Diary of a Servile Harlot Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

My name is Maya. Today is my friend Tanya’s wedding. Trust me when I say you would have never seen a wedding like this anywhere in the world.

Copulate Island is such a place that all men’s whims and fancies come true. Sometimes I get the feeling that we have been magically transported to Gor.

I am dressed as a bridesmaid and standing in the wedding chapel with other bridesmaids, and groomsmen. There is a huge arch window behind the altar, and it has a fresco painting of consummation of man and a woman. The woman is lifting her right leg, and leaning against a tree, exposing her breasts and genitals. The man has inserted half his penis into her vagina, and enjoying himself. That is what they teach us here, on Copulate island, ‘A girl exists, only to serve men’.

Tanya is one of the lucky girls who get to stay on island after marriage. Girls that get out of the island after wedding are never heard of again. At least on the island we know we are safe. Take it when it comes from a girl who always wanted to escape from this forsaken island. None of us knows where this island is located. Some of the girls say it is close to Madagascar, and others say it is close to Thailand. No matter where we stand, all we see is ocean, and nothing else.

I’ve been here for three years now. I was only eighteen when I first stepped on this island, and it has been my home ever since. Only once I have been out of this island, with Eric, the groom, and his friends for a week. Boy, it was a good trip.

I stand five feet seven inches tall, caramel complexion, with a curvy figure. My 36d breasts, and my butt stands out, with a thin waist. Men always compliment that I look like a Kamasutra figurine. Everyone thought Eric would choose me, but he chose Tanya. She is an inch taller than me, olive complexion, but her breasts are to die for. Something that Eric fancies in women.

Tanya is getting married to Eric, the most desirable man on this island. He is smart, handsome, and has a great sex drive. Every woman wants to sleep with him, but only the lucky ones get the chance. At thirty five, he is the second most richest man on the island, and a software genius. He already has four wives. And, yes, polygamy is allowed on Copulate Island, as long as you can afford to pay the price for them. Tanya is one of the most expensive brides.

Wedding is about to begin, and I stand in line with three other bridesmaids next to the stage. On the other side is the groomsmen. Congregated invitees are sitting on either sides of the altar, with their women. Men are in their shirts and kilts, and women in barely covered dresses.

All bridesmaids are wearing green Tinkerbell costumes, but the similarity ends there. The gown almost covers our butts, but the slits open up to the waist. The gown ends just below the bust line, and we have to drape our breasts with the sheer fabric that is stitched to the edge of the dress below the bust line. Something like a sari. So our breasts and genitals are pretty much exposed for everyone to see. We are wearing fishnet stockings that move up to mid thighs, and high heels. Groomsmen are draped in togas and sandals. None of them is allowed to wear lingeries in chapel, except for the bride and groom.

The minister walks in, completely nude, with a book of marriage. He is six foot tall, and has a well-toned body for a forty year old. The ministers have to perform rituals naked, so they maintain their bodies well.

Our eyes are fixed on his huge penis. To qualify as a minister, one should have a longest and/or thickest penis. He has both.

Also, this minister is infamous for getting sadistic rituals into marriage books. Every year he adds more rituals into the book, and the bride is always at the receiving end.

Minister gaziantep escort announces for the groom and bride to appear. Groom walks in first. He is wearing a red underwear, and has tied a white sheer cloth around his waist, knotting it on his left side.

Bride walks in behind him. She is wearing a white baby-doll chemise wedding dress made of mesh. The dress has an open front exposing the belly, and tied up between the cups. She is also wearing a sheer crimson bra and thong. Her thong is wet, and her nipples are protruding. Her hands are tied behind, and there is a collar with chain tied to her neck.

The groom is holding the chain and pulls her through. After he reaches the stage, he hands over the chain to the minister, and sits on the chair like a king. Bride kneels down next to him, her eyes on floor.

“Tanya, do you agree to be his bride today?” Minister says.

“Yes minister” Tanya nods sheepishly. It’s not like she has a choice. She has been sold already.

One of the groomsmen goes to the stage and untie her hands.

“Do you agree to live in servitude for the rest of your life, or until Eric desires you,” Minister questions her again.

“Yes minister,” she nods in agreement.

Another groomsman removes the collar from her neck.

Tanya stands up. We have had wedding rehearsals three night in a row, so we all know what exactly to do next.

“Are you ready to submit your three holes to Eric, and whoever he approves?” Minister moves closer to Tanya.

“Yes minister,” she says, her head still bowed down.

The third groomsman comes in with scissors, opens her dress lace, and cuts the bra until all the pieces fall on floor. The dress doesn’t do much to hide her big bosoms.

Minister takes a bowl of honey, and anoints her nipples. The first two groomsmen bend down, and suck her breasts wiping the honey clean with their tongues.

The minister then holds her breasts in his hands, and squeezes them tightly. Even though she flinches in pain, Tanya doesn’t move. He takes the nipple clamps from the table, and clamps her breasts. The clamps are connected with a chain and a metal name tag hanging below that says ‘getting married’.

“And finally Tanya, do you agree to add Sluttyboobs as your last name, and be called Tanya Sluttyboobs henceforth?”

Girls get a new last name after they get married. The last names are always derived on one of their accentuating features. Eric’s third wife’s name is Paula Deepthroat. Once Tanya is married I have to address her as Sluttyboobs, not Tanya.

“Yes, minister,” she says dutifully.

The last groomsman cuts the thong, and it falls on the floor. Tanya spreads her legs wide, and the minister anoints her vagina with honey. The last two groomsmen bend down in the front and her back, and start sucking her vagina and butt-hole.

She lets out a moan of pleasure. The minister motions them to stop. He takes another clip, and clamps it to her vaginal lips. It also has a chain attached with a metal name tag that says ‘Sluttyboobs’.

After bride’s approval, the minister moves on to the Groom who is still sitting on the chair.

“Eric, do you wish to marry her, and agree to savor all the pleasures she has to offer you?”

“Yes, minister.” Eric grins.

The first bridesmaid goes up to him, and cuts open his underwear. He naked, except for a thin cloth tied around his waist. His penis brings back all the memories of our trip; his sweet scent, his penis. And, how he took me from above while his friend took me from below. Today is not my wedding day, so I need to suppress those memories for now.

The minister anoints the groom’s nipples, and the two bridesmaids starts licking konya escort honey. The minister then anoints his penis, and I bend down with other bridesmaid. We both start licking, and sucking his cock.

“Good to see you Maya,” Eric says: “I am planning to take you on another business trip with my friends. Do you want to come?”

I smile, and continue sucking. It’s not like I have a choice, but I like him. Going out with him for a second time is a big accomplishment, and good holiday.

Eric’s penis is fully erect now, and the minister tells us to stop. He commands the other bridesmaid to continue with the hand job to maintain erection, and me to suck his junk. I obediently bend down, and struggle to take all his cock into my mouth. He has been asking me to suck him in the rehearsals too. I wish he had let me stay with Eric this time at least.

Minister pushes the bride to the end of the stage, and announces, “Is there anyone who wants to object to this wedding?”

One hand shoots up, and the man in the front row objects.

“She is just twenty one. So how tight is her pussy? I mean, she is a whore who has fucked the whole town” he asks.

Tanya is three months younger to me, and will be turning twenty two next month.

That guy doesn’t really have any objection. He just wanted to take a jab at Tanya just because he could. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice before slapping him. But here, things are different. Women are just objects of men’s desires. Just bow down and serve them.

The Minister pulls her back, and inserts his fingers into her vagina. One, then two, and then three with some effort.

“Trust me, she is pretty tight. Not virgin tight though”

The crowd giggle.

“Any more objections?” Minister asks.

No more objections. The minister continues with the rituals. He first pulls out the clamps from her nipples, and her vagina. Finally, he removes her dress, and throws it to the crowd. Tanya is stark naked now. She opens her tongue, and the minister anoints her tongue with honey. He then kisses her deeply for a minute or two. I am still on my knees sucking him. Minister’s penis is fully erect now.

Lastly, the minister removes the tunic from groom’s waist. The bride and groom stand in front of each other, stark naked. Taking the cue, we quickly remove our clothes and get naked too. Girls stand behind the bride, and the guys stand behind the groom.

The minister holds the book of marriage.

“The ritual of Copulate Island’s wedding is now complete. I now pronounce you, master and wife” he says for both, and for Tanya, he says: “you will remain so, until death do you apart, or your master gets tired of you.”

He closes the book, and addresses the groom, “Eric, you may now fuck the bride.”

The groomsmen pick her up and place her on a low table in front of the stage, so the congregated crowd on either sides, can get a clear view. They tie her hands and legs on the table in spread eagle position.

Eric gets on top of Tanya and shoves his penis into her vagina, and starts ramming her vigorously. The minister invades her mouth without mercy. They don’t wait long to fill her holes with semen. Tanya tries her best to drink all the cum, but there is more left on her face.

Now it is our turn to go lick the sperm off from her vagina, and face. Each of us goes and lick the oozing liquid, and plant a deep kiss in her mouth, passing the sperm into her mouth. Tanya kisses me a little longer than the other girls. After all, we have been more than friends, and have grown close in three years.

Final ritual post marriage starts soon. The congregation has been waiting for this ritual impatiently. Until now they kayseri escort were just spectators, and they finally get to do some action. They remove their clothing in no time. There are at least two hundred men in the chapel, accompanied by girls.

After the bride, it is our turn to submit to the men. They just grab any girl in eyesight, and pounce on them hungrily. Some are on the floor, humping the girls, some against the wall, and some on the chairs. Some men have grabbed two girls to serve them.

But the main target is us, the bridesmaids. Men flock around us in no time. I always heard that grooms choose bridesmaids for a reason. Now I understand why. Everyone wants a piece of us.

I am taken to the end of the stage, and made to sit on some guy. I am already so wet that my vagina takes in his whole penis easily. Another guy penetrates me from behind. One more shoves his cock into my mouth. I am also giving a hand-job with my right hand while supporting myself with the other hand. They pull out of my holes just before orgasm, and shoot their loads on the tied bride.

A bride can go home, only after her whole body is covered in semen. So the whole audience participates in drowning her with sperm. Only groom, minister, and the groomsmen have the privilege to touch her body today. So men get to just shoot their semen without touching her. Groomsmen stand guard around the bride, without participating in the orgy. The groom and the minister indulge themselves with two of the prettiest girls from the altar.

I can’t remember how long it has been, and I’ve lost the count of how many men have invaded me, or how many times I have climaxed. Everything seems to be a blur. Some are waiting for a second round too. Even though I am tired with never ending orgasms, I am feeling proud because there are more men waiting to fill my holes, more than any other bridesmaid. I am the most desired among the bridesmaids.

The best bridesmaid gets to go home with the minister for the next three days while the other bridesmaids have to stay back here, and clean the chapel. I know the minister will use me for his sadistic pleasure at home by inflicting pain and humiliating me, but he doesn’t make others job easy either. I am choosing the lesser of two evils.

When we are done, it is nearly dark outside. I feel so tired that I am unable to move an inch. Somehow I manage to sit against the wall.

The bride is totally covered in cum, and the air inside is strongly smelling of sex. The chapel is finally empty, except for the minister, the newly wed, groomsmen, and us.

The minister chirps that the wedding was a big success. I am too tired to clap too. One final job before winding up the ceremony, is washing up the bride, and adorning her with new clothes.

The groomsmen pick up the bride, and take her to the bathroom behind the altar. It’s their duty to wash her up, and get her back to her new home safely. Until now they have been watching the orgy, and never participating in it. They have been so desperate this whole time and now, they are too hungry to let the bride go easily. I wonder if they even wait before washing her up.

I must have fallen asleep. Minister’s voice jolts my eyes open. Eric has already left. The minister commands, “Thanks to Eric, you sluts are staying with me for a week. Maya, wash up and get ready to go with me. Rest of you, I want you to clean this place in by tomorrow night. We are going on a trip with Mr. Hartman”

Mr. Hartman is the Sheriff of this Island. I can’t say who is worse; the minister or the Sheriff.

I am too tired, and just want to go to sleep again. But I have to do what the minister says.

By the time I come back from washroom, the minister has tied up the girls, and has caged them. He has also left water and food in the bowls.

He throws me a tiny garment, and a collar. “Wear them quickly, and start walking on all fours. We have a long night to go.”

My nightmare has just begun.

How did I get myself into this situation? For that, I have to start my story from the beginning.

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