Cousins (Part 1)


NOTE: this story was inspired by the song “Cousins” by American dance-rock band Revolting Cocks, and by a set of very hot pictures.

I hand’t seen them since we were all little kids, playing in the sunny fields and the shadowy vineyards around my grampa’s farm, in the beautiful hills of Toscana. Francesca and Ilaria had always been my favourite cousins in our large family, there were no secrets between us and, despite their being girls, they always loved to be involved in the games invented by us boys. We also used to spend lot of time the three of us together, far away from our overprotective parents and relatives. Moving to different cities, I had kept only post contact with them, missing so much their presence and the special feeling we had.

Many years had passed, and when one day my mother announced the news that a big family meeting was taking place in a few weeks at the old farm, I took it quite negatively, being a wild, restless youngster whose least possible idea of a holiday was to find myself among old farts and people I couldn’t care less about. Even the thought of seeing my cousins again didn’t excite me much, since I hadn’t received any letter from them in the last two years, and was sure they had forgot me completely. My mood changed radically when I first saw them after all that time: as we were all gathered in the large courtyard in front of the farm, there they were standing, right in front of me. I felt like in state of trance for a moment, almost breathless: Francesca and Ilaria, the two little girls with whom I had played in these same places as a kid, had turned into two of the most beautiful and attractive girls I had ever seen in my life. It was July, the weather extremely hot and dump, so we weren’t wearing much. Both had on nothing more than a top and a pair of short tight jeans, revealing much of their firm teenage bodies.

When my aunt re-introduced me to the girls, asking if I remembered about them, it was just like someone had slapped me in my face to wake me up. I answered that of course I did, both of them embraced me and kissed me twice on the cheek. In that precise moment, I started to feel like a volcano was rising from the deep of my guts, and it wasn’t the weather at all. The feeling of their sweaty arms against mine, their soft breasts against my chest… I was confused, suddenly feeling desire for my cousins, the same with which I had shared my childhood.

Later, at dinner, I took little part to the boring conversations of my relatives, busy with remembering the past, complaining about the present, boosting their superiority, constantly trying to show off. My eyes were fixed on Francesca’s: I kept vivid memories of her big, blue eyes, sweet and innocent, but what I was seeing now in her grown-up iris was totally different: they looked naughty, like there was as much desire in them as there was in my own dark brown ones. Ilaria’s wasn’t less interesting at all: her pitch black eyes were staring at me like to burning meteors falling on earth from the deep void of space, but, as soon as I was turning my attention to her, she was looking away. I remembered very well how shy she was as a child, and probably she still was.

I completely forgot about the existence of the other cousins: the male ones hadn’t changed much since we were kids, the same amount of dumbness had remained in their small brains, and, as for the other females, well, they all inexorably fell either in the “arrogant bitches” category or in the “insignificant nothingness” one. They all seemed even less interested in me then I was in them, anyway.

A warm midsummer night fell on the hills of Toscana, and everyone went to bed. I was lucky enough to get a single room, the same old one were I was sleeping as a kid. Being an only son, I never was afraid of loneliness. That night, however, there was no way I could sleep. My mind was locked on the image of Francesca, of her beautiful blue eyes, of her firm breasts, well-visible under the white top… very soon, my cock was hard, pulsating with strong desire. Never before I had imagined that I would have masturbated dreaming of my little cousin, and the idea made me feel a bit guilty. But, sumo web tools there was no way I could resist, I was just too horny. I started to stroke my shaft, imagining Francesca’s tits exposed, her lips kissing mine… I was moaning, the pleasure rising quickly… my fantasies became more intense, I wanted to feel my hard dick in her mouth, and then in her pussy… soon, my hot cum was dripping between the fingers of my sweaty hand. Before falling asleep, I found myself trying to put some order in the mess of feelings revolting inside of me.

The following day, I met Francesca after lunch, around 3 pm. It was so hot that everyone had retired to their rooms, waiting for the later afternoon to bring some fresher air and go out. I was getting bored in my little room, so I decided to go outside and take a walk. She probably had the same idea. She asked me if she could join me in my walk, and of course I said yes.

We ventured far in the fields, heading for the river that once worked as borderline between our grampa’s property and his neighbours’. An enormous yew tree was standing there, the same one under which we used to play countless games as kids. I asked Francesca if she remembered about our games, thinking she would have replied that she had no interest at all in thinking about those old kids’ stuff anymore. On the contrary, she said that she perfectly remember about them, she had never forgot about that place and those happy days. She added that she missed them a lot, and that she had missed me a lot too. When I heard those words, I turned my eyes to her, and met her beautiful, blue ones again. No words were necessary this time. I had never been that kind of brave guy, in the city girls were plain horrible people and impossible to deal with, but in that precise moment there was nothing else that I could do than getting close to Francesca and kissing her lips. That was exactly what she wanted too. We kissed very long, joining and parting our mouths, letting our tongues caressing each other, exchanging saliva. The best French kiss I ever had. My cousin’s hand took mine and she led me under the shadowy branches of the yew tree.

There was nobody around, but under there not even a falcon could have seen us. Many years before, we had been playing kids’ games right in the same place. Now we were playing something completely different. We started to kiss again, as my hands slowly slipped under her top, caressing her naked back: she was wearing no bra. In the half-light of that natural shelter, I could spot her hard nipples under the thin white cotton. “Touch me, Cris”. I wasn’t dreaming, her sweet lips had pronounced those words for real. I gently lifted up her top, uncovering her breasts: they were big and round, with beautiful, large, pink erected nipples. The most perfect tits a girl could ever dream to have. My sweaty hands started to caress them, I could feel the softness of that beauty and soon enough I ended up kissing and licking the nipples. Francesca was moaning, asking me to go on, to touch and lick her. Then, all of sudden, she asked me if I was hard. Our eyes met again. I replied that I was.

While our tongues were meeting again briefly, my sweet little cousin unzipped my trousers and took my hard cock out in the most natural way. Her hands started to move smoothly on my shaft, she was stroking me fantastically. I moaned. She asked if I was liking it. I replied that I was very much, and asked her not to stop. “Please Cris, let me suck you”. The volcano inside me awoke, like when I was in bed last night. I couldn’t believe that all this was happening for real.

My hands were caressing Francesca’s black hair. She always had beautiful hair, I had been caressing them many times when we were kids. Right now, I was playing with them, while she was on her knees in front of me, her breasts exposed and her sweet, soft lips kissing and sucking on my dick. The blow job was driving me crazy, I was moaning so loud, about to cum. My sweet brunette indulged with her boiling tongue on the head of my prick, leading me immediately to orgasm. I don’t remember to have shot as much cum as that time, I completely covered her face sumowebtools with my hot pleasure, and some ended up on her tits too. As soon as I recovered, I wasn’t sure that Francesca had liked that shower of semen, so I felt the need to apologize. She laughed naughtily and replied that it was all ok, then she came closer and kissed me.

We stood there for some minutes, touching our sweaty half-naked bodies, she with her breasts still naked and me with my cock out. Our mouths exchanged saliva and a bit of my cum that was still between her lips. I liked the idea. Actually, it made me horny again.

But, Francesca wanted to go back, she was afraid that our relatives at the farm had started to wake up and go out, and that they could notice our absence. I asked her to remain a few minutes more there with me. She smiled and kissed me. My fingers were caressing her soft breasts once more. My cock was hard again. My beautiful cousin stroke me with her gentle little hand, that was soon wet with hot sticky sperm. We cleaned ourselves, put on our clothes and returned home.

Nobody asked were we had been, or seemed to have realized that we went out together. I noticed something different only in Ilaria: now she would stare at me more deeply, looking in my eyes too, but it was like she was pissed off at me. I hadn’t even talked to her since we arrived at the farm, so I couldn’t imagine what her problem with me could be. I reached the conclusion that it was again her proverbial shyness.

As the night fell, there was no way I could sleep, of course. I was thinking about Francesca all the time, about what had happened in the fields, of the pleasure, of her body, of the fact that I was feeling in love with her. All seemed so strange, but so beautiful and exciting too. I was so horny, my cock pulsating and aching hard under the blankets wet with sweat. I didn’t want to wank, so I put on something and went out in the porch, trying to make no noise. I thought that walking in the fresh air of the night would have calmed me down, but there I saw a shadow sitting on the rocking-chair. I wondered who he/she could be, and realized it was Ilaria. She saw me, and I asked whispering what she was doing. She replied that she couldn’t sleep. I said I couldn’t either and sat near to her. We remained silent for a moment, then suddenly she started to speak, saying that she had noticed the strong feeling between me and Francesca, and that she was terribly jealous about that. I felt like frozen for an instant, not knowing what to reply. Ilaria continued, telling that she was sharing the room with our cousin in the back of the farm, so her movements couldn’t go unnoticed to her. I still hadn’t said a single word, when she asked me to follow her, because there was something she wanted to show me. I felt it was the less embarrassing thing to do.

Ilaria took me to the old cowshed, a place we both knew very well. It was there, indeed, that we had played hide-and-seek hundreds times, seen cows give birth to little sweet calfs, and drank hot milk coming directly from the source. There were no beasts anymore there, since a new, more modern location had been built for them. Straw remained everywhere, some old rusty tool, a pleasant smell of countryside and grass inside. My cousin turned on a little lamp on the wall, enough to let us see each other clearly. It was only then that I started to look at her more deeply and realized that she was very beautiful too: her big dark eyes were intense and mesmerizing, I loved the cut of the long black hair, and her body was less developed than Francesca’s, but under a nice striped top I could distinguish a pair of nice firm boobs, presumably braless. Still I was feeling embarrassed because she knew about me and Francesca, and I was afraid she would have told our relatives. The effects would have been disastrous, to say the least.

Ilaria smiled and started to caress my cheek with her hand, than said that she wouldn’t have told anyone if I would have done something for her. When I asked what I could do, the reply arrived promptly: her lips pressed against mine, her arms around my neck, her tongue exploring my lips in search for an access. I remained shocked for an instance, the lil’ shy Ilaria sexually blackmailing me? I thought that I was dreaming, but I was still hard having thought of Francesca the whole day, and I ended up admitting to myself that the situation was intriguing, damn intriguing.

I reacted to her kiss, sucking her lips, playing with her tongue, exchanging her saliva with mine. She could kiss very good, who would have imagined. Her hands slipped under my t-shirt and started to caress my chest, in no time she had took off it from me. Her body was pressed against mine, her eyes burning me with their dark fire. “I like you so much, Cris, please touch me”.

Those words sent me over the edge, like the afternoon before. I undid the knots of her top and lifted it up, exposing her breasts: smaller than Francesca’s, they were anyway juicy and sweet teenage breasts, with little perky hard nipples just waiting for my tongue. In no time, I was caressing and licking them, while Ilaria moaned with pleasure.

Her hands unzipped my trousers, again I couldn’t believe it was happening… my hard, pulsating cock between Ilaria’s fingers, her breasts in my mouth… it was crazy. She started to slowly stroke me up and down. There was nothing I could desire more in that moment. I was moaning. “Do you like that?”. “Yes, please keep stroking”. “No Cris, I want more than this. I want you inside me”.

A hammer stroke me on the top of my head. I was staring at my younger cousin, with her tits naked and my hard prick in her little hand, who had just asked me to fuck her. Immediately I felt the need to zip up my trousers and run out, before doing something stupid. A second later, I was totally enslaved to my need for sexual pleasure. I wanted it so bad, and Ilaria was so beautiful and inviting, for the first time I wasn’t seeing anymore the shy little girl I had known as a child, but the horny, provoking teenager I had in front of me. There was no way I could resist.

We both got completely naked and leaned back on the smooth straw on the cowshed’s floor. Ilaria was in front of me, her legs spread apart, her pussy completely exposed. I was touching the lips, she was very wet, as ready and needy as me. “Please Cris, fuck me, I want it so bad, like you”. Soon enough, I was on top of her, trying to push my hard shaft inside her sweet vagina. She was so tight, I had to wait until she would adapt to my size and let me more in. The feeling was awesome: I could feel her sex caressing every inch of me, the softness and warmness of her wet pussy were driving me totally crazy. Once I was completely inside, I realized that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. Amazing, my little shy cousin had already experimented the joys of sex. I started to move in and out, I couldn’t believe that I was fucking her right there, on the cowshed’s floor. I liked her so much, it was great sex, especially in comparison to the disappointing experiences I had in the city.

Ilaria was moaning loud, holding tight my buttcheeks with her nails, begging me not to stop. With every deep thrust, I’d feel more and more pleasure. I don’t think that I lasted long, I had been horny since I went to bed an hour before. I was about to cum, but before I could take it out, my hot cousin held me with her hands and legs, saying that I could do it inside her without problem. No time and not enough blood left in the brain to think: I put my hands on Ilaria’s breasts and pushed myself inside her pussy as deep as possible, making her scream like in pain. The orgasm was incredible, I screamed too, filling her vagina with loads of my hot sperm. I slid out of her and collapsed on the straw beside her sweaty body, breathing heavily, stunned by the overwhelming pleasure of that unexpected experience.

We remained there for some long minutes, trying to recover. I was staring at the old wooden roof of the cowshed, when I heard Ilaria laughing naughtily, and then saying that I was really good and that she had liked it very much. I had no idea what to reply, starting to regain some consciousness, I probably wanted to tell her that what we had done was wrong and similar things, but in stead I replied that I had liked it too. It was the plain truth. We dressed up quickly and returned to the farm, without saying anything else. I went to bed exhausted, sleeping tight till late morning.


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