County Girl Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Day One – Morning

I was awakened at 6am by the little clock on the side of my bed. It didn’t buzz or play music. Instead it repeated over and over, “Get up cunt.” There was no snooze button. No way to ignore its command to me. No way for me to believe this had been a little girlish fantasy dream I was just awakening from.

Instead, ‘eyes wide open’, in my small room, I was to be a submissive girl, slut, whatever they wanted. Whoever and how many ‘they’ were I would be theirs.

(I am not going to bore you with all the rules in the book etc. Instead I will let you know sometimes when I am abiding by one particular rule or when I am being punished for not remembering another. To the girls who want more detail on the clothes, I’m sorry. To the MEN who want fewer details, I apologize sincerely. To those who are unhappy with my stories I say, “Read something else.” And to the friends I’ve made or people who have enjoyed this passion, I say Thank You. Now on Blitzer!)

I stood up my blue nightie hanging down, just over my crotch. Walking over to the mirror and I looked at myself. Gosh what a mess. I hadn’t taken my make-up off last night and now my face and my hair looked like a rag doll. A little of Master Cock’s cum had come out of my mouth while I was holding it last night and was now clumped in a patch just below my lip on my left. As I looked I could see why I was there. I could see in my green eyes the glimmer of dreams. But I could also see those dreams would be others and their use of me would be my memories.

From the closet I took the outfit that had been selected for the day. Although it was quite evident looking at 6 other similar outfits with each having a day of the week sewn in red on the right breast pocket, it was equally disconcerting seeing “CUNT and under it SATURDAY”. And I guess I would have to clean and press them each day to be ready for the next week. On the other side of the closet were all sorts of outfits. I knew not to rummage through them until I was told.

Putting the maid’s uniform on the bed with the Mary Jane’s by the foot of the bed (how girly of me) I went over to the vanity and opened my make-up suitcase. Suddenly, I realized I had to pee badly. From the past months of habit I grabbed my ‘douchette’ (Master Cock’s name for it) and walked out to the bathroom to clean up.

The house was dark with just a night light in the hall and a summer morning chill twisting up under my nightie which made me feel twice as naked as I was. Walking into the bathroom (as you know the door is missing) I saw a note on the mirror from Master Cock. It simply said, “Your first toilet in the morning is the only time you do not need permission. And, as you know you may not talk first with anyone. So, you’ll just have to figure out what to do for the rest of the day.”

I had forgotten about the “Bathroom Control” part of the deal. As I would learn soon I didn’t know much about anything.

Sitting down on the toilet I tinkled and then wiped away from my anus. Then I poopied and wiped the other way. I’m not sure how girls do it but I am sure Master Cock had instructed me on this hygiene method months ago. Getting up I flushed, turned on the shower, took my pills, removed my nightie and enjoyed the warmth of the shower. Washing my hair and body I felt so clean. The dirt washed down my body, swirled around my red toenails and finally disappeared in a swirl through the drain. I felt wonderful.

Drying off I went back to my room and was about to proceed putting on a pair of panties before doing my make-up. Opening the drawer I looked down and pulled out my favorite color, a sea-green panty and matching bra. But, the panties were different from anything I had ever seen or heard about. I hope I can explain but since this is scientific and I really am not too bright in that department it will be difficult. (I’m good on colors and I’m a blond) By the way girls they were string thong with a large frontal patch for you bushy ones like me. (Does anyone know why we use they or pair of panties to designate a single panty?)

Anyhow, built into the crotch of the panties was some sort of hard bendable material. That Escort Bayan Gaziantep I figured out right away was something for my figure and saw that all the other panties had the same thing. But when I went to put them on I saw something else on the inside. Oh I had seen things like ‘neosteel’ makes and had read stories about ‘glue-on-vaginas.’ But this was different.

Inside the front, behind the patch, was a pocket. Upon opening the elastic pocket I could see something that looked like a condom but appeared stronger. It was supple and obviously was to put my….call it what you will… into. I turned the panties over and could see a small hole in the lower part of the panty. Touching the hole it was evident a small tube (very short in length) connected to the end of the condom like sheath and then out. Well, you know what that was for? Right? My face reddened as I realized that I would be peeing as a woman as well.

Getting the panties on wasn’t too hard and when I sat down at the vanity to put my sheer wired bra on I felt like, well almost…..I think!

So then I was dressed in my maid’s outfit. Fully made up with bright red lips and the, for better want of a phrase, control panty holding me tight and forming a very feminine looking front to my panties or anything else I might wear. I left the room to clean up before 8am. That much I knew. I was too clean up any mess from the night before and have coffee ready.

After breakfast around 10am I would do the bedrooms (as necessary), do the laundry and hang it outside. Then at lunch I was to be finished and in the afternoon clean the bathrooms.

Fortunately, this morning I though there would be very little to clean up since Master Cock and I had come alone. But, I could tell when I got to the kitchen I was wrong. There were four empty highball glasses, a few dishes with dried on food and an ashtray over on the table with an open deck of cards. I started looking for the dishwasher but there wasn’t one. Sadly, I was going to wash everything by hand while I was here. Under the sink (luckily) there were a pair of rubber gloves and by 8am the house of was clean and the coffee was made when I heard the first male rumblings of the morning.

The sound came from the bathroom. It was a loud, “AHHHHHH!”

And I could hear his pee hitting the toilet. Nervously I glanced around the edge of wall to peek and just as I did I heard his voice. It wasn’t Master Cock but before I could pull back into the kitchen he commanded, “Bitch, I know you’re looking, get your ass over here right now.”

I walked down the hall shaking as I approached the bathroom. I saw he had a small ass but looked very tall as he stood peeing. When I got within what I can only call striking distance, he turned, grabbed my wrists pulling me into the bathroom and bending me a bit over in one movement and began spanking me. He was spanking so hard I began to cry and I heard him say, “Don’t ever forget to say ‘Yes Sir’ when you are spoken to.”

Sobbing, my ass red and sore again, he pulled me back up in front of him. I was still looking up when he slapped my face hard and said, “Bitch, you know what you should be looking at.” My ass and face burned as I looked down to this thick drooping cock. I had no idea how big it would look hard but it did look thick the way it was.

“Good girl,” he said while moved his hand under my hair and around the back of my neck. “Ok, now I just did a good morning piss which I’m sure you wanted but right now I want you to lick my cock and balls clean.” And then with a little force on my neck I began to go down to the floor passing the hair on his somewhat extended stomach till I was kneeling. He played with my hair and ears as I licked his pee from his slit and lapped around his hairy balls. Now, I was told earlier, I was their female. That was how I was to think. And they wouldn’t tolerate any thoughts or actions other than such.

Then, with just his large hand on my nape, with my stockings sliding under my knees, he turned me effortlessly (although I knew to move in the direction he wanted by his touch) till I was looking at the toilet. The seat was down and there were both dribbles of pee and a few pubic hairs. His voice above said, “Did you leave this fucking seat down bitch?”

“Yes Sir,” I managed to sob out from the various pains I felt. My ass, my face and the pressure on my neck all made my voice even more docile. I could hear the submissive wisp in my voice as the higher female tones uttered, “What would you have me do Sir?”

“Lick that fucking mess from the seat and remember to ALWAYS leave the seat up. This isn’t a cunt’s house. This is a man’s castle. The seat stays UP.”

Looking at the deep autumn yellow drops as I leaned down to obey him (since that would be my duty from now on) I could smell the aroma of his urine waif up from the toilet into my nostrils as I licked the toilet seat clean. Pubic hairs getting on my tongue and finding ithard to swallow I finally finished.

Still holding my neck he said, “Now, lift the seat up,” as he let go of my nape and then gave me a slight slap on the back of my head. Not expecting the slap I nearly lost my balance but managed to grab the seat and raise it as I kneeled in front of the toilet with the seat up.

“And now bitch, lick the bottom of the seat and as a punishment you will also lick the rim. Not just now but for the whole day. You’ll go into the bathroom each time you’re not busy and if it’s not clean you’ll get down on your knees and be the good little maid you were made to be, Comprende? Oh, and when you are done you can flush the toilet for me but I want you to kneel in front of it when you do and put your face over the bowl so you can watch what you missed from me but will be getting from me from now on.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir,” I meekly uttered. Stunned how I was drifting deeper into submission then I ever thought I would. I could hear him in the kitchen as I licked the bottom of the seat and the rim clean. Then, as I was told, I knelt in front of the bowl, leaned my head down and flushed the toilet. Cold urine scented air pushed up his aroma brushing over my face and his pee went down. It went through my nostrils and even my eyes. Nearly tearing as the flush finished I got up, straightened my skirt and white apron. Then I looked in the mirror and saw my lipstick had smeared a little and was thankful I had brought it with me. Then I freshened my lipstick and walked out to the kitchen.

As I entered the kitchen he was sitting having coffee at the table. I heard him say, “Good morning cunt. How’s our pussy today?”

“Fine, thank you Sir,” I answered immediately.

“Well, come over here and stand by my side,” Sir said.

I walked (as you know by now femalely) over to him and stood by his side. All of a sudden he slapped my ass twice saying, “Look bitch you always stand by my right side. I’m right handed. If I was fucking left handed you would stand where you are, right?

“Y…ee….sss Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll remember Sir,” I quivered as I walked around to his right side.

“Now that’s a good girl,” he continued as he put his right hand on my inner thigh halfway up. Standing there as he rubbed and played with my thighs and squeezed my ass, I knew what I had wanted to feel like. I was the girl. And, as you know, I was submissive in my dreams and now reality. His fingers rubbed underneath. With the shield there he wouldn’t feel my large clit but instead just like I was wearing a thick pad.

While he was doing this he was looking at a pornographic magazine. The pictures showed a girl being bound and then put in a cage. I winced. Once in a while he would take his hand away and take a sip of his coffee or turn a page. It was definitely a bondage magazine. And I realized I hadn’t said no to that but only to severe pain and wondered how I had missed that.

“Hey Houser,” Master Cock said as he came into the room. “How do you like our little bitch?”

I stood silent as Sir (as I knew him) squeezed my ass again and said, “Yep, you know how to find the best pussy around. Though she’ll need a little training before she understands what it means to be our submissive cum slut. But she does have one fine ass. But can it hold a quart of cum?” He squeezed a bit harder on the final words.

“Come over here Prissy,” Master Cock said. I walked over with my eyes on his cock thinking about the months ago this had started. Nearly a year had passed. All of my fantasies had swirled around inside my head. I’m sure none of you can understand what it’s like to be trapped inside something you’re not. I’m not gay. I’m not straight. I’m not any description ever written. But, I live (does that mean by Descartes I am?)

How different to be in this ocean wearing my sea-green panties, my tongue coated with the taste of a man’s urine. Unsure, afraid but nevertheless here. (Ok, if you don’t like the poetic dissonance I do. See, this isn’t about those who don’t understand me but about those of you who do. That means both the doms and the subs who share some of the pleasure ride I’m on.)

I walked over to Master Cock looking at his crotch as I did. I became more and more entrapped within the truth. And as I arrived near him I could smell the odor of manliness. It’s a pheromone I never did produce. And standing there, Master Cock said, “Prissy you have finally begun to be what you will end these three weeks as.” And with that he put his hand on my head and pushed me towards the floor. The motion down was starting to become normal. I went to my black stocking knees with my maid’s dress hem never touching the floor. A jolt, I wasn’t paying attention, my hair pulled, I hadn’t what? I didn’t know.

“Bitch when you hit the floor on your knees have your mouth open. No one cares about your wants.” Pulling my hair till the roots burned I opened my mouth. “Good little whore,” Master said as he unzipped his fly with his other hand pulled out his cock and while pulling my head forward slid his large dangling snake into my mouth.

He pumped my mouth while talking with Sir. They talked about the World Cup. About how stupid England had been and that now the semi-finals were a Continental affair. As my saliva lubricated Master Cock’s penis in my throat I was there but I wasn’t. I was a woman but I wasn’t. I was a whore but I wasn’t paid. What was I becoming?

His cock (oh to remember Master’s Cock) thickened, hardened, pulsed and moved over my lips, tongue, tonsils and into my throat. I was gagging but I was also sucking. I can’t explain it. And after what seemed like an hour, yet I was to learn it wasn’t even 9am yet, Master Cock pulled his cock slowly out of my throat, past my tonsils, over my tongue, past my lips and almost immediately began shooting cum all over my face. Gobs stuck to my nose. Much sat on my cheeks. And because most of it was thick, just a little dribbled down my chin and fell between my small A cup orbs and leaked down my cleavage towards my belly button.

“Now get up and don’t’ touch your face. I want you to feel it dry. To smell it,” Master Cock said with a condescending tone. And as I rose he turned to his friend saying, “Houser did you bring the rope?” As my mind raced I stood there in my little maid’s outfit barely able to see out of my right eye. I didn’t know what I looked like but I knew what it felt like. But that loss of vision changed almost immediately as Master Cock opened a drawer in a credenza next to the dining table and pulled out a mirror.

“Here, now you can see what you should look like every moment, everyday,” Master Cock sneered. I looked in the mirror and saw my face was white glob cum splotched. I took a breath through my nose and some of Master cum sitting at the base of nostril came up through my nasal passage filling it with both smell and texture. Keeping my eyes on Master Cock’s penis my peripheral vision saw Sir walking to the door and then I heard him say, “I’ll be right back with the rope and my other bag of goodies.” A moment after that the front door banged shut.

Master Cock started to play with my breasts and pinching my nipples he said how well the hormones had worked. My breasts were exactly the size that pleased him and his friends would like them also. Another comment on how I really did have girly nipples. “The perfect submissive,” he said. “Both man and woman, just Perfect!” And as those words brushed across my face I heard the sound of motorcycles.


(Ok, some of you are just going to hate this. But, I’m having the time of my life writing it. So, this Lauren Westley saying there is “more to cum.”)

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