Danny , Jenny Ch. 05

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I could hardly believe that I’d slept for so long, it took quite a long hard look at the bedside clock before I actually believed what it was telling me.

Three in the afternoon, it said!

I suppose I’d needed it though and I had to admit that I felt great as I walked into the kitchen and found her reading a newspaper at the table.

“Hi sweet Jen” I said and bent to kiss her cheek.

“Hi big bruv” she said and stood up to wrap her arms around my neck,

“Are you ok, I mean, you know, with what we did last night?”

Her answer was to kiss me tenderly and press her breasts against my chest, I ran my hands down over her back and discovered that she seemed to have a penchant for wearing my tee shirts and nothing else!

“I’ll take that as a yes then shall I?”

“Mmm, definitely” she giggled and ground herself into my groin suggestively. “When I called you big bruv just then, that’s exactly what I meant!” and her tongue was in my mouth again, licking, sucking and searching.

I’d never known a girl so eager, so willing and so downright fucking horny, she giggled into my mouth as I lifted her onto the table. With one arm round my neck, she used the other hand to find my rapidly growing erection,

“Oh God Danny” she breathed, “That’s beautiful darling” and she held it just in between the lips of her pussy, “Absolutely beautiful!”

I moved forwards into her dripping wetness, her cunt engulfed me, drew me in, the velvety walls caressing me as I began to move in and out, slowly fucking her with long, deep strokes while she clung to me, her legs round my waist and her arms around my neck!

In her mouth, our tongues duelled for supremacy, neither winning and neither wanting Avrupalı porno to win, her teeth nipped me playfully and I thrust hard into her body making her squeal into my mouth.

“Yes Danny” she hissed, “Fuck me Danny, fuck me!”

I felt the trembling beginning in my legs and knew I wasn’t going to last long, she sensed it too and urged me on with her lips at my ear.

“Come for me Danny, come in my cunt!”

The trembling seemed to increase as she bucked herself back at me to meet my thrusts, it was difficult to say who was fucking who, she moaned and I felt her stiffen.

“Yes, oh God yessssss!” and lost any vestige of control that I may have had, I lunged forward and erupted, holding her still as I spurted again and again into her warm, velvet like pussy! Her eyes were locked onto mine as she shuddered out of her own climax and lay limp in my arms,

“Danny I love you” she said softly as my legs wilted and I staggered back into a chair.

“Come here sweet Jen” I patted my knees and she straddled me once again wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I love you ” I whispered, “Stay here with me”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

The next few days seemed to fly by, I really don’t remember ever being as happy as I was then and it was all down to my sister. We made love every night and during the day too whenever the mood took us, we couldn’t look at each other without getting horny, mind you she certainly encouraged it by wearing short skirts around the house all the time and even shorter ones when we went out in the evenings!

We had a lot of fun finishing off the attic bedroom especially as Jenny always insisted on going up the ladder ahead Video porno of me!

She was a natural flirt and an exhibitionist, two qualities I love in a woman, I get quite a thrill out of a woman flashing in public and Jenny exploited this to the limit! Short skirts, skimpy tops, sheer blouses, stockings, tiny little g-strings and thongs, you name it, she wore it and often showed it!

We were like two little kids on their first voyage of sexual discovery, it almost seemed too good to last and it didn’t!

We’d been to the local theatre in town and enjoyed the operatic society’s interpretation of “Madame Butterfly” she’d even cried at the end and kicked me when I laughed, life was good, I thought as I eased the car out onto the main road as the foreign juggernaut came round the curve on the wrong side of the road!

Jenny screamed, I wrenched the wheel hard and thought just for a second that I’d got away with it, but the driver swung his wheel too and still forgetting that in Britain, we drive on the left, turned the forty ton monster back towards me!

Even then, I nearly made it, but suddenly there was a sickening crunch as his front bumper ploughed into the rear end of the car and spun it round, sending the front end beneath the huge trailer as it skidded and jack knifed across the road, then thankfully everything went black!

“Danny, Danny?” she was crying softly, “It hurts Danny!”

Lights were everywhere, voices all around us, hands touching, feeling and probing

“Danny?” I turned towards the deep male voice and a helmeted figure stuck his head through what remained of the driver’s side window.

“Danny, we’re going to have to cut you both out, you’ll be fine, but we’ll have to give you an injection each, it’ll ease the pain ok?”

I nodded and even that hurt, but not as much when I turned to look at Jenny, she was slumped back in the seat, a paramedic holding her head still while another medic, who must have crawled in through the back of the car, fitted a surgical collar around her neck.

“Jenny” my hand found hers in the well between the seats and squeezed gently,

“Jenny, are you all right?” That must have qualified as one of the most stupid questions ever, on a par with, Yes Mrs Lincoln I understand that, but apart from that, how did you enjoy the show!

Her head had been cut open, I could see the blood all over her face and blouse, but her fingers moved against mine so I took that as a sign that at least her neck wasn’t broken, that’s what I told myself anyway, but in reality I didn’t have a clue!

I couldn’t see her grin because of the shadow thrown by the arc lights, but I could imagine it as she whispered,

“Yes I’m fine Danny, but what a bloody stupid place to stop for a picnic”

I vaguely remember hearing a medic telling me he was going to cut my jacket off, then I felt the proverbial little prick in my arm and I went to sleep!

The next thing I remember was waking up I a room that I didn’t recognise and wondering why all these bloody people were walking around playing at doctors and nurses!

It wasn’t until I tried to sit up and at least two of the tubes attached to me popped out that I remembered the accident and shouted for Jenny!

She looked beautiful in the smart blue business suit and crisp white blouse, there wasn’t a hair out of place as I stood smiling at her, until the men came into the room.

“It’s time to go sir” the smaller one of the two said and held the door open for me.

I was glad it was time, I didn’t think I could bear to watch them place the coffin lid over her beautiful face!

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