Dance of the Sirens Song

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It was haunting tone, one that the devil himself couldn’t count on mimicking, it was one that only a certain fallen king I knew could make as he sang, like the siren songs of old luring me into the room. It wasn’t hard to follow it, he had already given me a taste of all himself. He was a walking fantasy, his eyes promising me pleasure, pain. Promising to leave me wanting for more as he laughed at me in amusement. His song a promise all its own as it drew me in, his eyes half hooded but not at all surprised to see what moth he has drawn to his flame.

He continued his haunting melody, my hips swaying to the slow beat of his words, my state of dress no one’s fault but my own, I had just stepped out of the shower and was getting ready to take sir Francis for a walk, only half dressed, when he has started his song, belt not even buckled. His voice washing over me, causing me to still in my movements then to search him out.

Now looking at him as he shifts, lounging in his kingly fashion, I had his attention. His head tilted as he watched, his arm draped over the back bent at the elbow, he never stopped in his song. His voice a caress he used as a weapon against my already heated flesh, making my knees go weak as I lowered myself to the floor, sighing as I felt my jeans working low on my hips.

His body shifted again as he lifted his hand to those sinful lips of his and I felt a tighten in my lower region. I found that I was caressing myself stealing my hand just over my open fly, and I wondered for the first time what was I doing. But I felt the need to be at his feet again, the wanting to be between those thighs and I licked my lips slowly as my eyes followed the path of his finger our thoughts seeming to follow the same line.

He beckoned me to him, inviting me to come closer , and I found myself slowly crawling to him, on my hands and knees like a pet, and I whimpered at the thought that he wanted to use me again. The closer I got the more warmth I felt, the tighter I grew. In time to the words I slid lower to the ground arching my back keeping to my knees so he could see that my jeans were dangerously low. Rolling onto my back I looked up at the ceiling as I again caressed my chest knowing that my cock was peeking from jeans but unwilling to touch myself there.

I bit my lower lip knowing that he was still watching me but unable to see him I ran a hand through my hair and down over my face to my lips and shuddered under my own touch, his voice making altyazılı seks me ache in a new way I had never thought possible. I rolled over onto my stomach again making slow work as I pushed myself closer to him.

I slide my hand around the pole that was close to him, but still too far away to really touch him and drew myself up it. It was easy to let myself go around him, I thought as I swung myself around the pole then pressed my back against it as I hooked my thumbs in the belt loops of my jeans to tease them down just a bit more. Letting him see the v there at my hips then rolled my them finally making eye contact just as some of my hair feel into my face.

I didn’t bother pushing it aside, and knew he liked what he saw as he licked his lips before continuing on with haunting song, his sirens call. And the like the moth that I am wanted to move closer to that fire that I knew all too well would capture me and leave its mark. Pushing just my hips away from the pole I kept my upper body to it and slid down bowing my back before spinning around it again my leg wrapped around it as I slide back down on the floor flawlessly.

Moving slowly back up the pole I look over to see that byleth has moved yet again. He is leaning on his elbows watching me with deep interest as he sings. And I feel as it this whole thing for was just us, that no one else in the hose matters. It’s just us, and I meet his gaze, his eyes pinning me in place as he gracefully get to his feet and moves towards him, his sure steps, the way he held himself so confident in his intent. His fingers light as he slides his hand onto my hip drawing me closer, his eyes completely undressing me, as he pushes closer to me, my back against the pole. To my embarrassment I moan at how warm he is, his towering figure imposing and yet comforting.

He leans down running his nose up my neck, his lips a light brush as he continues to sing against my sing. He presses his hips into mine letting me know that he is just as ready and willing as I am. His fingertips skimming up my neck to cup my jaw as he looks directly into my eyes, glowing in his need. His lips brushing mine as if to tease a kiss, and I am utterly caught up in him and he knows it, flaunts in my face. But I don’t care, I want to be his, he knows this, it is why he plays so mercilessly with me. Then finally he sings the finally line of the song just before he captures my lips in a kiss so filled with need and passion anal porno it nearly chokes me, drawing a gentle whimper from me that gets lost somewhere between the two of us.

He pushes me up against the pole pulling my legs up around his waist as he rocks into me. There was soft music still playing in the background that I barely notice. His fingers were digging into my thighs while our tongues thrusts and Parries against one another. He seemed to be taking great pleasure in drawing this out. His kisses promise me something different this evening, they were slow and wanting, gentle in his care of me. All the same my body sang right back to him, he knew how to play me.

After a while he set me on my feet turning me so my back was pressed against his chest, his fingers dancing under the waistband of my jeans pushing them down finally exposing his prize. He pulled back just enough to set my hands on the pole and pull my hips back with him making my back bow, my ass presented to him. I took a moment to roll my hips suggestively teasing him and earned myself the pleasure of hearing him chuckle.

With a snap of his fingers I knew he was behind me bare to the world in all his perfection, and yet still I was unable to utter any words, it seemed that anything really said would burst the fragile magical bubble he had created between us and I was unwilling to share him with the world just yet. For in this moment I was his and no one else’s.

He drew his nails down my back causing me to bow my back further, my moan urging him to do more and I knew without looking that I was starting to leak just a bit. If it were anyone else I would have felt the embarrassment but this was byleth, he enjoyed what he made me do, enjoyed that I totally lost who I was with him. He was able to make be forget for a time and for that alone I would do anything for him.

Reaching around me he took me in his grip smearing my own wetness along my length drawing out my groans, my hips rocking forward into his hand as my head dropped. It was almost too much but I held out, I wanted him to torture me more, I needed him to, my body begged him to.

Again he abandoned me to turn me, I was again against the pole. I quickly kicked off my remaining clothes. In no time at all he had be back within his arms my legs wrapped around him as his cock nudged his way slowly inside. My head falling to his shoulder as I sank slowly over his cock, it stretched me, filled anime porno me, made me crazy with need. My own cock twitching between us, but he remained gentle as he cupped the back of my neck guiding me back to his lips. Lips that were now nipping at my own, and the devil’s tongue that probed at the seam of my lips asking me to open for him and let him enter my body.

I would have cursed but again I didn’t want to break the magic that had been woven between us. He kissed me slowly, passionately, almost lovingly if I dared to let myself go that far but I didn’t, and just as slowly my body opened to him, allowing him to push deeper inside me. My cries lost in our heated kiss till he was settled to the hilt, my flesh overly sensitive to its masters touches. He moved my hand down between us and helped me grip stroke myself. It was so sinful to watch but at the same time I loved it. I craved more of his delicious depravities, the wickedness that his touch held, the release I knew he would give.

Both his hands were back on my hips as he rocked in time to my strokes and I couldn’t stop the moans that each thrust broke from my throat, or every cry it beat out of my body. And I could feel the build up so I tightened my grip hoping to stave for just a bit longer. I needed this tender abuse to ground me, his claiming of my body, the bruising kisses he stole from my lips. I needed all of it.

He picked up his pace, he moved faster unable to hold back with the sensation overload racking havoc on me I made a mess of both of us just as he slammed hard, our grunts mixing and expelling into the stillness of the room around us. His head falling to rest on my shoulder just as he started to laugh softly.

It was now that my cheeks flushed as I turned to look at something other than him. He kisses along my neck murmuring something I couldn’t hear. Then with care I wasn’t sure he had possessed he set me on my feet, his eyes still alight, his swollen lips twitching with his own amusement. His fingers sliding through the mess I had made of the both of us then licking it off his finger, he growled his approval before stealing yet another heated kiss from me, allowing me to taste myself on his lips.

Slowly he pulled me to the couch had been offset in the room and found something to wipe us off with before tucking me in next to him. It was a sweet moment, one I knew that he probably would deny if it were ever brought up later, but it was a soft moment, a glimpse into what lay beneath the brat king. He didn’t have to worry though his pet wouldn’t say a thing, now one took him seriously either so he had that going for him. Slowly he dozed off knowing that when he opened his eyes the magic that was in the room will have been undone and things would continue as they were.

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