Dancing the Night Away!


I had spent the entire week looking forward to my friday night. I had a babysitter for my 2 year old so I was pumped for a night out with some friends that I haven’t seen in sometime.

Wednesday came around and sitting at work on a very warm and sunny day sucked so I had left a little early to get my nails done and directly after to get my hair cut. Before I had my daughter, I loved going out and I always had to look my best. Things still haven’t changed in my mind, and I was ready.

Thursday night I sat at home with my family. Being a single mom, I still lived at home because I couldn’t afford my own place. I am 21, and I barely make 14 an hour, so having a no rent, no bills situation, I was good.

My parents are still married after 24 years. I have a brother who is a senior in high school, at 18. He is on the varsity baseball team and is looking to play for a big time SEC team after high school. I hope he makes it as he deserves it after all the work and time he has put in with camps and summer leagues.

I work as a retail store assistant manager, at Charlotte Russe at a high profile mall here in Franklin, TN. A lot of celebrities are in and out of here all the time. Just the other day, Miley Cyrus was in with her dad and the Tennessee Titans quarterback, Vince Young, was in with his sister.

I am a big sports fan so its exciting to see people like him around town.

And here I am, looking by best, in my tight jeans, flip flops, and a nice shirt with my favorite necklace hanging down really low. I consider myself a really cute but simple girl. By no means am I high maintenance, but I have cute clothes. I tan very easily and I have dark brown hair with blue eyes. I’m also 5ft4. I am the short one of the family though. My dad is 6ft3 and my brother is 6ft1 and here I am, way down at the bottom of the totem pole. But in no means do I get any complaints!

Friday at work couldn’t go by any slower. I tried turning the cock on my boss’ computer when she was away but it didn’t fool her, even though she was heading out with me that night.

Once we closed the store it was nearly 10pm. Town usually doesn’t get started til around 11, so we had enough time to go home and get ready. My boss came to my house because she lived a distance away so it made it easier.

We were in my room when my brother knocked and asked ” May I borrow your laptop while you are out?”

“I don’t mind.” I answered him. He does it a lot.

After he left my boss commented on how cute my brother is and told me to tell him he should come out with us, but he couldn’t get in anywhere being only 18. “Maybe in a few years” she said to me in a joking voice.

We grabbed our purses and down the stairs we went. I stopped by the kitchen and made us a pre-drinking drink. Vodka and Cranberry. But just a little one.

We headed to the door and outside we went. My brother was sitting on the porch on the laptop and had to scoot over to let us by. Walking past him and down the sidewalk, I glanced back a him and smiled as he whistled us away calling us some “hotties.” He was a sweet kid and will definitely make some girl happy whenever he meets her.

Pulling off down the road, Saundra, my boss, and I were chit chatting about boys. She mentioned she hadn’t had sex in about 8 months and felt the need to possibly do so tonight, if she meets the right guy. I wasn’t looking to score, as I already know the amount of stress that accidents, like becoming pregnant, can put on a girl.

We got downtown and met up with the rest of the crew. These girls I haven’t seen in about 2 years. We hit the bars and then hit up a few dance clubs. The dance floors were packed with guys galore. I would say the girl to guy ratio was close to 1 to 5, so we had our choice of guy pretty much.

I was on the dance floor with Saundra when I felt a guy against me on my backside. He put his hands around my waist and our hips were rocking together. It was fun and when I turned around I had a big smile. The guy must have thought I was weird at first, because he resembled my brother a little. I even told him and showed him a picture. Saundra laughed when she saw me run to get my purse break out my wallet.

We danced for awhile and I even let him kiss me while we danced. He was a good kisser.

Towards the end of the night, I got his number and we said our goodbyes as he walked me to the car. He was a sweetie and I definitely wanted to see him again sometime. We kissed as I felt his tongue dart in my mouth a few times. We pulled away and I innocently bit my lip as a smile fell across my face. “Ill see you later” he said as he shut the door.

On the way home, I kept asking Saundra if I should text him and she told me to wait a few days. It was hard to resist but I knew what I had to do. Unfortunately for Saundra, she didn’t meet a good guy tonight but she was in high spirit for me.

She dropped me off a little pass 3am and I headed up the stairs to the front door. I turned the key and popped the door open and headed inside Avrupalı porno and up to my room. I felt my purse buzzing and figured that “Sam” the guy I met was already texting me, so when I got to my room, I checked and it was Justin, my younger brother, asking me if I was ok. I wrote him back and asked where he was and he said he was in his room.

I got ready for bed and laid down thinking about Sam and the fun I had. Me and Justin kept texting back and forth. He was asking me and I was telling him about my night. Justin and I were pretty close so this wasn’t out of the ordinary.

A few minutes went buy and our texting ceased and I was drifting to sleep when it buzzed one more time. It was Justin and this time, what it said took me for a loop.

“You looked really hot tonight in your dress!” He said to me.

“Thanks” I replied back to him but my mind was still questioning why he said that. So I wrote back and asked him why. I told him that it was flattering but I didn’t see myself as a “hot” girl.

He said a lot of his friends comment to him about me and he just thought that I would like to know.

His comments were sweet and I told him to come down and we could watch a movie in my room if he wanted. Sure enough he told me to hang on and I heard his bedroom door open followed by a little knock on my door.

“Come in” I said.

He walked in and laid himself down on the bed and grabbed the remote. He skimmed through the movie listings and asked me if there was anything I was in the mood for.

I did not care so I let him choose and he picked “Hangover.” I had seen it before but could watch it again.

After the movie started playing we laid there and talked about my night and how it went. I told him about Sam.

“Did you kiss him?” He asked me.

“Yea I did a few times.” I answered back with a smile.

“That’s awesome” he said.

With how happy my brother seemed for me, it kind of made me a little bitl giddy for a moment and I began to notice how cute Justin is. I never expected that thought, but I can see Sam in my brother and I told Justin that he resembled Sam.

Of course his next comment was “so when you kissed, you pictured me huh?” He jokingly asked.

“Oh you know it Justin.” I said back to him with a smirk.

“Well I’m probably a better kisser anyways” he said with confidence.

“Oh really now” I asked.

I had this feeling come over me that I never felt and I sat straight in my bed and turned to Justin and asked “have you ever thought about making out with me?” I got bright red as soon as I asked it.

“I think its natural and normal to think stuff like that Lindsay” he said.

“Really? I never have” I replied to him.

We looked at each other for a minute and he lifted his hand and placed it on my knee. His finger started to caress around my knee cap. The feeling of his finger felt good and I wasn’t in any way, shape, or form to brush it away from me.

I pulled the same “bite” to my lip as I did earlier when Sam kissed me and Justin said “wow when you bite your lip, that is pretty sexy.”

I smiled at him and leaned down and our lips embraced each others and our mouths opened to receive each others tongue. I pushed my tongue into his mouth showing him I wanted him to feel that I was into it. Our mouths opened wider each time our tongues pushed into each others. I could feel his breathing through his nose on to my cheeks. We stayed there in that position kissing for a few minutes. Finally our kiss broke and I reached and wiped away the saliva that built up on my lips. Then I let out a smile and said “you are definitely a good kisser!”

We sat there for a moment turning towards the TV to pretend we were paying attention to it. But in my head, all I could think about was how we were just kissing.

I got up and said “I have to pee” and made my way to my bathroom. I did have to pee and it was probably from my nerves. I couldn’t stop thinking about “our kiss” as I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes. I wondered to myself if I would take things further because I started to feel “in the mood.”

I came out of the bathroom and went and got back on the bed. He told me I looked very cute which made me smile. I had on my favorite red Old Navy capri yoga pants and a white tank top. I hated socks so I was barefoot. I had my hair pulled back in a tie to keep my hair out of my face. I liked ordinary I thought.

“Thanks” I told him as I sat back down beside him. I didn’t know what to say next so I made a comment about what all we missed in the movie.

He laughed slightly and said to me that it was my fault. I looked at him with a snarl and then stuck my tongue out at him and turned back to face the TV. I felt his hand on my back and I didn’t budge. He held it there on my shoulder blade before he started to guide it up and down softly. It felt quite nice. All of a sudden I felt calm after what had happened. I laid back down to get comfortable and rolled over on my Video porno left side where my body was facing him. His right hand rested on my right hip as our eyes were focused on the movie.

I looked at him and said “want to keep going?”

He said “yeah we can kiss more.”

His response caused me to bite my lip again and as I did I leaned over and lip locked with him. His tongue darted in my mouth as mine did to his. I felt his hand move across my hip caressing my outer tight. Right then I felt bold and swung my right leg over and placed it across his pelvic region causing his hand to come off my body. My right foot fell down on his shin and rested it there. We laid in this position lip locked when I felt his left hand raise up and land on my butt. He gave it a hard squeeze and by doing so I applied more pressure to our kiss. Every few seconds he squeezed sending shivers down my spine and legs. I wanted to straddle him but I wanted him to pull me on him. In my head I thought the next few squeezes he gives me that I will move to straddle him with the pull of his squeeze.

One squeeze went by as I acted like I was going to move on him trying to hint to him. Finally the next squeeze came and with a little effort my body lifted and I slid on to him still tonguing his mouth. I could feel between my legs that I landed on the right spot because his dick was perfectly placed under me. He was hard.

I took my hand and placed it on his cheek kissing him harder and harder. I pressed into his dick with my pelvic bone grinding into him a few times.

“Justin” I said in a whisper as I broke away from our kiss. “I want you Justin. I want to try it.”

I leaned back down kissing him again. Our mouths rushed to open to feel the wetness of our tongues. My hand reached down and felt between his legs and rested on his balls.

“Do you want me baby? I said moaning quietly.

“Yeah” I do. He said back to me.

I sat up on him for a second turning to the TV to see what was happening but I wanted no part of that movie. I reached down and slid my fingers under the bottom of my tank top and pulled it up and over my shoulders and tossed it on the chair next to the bed. I had my bra on and I reached behind me and unclasped it letting it fall to reveal my breasts to him. He seemed to like what he saw of my breasts as his hand came up from my hip to touch my stomach. His finger played with my belly button ring for a moment before reaching up and grabbing my right tit.

“Do you like my body?” I asked him.

Justin licked his upper lip before responded with “yeah, your breasts are so soft babe.”

I leaned back down over him with my breasts hanging over his mouth. He took notice as to what I wanted and he opened his mouth and took my nipple in and started to suck it.

He pulled away and said “you smell so good Lindsay” and he commenced sucking on my tit. I let him suck for a few moments before I sat back up. My tit had turned red from his sucking and the pressure of his face against my chest. I sat there straddling on him holding myself up with my hands placed on his and. I wanted more. I leaned back down into him pressing my tits against his shirt kissing him. With his assistance we rolled over and he came to rest on top of me in between my legs. He kissed me more on the lips before his head leaned down and found my tits again. My hands held his head there running my fingers through his hair. I leaned to my left and could see him sucking my tits in the mirror beside my bed and I started watching for a minute. Justin knew exactly what he was doing. With every suck I could feel a pulse inside my nipples leading down to my pussy.

Justin’s head lifted and came back down lower on my abs kissing and licking across my belly button. Before I know it his fingers were under my butt and inside the elastic of my pants. I lifted my hips as he tugged and slid my pants down to reveal my hip bones and the upper region of my shaved pubic area. With the assistance of my heads my pants then slid down pass my hips and Justin repositioned himself to help me slide my pants completely off. I laid there as naked as can be in front of him. My pussy was wet and had started to drip as I could feel it. Justin reworked himself down to my stomach and kissed it over and over. I wanted him to get lower and he did almost immediately.

I felt his mouth touch my pussy ad my legs opened wider for him. His tongue danced across my clit around and around. I looked down and could only see the top of his head as his mouth was engulfed my clit. Justin worked his finger inside my pussy hole and felt around exploring my warm tunnel. He lifted his head off and looked up at me and I felt him pop another finger in me and he fingered me hard for a few moments. With every push of his finger I got closer to orgasm. In and out with his fingers felt better than any dick I have had.

Just before I was about to cum, Justin slipped a 3rd finger in me. This was about as much as I could take as it ached a little. I wasn’t to experienced. I had only fucked 2 guys before. Justin knew that I was a little uncomfortable and he took one finger out. When he did I was back closer to cumming. He could sense it and started to finger me harder. My hips were turning in with every thrust of his hand and my toes were starting to grip the bed sheets. Soon enough my pussy started to clench and pulse and grip onto this fingers as my body came to an orgasm nothing that I have ever experience before. This was the most powerful one and satisfying.

I laid there limp for about 2 minutes after my heart had calmed down. Justin sat there eyeing back and forth from the movie to my pussy. I had him lay down on his back and I opened his legs and rubbed his dick. He had gotten a little soft, probably from the attention that he gave me. And now it was my turn to help him.

I pulled down his shorts and slid them off and threw them on top of my shirt on the chair. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and started to stroke it. He was average in size, close to 6 inches long. His dick had started to leak his precum so I smeared it down the shaft to make every stroke feel good to him. As it slowly dried I leaned down and licked from the bottom of his shaft up to the tip of his dick head. I had built up a lot of saliva in my mouth and let it all out on my tongue to re-wet his dick. I started to stroke him more and finally I opened my mouth and the head of dick popped in my mouth. I made a sucking motion with my mouth and got a tight grip on his dick head and sucked back up to the tip and it popped out of my mouth as a sucking noise rang throughout my room. It was really loud!

I reopened my mouth and engulfed his entire dick down to the bottom. I stayed at the bottom of it flicking my tongue back and forth.

“God baby that’s it right there” he moaned to me and back up to the tip I went. And right back down doing the same movement with my tongue on the way down.

I lifted my mouth off of his dick and grabbed it softly with my hand and started to stroke him. His dick was very wet from the saliva in my mouth. I stroked him for a good 30 seconds before he told me he was about to cum. I leaned down and placed my mouth back on his dick and I felt his dick start to pulse and I felt his cum shoot up and spread throughout my mouth. I quickly sucked down to the base of his dick trying to capture as much cum as I can down my throat to help me swallow it easier.

When he was finished I release his dick and asked him to hand me my water I had beside the bed. I took a sip and looked at him and said “that was a lot of cum”

“I’m sorry” he said but I didn’t think he meant it.

I placed the water bottle back down beside the bed on the floor and laid back down beside him. He still had his shirt on and I told him to take it off. He reached down and lifted it up revealing me his abs and chest. He worked out everyday so he had a hot ass body. He laid back down and I asked him if he was finished.

“I don’t know yet” he said.

“Really are you that lame” I asked back but with a joking manner.

I leaned in and kissed him again. He was hesitant to kiss me because of me just swallowing his cum.

But he finally gave in.

Our tongues dance more and I could feel the heat in my body start to warm my pussy again. He took notice and he rolled over on top of me.

“Justin” I said

“What babe?” He asked

“I want to do this but this is between us ok?”. I said

“Don’t tell a soul and I meant it” I continued on.

“I won’t I swear” he exclaimed back to me.

We began kissing again and my legs were open ride and my feet were now flat down on the bed sheets and my legs opened for him more. I felt his dick creeping its way to my spot and as it found it, it started upward inside me. As it slid inside I took my right leg and rested it over the back of his left leg and he kept pressing inside me. His dick was hunting my cervix and soon it found it pressing against it causing a bit of a tense up in my body. But quickly I was ready for him.

He slowly took his dick back out before pressing it back inside me. I laid there flat on my back with my hands wrapped around him holding the back of his shoulders. I wasn’t interesting in his kiss. I just wanted to lay there and feel the length of his dick spreading my apart. My feet caressed against his legs sliding up and down feeling his toned calves. My hips started to move in sync with his thrusts. With each thrust against my hips his dick would jolt faster inside me. I started to moan louder but had to calm down as our parents were a room away. My brother smiled at me as he knew I was trying to keep quiet. I could hear the force of his dick smacking against my pussy. It sounded very wet. I tried to look down there a few times to see it but each time Justin would slide in harder, causing my head to bounce back up.

He flipped me over on my stomach and pulled my waist up to get my ass in the air. I was on my hands and knees for him. I reached up and pulled the hair tie off letting my long hair fall down on my back. Justin guided his dick back inside my pussy and it felt deeper than ever before. He kept guiding it in and out and before I knew it he was cumming inside my pussy.

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