, all the hip gyrating and booty shaking was now happening on my dick. Ashley placed her hands on her thighs and thrust her pussy every which way. Twerk, lock, and I was certainly going to pop. I brought her arms in and pulled the shoulders of her top off to the side, dropping her shirt to her skirt, showcasing her luscious perky tits. Now it was complete, she closed her eyes and danced on my dick and I could see the cream flowing. I grabbed both tits in my hands and sucked to them delight! This was ticket. Ashley squirmed harder and the more I sucked, I could feel her pussy tighten up. Her breathing quickened and she was about to scream. I moved one of my hands down to her ass and put a finger in again, keeping her moving. With my mouth sucking on her boob, I could tell she was going to cum. So I brought my hand to her mouth and held it closed. My finger dug deeper and I bit her nipple, Ashley began shaking… and suddenly stood up yelling into my hand as I felt the rushing wetness on my cock. Her skirt had taken a darker color, as if dampened. I lifted it up and could see her thigh twitching.

She was trying to catch her breath. “Have you ever came like that?” I asked.

“No I haven’t. What happened?” Ashley replied.

“You squirted, now your skirt’s wet. Sometimes women squirt when they cum real hard.” I felt like an idiot explaining it to her.

“OMG it was so good.”

“Well it ain’t done yet.” I looked down and pointed at my cock, still hard. She took the cue immediately and took to her knees. Soon thereafter the magician performed her best trick, by making half of my spectator disappear in her mouth. This time I couldn’t handle the way she devoured it like candy, and I was all too pleased to share my sweet surprise with her. I had been through a dry spell at the end of the school year, so she received a mouthful. I tried to find her a towel to clean her mouth with, but she resort to her forearm again and swallowed the rest. As I took to my feet and fussed with fastening my belt again, Ashley had primped her hair and straightened out her outfit. I told her to wait a few minutes to come out after I did.

The rest of the class was in an uproar after being left unsupervised while I was in the dark room. I tried my best to restore the order, but after having spent my load, I let them enjoy themselves. They began laughing and pointing at Ashley’s skirt. I noticed her confused expression and loss of words right away. Yelling at the class, I shout to tell them to quiet down.

“I’m not going to tell you all again. When you’re are working in the room, make sure not to spill the trays when developing your photos.” I turned to address Ashley. “There should be a towel in the cabinet back there.” The redness in her face subsided and she nodded a small smile.

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