Darling Bound Ch. 1

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I awaken from our first night spent together and immediately envision you tied to my bed, legs apart, wrists held apart and up behind you. I like to use silk scarves to tie a loop around each ankle and wrist and then a piece of rope to loop through the scarf and connect to the rings I have attached to the underside of my platform bed. The scarves are soft on your skin and pretty and colorful, yet so very strong.

I have adjusted the temperature in the room so you won’t be too hot or too cold, even though you are completely naked. I place one pillow under your head for comfort and another under your ass. The later serves to force your pussy up and make it more open and visible. I love how your pussy can’t help but open naturally in this position and I notice that your clit is clearly peeking out from your inner folds.

When I am done tying you just right, I decide that I don’t want you completely naked after all and I take my last silk scarf and tie it around your head, covering your eyes. I love the last look I see in your eyes as if to say, “I know I can trust you, but I am still a little scared anyway.” Once the scarf is properly tied, I kiss your lips lightly. I love to run my warm, wet lips all over yours, it is such a luscious feeling, and I love how you try to kiss back as if you are starving to be kissed. I make a little mental note to remind myself to kiss you for hours sometime soon.

Then I stand and step back to admire my work and your beauty. I notice how nice the light from the window looks on your skin and how you try to move each arm and leg to test your bonds. I also notice that my cock is very hard and wonder to myself Kurtköy Grup Escort how long I can last until I have to fuck you.

I kneel beside you and talk softly into your ear. “My darling, you make me very happy. My cock is very hard now. I adore your submission and love to give you this feeling. Do you like what I have done to you?”

“Yes, Sir,” you say softly.

“There is only one way to be sure that you like it, my pet,” I say, “Do you remember what that is?”

“Yes, Sir, I believe that my pussy is very wet for you,” you whisper.

“Very good, Darling,” I say firmly, “You are correct to say that, because your pussy never lies. If it is wet, then you are feeling the way I want you to feel, even if your words ask me to stop. Now I am going to see for myself what your pussy has to say.”

I move down and lie on the bed with my head and hands between your legs. I get very close to you, but do not touch you anywhere yet. I can see that you are in fact very wet. Your wetness trickles down a bit. I blow on you lightly, so you can feel the coolness on your wetness. Then I touch you with my finger, lightly, softly, very slowly. I trace the limit of your wetness, along the outer labia and down between the cheeks of your ass. With your wetness on my finger, I press against your tight lower anal hole. I hear you moan and slide my finger into you slowly. I notice again my urge to fuck you right then and there, but restrain myself again and finger your ass a little more until I am done.

I then rise and walk off to rinse off my finger in the bathroom before returning to kneel close to your ear. “Did you Kurtköy Manken Escort like the feeling I just gave you, pet?”

“Ohhh yes, Sir,” you answer quickly.

“Very well, then, my dear. You will experience more of that,” I state very matter-of-factly, “But now I am going to lick you. I haven’t decided whether to make you cum yet, but remember that you will be punished if you cum without my specific permission. Do you understand me, Darling?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand. I want to please you,” you say.

“Very well, then, I will enjoy licking your pussy. In fact, I intend to turn your cute little pussy into a gaping, ravenous cunt before I leave,” I say.

You say nothing, but I know what you are thinking, “Leave? Leave? He’d leave me like this? Oh, God, I know it excites me, but I don’t know if I really want it now. Is he really going to do that? Oohhhhhh, fuck. Should I ask him not to? Oohhhh, my god, what should I do?”

Just then you feel my tongue slide into your inner pussy lips and you gasp a bit. It instantly takes away the fear thoughts you were having. I circle you lightly and open your inner folds with my fingers. Then I press my face against you and lick you all over your open pussy. I am still going lightly on your clit and remind you to tell me the exact moment when your cute little pussy becomes a ravenous cunt that begs to be fucked. Then I start to really suck you and lick you hard and rub you all over with my fingers. I feel it open and swell. I suck right on your clit and hear you stutter out the words “It’s a cunt, Sir.. Oh God, it is your fucking cunt now!”

I pull my face Kurtköy Masöz Escort away, but continue to rub you with my fingers. “I love to play with your cunt, my sweet, but this is how I am going to leave you.”

“Oh, fuck he’s really going to do it,” is your first thought, but your first words are, “Are you really going to leave me like this, Sir?”

I kneel close to your head and play with your breasts as I talk with you, “Yes, Darling, I am going to leave now. I am not going to tell you where I am going and I am not going to tell you for how long. You asked me for this experience and you are now going to have it. You may beg me not to go, but it won’t help any. I can tell from your nipples and your wetness that you are very excited. Remember, your pussy never lies, Darling.”

I run my hand down into your wet pussy as I say this and then take my fingers and then put them into your mouth. You suck on them instinctively and I smile.

“You see? You are so very wet. I want you to experience this,” I speak in your ear in a deep slow voice that will stay with you after I leave, “All you need to remember is that I adore you. You must learn to trust me completely.”

I kiss you hard before you have a chance to answer and then stand, pull on my pants and shirt, slip on some shoes and walk quickly out of the room. Just before I go down the stairs I look back at you tied and blindfolded on my bed and take in the most beautiful sight I think I have ever seen. I hear you trying to say something, but I just keep walking away. When I get to the front door, I open it and slam it shut hard to be sure you hear me close the door.

With a smile on my face and a hardness that nags at me for relief, I sit down just inside the door and remain silent. The thought of you up there naked and bound on my bed is almost more than I can bear, but I stay with my plan and wonder whether you know that I did not actually leave the house.

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