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Guy Morrison, his wife Ann and their daughter Jill were all hurrying to catch a plane for the main land. It was a small plane that could only carry six people. Guy had chartered it to take them to Miami to enroll Jill in college there. A storm was forecast for the area and Guy wanted to get in front of it.

He was an engineer with a company that tracks the shuttle after it blasted off from Cape Kennedy. They were located on a small island south of Antique. They were a very close family. Mostly because there was very few other people on the island. They had spent the better part of the last four years on the island. The company gave him a couple of months off work each year to get away from the island. They all loved the island and the privacy that they enjoyed.

Her mother, who was a teacher before coming too the island, had home schooled Jill. Now she was about to enter her freshman year at the University of Miami. The family was going to help her get settled in.

Guy was 40 years old, about 180 pounds, and in perfect shape. Each day he, his wife and daughter worked out and jogged.

Ann was a petite blond beauty. She only stood about 5′ 2″ tall and weighed about a hundred and ten pounds. By working out each day she was hard and firm. Her breast still didn’t sag and she looked more like 28 years old than her 38. She tanned very easy and in her bikini still turned the head of every man that saw her.

Jill was carbon copy of her mother. She was the joy of her father. In his eyes she could do no wrong. He would have been perfectly happy to keep her and her mother on the island forever. The two looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Jill had grown up on the island and didn’t have any experience with young people her age. Her mother had several long talks with her about sex. She didn’t hold back anything because she knew that once she was off the island that she was going to be wrapped up by boys vying for her attention. She had seen her father naked several times when her mother could arrange it without him knowing. He was the only male she was around to observe other that the black native boys that she wasn’t allowed to associate with.

Guy loved his wife and he liked the way other men looked at her. He didn’t like the way they had started looking at Jill.

For 18 years their sex life had been very good, not great but enjoyable. They still had sex several times a week. It would have been more but for Jill always being around.

Jill had seen them making love on several occasions. She wondered if her mother had arranged that also. She thought her mother was a very beautiful woman, and her father the best man on earth. Lately she had wondered what his cock would feel like in her small young cunt.

The pilot of the plane was Juan Lopes. He flew supplies to all the out islands several times a week. Every now and then he would fly passengers back to the main land. He was 30 years old and over 6’4″ tall. He was one of the few black men on the islands that had a college education, though most people didn’t know that.

The other passenger was his brother Carlos. He was 21 and heavier than his older brother was. He was going to the states to visit for a month or so.

They watched as the family hurried towards the plane. Both women had on shorts and halters, showing off their tanned legs and arms. With their long blond hair blowing in the breeze they sure looked good coming toward them.

Carlos punched Juan and said, “I’m really going to enjoy this trip.”

Guy hurried them up to the plane and introduced them. “Lets get going as soon as possible so we can beat the storm.”

Juan said, “You are early but get your stuff aboard and we will take off in a minute.”

About an hour into the flight they hit a really bad thunderstorm that Juan wasn’t expecting. He tried to climb up over it but didn’t have any luck. He tried to move around it without any better luck. The little plane was really taking a beating. He tried to go down low and see if it was any better. Suddenly a bolt of lighting hit the plane. It knocked out all the electrical components including the radio. One engine caught fire and he had to shut it down. The other engine was coughing and sputtering and about to quit.

“I’m going to have to sit her down. Hold on!”

As the plane dropped under the clouds he saw a small island off to his right. I’m going to try to make it to that island. I see a small beach that I may be able to land on.

Lining up with the small beach he started in when the engine quit. “I have land this time. Hope for the best.”

The plane’s wheels touched down in the soft sand but before he could get it stopped the front wheel hit a rock, flipping it over on it’s nose.

Luckily no one was hurt as they crawled out of the little plane. Looking over the damaged plane they knew it was beyond repair. The landing gear was gone and the propellers broken. Guy said, “Once the weather clears they will send out a search party.”

Juan said, “They want sex izle know which way to look. You were in such a big hurry to leave that I never filed a flight plan.”

Guy knew that there was know use arguing nothing could be done about that now. “Let’s see what we can do about some shelter for now. We’ll worry about how we will be rescued tomorrow.”

The plane was well equipped for flying the islands. There were a couple of tarps that they could use for shelter. Plenty of food since Juan still had stops to make on his delivers. They worked together and by dark they had the tarps tied to the trees and limbs piled up to make a mattress to sleep on. Ann fixed dinner while they worked.

By the time they finished eating the sun had gone down and since it was dark they called it a night. They wanted to save the batteries in the only flashlight they had.

Guy, Ann, and Jill were under one tarp and Juan and Carlos were under the other next to them. Guy had not given it any thought when they were putting up the tarps or he would suggested that they put them further apart. There was not any privacy anywhere.

The next day they scouted the island. Luckily they found fresh water at a small stream that formed a pond where they could swim and bath. They also flushed several wild goats. Juan said, “At lease we know that someone once lived here. Now we need to find out if they still do.” The only thing they found was and old camp site on the beach where someone had camped for several days.

They turned the plane upright and tried to get it going but it was impossible to fix. The radio was fried. They were stuck until someone happened to come by.

For the next couple of weeks they settled into a schedule. Ann and Jill would do the cooking and the guys kept plenty of wood and tried to improve their shelter. They made a trip each day to the stream for fresh drinking water. Each day Guy would stay at camp with the others while Ann and Jill went to the pool to bathe. He didn’t trust them not sneak a peek if he didn’t watch them. They had already taken to watching both women as they moved around the camp. Each time they put on their bikinis to take a swim the men’s eyes never left them.

Sex between Guy and Ann was mostly nonexistent. Jill slept right next to them and the Men could hear everything that went on. On one of their trips to the pool Ann asked Guy to go with them. They let Jill get on ahead before she told Guy what was on her mind. “Have you seen the way Juan and Carlos have been looking at Jill and I?’

Guy nodded his head that he had. “You need to be careful around them. If we aren’t rescued pretty quickly then I don’t know that I can stop both of them from attacking you. The only weapon on the island is the pistol that Juan carries. They have been without a woman for a month now and I know how they feel.”

“You thank that you men are the only ones who miss sex? What about me? We normally have sex several times a week and all I’ve had was you fingers. Jill is the one I’m really worried about. There is no telling what they would do to such a young virgin.”

It sent chills up and down Guy’s spine at the thought of them abusing his young daughter. “We have to protect her at all cost.”

Later in the week Guy had gone to the pool with Juan and Carlos to bathe. He had seen them naked each time. Juan’s cock was bigger than his was but Carlos was hung like a stud horse. He hadn’t seen them hard and he knew that Carlos could really hurt someone like Jill that was a virgin if he raped her.

While they were bathing Juan started to talk to Guy. “Guy, we have a problem that Carlos and I have discussed and I think you have the solution to the problem.”

“What is the problem?”

” It seems that we will be stuck here for a long time. Could be tomorrow or it could be a year, but none of us knows. Now I am use to having sex everyday and I’m missing it. Since you have two women we think it only fair that you let us have one.”

Guy knew that this was coming from the moment he started talking. He had been expecting it. “You are talking about my wife and daughter and I can’t allow you to assault them.”

“We are not talking about assaulting them. We are talking consensual sex. You give us one and the other you can keep for yourself.”

“Ann would never agree and Jill is a virgin. I can’t let you do that.”

“I don’t think you fully understand what I’m telling you. We are not asking permission. If you don’t go along with this Carlos and I may have to take matters into our own hands. If that happens then we will have both of them and you want be in the picture any more. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Guy knew that there was nothing he could do. On the way back to camp he said, “let me talk to Ann first.”

That afternoon, while Jill was taking her usual afternoon nap, Guy motioned Ann to follow him down to the plane. The men had left them alone to have their talk. “Ann, what we dreaded would happen has happened.” He then told her what they alt yazılı porno said to him at the pool.

She listened as he told her what was in store for them. She was a woman who liked her sex on a regular basis and it had been a while. She wouldn’t tell Guy but she didn’t really mind the idea that she was about to have sex with the two black men. The thought had crossed her mind more than once the pass few weeks. She had never been with anyone other than Guy. Plenty of time she had flirted with other men at parties but out side off a quick kiss and a pinch on her ass she had remained faithful to Guy.

Being on the island the only men she saw was black and most of them were field hands that she didn’t want to be with. One engineer with the company had taken an interest in her and may have had a chance if there was a place for them to be alone. Now she was going to be with another man and there was nothing Guy could do.

“It has to be me, there is no way we could let them get Jill.”

As much as he hated for her to be with them he knew that she was right about Jill. He would talk to them and make sure that they would leave her alone. “Let me talk to them first. They will have to do it when Jill is asleep. We don’t want her to know what is going on.”

The next morning he talked to them while Ann and Jill were at the pool. “Ann has agreed to go with you provided you leave Jill alone. Also only one of you at the time.”

Juan quickly smiled, “Sure we agree to that. What about this afternoon while Jill takes her nap? I will go first and then Carlos can finish. You have seen what a big cock he has. I need to get her ready for him or he may hurt her and we don’t want that to happen do we.”

Guy told Ann when she got back to the camp that it was set for this afternoon. He had been thinking about his wife with the two black men every since that approached him yesterday. He also had a fantasy to watch his wife with another man. He had been hoping to catch her with the young engineer but nothing had ever happened. He had never told her about it because he thought she would raise hell with him. Now she was going to get fucked by two of them, and by black men at that. He could not have asked for a better ending to his fantasy. Unless you counted the one he had about his daughter. That was now a possibility stuck here on this island.

After lunch Jill lay down for her afternoon nap. Since there wasn’t much to do but lay around or swim she usually slept a least 2 hours.

As soon as she fell asleep Ann stood up. “I guess I may as well go and get this over with.”

Guy said, ” I wish I could stop them but I don’t know how. It’s not like I could beat them both.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be alright. I still love you and always will. Don’t let this ruin our marriage once we get off this island. What we do here stays here, right?” With that she kissed him and headed up the path toward the pool.

Juan watched her go, As soon as she was out of sight he followed. Guy watched them go. His cock was hard in anticipation of what was about to happen. He wished he could follow but Carlos was still under his tarp. He didn’t dare leave Jill alone with him in spite of their reassurances that they would not bother her.

Ann was nervous as she walked toward the pool. She was about to commit adultery for the first time in her life. She had never seen another man completely naked except her husband. Her nipples were standing up hard on her breasts. Her cunt was already starting to drip the juice from her cunt. She had never even danced with a black man and now she was getting ready to be fucked by not one but two of them.

She hadn’t looked back but she knew that Juan was behind her. When she reached the edge of the pool she stopped and turned around and watched for him to come up the trail. He wasn’t far behind. She saw him as he came around the last bend. Looking him straight in the eye as he walked up to her. She was determined to not let him know how nervous she was.

Juan walked up to her. “Let me take off your clothes.” She could only nod and he reached for the buttons of her blouse. He slowly unbuttoned each button, taking his time. She could feel his fingers as they moved over each button. She watched his hands as each button came loose. His long black fingers were moving over her breasts with each button.

When he had opened the last he slid her blouse from her shoulders. She stood before him with her beautiful breasts covered only by the thinnest of bras. She would have worn a bra that didn’t show so much but this was all she had. It was a front closing bra and he reached for the snap. With his fingers he unsnapped it Her large breasts sprang forth, glad to be free of the restraining bra.

Juan pulled it back and stood gazing at them in their naked beauty. Juan had been with many women but this was his first white woman. His cock was instantly hard as he pulled the bra from her shoulders. He brought both hands to caress her tits. They were firm altyazılı sex izle and the nipples reached out as if they were wanting to be touched.

Ann watched as his long black finger played with her tits. She liked it when Guy played with them, but it was nothing like now. She knew that some of the feeling was because he was so different and that he was someone new. She wanted him to play with them more. She leaned forward forcing them deeper in his hands.

Juan knew that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He leaned forward and took a nipple between his lips. He sucked one tit and would then switch to the other. This went on for several minutes until she started moaning. “Please suck them.” He knew that she was ready for anything he could give her.

He released her tits to her regret. He reached for the snap on her shorts. Once undone he pushed them down her tan legs. He knelt down before her and pushed them to her ankles. She stepped out of them and was standing before him in her sheer panties. He could see the blond hair of her cunt through them. He caught them at the waist and pulled them down. He watched as his first white pussy opened before his eyes.

He did not take his eyes from her cunt as he pushed them on down.

Ann hated for him to quit sucking her tits. It felt so good to feel his lips and tongue on her hard nipples. Then she felt him reach for her shorts and she couldn’t wait for him to pull them off. Her stomach was turning over and over with the butterflies in it. His face was only inches from her cunt as her panties followed her shorts to the ground. She stood before him completely naked. She had never wanted a man as bad as she wanted Juan at this time. Her cunt was leaking cum down her legs. Her tits were about to burst. Her knees almost buckled when she felt his breath on her cunt. Soon his tongue followed into the hot wetness of her cunt. She came as his tongue bathed her clit.

Juan stood up, “now it ‘s your time.”

Ann reached for his shirt. It was a pullover type that she had to stand on her toes to pull it over his head. To reach that high she had to move to where her tits were touching his naked chest. She dropped the shirt to the side and ran her hands over his muscular chest. She watched the erotic sight of her white hands stroking his black skin.

She reached for his belt. In no time at all she was pushing his pants down his legs. She was on her knees to push them off when she realized that he wasn’t wearing any under wear. His cock sprang up, almost hitting her in the face. She watched it as she pushed his pants off. She had never seen such a cock. He was a little longer than Guy was but he was much larger around. She wanted to take it in her mouth but was afraid it was more than she could handle. She loved to give Guy a blowjob and she was good at it. She wanted to do the same for Juan now.

She had just kissed the tip of his large black cock when he lifted her up. She stood in front of him all five feet two inches and all of it naked to his staring eyes. There wasn’t any embarrassment at all. He leaned down and pulled her into his arms. His lips found hers and she opened her mouth to him. His kiss was different from any she had ever had. His thick lips and tongue covered her tiny mouth. His tongue covered ever corner of her willing mouth. She thought his tongue was going down her throat. The kiss took her breath away.

Juan picked her up and held her against his body. His hands were on the cheeks of her ass. He lowered her until she could feel his cock between her legs. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he rubbed his cock across the opening of her wet cunt. He slowly lowered her to the soft green grass by the pool without breaking the kiss or letting her lose contact with his cock.

Once on the ground he continued the torrid kiss. She released his hips enough to allow him to raise them so his cock could enter her blond cunt. She could feel his wonderful cock searching for her wet opening. Using her feet on the ground she moved her cunt to help him find the way. Both of them were trying to complete the act but without using their hands.

She could feel it as he got closer to her hot opening. When the tip finally reached the opening he knew he was home from the wet heat pouring from her body. She spread her legs as wide as possible to welcome him in her body.

He didn’t take his time, but at the same time he wasn’t rough. He just steadily pushed his way into her hot wet cunt. As his cock entered her she once again wrapped her legs around him and pulled him all the way to the bottom of her cunt. She had never been filled like he was doing to her. He started moving in and out. She wrapped her arms and legs and rode him on every stroke he made.

Juan had never had a woman that wanted him as much as Ann wanted him. She took everything he had and wanted more. Before long he wasn’t fucking her she was fucking him.

Ann had come twice before he was all the way in. Now she matched him stroke for stroke. It was so good that she wanted it to last forever but knew that wasn’t going to happen. She could already feel him swelling. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before he filled her cunt with his juice. She was still surprised at how much cum he dumped deep in her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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