Daisy Price Ch. 04


Chapter Four “First Day”

Daisy woke up, bright eyed and fluffy tailed (as the saying goes) at 7:00 a.m. She had gotten plenty of sleep, and was eager to get started at her new and exciting job.

After she had left the interview yesterday, she had done some minor shopping, and then went home.

Upon arriving at home, she was immediately set upon by her neighbors (and now good friends) Mr. And Mrs. Fieldsman, who brought her a pie and wanted to know how the interview had went, and told her about the mailman coming over again. Daisy had told them that she had gotten the job, and they both were delighted to hear that.

Daisy then politely turned down another offer for a three way again, instead taking a rain check, which she might cash in this coming weekend. For tonight though, she had insisted, she just wanted to relax one last night before starting work, and needed to do some things like wash her hair and do some laundry.

Mr. and Mrs. Fieldsman seemed to understand, and wished her good luck on her first day. Before leaving though, they mentioned that if the mailman keeps asking about her, that they would tell him that Daisy had gotten a new job. Mrs. Fieldsman had a good feeling that the mailman had no idea that they knew what he did, and didn’t even suspect anything at all about what the three of them had done, and would, hopefully, do again, sometime soon. After all, Mr. and Mrs. Fieldsman were a retired old couple, who were probably not into that sort of thing, as far as the mailman was concerned. Boy, if he only knew.

With that out of the way, Daisy carried her shopping bags and the fresh pie inside, and began working on the things she had told Mr. and Mrs. Fieldsman she was going to do.

She had first made herself a small dinner, while watching some sitcoms on television. She gathered up several of her dirty clothes and threw them in the washing machine. She then began working on her personal hygiene. She started with a nice relaxing bubble bath, and then shaved her legs, while listening to one of her favorite music compact disks on her stereo. After that she showered, washing her hair thoroughly, and spent a lot of time blow drying and combing it.

She moved her clothes from the washer to the dryer, and while getting dressed for bed, she had done her nails, and waited for them to dry, while watching the local news. When the news was over, but before going to bed, she had packed up a box with stuff for her new work space, and placed it by the door, and then folded and put away her freshly cleaned clothes, though she left what she would wear to go to work sitting out for easy access in the morning. Then she had gone to bed, a lot earlier than she normally did.

Now, being wide awake, she quickly used the toilet, brushed her teeth, took a rinse off morning shower, perfumed, brushed her hair, put on makeup, and got dressed in a few new clothes she had recently bought, washed, and laid out the night before.

In the hallway by her full length mirror , she stopped, taking a good long look in the mirror, and she was pleased with how she now looked. Her one piece flower designed dress did well to hide her yellow colored bra and panties, and allowed the light brown silk stockings to blend perfectly with the dress design. Even her yellowed high heeled shoes seem to match perfectly with the flower designed dress. Though Daisy had thought the outfit might make her red shoulder length hair stand out, the color designs of the dress even complemented her hair as well. In her own opinion she looked fabulous.

For breakfast she had made a pot of coffee, and heated up a couple of sausage biscuits in the microwave oven. She quickly gobbled down the biscuits and her first cup of coffee. She then refilled her cup with more coffee to take with her to work.

Thinking about her incident with the damned neighbor’s cat, and not wanting to repeat it, she searched in her purse, and pulled out her keys.

“This time, that damn cat isn’t going to ruin my coffee.” She said aloud in triumphant glee.

Throwing the purse strap over her shoulder, she grabbed her cup, and then the box by the door, as she headed out to the car, locking the front door behind her.

Halfway down the walkway towards the car, the box began to slip from her hands, and in her attempts of trying to regain control of the box, she ended up dropping her cup of coffee. Luckily, it only spilled on the ground, and not all over on her new clothes.

She continued to put the box in the car, much easier now that she wasn’t trying to control the cup as well, along with her purse, and then returned to the fallen, but thankfully unbroken, cup.

“Damn it!” She cursed under her breath, but didn’t have enough time to go refill it again, so she dumped out what little there was left in it on the ground, and took the cup with her. Hopefully, they had made some at work, or that she could make some, after all, she had to have her morning coffee.

* escort bayan bursa * * * *

Daisy arrived at work ten minutes early, like always. She put her now partially dirty cup into her box, along with her purse, and carried the box with both hands to the front doors.

When she got inside, Susan was at her rightful receptionist desk position.

“Oh, hi, Daisy! Let me show you to your new office.” Susan said, trying to be cheerful, but Daisy could sense that something was bothering her, and Daisy just hoped it wasn’t something that she had done.

“Thanks, Susan. That would be wonderful.” Daisy replied back, trying to ignore the vibes she was regretful of picking up.

“Right this way then.” Susan replied standing up, and leading Daisy down the hallway.

Susan stopped in front of a bare room, that hadn’t even been fully constructed yet.

“This will be your new office, but they haven’t even finished building it yet.” Susan said glumly.

Daisy looked at the office, and then down to her box, before replying, “Well, guess I don’t need this stuff yet then. I’ll leave it in my trunk until I do. I’ll be right back.”

“Take your time. I don’t think there’ll be much you can do for now anyway.” Susan said, and returned back to the receptionist desk.

Daisy went and put the box in her car trunk, but pulled her purse out, and slid the strap over her shoulder.

When she returned back inside to the receptionist desk, she discovered a sight that disturbed her dearly. Susan, though she was trying in vain to hide it, was crying. Tear streaks were smearing the makeup in her poor eyes, and down her pitiful looking cheeks.

“Now, now, you poor thing. What’s all this? What’s wrong, dear Susan?” Daisy said trying to comfort her.

“I’m sorry, Daisy. I just can’t help it. My boyfriend and I broke up last night. We were together now for about a year, and now he’s telling me that it isn’t working for him, and he wants to move on.” Susan sobbed. “I thought I was over him last night, but now…now I just don’t know what to do.”

“There, there. It’s all going to be all right, sweetie.” Daisy said, as she put down her purse under the receptionist desk, and embraced Susan in a hug. “Let it all out. You’ll be just fine. There are a lot of fish in the sea, and you’ll find a better one in no time, sweetie. Mark my words, you’ll see.”

Susan had never thought of herself as gay before, and didn’t think much about it now. With Daisy holding her, and hugging her, it just felt right and natural. There was something about Daisy that Susan sensed, and maybe Daisy didn’t even realize it was there either. The way Daisy embraced her tightly, Daisy’s massive breasts pressing against Susan’s slightly smaller breasts, and Daisy massaging her back with her hands, it aroused something inside of Susan, and Susan had never known it to have existed until now. That something may have always been there dormant, or maybe, Daisy somehow created it, however it came about, it was there now, and it somehow felt natural and right.

Susan began returning the back rubs to Daisy’s back, and Daisy took this as a good sign that Susan was getting past the pain of the break up. With both of her hands she gently pulled Susan’s head back , and used her thumbs to wipe away Susan’s tears from her cheeks. Looking Susan right in the eyes, she said, “See, the pain is going away already.”

What happened next took Daisy completely by surprise, though pleasantly. Susan’s massaging hands and nimble fingers moved down Daisy’s back to her buttocks, and squeezed tightly. Susan’s arms pulled Daisy into her, and their lips locked into an embracing kiss. Daisy was taken by surprise, but didn’t reject the unexpected advances, in fact, she was enjoying the new perk she had just discovered. Work was always more enjoyable with people who you actually cared about.

After a minute, it was Susan, not Daisy, who actually broke off the kiss. She couldn’t believe what she had just done, and to her new boss none the less. She whimpered and began to stammer, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into me. My feelings are flying everywhere.”

Daisy, who had now put it all together, and knew what the cure was, simply and firmly asserted herself into the situation, and replied, “Sh! It’s okay. I think it’s time we have some women talk in the restroom over there. We’ll make you forget all about your lousy ex-boyfriend.”

Gently, Daisy slid her right hand into Susan’s right hand, and Daisy guided Susan into the restroom, and locked the door behind them as they entered.

The restroom itself was rather large. It had three stalls, and three sinks in front of the stalls, with a nice sized walkway between them, and a privacy wall and small hallway to separate the main room from view of the door. It was also very clean, and the floors had that freshly waxed and buffed look to them.

As soon as they entered, Daisy gently pulled Susan back into her bursa sinirsiz eskort for an embracing kiss, and Susan eagerly accepted passionately. Their mouths pressed firmly together, lips slightly parted, and their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Their hands sliding all over each other with their fingers massaging and teasing each others flesh, as if both of them were masters of playing some sort of rocking musical instrument at a sold out concert arena.

Susan pulled back slightly from the kiss, but Daisy leaned into the left side of her neck, and began kissing her there, and working her way to Susan’s left earlobe. Daisy’s tongue flicked across Susan’s ear lobe a few times, before wrapping her lips around it, an gently sucking, sending nice tingly shivers down Susan’s body. Before Daisy released the lip lock, she gently bit it, causing Susan to giggle slightly in arousal.

Susan’s hands, meanwhile, had been massaging and teasing Daisy’s ample breasts, and hardening nipples, while Daisy’s fingers massaged Susan’s back and tush.

Daisy’s worked her kisses down Susan’s left side of her neck towards the front of her neck, and began to undo the buttons on Susan’s light blue blouse. Daisy undid a button, and then planted a kiss on the freshly exposed skin, working her way down Susan’s chest to her belly button, which Daisy teasingly stuck her tongue into.

As Daisy undid the last button, Susan let the light blue shirt slide over her shoulders, and fall to the ground. Daisy slid both of her hands underneath Susan’s white cotton bra, and squeezed on Susan’s ample but petite breasts, before finally reaching around behind Susan to unhook Susan’s bra, and allow a few seconds for Susan to slide it off onto the floor as well.

Daisy again cupped both of the now exposed breasts in her hands, squeezing and massaging them, while Daisy’s tongue took turns circling around each of Susan’s nipples, which were becoming rock hard in arousal.

Susan now pulled Daisy’s head up, so they could again kiss passionately. While they kissed, Susan started unzipping the back of Daisy’s flower designed dress. Daisy briefly broke their hold on each other, to let the dress slide off her shoulders. Daisy let it flop to the floor, and then casually stepped out of it, while working herself out of her own yellow bra, and slipping her feet out of the yellowed high heeled shoes, leaving her only in silk stockings and her yellow panties.

Daisy then moved back into Susan’s loving embrace, again kissing passionately. Susan’s hands cupped both of Daisy’s ample tits, and began to massage them. Susan finally broke off the kiss, and began sucking on Daisy’s tits, alternating between sucking, licking, and occasionally lightly biting on Daisy’s nipples.

Susan’s hands began to work their way down Daisy’s sides towards Daisy’s thighs, and finally underneath Daisy’s little remaining clothes, at first, massaging Daisy’s ass cheeks, but slowly working their way towards the front, but Daisy stopped her.

Noticing some coat hooks by the door, Daisy told Susan, “Get undressed, but let’s hang our clothes up there, so they don’t get wrinkled or messy.”

Already slipping off her shoes and socks, Susan replied back, “All right, that sounds like a really good idea.”

Daisy picked the clothes on the floor up, and hung them up, while continuing to undress herself.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, outside in the receptionist area, the phone began to ring. Mr. Craftsman was sitting in his office, and heard it ring. After the phone rang about the third or fourth time, he wondered why the receptionist wasn’t answering it, so he got up, and walked down the hall to the receptionist desk.

Noticing that no one was around (and wondering where, Susan, the receptionist was at), he decided to answer the still ringing phone himself.

Picking it up, on about the tenth ring, he said, “Hello, this is ABC Shipping, Mr. Craftsman speaking. How may I help you today?”

The voice on the other end of the line replied, “I’m looking for a Mr. Baker. John Baker. Is he there?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t know anyone by that name.” Mr. Craftsman replied.

“That lying bastard probably gave me the wrong number because he couldn’t pay his repair bill. Well, if you do happen to run into him, tell him to come get his car, or it’s getting towed away. Sorry to have bothered you. Good day.” The husky male voice on the other end of the line replied, and then hung up.

“Hmm.” Mr. Craftsman sighed. “The nerve and rudeness of some people, even after you tell them they got the wrong number. Now where did my receptionist go off to? Guess I’ll just sit and wait here for her, so I can give her a piece of my mind for neglecting her work.”

With that, he sat down behind the receptionist desk, picked up a copy of the current newspaper sitting there, and began reading through it, completely unaware of what was happening escort bayan just down the hall from him inside the women’s restroom.

* * * * *

Back in the women’s restroom, not hearing the phone or realizing what was going on at the receptionist desk, both Daisy and Susan were now completely nude, and kissing and groping each other even more passionately than before.

Daisy worked Susan around, so that Susan’s back was facing the counter with the three sinks in it. Daisy then, in a surprising move, slid her hands under Susan’s armpits, and lifted her up to sit on the counter. Susan’s buttocks slapped juicily against the counter top, and Susan let out a surprised gasp of, “Ewe!”

With her tongue Daisy began working her way down Susan’s body. Traveling from the nape of Susan’s neck, down Susan’s chest, around Susan’s breasts a couple of times (stopping briefly to suck on each tit), down to Susan’s belly button, and headed slowly towards Susan’s crouch.

While Daisy’s tongue was traveling, Daisy’s left arm supported and massaged Susan’s back, while Daisy’s right hand gently massaged between Susan’s clit, occasionally working a finger or two in and out of Susan’s moistening pussy. Susan moaned softly in ecstasy, fully enjoying the erotic experience.

Finally, Daisy’s tongue had worked it’s way down to Susan’s vagina. Daisy now used her hands to spread Susan’s thighs even futher apart, and began working magic with her tongue on Susan’s g-spot for several minutes. Susan’s moans steadily grew more and more excited.

Susan was pulling at her own long blond hair with her left hand, and semi-biting on the fingers of her right hand to somewhat muffle the sounds of her moaning, as she cooed, “Oh, yes! That’s it! Keep it up! Oh, Yes!”

Susan’s body began to spasm, her back arching up and down, her thighs clamping together tighter around Daisy’s head. Both of Susan’s hands shot down to grab and pull on Daisy’s hair, as Daisy continued to ride her tongue onward, until juices began to flow from Susan’s cunt, and she laid spent on top of the counter top.

Daisy stood up from her kneeling spot in front of Susan and said, “Now doesn’t that make you feel a lot better, and help you forget about your awful ex-boyfriend?”

Daisy began to turn, and go get her clothes to put back on, but Susan reached out with her right hand to grab Daisy’s left wrist, and replied, “Yes, I feel much better, but now it’s your turn.” A devilish grin flashed across Susan’s face.

Daisy turned back to Susan, and helped her to scoot off of the counter, while replying back, “You don’t have to do that.”

“But I insist!” Susan, who was still smiling, said, as she again engaged Daisy with an intimate kiss, and began working Daisy back into the middle restroom stall.

“Well, if you insist…” Daisy replied while sitting down on the toilet.

Susan spread her legs on both sides of Daisy’s lap, replying, “Oh, I do.”

They engaged in another long and passionate kiss, and then it was Susan this time who began kissing and working her tongue all over Daisy’s body.

Susan’s hands were both behind Daisy’s back, with her red painted fingernails sliding down hard enough to send shivers down Daisy’s spine, but not hard enough to leave any marks, as she worked her mouth around Daisy’s body. Kissing on Daisy’s neck, teasing Daisy’s ears, and working her way down Daisy’s chest to her buxom bosoms.

When Susan got to Daisy’s ample breasts, she couldn’t help herself, but to linger there a little while using both of her hands to squeeze and tease them, while her mouth ran wild; kissing, sucking, and running her tongue all over them.

Secretly, Susan even envied Daisy slightly for having such lovely and voluptuous mounds for breasts, where Susan herself had only small petite sized ones, but at least Susan wasn’t totally flat chested, and she did have something going on there. At least, she didn’t have to be totally jealous of Daisy because she had enough going on there to have kept her previous ex-boyfriend happy, at least, until he dumped her.

Eventually, Susan chased those ugly thoughts out of her head, and Susan’s hands finally ran down to Daisy’s inner thighs where Susan began to scratch at them like she had done Daisy’s back, before finally beginning to massage Daisy’s clit with her right hand occasionally working her middle finger in and out of Daisy’s excited cunt.

It was Daisy’s turn now to moan and coo softly, as Susan finally began to run her tongue down Daisy’s belly towards her eagerly awaiting crouch. Susan’s tongue now began to work its own version of magic on Daisy’s g-spot, while both of Susan’s hands grabbed and squeezed on Daisy’s massive tits.

Susan’s tongue ran up and down, and occasionally in and out of Daisy’s hot and juicy cunt, while Susan’s hands continued to squeeze Daisy’s ample breasts, with Susan’s thumbs playfully massaging Daisy’s hardened nipples, occasionally pinching and playfully twisting Daisy’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger alternating on each breast.

Daisy moaned, thoroughly enjoying it, but she could tell Susan had little experience in this, and occasionally had to coach her with replies like, “A little higher, baby!” Or “A little lower. That’s it! Keep going, darling!”

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