Cousin Comes To Visit Us

Double Penetration

This is the story that happened to me when I was 21 years old.

Well I got started into the whole CNFM scene when one day my cousin Helen was coming home to spend the night because the next day she had to go in early for work and it was easier for her to spend the night at the house so it would give her more time to sleep.

At that time I was in college with a part-time job still living with my parents. I was living in the basement and I had my own restroom.

I came back from working out that day and it was around 5:30 when I got home. My mom had told me that both her and my dad where going to my uncles house, which meant they were not coming home until late at night or probably past midnight since all they did was get together and get drunk. She reminded me that my cousin was coming sometime and I told her that I already knew.

It was customary for my family to leave the back door open anytime there was anyone in the house and my whole family knew this so every time that someone came visit us they would just come in through the back door.

I headed to my room in the basement, put on the music really loud knowing my parents were going out they would not care. I took off all my clothes and proceeded to get in the shower. About thirty minutes later I came out the shower. I dried off and stepped into my room fully naked, the music was still really loud so I could not hear anything. I felt a presence in my room and I looked behind me and see my cousin sitting on my bed staring at my cock just smiling. I must have turned red right görükle escort away and tried to cover my genitals with both hands. I headed to the computer still naked and took one hand off my penis to turn off the music.

I was a bit upset and embarrassed that she had seen me naked and didn’t bother to tell me when she came in so I let her know. I asked her why didn’t she knock on the door or something while still trying to cover my penis. She just sat there smiling with her eyes only looking at me when I spoke to her then she just stared at my hands on my penis. She told me to stop being so uptight, that watching me naked wasn’t a big deal and that I shouldn’t bother with covering my ‘thing’ because she had already seen it.

This got me even more pissed and asked her if she was out of her mind but she insisted that it was cool and she would actually like to see my penis again because she liked it and then she told me “come on, I won’t tell anyone I promise”. Her compliment made me feel more confident and so I took my hands off my penis and she put an even bigger smile on her face when she saw it.

Again she said it was nice and she told me I was not circumcised like most of the guys she saw and she really liked that.

I was embarrassed but at the same time I was aroused that I had a woman complimenting on my penis and wanting to stare at it, I tried to keep my erection down but soon it became impossible.

She asked me if I could pull my skin back so she could see my penis head and I thought well why not? So I bursa escort bayan pulled the skin back and showed it to her. She told me to get closer so I got about 2 feet away from her and there she was just staring at it.

I asked her why was she so interested in watching my penis and she told me that she had never seen one so close and personal. She told me that she had only seen them for few brief moments but she never got to ‘inspect’ them because the guys just wanted to have sex and once they got off it was game over and they would get dressed and usually leave.

I told her it was cool but she better not tell anyone because we could be in big trouble.

The sight of me having my penis two feet away from my cousin, pulling the skin back for her so she could see it had me hard in no time. My penis grew so hard that it hurt. I excused myself and told her I was sorry that I better go change and tried to head for the closet but she grabbed my arm and said no that she wanted to see it more.

She asked me if it hurt when it got that big and I told her that it did a little bit. She asked me what did I do when it got that big and I told her that I had to relieve myself one way or another. She said “well why don’t you?” and I told her that I didn’t think it was appropriate to do that in front of her and again her curiosity got the best of me and told me that she would really like to see me masturbate in front of her because she’s never seen a guy masturbate before.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that and I’m bursa escort sure that I was shaking back then but at the same time my cousin had made me really horny so I grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. I looked up and closed my eyes and started stroking it a bit faster.

She asked me what did I think about when I masturbated and I told her that I thought about many things. “Like what?” she asked me. I told her I thought about naked girls. She then asked me if I thought about their tits and pussies too and this drove me off the limit. Hearing my cousin say the word ‘pussy’ and ‘tits’ made me cum almost instantly. I told her that yes I did think about that too. I started feeling my orgasm and I faced away from her and I shot all over the carpet. It had to be one of the strongest orgasms I’ve had in a while. My penis went down after a few seconds and she told me that was so cool and she begged me if she could see me again sometime and she promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone. I told her that it was OK and that I would show her some other time. “Cool” she said and told me “go get dressed big boy and let’s go get some food” as if nothing had happened.

I headed to the restroom and peed and cleaned up my penis. I thought about what had just happened and I was still excited about it. I stepped into my room once again this time with confidence and un-ashamed and headed to the closet to get dressed. This was a great sexual experience for me and I also wanted to masturbate in front of her soon.

Please rate and let me know if you guys like it or not, I love constructive criticism. I left out a lot of detail in this story but I wrote it in no more than 10 minutes. I have other stories I’d like to share but they are not finished. Depending on how you guys like it I might write a part 2 to this.

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