Denuding Sol

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With Rach’s husband out golfing for a week instead of paying his beautiful wife the attention she needs, Sue, Olivia and I arranged a friendly pity visit. She said she’d leave the front door unlocked for us. How convenient for anyone who wanted an easy mark to rob her!

We got there midmorning, as Sol approached its peak. There was no response to our knocking or ringing or calling out, so we entered and called out again – no response. When we got to her living room, we stopped short at the lovely sight just beyond the sliding glass doors.

Rach was sprawled out, sleeping in the Summer sun, on a cushioned redwood lounger, topless with her legs splayed widely. Her white, tiny bikini bottoms sliced low thru the top of her trim landing strip; her big, soft tits tried to hide in her armpits yet rose and fell gracefully, seductively, with each deep breath. We gaped at her crinkled, rosea nips and pale body-leg joints. Sue laughed nervously, stared at me and decided to silently let me enjoy the sight. Her ingenue cousin Olivia gasped, first covered her mouth, then eyes, then tempting tits before also staring at the alluring, tanned mounds before us.

Much too soon, Sue slid the noisy door open which startled Rach. She lurched up, rattled her tits in a chaotic, sexy ballet as she looked around for her top. Fortunately for us, she didn’t see it under her lounger and none of us offered it up. She haltingly covered her tits, partially. “Don’t worry about it, Rach, it’s too late now to cover up. Except for our cousin Olivia, we’ve all seen your pretty girls before,” I spoke up. She glanced at my loose, and tented, orange, cotton shorts. The swelling was inching down my left leg so it was obvious I was commando. Olivia also noticed it again and fixated, open mouth, on my shorts. My wife, Sue, just watched them and, as her shoulders shook, let out a subtle, hissing giggle.

Rach dropped her hands and shrugged, “Not buying the ‘shy’ act, hey? Then why don’t you guys strip down to your undies and catch some rays with me? We’re all friends here, you too, Olivia. By the way, nice to meet you.” Sardonically, she grinned. The girls didn’t know what to say and Olivia had been reserved both weeks she was with us, so it seemed unlikely that she would strip before us.

I squatted next to Rach, aiming my open crotch at her, I said “I’m already in my ‘undies’ since I’m commando, as you can probably see, and I suggest you need some more sun screen on your only untanned area, your very pale thigh-groin juncture, so you don’t burn.” Rach’s eyes flashed as wild and horny as I’d ever seen them.

I ‘accidently’ touched the soft skin there, outside her bikini, when I pointed at her groin. She grinned and accepted my challenge with her eyes fixed on the purple growth attempting to escape. “Great idea. Would you mind rubbing it in for me?” Olivia gasped and looked at her cousin. Naturally, I had to accept the return challenge. Sue passed me the sun block and stood by Rach’s left shoulder. As I slooowwwly unscrewed the cap, Olivia moved near Rach’s right shoulder. They all watched as I squeezed a large blob of sex lube, umm, sun screen on my fingers. After pushing Rach’s knees farther apart, I applied and rubbed the greasy excuse into her left groin. My dick swelled and inched closer to escaping.

I offered some cream to Sue and Olivia and asked them to rub it into Rach’s vulnerable tits. They hesitated until I slowly applied some to Rach’s other groin side. They squatted and began rubbing the malleable mammaries before them. Their matching green shorts flared enough to show me that both wore white panties, Sue’s were much looser which allowed a peek at half a naked labium. Olivia’s merely showed her swollen camel toe!

Once Rach’s groin was sufficiently greased and massaged, I used my dry hand to rub along the full edge of the cock-blocking, porous bikini before me. “Maybe I can keep this from getting greasy if I move it away a little bit?” She didn’t comment or move until my fingers slipped under the edge. Both her hands firmly gripped the lounger, not her vulnerable bikini; her shoulders stiffened which slid her firming nipples under my girls’ fingers. My fingers slid up and down her left labium, pulled the bikini down another inch to give me easy access to both labia. I confirmed that the loose crochet pattern had no liner so her landing strip and swelling labia were clearly visible through the large gaps. “Did you remove the lining, or did it come this holey?” When I split her labia apart and rubbed her inner lips, her hand shot under my shorts.

She didn’t answer, except for a sly smile. My bishop was already at the edge again when she wrapped her hand around it. Sue and Olivia gasped as my dick appeared, cupped in Rach’s palm in the bright sun. As Rach pushed my shorts higher, pulling more of my dick out, her other hand abruptly raided Olivia’s shorts and found her panties. I watched her work her way under the cotton briefs as she stroked my bursa escort stiffening dick. Olivia resisted but couldn’t pull away from Rach’s determined grip. Sue slyly removed her T-shirt, happily exposing her small, firm tits to us all. She pulled my shirt off next and dared Olivia to join in.

She refused, but curiously allowed Rach to continue fingering her ‘innocent’ labia under her panties. Rach held my cock as I tried to stand then she shifted to my shorts’ crotch. As I rose, her powerful grip forced my shorts to slide down my legs. She held on even when my cock jumped up and out and my balls joined them. She firmly gripped my staff and was already pumping it before I stepped out of my shorts and became the first one fully naked.

This was the first time, as far as I knew, that Olivia saw me naked. She stared at my firmly swollen cock and licked her lips! I liked the portent! Sue quietly moved to her stunned cousin and slowly removed her shirt and bra with little resistance. Olivia’s D-cups rivaled Rach’s in size and curvaceous appeal. Though they were firmer and had smaller, shorter nips they were no less appealing. Olivia closed her eyes and sighed as Rach fingered deeper into her wet, noisy pussy and her cousin pulled or bit her pale, hardening nipples.

I untied Rach’s bikini bottom and pulled it away and off. Now two of us were naked under the sun. Her fattened pussy was oozing luscious nectar and I dug in deep for a handful. She pulled me forward by my cock and, as the other women watched closely, licked the clear, sweet Cowper’s from my pulsing bishop. As she licked and inhaled my shaft in her hot, wet mouth, Sue bit Olivia’s nipple harder and they both moaned. As Olivia stood, Rach held both gussets and yanked her shorts and panties to her knees.

Olivia covered her bushy mons while blushing, laughing and fighting Rach to pull her clothes back up. Her prominent tits collided and teased, but Rachel laughed and held on firmly. Her cousin broke her grip on her shorts and Rach pulled the last of her clothes to her feet. Sue pushed away the hand that tried to shelter her hairy mound, winked and entered her cousin’s wet pussy. Olivia tried to twist away, but Rach held her thighs which allowed Sue to open her cousin’s labia and push her hooded clit into the forefront. I found her tiny pearl very appealing, and mouth-watering. Olivia quickly surrendered to Sue’s clitoral touch and gasped and moaned louder and louder as Sue escalated her energizing sexual contact.

Rach released the captive thigh and shifted to Sue’s shorts. She grabbed Sue’s panty gusset and both shorts’ legs and, with no resistance, yanked them to her ankles in one surge. When Sue casually and happily stepped out of them, she was the last to join us all au naturel. Rach rolled over and raised her plush ass and swollen pussy toward me as she easily pushed two fingers into my wife’s swollen, sodden pussy.

As she plunged deeply in, out, in, up, and in, Sue abandoned Olivia’s hungry pussy. I reached across to digitally fill Olivia’s wet, fragrant, empty void. Which pussy to taste first? What a wonderful, unexpected quandary! I urgently wanted to replace my fingers in Rach’s fattened love hole with my tongue, but there was a dewy, swollen, hairy virgin (to me) cavern begging for my attention. Three beautiful, excited pussies called to me simultaneously.

Rach’s velvet sleeve was irresistible! While deeply plunging into her soggy snatch, I wrapped my other arm around Olivia’s warm, soft ass and pulled her vernal vulva toward me. Her wonderful fragrance swelled with her labia’s proximity and stilled my fingers in Rach. As I tongued Olivia’s ambrosial juices and snatch, Rach humped my fingers. With more difficulty than I expected, I split my attention between two outstanding, receptive pussies, but ignored my wife’s – for the moment.

As Rach resumed finger fucking my wife, I moved Olivia’s right leg onto my shoulder to open her chasm wider for deeper, better access to her saporous snatch and relished her musky, dizzying flavor. When my attention briefly shifted to the other woman I’d hoped to fuck today, I added a third finger to scoop her slippery nectar. After several deep, twisty thrusts, I moved my index finger to her tight rear hole and circled it with light pressure. She tilted her hips up and relaxed her dark hole to encourage my entry. As soon as my tip entered her ass, I tried to copy those actions in Olivia. Her virgin ass resisted. “Honey, I won’t hurt you or force my way in your rear until you’re ready. If you can, relax your sphincter and let me in slowly. I think you’ll enjoy how your nerves respond. Try doing what I’m doing to you and Rach in Sue. She loves anal play and girl fucking.”

Always good at following orders and trusting my word, she slipped three fingers into her cousin. Three pussies and asses were filled until Rach flipped to her back, spun toward me and filled her mouth with my aching cock. She took a moment çanakkale escort to add “Too bad Bob isn’t here to add his cock to the mix. He often says he’d like to stuff Sue’s ass and pussy and fill both with his cream then eat the cream pie. Oops, TMI? I’m sure he’d love to meet Olivia’s pretty pussy too.”

She took my cock back in her mouth and I gasped, “I don’t know if my ladies are interested in another cock. Olivia isn’t used to touching or even seeing mine yet. Sue has commented on Bob’s apparent size every time it tented his slacks and said she’d like to see it freely bouncing around. I may have only one cock to share with you, but my mouth, tongue and both hands can keep you all engaged. You obviously feel free to use each other’s bits too. I’m ready now to fill your hot, sexy pussy, Rach,” I panted. Her eyebrow arched and she sucked me deeper which I assumed meant SHE was not ready to be fucked. When she took me deeply into her throat, I had to shift my attention back to Olivia to keep from bursting too soon.

As I felt her rear hole relax, I gently pushed the tip of my ring finger inside her fiery ass. She lurched, clenched then moaned. I pumped her sphincter the half inch I was allowed in and she responded hotly. After several clenches, she relaxed again and let my wet finger twist in deeper. I heard her and Sue gasp together and saw her finger fully in Sue’s ass. Sue told her to gently pull out and go back in deeply. My similar, but shorter, plunging distracted her from her revulsion to ass play. Just as I got my finger fully into her sweet, incendiary ass, Rach gulped on my cock and popped it noisily out of her mouth. “I’m ready!” she cried out, almost desperately.

I shifted my full attention back to Rach. “Sue, honey, take over inside Olivia’s ass and pussy for me?” She happily agreed. As Rach turned again, she lifted and spread her muscular legs then directed my raging cock toward her pulsing pussy. I saw the cousins hug and fill each other’s pussy and ass. When Olivia sighed and gasped, Sue filled her mouth with her athletic tongue. I pulled Rach closer to the end of the lounger and shifted both legs onto my shoulders. My cock pulsed up and down as it targeted Rach’s sexy bunker without help. Her pussy gaped just enough to let my missile find it and begin to enter. Even before my crown was in her tight pussy, we moaned together and her clit surged. Our moans got louder as I slid in deeper and the cousins moved, together, for a better view of a friendly pussy swallowing my cock.

“Ohh, you feel so big and intense. Bob would love to see this and eat your cum from my pussy. Pretend he’s watching and fuck me hard!” I was OK with that and held her thighs so I could slam into her harder and crush my pubs against her bald lips. The intense fucking caused me to lose track of my wife and Olivia. I knelt on the lounger to change my angle so I could include her G-spot in the fucking and easily push a finger completely into her steamy, gaping ass in one slow shove. As soon as I shifted to hit her G, she released a long, loud scream followed by silent, violent shuddering. Her climax squeezed and shook my tender cock and I filled her with several thrusts of ropey cum and collapsed on her legs.

When her legs fell around me, I noticed Olivia frozen and staring, open mouth. Just for her, I slowly extracted my sodden, semi hard cock out of Rach. Sue looked at her and asked “Cock or cunt, which do you want? I’m willing to share.” Olivia looked at her like she was totally crazy and didn’t answer. Sue pulled her fingers out of her cousin and wiped one on her lips. “Don’t you dare wipe that away. It’s your own body and we all enjoy that taste. Now lick and savor it,” she demanded.

Stunned by the commanding shift in tone, she tasted her own cum, maybe for the first time, maybe not. Sue ostentatiously sucked the rest of her cousin’s cum off her fingers then slowly pulled Olivia’s fingers from her pussy and sucked one as her cousin watched. “Now, suck MY cum off your other finger and savor it. Compare it to your own. I think they taste about the same, but Al is the connoisseur of female cum and will want to compare us all. He loves it and I love his cum. It may be easier for you to start by sucking his cock. It now has his and Rach’s cum on it. Just catch any dripping cum and I’ll share it with you after I suck Rach’s pussy clean.”

Olivia licked and lapped the new female flavor and agreed it was similar to her own taste, but this was all happening much too quickly for her. Sue moved to my side and pulled Olivia with her. She squeezed Rach’s lips closed to stem the flow of my cum and took a prolonged lick of my dripping cock. “I believe you’ll get to taste his cum very often from now on. Rach’s cum is the commodity that is scarcest, unless she invites us over more often. This is extremely tasty! Take a mouthful and relish it. Haven’t you ever swallowed a man’s cum before or sucked his cock didim escort after he fucked you?” She pulled Olivia to her knees and had her bend to my cock. Olivia slowly nodded YES to the hanging questions and saw how much Sue enjoyed the flavors then reluctantly bent for her first taste of two strange brews mixed into a special COCKtail.

Olivia quickly sucked my whole, tender cock into her mouth and eagerly lapped her tongue around my shaft, my balls and behind my crown. Sue was already happily drinking the overflow cum from her friend’s pussy when I told her that Olivia seemed to enjoy her appetizer since she was very thoroughly lapping me clean and making my whole body twitch. Rach sat up and moved her legs onto the lounger arms to raise her ass off the lounger and let Sue slide under her. As she lowered onto Sue’s face and helped squeeze my cum into my wife’s hungry mouth, I turned to Olivia, “I hope you’ll do that to Sue soon and then let her lick you free of my cum. Come look at your cousin’s pussy up close. It’s the most classically beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen live or in pictures. Have you ever rimmed an ass?” When she surprisingly nodded that she had, I asked her to show me.

I balanced with one hand as I leaned forward and sucked and bit Rach’s big tits. My other hand spread a cheek which I offered Olivia. Though I felt her hands caress my ass, it was several seconds before she spread my cheeks and rubbed my hole. She surprised me again when I felt her hand shift to my balls and cock and stretch them. Though disappointed, I enjoyed what I expected to be the most she could handle today; then I felt a warm tongue lick up and across my puckered hole. She licked me several times and stroked my cock gently, but firmly. With her nose in my ass, her hand on my cock and a few flicks of her tongue on my hole, I was well satisfied with her special gift. But she wasn’t done.

Taking control, she shifted her head down to lick Sue’s open pussy as she continued to rub my dark, hairy hole. I knew I could use that tongue in the next ten weeks before she had to leave. She continued to surprise me by fingering Sue deeply and comfortably sucking on her clit. She wasn’t as naive as she presented! She shoved a finger quickly into Sue’s ass and made her shudder and cum while Sue still licked my cum from Rach.

As soon as Sue stopped shaking, Olivia lapped Sue’s pussy free of her cum then shifted my cock into her mouth again. This time, she sucked me directly into her throat! Who was this sexy woman?! She even knew to hum while I was in her throat so my cock quickly swelled to its max and unloaded directly into her belly.

She pulled and licked my cock clean before sitting on her cute, naked ass, open pussy facing me. She beamed, “I never said I was a virgin! I thought you might be too conservative so I held back with teasing, jokes and dares. I think we can be more honest and open from here on. Now that you came twice, you will last a long time when you fuck me. Yes, I’m on the pill.” Well, if that wasn’t a green light, I’ve never seen one! But it was too soon for me after cumming twice, so we all laid out comfortably naked in the open yard. That’s when I noticed there was no privacy fence and two neighbor homes had a direct line of sight into that yard. So at least three more of us were now confirmed exhibitionists.

Rach closed her eyes and sighed, “To answer your question, yes I did rip the liner out of my bikini bottom and top. When my nipples get hard, they snag and peek out of the gaps in the crochet. The pressure and the breeze make them taller and get stuck outside the top. You can imagine the reactions of my unsuspecting guests. When it got too hot today, I decided to take off my top, hide it under the lounger and ignore your knocking just so you could find me topless. Surprise?” I nodded my thanks and pinched her tall, dense nipples.

When I commented on a flash from the second floor of the nearest home, Rach nodded calmly, “My neighbors, Jack and Joy, like to spy on me and I like to let them. One day, I hope they’ll walk over and join me. This isn’t the first time they watched me get naked or have sex, but it’s the first time they got to watch three wet pussies. If they took videos, I’ll invite you over for the show and share with them. Is your cock stirring again? So soon? Rub some more sunblock on me? ALL over, please. Let’s make it wake up again.”

The reflection off a lens or two inspired my cock to twitch and the thought of rubbing Rach’s still swollen, pussy made me stiffen and rise. “Olivia is demanding a deep visit from my hard cock. Your neighbors can film THIS, and our coupling. I hope they have a long lens. Sue, would you come eat Rach and point your sweet pussy at the neighbors? Olivia, since you are still wet, come sit on my cock facing me. I want your beautiful tits in my mouth before you turn and face the lens.”

As Sue performed happily for the cameras, Olivia practiced halting my release until she was ready. I rubbed her clit and she aimed my painful cock against her G and came loudly. As she lay crushing her delectable tits on my chest, I managed to flip the neighbors an obvious thumbs-up and promptly fell into a deeply satisfied sleep with lusty dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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